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Tale of two fish tanks. WHITE BOY WHITE BOARD WEDNESDAY!

waiting waiting waiting what’s up fish
tank people Dustin’s fishtanks bring it to you over
there with the white boy whiteboard Wednesday house if you’re putting doing
I hope you’re doing well from a new location because thanks to
Fayette County Schools P yeah school dead you’re doing well boy whiteboard
Wednesday say that fast multiple times and you’ll be impressive and today I am
excited this little wheat on I want you to make sure you all have a pen and
paper we’re gonna take some notes this is totally gonna be on the exam
remember folks that midterms are coming up this quiz at the end of this is about
30 percent of your grade so you’re gonna want to make sure that you take good
notes on the material that we are covering today here on white boy
whiteboard Wednesday what we’re gonna cover today we’re going to talk about
the tale of two tanks we’re gonna get rid of our white boy whiteboard
Wednesday and we’re gonna break this down for you here as simple as I can
this episode by the way is brought to you by Amelia stamps pottery comm maker
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my girl here we go it’s delicious we set the coffee up out of the way of
the camera and not on the floor because I’ve been known to break a lot of I’ve
been oh no to walk to walk so to knock over over to this amount of waters
coffees what have you when I do these sort of life things so if it’s up near
the camera hopefully I won’t mess it up but it’s white boy what a board
Wednesday I’m your white boy white board house dusty the whitey and white he’s
gonna bring it to you like this today you ready for this it’s gonna be fun I
love white boards I’m gonna pull this close and we’re gonna go see Aaron we’re
gonna talk about two tanks we’re gonna talk about tank a over here and tank a
is right here and take a is your standard plain gravel tank we’re gonna
call it a 20 i right here and it’s got one
single d5 t8 whatever you want got a TA good little 238 will do the old school
bulb up there and then over here we got a 20 long you can see it’s well draw a
ball proportioned and we’re gonna go 20 long right here and this is gonna plug
the LEDs yeah it has my standard double LED the STD you feel well I just got
good light and as good substrate I will to find a good substrate good substrate
and over here we just got gravel now we’re not gonna get aggressive and we’re
not gonna say it’s just pink gravel but we are gonna say it’s just plain gravel
okay so we’ve got these two tanks now why am i breaking down these two tanks
I’m breaking down these two tanks because I want to show you guys the
difference in a couple of things before we talk about these two tanks I want to
talk about the anatomy of a plant and then relay that back to these two
aquariums right here first things first with the plants have
wonderful rubin sword right here I want you guys to notice that up here is the
top part that everybody cares about all the time they want to look in leaves
they want everything like lovely on top here but the reality of it is is that in
order to get this you need to have all of this down here see this this is the
neglected part this is like I was trying to think of an analogy bring this to you
all and this is what I came up with the top part of the plant looking great is
like a is like is like the dude that has gone at the gym the entire semester and
has just pumped to be down to Panama City flexing showing off to all them
chicks and and he’s done the work and then like the raglan man is like the one
that the guy that did not go to the gym and like is just just that the plant
just looks back because they didn’t do the work underneath so the bottom part
here is the neglected part this is like the dude going to the gym doing the
push-ups to get this so we’re going to talk about the roots I’m hoping that
he’ll see making sense here we want to talk about
the gravel or someone reading the comments here we want to talk about the
roots here the roots right here are important and overlooked all the time in
order to get the good looking top I’m gonna point this out what is the dick
what is it what do you notice about the roots well the roots in this plant are
ridiculous and what are you knuckle the stems and the leaves and all that stuff
are ridiculous on top so we’re gonna talk about the roots what do the roots
do who on a plan I’ve said this a million times a million times but I’m
going to say it again what are the roots do the roots hold nutrients the roots
are where the plant eats ok the plants eat at the roots the plants eat at the
roots so we want to have really great roots now the problem is this unlike
humans these plants can’t go anywhere they can’t do anything on their own
they’re entirely reliant on where they grow to feed them now we’re talking
about our aquariums we’re going to be in a closed system so we have to understand
that like these roots just can’t walk up and go to Kroger’s right they have to
like actually have something brought to them which is we’re going to bring us to
the to tanks here in just a second so we’ve got these roots and the roots
they’re hungry there where a plant eats however the plant cannot feed without
the food being brought into them okay everyone Durst and that really store
energy it’s where plants eat everybody gets me
on this ok so we really want to focus on this so this takes us to the tale of two
tanks tank one over here is a plain gravel substrate it is in a twenty hi
okay the plain gravel substrate what does the plain gravel substrate doing
for you nothing zero zilch nada there’s nothing good going on in the plain
gravel now I know that people are gonna say to themselves wall but I hope when
gravel with my plants grow fine look every plant is different I did bring
some examples there’s some java fern event into law or whatever that doesn’t
really care what kind of gravel it is because it’s a root column feeder so
there are there are exceptions to that but over here we have
the plain gravel tank now the problem is with a plant like this this is a plain
gravel tank this plant is going to be hating it hating it hating it in a plain
or plain sand to actually do something to feed it at its roots that’s the very
important where’s everybody with me here can I get like a like or like a some
sort of like confirmation that your the year that you’re understanding where
we’re going here so far I don’t wanna lose anybody here in this little lesson
so if I wants to raise their hand and say I’m lost I’ll understand I’ve been
lost we’ll take a quick coffee break here one one good you’re good one likes
good Neelix likes good likes I like the likes that’s the only confirmation I get
to do real humans by the way is a like or a 1 2 2 2 1 1 1 ok good
we’ll continue with whiteboy whiteboard Wednesday so ok so we’re over here and
we are in plain gravel now this plant has no legs that cannot go anywhere so
we’re going to put it in plain gravel now what are we gonna do no hats in
class is a great comment what are we gonna do we have a couple of options we
can either plant it in plain gravel and hope for the best or we can use clay
because clay has an iron binding ability and swords like this beautiful red
Reuben sword right here absorb nutrients at the roots I’ve quoted the dude so
many times I even know if he really liked easy mister whiskey can but roots
absorb a plant’s about four to four times more nutrients through the roots
so we’re put him in playing gravel here this is no bueno right so we need to
figure out we’re gonna either add clay brute Ave something you know some sort
of good substrate some sort of non plain gravel or playing sand sand by the way
is particularly bad because sand can give you an aerobic conditions okay an
anaerobic conditions means no oxygen which means no gas exchange going on
which means you’re in big trouble you can get hydrogen sulfide and can screw
everything up so I just want to beat San to death here sand isn’t really no bueno
at all it’s totally terrible and you don’t mean Sam because it will compact
down you don’t see plants at the beach for a reason because there’s nothing in
the sand and the sand gives you in a rubbish this bad news so saying is out
gravel you’re almost a little bit better off but you’re still not good there’s
another component going on with tank one right here tank one as you can see has
one single t8 light look at that beautiful
drawing I know you guys are impressed with the drawings I can tell so we have
one miserable TA so there’s a problem here we’ve got bad growl it’s not going
to do us any good and then we’ve got one single crappy light and we’re in a
40-hour excuse me a 20 gallon high which is a taller tank so what happens we
don’t have that good of light and then we have no nutrients so when you got to
put plants in there you’re gonna have like hardly any light even getting to
the bottom and if it does get to the bottom the plant has nothing to feed off
of okay so there’s no nutrients now you can fertilize the water column you can
hope for the best but I would advise you to put some sort of good gravel in there
and then double your lighting now on to face – what’s up Benjamin thanks your
order on to phase 2 onto white boy whiteboard Wednesday we’re talking about
plant number two or tank number two this is a lower tank this Ray this is a sock
that I’m using to wipe this yes correct you nailed it and with this sock I’ll
show you that we have a twenty long now a twenty long is shorter okay this has a
good light I’m plugging the standard double LEDs they’re great 60-day
money-back guarantee you know whatever um good lighting and that good lighting
doesn’t have to travel as far out where is my marker where is the mark here is
the marker so this is getting a lot more photons down to it and when it hits down
here there’s gonna be good gravel there’s gonna be a good substrate we’re
not gonna figure out what we’re gonna say the flu ball straddle the ADN stuff
is pretty good I you could use just plain dirt if you were down with the
plain dirt that would be well as well so we want to look down here we want to say
okay we’ve got good substrate to win we’ve got good lighting and not only do
we have good lighting but our good lighting also penetrates all the way
down to the bottom okay very important so all the water goes all the light goes
all the way that we’ve got good substrate we’ve got good nutrients at
our base and we have voila good looking plants the shallow tank is like the dude
that trained all semester go to Panama City to take his shirt off I know one of
you out there is that college just but die and just take your shirt off on
spring break that is the short tank the tall one over here is the guy who was
nervous about taking his shirt off and Panama City on spring break because he
did not train all semester like everyone else so that is the tale of two tanks I
would advise you if you can do anything to work with either of these that would
be the best way to go so we’ve got this guy right here this guy has not been
training he has been eating at the dining hall he’s been drinking natural
lights and he is not not that well what not well suited Panama City or South
Padre if you’re done with that he is not ready to go he’s not been doing the work
and then he’s gonna look ratty when it’s time to take your shirt off to impress
everyone he’s not been trained he’s not been doing the work down here this guy
right here dude he’s hitting up the gym he’s like not going out on Thursdays
like he’s training like might be for to the tanning bed you know you want to
shower ladies like he’s ready to go right he’s got the ABS he’s been caught
he’s eating salads pushing back from the bar and going home early and going for
runs in the morning this is our guy right here so this guy he goes on spring
break he takes the shirt off and it’s like oh
okay there’s the tale of two tanks for you all you dig it does everybody get
the reference here now does anyone have any questions exam is next Thursday at
9:00 a.m. make sure you bring a number-two pencil because I’m using
scantrons because I’m too lazy to actually read your answer so we’re just
gonna do a scantron test you’re gonna have to fill in the bubbles does anybody
have any questions so workout and tan is the answer roots absorb all kinds of
Dicker’s amounts of nutrients cool hey girl giving everybody exam anxiety
cool that’s your white boy whiteboard Wednesday can I get a like before I
disengage with you all and bring some more action on the daily Dustin number
16 Oh should I do Q&A for a while while caffeine’s hitting me should I do Q&A
should do Q&A hmm mmm all right we’ll do some Q&A well we
so I have to do I have to know my name for the test no let’s see here let’s see
here do root tabs work do root tabs work well thunder grabber
filters no I don’t recommend root tabs with any under gravel filter I don’t
really recommend ergo filters but from Denver I got invited to go speak in
Denver I’m super pumped you dig it all right like like you like that cool mist
90% can you create recap all of it you got a tune in earlier for white boy
whiteboard Wednesday what’s the best substrate stratum or dirt I like dirt
over stratum but it will make stratum will make a little bit less mass if you
rip stuff up why do store sell purple crinkle even though dies because stores
want to make money off of you let’s see here cool yeah any other questions okay
cool going once going twice can I get two more likes thank you for
all the support on the new greenhouse alright hit the like port we’re gonna be
doing a collab probably tomorrow night with mass and mass aquariums apparently
I am a tool tank on everybody love you

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