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Talking to the SEGA Fish Life

Talking to the SEGA Fish Life

Sakana (Fish) Taberu (to eat) Kawaī (cute) Kawaī (cute) SEGA SEGA Taberu (to eat) Taberu (to eat) Pirania (Piranha) Pirania (Piranha) Kawaī (cute) Kawaī (cute) Taberu (to eat) Kawaī (cute) SEGA Kawaī (cute) Taberu (to eat) Bye bye

3 comments on “Talking to the SEGA Fish Life

  1. I see you have an Eizo touch display hooked up, have you gotten the touch function working with it? Amazing work on this by the way, I've wanted a fish life in my house for as long as I've known about it, thank you for your hard work.

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