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Taro Fishing at the Queen Charlotte Lodge – Part One.

Give me the gum. Can’t believe you took that with your hand! Don’t push it- Whaa!! No more pranks! Real crystal bro? Crystals? Where are we? I like shiny stuff. Vancouver baby. I’m walking and I’m talking and I’m rocking. How much sleep did you get?
Uh… 1.5 hours.
Are you excited? Out of 10.
Is this- Is this what it’s like when you’re more excited?
The more annoying I get, just displays how really excited I am inside. Alright, tell everybody where we are.
We’re in Timbuktu otherwise known as Mass-
That’s offensive. Where are we really? We’re in Masset. I don’t know what province this is. What province is this?
British Columbia. British Columbia and guess what? We see a Toronto *beep* Raptors car. Can’t use that raptors. Uh… and we’re in the middle of nowhere and if you want to come here you will see a lot of tree. It’s a must see. How are you doing Mike?
Good. Good to see you. This is?
This is Taro. Hey Taro, nice to meet you man.
Hey buddy, nice to meet you. So, we’re headed almost due north right now towards Alaska. Our border runs basically through here and up.
Why stop now, lets just go to Italy. We’ll keep going.
Ya, Italy! Here we come!
Alright, there you go.
Viva Italia! Honda International baby! You want to go through the Panama Canal so… Holy cow man. This is so amazing. I have never seen beavers this big. These are the biggest beavers I’ve ever seen and they spit stuff. Crazy! Beavers. So, big Mike just pointed out to us two fish near the bait ball. We’re just coming around two points here and there’s wind blow on it. I don’t know why if that has anything to do with the fish being located there. But and then we heard one splash right after that. Right beside the boat, so we’re kind of in the zone. Will it happened here, it kind of feels like we might have a good shot here. What I was trying to say is-
Waving at the point and he doesn’t know why. Okay, okay fine whatever. There’s wind on the point but I don’t know why What is this stuff Mike?
What is this? Why is there wind on the point? I feel it but I can’t see it!
I’m coming from a philosophy angle. Okay we got three rods down and we’re trolling. We got two anchovies and one herring off the back and we just marked two fish. Mike pointed out two fish on the fish finder hanging around the bait ball. Another big fish busted out here. A dolphin chasing a salmon over there. poor old big Mike just feeling stressed and pressure that I usually feel that Jefferson puts on me and now Mike, thanks to Mike, he’s carrying the burden and I’m chillin. So, whatever happens, happens bro. That’s how I’m feeling.
I’m just down with whatever.
Ah you’re mean! Well we got two hits for sure. On the anchovy ones, I think it was the anchovy, right down the middle, popped off the clipper and clear hit, nothing. just a little bit short you’re missing a bit and on the other rod we had a jellyfish. We thought we had one. It was a jellyfish on the line. Do not touch the line even if there is a little bit of slime on the line. It will still sting you. Just saw a sea lion too eating a fish right in front of us. Little bugger. And now he’s also chasing fish that I saw another two or three fish jumping out of the water, about this big, have no idea what they were but probably maybe would be Pink or would be Coho? Ah, would be likely Coho.
Likely a Coho he says. All the guys are calling in, nothing! All the captains are calling for advice. Everyone’s looking for answers.
With a squid type of soft plastic. We moved just from the salmon ground to the halibut bottom fishing grounds. Personally, I’m more excited about this because I’ve never caught one. I want to catch this fish that comes up like a barn door and has two eyes and one stinking side. Amazing! Go let it out for now. I’m just going to make sure- Oh he’s biting!
Don’t do it?
Yeah, yeah, yeah! Go, go, go! Reel! Reel! Reel! The drag’s too loose!
No you’re okay. He’s there.
Reel down, nice and slow up. Slow up. This might be the weirdest fish of my life right here on my line. My back is like killing me and my triceps already killing me. It really is like pulling up a door that goes on surges.
This one’s only like a little tiny window.
Yeah? It’s a small window. It’s a small window. Is this a little guy I fought him that hard? Wow. Woo! Fish and chips on the house. On me man! Ya buddy! So they’re nice and white on the underside right? Yeah, that’s the- you had him hooked actually down low here too, which is good. But he took the bait. Look at that!
Unreal man! My first halibut. Dude you look weird! I think you feel the same about me man. Pull that off the bottom. It’s hitting bottom. Pull up a little more. Oh, I missed it. No, he’s still there. He’s still pulling there. Hit it, hit it! There, you’re on him now. Got him? Okay, you’re now. Can’t believe that. So fast. There you go. He’s still on? He’s still on, I don’t know. I don’t know… Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep he’s on. It feels different though than the last fish. No it’s a rockfish. Check this out. Cool Rougheye, his yellow eyes. Look at this! Look at that funky chicken bro. Wow! so we brought him up from the deep. The swim bladder fills up with air and then they can’t go back down but they have a device here so that you can bring it back down in the deep, deep. They decompress on their own once they’re back down there and then they just swim away. I just caught the reddest bass ever! Look at that thing! Look at the eye. Funky chicken! Crazy! This guy’s the king of punk rock bro. So we hook that onto there and see his swim bladder is inflated right now so it’s going to release down lower so we bring him down and it’s set at 150 feet. We got him down at 200 so I’m getting him as deep as I can and that’s going to release him down there automatically. So, it’s a required item now for all areas on the BC coast. You used to basically after release these and they just float on the surface so it’s a good way to get them down safely and these guys live up to a hundred years. There you go. Okay slow down now in case it’s a hali. I don’t think so. Good slow down. There you go. I catch one halibut now and I’m an expert! Watch it be a halibut. My arm’s so sore like pulling the rod and everything. I just feel like a beginner. Ya, small halibut. You got a small halibut? Yep real small one. That might not be. You want to measure it? No you see those teeth? Look at the jaws on him. It’s a fake hali. What is it? What is that? Is it a halibut? No, no.
Is it a different breed? Yeah, different breed. What’s it called? It’s, it’s bad cousin. I told you it wasn’t a halibut. I am an expert! So it’s a bit of a tricky day for bottom fishing but Captain Mike is a genius. And he’s got me back trolling into the wind so that we can keep our line straight. So we got a two pound weight and us back towing in the wind on this angle, has got our lines perfectly straight for how these fish want to eat the bait. Another thing about this thing is he’s got us coming up a cliff so we start like to 210, drop off into 250 and slowly crawl down that with this two-pound weight and back towing, it seems to be working like a gem. Good job Mikey. You’re a beast, bro. Respect star. And this kind of technique, this is funny okay, so honestly this technique in a smaller scale, works out in freshwater in the Niagara River where we do this. Coming up cliffs or lakers to get the boat controls just so we’re like sliding down that cliff with our line perfectly straight or coming up that cliff perfectly straight and you reel You come up that cliff, we reel and stop. Keep your lines straight. Reel and stop as you come up that cliff or down. Be gentle now. It’s a hali. There you go. Now you got him
It’s a hali. You’re onto him. This one feels a bit heavier. There you go.
So tired. Oh, I got fish. Fake halibut. Oh another Arrowtooth-
Oh no it’s a hali. It’s a little hal. It’s a hali? Ya it’s a little one. It’s a halibut! I don’t- like reeling up 300 feet of line man or something- it’s ridiculous with a fish on the end and a two-pound ball. In my defence, I haven’t worked out in years but however this is a workout. Like geez, I’m gonna be sore tomorrow from reeling up 50,000,000,000.265 hectares of line. It’s ridiculous.
Reel, reel, reel, reel. Just reel! Reel, reel, reel, reel, reel. There you go. You got him? I hope so. Now he’s gonna feel my pain!
Oh! Jeff’s getting tired. Look at him. He’s decomposing on me. He’s breaking down! Here he is. It’s another spring chicken. No, I don’t know. Might be your favourite an arrowhead-
Reel him all the way in? No that’s good. I always assume that these things are just bottom feeders. See how they have two eyes on one side of their head and no eyes on the other and they’re so flat. Seems like they’re bottom oriented type of fish, right? So they do stay on bottom at times but captain said these things you can get them sometimes 20 feet, 25 feet off bottom. They’ll come up and chase your bait like they use the whole water column. So that’s something cool. I don’t think a lot of people know that about a halibut. Take your time, he’s hooked. That a boy. That’s a good fish. That’s a good one. Reel. Arh! It’s too fast. That was a good one. Shoot! I just think I lost him because I ran out of juice and I was just trying to muscle. Alright I just got a hit again. There you go. Just reel, reel, reel. Yep got him. Now you’re on him. Woo! I got him. Here you go Jeff. This is where fish and chips come from kids. When you see the newspaper, that’s what it looks beforehand. White on one side, brown on the other. It’s like Ying and Yang.

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