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Target Brand Taste Test

Target Brand Taste Test

100 comments on “Target Brand Taste Test

  1. Link should literally go with whatever he DOESNT think is right.. because obviously his methods now are not working 😅

  2. of course Link… If your tuna says product of USA or whatever country it means that's what flag was on the boat

  3. idk any target name brands bc they have all closed / shut down in Canada where I live so I’ve never been to target in years

  4. When link said it smells like an aunt I kept thinking he was saying ant. I was needless to say very confused.

  5. As someone who works in the supplement industry, I am disgusted at body fortress protein. It’s such low quality 😂

  6. The fact that they didn't use the same colored straws on the protein shake taste test makes me uncomfortable hahah

  7. So link will knowingly eat testicles and the spiciest pepper on Earth, but he worries about tomatoes and olives? Excuse me?

  8. “Second largest retailer in the world”, it went out of business in Canada very quickly.

  9. You made me go to the kitchen and get a can of tuna and ate it all from the can with just a fork. Never done before. Was great!

  10. Now it's the 3rd largest retail company. Amazon surpassed Walmart in May of this year making it 1. Amazon 2. Walmart and 3. Target

    You're welcome for my hard hitting fax

  11. When they said the lotion smelled like "Aunt", I thought that were saying "ant". I was very confused all the way through 😕

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