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Tasty Talks | I Deleted BLOVESLIFE (Copycat CEO) Comment | Soul Food Fish Dinner Mukbang Eating Show

Tasty Talks | I Deleted BLOVESLIFE (Copycat CEO) Comment | Soul Food Fish Dinner Mukbang Eating Show

hi everybody I hope y’all go Sydney
lemme let me check out everything hi everybody
me see if y’all see me first before I do my tasty song how is y’all doing today
how is y’all doing I’m coming just a little bit early about our early cuz I’m
trying to get off this alive earlier tonight can let me see if I hold my head
up can y’all see me okay I think I need to angle the camera a little bit higher
yeah don’t come in thumbs up the video as you come in let me finish it just in
the camera yeah this thing needs to go up just a little bit higher so y’all can
see me hold on hold on you know just give me a minute just going I want y’all
to be looking down on the food and see me yeah I can see the food so I need to
angle this way let me just it hold on yeah I know this is looking I don’t know if what I did did it just
made it better or worse I want you how to be able to look down on the food and
see me too Missy it might there might be its let me
see that’s a green I could end up eating out of the boughs and still I got a
plate over there I could just eat out of my bowls those this is just me hold on yeah I’m trying to get this
right like I want it I’m not liking this angle
I’m trying to give you out a better angle woo of the food and me at the same
time to see if that he said that it do it this thing is
looking a little crooked let me sit down and see if let’s go if
that’s gonna work let me see if that song work or if I need to adjust a
little more meaty okay when I raise my head up do y’all
see me okay let’s just go with the flow cuz I’m hungry I have a plate here plate
I’ll just eat off the containers so welcome welcome welcome everybody to
tasting my vain tasting my vain tastes much pain tasting much pain tastes much
bang eat y’all how is y’all doing today I hope you I’ve been resting the day I
hope y’all got something done today I hope the weather has permitted for y’all
to have a beautiful day today I slip all day because I end up staying up all
night long so I slip all day yo so I am here today this is a soul food fish fry
we have some yams some greens and some fish and tea in my bottle that I’m bout
to drink I really need some water y’all I still haven’t had any water like in
four days that’s why my stomach net hurtin but I got orange juice today
because even though I know I need water I have a taste for orange juice so let
me go ahead and see who is in the live we got 41 people in the house if you
haven’t thumbs up the lab already please thumbs up the live we have Nene in the
house first hey miss Nene how you doing guru I’ve been seeing you
and them comments all day can crazy hey Kouhei official D spot unknown jazz
Harris Anthony Christie Wanda Jillian hey Jillian
it’s our DMV who else who else I didn’t come yet
Elissa Gail I got two mods in the house right now
two or three how many miles I got in here I’m in jazz and y’all I’ll be
having silent mods in here so just cuz you don’t see them don’t mean they not
up in here they just don’t say nothing they just be waiting to pop you on here Carla
youie Gossip Girl in the house peas in the house miss kitty kitty kitty in the
house so welcome everyone before we get started I want to let you guys know that
there are rules to this live stream so that everything flow good and nobody
won’t have to learn about being blocked their comments deleted or put in time
out first of all we do not use in the door
any derogatory language we do not curse we do not talk about people’s appearance
and if you say anything about my appearance my eye or where I live it
you’re gonna be blocked and all other comments that are inappropriate just
will be deleted until further notice if I feel like need to be blocked from the
channel you will be blocked from the channel you are free to speak your mind
but you must do it in a way that is respectful that’s all that we’re asking
here we’re not trying to keep anyone from giving their opinion but you are
gonna give your opinion in a respectful manner and if you
cannot do that then you’re just gonna be watching okay
can I get everybody to say okay so let me know that you agree with what I just
see okay yeah father God I thank you for this food
that we’re about to receive in Jesus name we thank you for everything that
you’ve done for us in our lives do God we give you all the praise the honor and
the glory I asked you to continue particular continue to encounter your
angels round about me protecting me from all hurt harm and danger I ask you
Father God to just continue to allow your blessings to flow in Jesus name
Amen hallelujah y’all I’m kind of hoarse because of all
these lives that I’ve been doing and staying up all this time and talking hey
miss Gloria how you doing hey Belle oh my minds are in full force the mobs
are in the house tonight I came lot of earlier tonight you guys
hey sprinkles came live earlier tonight you guys because we’ve been staying live
so long that I just want to get up out of here it’ll be some time I wish I
could’ve came live is sick so we got some yams let me taste them and see how
they taste i season them but I didn’t hmm okay these are yams out of the can
and these are greens out of camp the yams I put a little butter in them a
little cinnamon eleven Ella extract and some brown sugar mm-hmm okay it tastes
good too and these are the greens in the can
oh my hot date of glory greens in the can unto me there are already kind of
seasoned to perfection so I didn’t add anything else to him mmm that tastes
good too mmm and of course we got some fish over here we got some fish I’m hungry so let me get a little food in my
stomach I got my own juice
y’all better pay attention y’all be asking me once I start cooking up what’s
in that pineapple Cup hmm asking me what’s in the cup what’s in the cup charlie don’t be knitting in the cup but
water orange juice tea or apple juice something good and wholesome I don’t
know crazy stuff that’s hot young people be leaving some crazy comments in the
comment and I’ll be having fun with them do y’all be reading them coming child
I’ll be having fun with the people in the comments I’ll be acting crazy
I’ll be agreeing with him they be saying I’m a Looney tune I’m crazy I need help
and I’d be saying child you is right and then somebody else was reading comics
I’m saying wait a minute tasty are you saying that you need help or are you
being sarcastic I say girl I grew under I say all the comments I be sarcastic
anybody that said he didn’t think that I’m I’m agreeing with them people
something wrong with you I just be agreeing with him to make him feel right
when I be saying like when people go back and read my comments and make a
video about it they so they don’t even get it like when I was saying yeah I’m
making videos for views yeah I’m gonna make a video about Casey for the rest of
the month I was being sarcastic when I be talking
to the people in the coming shower I’m being sarcastic and some people really
be thinking I be serious a lot of these people don’t get my sense of humor raise
your hand up if you get my sense of humor do you know when I be playing or
do you know when I be serious do you know the difference but do you think I
always be serious tell me do you know when I’ll be playing
and do you know when I’ll be serious I think I love y’all do not know when I’ll
be point oh mama
I want my pound Apple to be in the picture I forgot to take the thumbnail um oh and another thing I forgot to tell
y’all about the rules are no arguing with each other in my comment and having
5 bar conversations with each other cuz that’s gonna get you your comments
delete it stay on topic hey Gloria hey Nina Nene says yes lol your companies
kill me Oh Nene bidding I come all day long reason to come in peace say it’ll
go tasty it is girl say FYI y’all the pineapple only consists of either orange
juice tea soda or water and it ain’t spiked hey sprinkles girl you say not
not around you like that – no I’m talking from my videos though can y’all
tell when I be playing or when I’m serious
at least I say I love your sense of humor tasty thank you but not everybody
know when I’m playing grande say hello all Mart’s and tasty not everybody know
what I mean yeah okay yeah somebody brought it to my attention that Darius
and daddy chunk chunk was in my live last night I do not see their comments I
didn’t even know that they were in here and I went back to look and see if they
were in alive and I didn’t see him and and then what my moths found when they
came in and they pointed up to me I still never seems and chunks on the
child feed yet is that a chunk chunk in here last night I still never seen that
a chunk I only seem Darius you just put some clothes up but yeah oh man who in
the live I’m still gonna say what I was saying I’m still doing what I want to
say and B loves life can come in here she won’t – and it’s not gonna change me
from saying what I want to say uh Nene battle says oh yeah he came with the
eyeballs yeah I never seen that chunk jump both was in there oh really
I never seen her hey there Angela I’m doing fine I’ve been sleeping all day I
didn’t go to B it’s a like 8 or 9 or something like that this morning hey
Rashida hey you eat Carla ain’t no buy ask you nobody said
they didn’t have the right to come in here everybody is welcome don’t state
the obvious girdle don’t state the obvious and though you’re telling me off ain’t nobody talking about a mama like
no dog I’m just telling the truth and shame the devil you just tell them to
for shaming the devil if you don’t like the truth oh well Nene say it right Bell
laughing just need to say you made me laugh girl I’d be making myself laugh
Pisa is that a chunk chunk and Darius was in the stream they didn’t say
anything they just put up the eyeball emojis okay I didn’t even know they was
in here hey so Miss Alyssa girl say it right P
glory say thanks tasty absolutely stopped with negativity stop with
negativity you telling me to stop you telling me to stop jazz in the house
Jessie hey hey jazz in the house yeah I’m just getting this party started
I don’t even know what y’all talking about I’m just giving this party started
I’m calling people out for stealing people challenges stealing people
content not only just their challenges their content and I’m the only person
that have been able to be have enough balls I’m the only person to have enough
balls to come to the table and say something eat what cue came out and
tried to say something about how she felt and a lot of people attacked her
including me but baby I’m scared so I’m finally gonna talk about that tomorrow cuz I got some more listen tonight but
so getting on the conversation somebody left comment on another channel and say
it but my March delete it be loves life come in so if you haven’t seen the video
from this morning go back and watch that I tell the truth for shame the devil
first of all I didn’t delete her comment didn’t get deleted in secret that’s not
the first time one of the loves life comments have been deleted from my
channel I remember a while ago maybe about a month ago she came to one of my
lives and she was telling people in the life
that she just subscribe in the life that she just subscribed to they challenge
first of all that is against YouTube’s rules
second of all that is very disrespectful to come to somebody else’s life and tell
the people in the lab I just subscribe to your channel so one of my mods didn’t
asked her to stop and she must not been reading they come in and she kept doing
it and the mark deleted her come in and I was like wow my mom had some balls and
I might have some balls the my asked her to stop telling people
that she was subscribing to her their Channel and she didn’t in my mind
deleted her comment My Mind’s like me damn hey don’t play and they ain’t
scared and ain’t none of them got no channels except for one so they ain’t
scared below came to none to them she can’t affect a network they netvalue
they ain’t scared no no say they were too scared to say
anything they were not going to bus a great oh no no talking about dairies in
Sanok church or atomic they were too scared to say anything they wouldn’t go
blood so great rude say hey taystee I see you riding your chariot just like I
say if you would food looks delicious hey rude girl how you doing Oh glorious
a no not you piece say Carla Pratt she was talking about be loves like a dog
she wasn’t talking about be love like the dog she was setting straight necks
spinning straight facts about her nothing nasty about her and all the
truth may be nasty but what but oh well Carla says why do you hate for people
doing something period why do why do all the hate why all the hate for people
doing st. in period I’m not understanding your question Carla
Emma said exactly Gloria said you can offer us some food you smack on you want
some food what you want here you go try yeah I always know y’all
welcome you just get what you want cuz I ain’t gonna feed you nothing ain’t bout
to feed you I’m trying to feed myself I ate all day y’all could have some green
some put some sweet potatoes and some fish I put enough and you’re all y’all
sorry I’m eating not the bows with and I’m trying to let everything be
interview vanity got her eyes open girl what you looking at today loose a tasty
started the trend of calling be look out and it’s not a challenge child it’s a
new challenge Karl be love life out challenge if y’all do the challenge put
my name in title dad me and let me know you did the challenge
and if you scared and you got anything that you want me to call her I almost
send you the information send me the links on the Instagram and I will do it
I ain’t scared ok a Rashida we don’t address other people in this life you
don’t need to be telling nobody else to shut up honey
it’s only one captain that is trained and it ain’t you if you address somebody
in this life and start telling them and shit up and stuff I might have to delete
your comments and put you in timeout honey so that’s your first warning peace
are gone again ok don’t go back and forth with people cuz I’m already IRA
told y’all the regulars they’re coming here y’all ready no don’t be going back
and forth for people cuz if you do I’m gonna block you and I’ll put your butt
on the blacklist and I ain’t taking you back off but she just said keep going
tasty JC sayin tasty and everyone prayers no no say exactly Gloria say good
evening JC well child if I’m gonna use off they
name and you have a problem with me doing that seems like to me you
shouldn’t be in here okay don’t contradict yourself like you
got egg written all over your face hey that trial-and-error bitter and
Missy girl stop talking about your mama like that rude say be love ain’t nobody
to fear you shouldn’t have waited this long you are 100% right you are 100%
right I had my reasons because y’all
I know people saying well why you know why you waited I do that with everything
in my life I am very long I take a lot off of people to a fault I keep a lot of
stuff in I take a lot on for people it hurts me every day to process the
information but I’d be trying to be a good person and then they just keep
adding stuff on top and adding stuff on top and then at some point something
gonna make it break and explode but I don’t do that because I just do that
with everything I do that with everybody I take a lot off of people and then
finally when I don’t feel like taking them oh I’d be through with your but I’d
be through a bridge say your mars are wonderful and fair tasty great people
you have on your team thank you I appreciate it
they don’t play say say hello tasty in chat I am
it’s a Christmas party business-related board they don’t see you in a coma
laughing thinking what’s wrong with you good although I can’t hear the
commentary I’m sure this is much more entertaining
oh they’re managed to say Britney has nothing to hate on that’s for sure
Bethany has nothing to hate on that’s for sure glorious a greens and fish where’s the
hot sauce for the Greens out yeah I just eat that for y’all I’m not I got to be
little hot sauce y’all I got to be little hot sauce thumbnail let’s do it
on you thumbnail a be eatin hot sauce for y’all
I don’t eat it for myself I do stuff y’all I put some on there for y’all and
I probably just put too much um miss Miller in the house she said hey
old lady game Vanny say pity Betty who did you cook the food if you did what
better know the fish I’m up banging yesterday I have a fish place that I’d I
don’t cry fish you guys I usually don’t find fish it’s cheaper to go get it from
the place in they fry stop holding stuff in seriously that is the true silent
killer let it all out that is true miss Miller say hey tasty you eat say
tasty or are you going to talk about the two-faced to people who talked about you
in other lives oh yeah child one of them videos coming out in
the morning and then we gonna talk about it tonight I got to put that video
together that’s why I don’t need to stay on here all night long cuz last night
after I ended the life I had to put the video together that I put out this
morning about B loves life so when I in live then I got to go put the video
together for the next day so that’s why I stayed up all this morning to like
eight or ten this morning so yeah I’m all exposed one person at a
time it’s two different people that I know about that talked about me in a
line and then came back to my channel saying hey you tasty and I’m like what
girl please Mitch nning her mom was distasteful and childish who mentioned
who mom girl who are you talking about mentioning whose mom Carlo Oh get your
facts together who mentioned who’s mom who mentioned who’s mom what are you
talking about girl yeah you better get your stuff
together ago you say you’re still a good person you’re just telling your truth it
seems like you don’t like the cans of food bill say tasty was only trying to
give her a chance to get it right now it’s go time ain’t no more playing the
radio I know that’s right Oh Carla I don’t know what you’re gonna delete
these comments cuz she need making no sense
whose mom did I talk about you tell me whose mom did I talk about don’t tell me
I’m about to beat your comment honey bunny you used to like me well if you don’t
like me no more why you see here she said she used to like me out do it look
like I care doing it like I care she said she used
to like me used to I think you still like me cuz you’re still in here our
piece say I hold in a lot in pain too but when you hold it all in hold it all
that pain in it ends and you end up snapping what’s the T on Nate you know
something about Nate I don’t know child I knew nothing about Nate he behind the
scenes but Almighty I got it’s gonna come out topic by topic
by real world have a great day bye Felisha
try say what’s the issue Gary you need to go back and watch some more videos
and a better that time to go through our litte uh tasty if you’re going to gossip
spill the tea and move on no time I’m gonna spill the tea I might have a lot
of teachers feel like I got to do a topic by topic I ain’t gonna do it all
in one night no that ain’t the way you make no money child I’m taking be loans
life tips and tricks dude Robbie is recovering on her why he is recovering
you on you own live talking about her really ain’t got nothing to do with her
surgery that’s her business girl I told her to go handle surgery I’m supposed to
wait until she get out us get through with her surgery Charlie she can lay up in the bed she
watch it now she could come in here she won’t – ain’t got nothing to do with her
surgery get some get you a life Terry say hey taystee hello to the room hi
everyone rude say Alexa play if you don’t know me
by not if you don’t know me you will never never never know me real world I
said she was leaving I thought you said she was leaving girl by me say everyone
says beloved is recovering from from what so I mean that’s her business ain’t
got nothing to do with her recovery miss kitty say hey boo trial-and-error say
really and rube say eat some fish oh let me I want to eat some more greens y’all
y’all made me put this hot sauce on these greens that’s too hot yeah I don’t
like hot sauce some greens oh and I got a lot right there ain’t doing that again hold on JC laughing whoa my mom’s in the house
tonight yeah somebody left for coming on the
page I said your knives are gonna leave you they say all this miss your mods are
gonna leak what y’all think about that I’m fired me and anybody that want to
leave is free to leave hmm that’s a bone anybody that want to let me they want me
to unlock them speak now or forever hold your peace ever hold your peace
tammer say LOL ms bill miss uh kitty say who they’ll say i ain’t going nowhere yeah they’ll say i heard my blue night
blue drawers yeah they say your minds gonna leave I’m not back may go – hey
that’s my prerogative if they want to go if they want to leave let them leave
I love them but I would never make somebody to do something they don’t want
to do they haven’t fun they like black and comments and delete now they get mad
when I tell them not to delete no comment Thank You Mack drank on the
where they like you they here to watch and have fun they just have a more
funner than you cuz they getting the delete and black people Oh lower it’s a
different way to look at everything you talk soon as Adrienne came in here I
didn’t even see Adrienne where’s Adrienne yeah I’ll be missing happy I’ll
be missing half the people I see oh hey Adrienne boom how you doing I’m even
seeing Adrienne um Tammy’s a dame tasty it’s like that you
don’t care if anything about us I’m just saying if at any point anybody don’t
want to be a mom it’s not going I’m not gonna take it personal okay
don’t be giving me your feelings cherish you I already know you ain’t gonna cry
you ain’t gonna cry man gonna cry and you want me to cry cuz you don’t want to
be no mom no mom I ain’t gonna crying you ain’t gonna cry
moving right along Roode say you talk okay I read that when I really um peace
Pease don’t be messy Sandra Sandra say hey dear I am a newbie
I am not leaving either girl don’t you say she’d go nowhere uh no no say is
there catfish yes this is catfish ah that’s really pretty much when I buy
fish that’s pretty much all I buy is catfish but at the place where I go get
my fish from they have drum redfish they have different kinds of fish I never
tried anything else I grew up on catfish and what kind of fish do y’all eat uh Miss Kitty Sadie advance to say the
whole gang is here gang gang-bang the whole gang is here in the cut or the
whole gang is leaving comments both they’ll say oh yes Tammis you heard her
talking about we ain’t jumping no shit they’ll say we
jumping oh shit I can’t even swim oh oh no bill is a hot mess oh nice wrinkles
miss noticing mm-hmm y’all got me whores y’all my mods are crazy let me tell
y’all y’all think I’d be going live for my 5 and 6 hours just because it is when
I’m talking about a hot topic baby we live four five six fifteen hours with
just me and my mods having a ball cuz we all crazy I got the rebill coming again
you should say yes Tammis you heard her talking about us we can leave no we
ain’t jumping no shit I can’t even swim oh no like it’s so funny hmm hey truth hurts
don’t be having no sidebar conversations and you’re trying to instigate any mist
whatever people have going on on their channels whatever beef that people have
with each other on their channels let that stay over there that don’t come
over here we are one big family over here here to have fun and we have no
sidebar conversations and if you know you got beef with somebody out don’t be
coming to here speaking to them uh if they want to speak to you they would
have spoke to you if y’all got beef going on with people don’t be trying to
instigate people cuz that instigating stuff i’ma tell you right now my mods
don’t play they see more than what I see because they watch y’all channels I
don’t have time to watch our channels so my mods know a lot of stuff that’s going
on and I don’t even know what’s going on and if they put your book on blacklist I
ain’t taking you off I’m just saying I’m just saying oh let me see roots say the mods here or better than
the ones stop talking about other channels yeah we don’t we don’t mention
other people’s channels in my life oh yeah yeah and hear me or something
what’s going on with you and be low girl I got by 15 videos on the channel go
watching Adrienne slay say Amen and i’ma tell y’all another thing I and I want to
tell this to you Adrienne oh I can support a lot of different people I
don’t have a problem with nobody I don’t never have a problem with nobody until
they make me have a problem with them so just cuz I’m talking to this person over
here and I’m talking to this person over here doesn’t mean I am here for Miss
just because I go to your channel don’t mean that I’m here from is I am a
very neutral person I’m not coming to your channel to collect no miss I ain’t
coming to your channel for no drama I’m coming to your channel to support you
I’m giving you a view I’m helping you pay your bills I’m gonna be respectful
in your lives and I’m never going to do anything to hurt you in any shape form
or fashion unless you do something to me that’s just it I didn’t have a problem
would be love like even when I had a problem with the ice cuz I take a lot
out for people before I explode that’s just it
so I if y’all come into my life I don’t care if y’all don’t like each other I
don’t care if y’all tryin to cut each other throat I don’t care you just got
through burning her house down that ain’t got nothing to do with me so the
Miss if you if you trying to be messy and toshe that people through my life
you gonna get gone that’s all I’ve got to say you gonna get gone and you’re
gonna get gone with the quickness cuz my mods know more about stuff than I do
and they see the shade some of them see the shade and I’ll be like what I’ll be
like what cuz they got time on the hand watch people I don’t have time for that
so they know more that’s going on in the YouTube streets than I do so don’t come
up here with no sleep try and throw show you that nobody don’t mention no other
people channels dimensional or the websites I am NOT here to promote
anybody else’s agenda but tasty macmaine eats okay that’s it that’s all oh roots
say but that fish looks crunchy is you just mean what you doing miss Miller and
they’ll say yes tasty tell him rude say Amy saying right she’s not eating I am
eating yo yo yo okay answer the question right now you
want me to eat right now or talk I’m trying to do a little bit of both I’m
trying to eat and talk to y’all because y’all leaving comments that I’m not
reading if I’m eating so make up your mind and honey do you want me to eat or
talk just leave it right now I’m gonna do whatever y’all want me to do let my
mean subscribers tell me what to do for a date y’all want me to eat at all
somebody see eat somebody see kind of hard to eat and talk somebody say fork
into one hand somebody talk did you get some bread I don’t eat bread I don’t
really eat bread yeah I got bread yesterday I threw it away
miss glory you say eat and talk baby Jesus a tasty I mean this in a
respectful Oh Lord when people say I want them when people
get ready to say I mean this in a respectful way they getting ready to
tell you something nasty I’m scared that tasty I mean this with all respect but
seems like you cloud chasing think about the horn girl people want to think about
what they do before people start talking about him when you do what you do you
get somebody something to talk about and they could talk about it as long as they
want somebody say you learn to say either talk or Terry say do we like the
Missy Mimi really hey miss busty so everybody’s saying
people saying eat and talk roads you bow see you bouncy rude
y’all got to realize I’m gonna be here for a while so I can eat so I’m like nom
talk and go back to em and nobody tell you to come over here late
I’ve been eating you came up to here mate you are turning that notification
be alone mm-hmm turn on another patient bill troupe says yes casual if it would mean
the yams and fish would have been gone roots they eat some fish root trying to
control me I’d like to be controlled root Amy say eat the food cease who rules say fish girl you would
you you trying to eat them want me to eat the fish you trying to poison me is
that mmm I got to be careful a couple of them got a bomb in it
I think rules trying to get me to choke on the bomb yeah Adri say I’m I’ll take
it easy aging and talk to you later see you tomorrow when you go live I’ll
bill said JC she it’s been passed them numbers honey what somebody talking
about my numbers somebody talking about the numbers where
is the house house right here and I don’t really eat hot sauce you could
have it Oh y’all some picky little eaters
y’all some picky little eaters she say Oh bill JC said bill I’m talking about
her Channel she was speaking of last night oh I didn’t uh let me see JC last
night when I went to bed I think I needed five more subscribers oh yeah JC
thank you for reminding me y’all I told the people to remind me about my other
channel he answers prayers I need six more subscribers over there to reach a
thousand subscribers y’all so if y’all are not subscribed to my other channel let me see Thank You o JC for reminding
me cuz I wanted to do it early she I told him to remind me early in the life
so I can mention it in the life so here you guys this is a link to my other
channel I need six more people to subscribe to this channel so that I can
reach a thousand subscribers on this channel and I could start going live
there from my phone so if you guys can go subscribe to this channel I would
appreciate it I need six people to go subscribe to this channel right now and
I’m a chicken in a minute and see if we reach that goal so I know we got six
people up here then I subscribe to the other channel so click on that link for
me and go subscribe to the other channel and help me reach a thousand subscribers
before the night is over yeah yay go subscribe let me see uh Amy say tasty
older lady eating like a four-year-old child talk about no hot sauce I don’t
pass out um Amy and you have your own taste buds and I have mine I don’t like
to put stuff on my food that covers up the flavor I like to taste the flavor of
my food I don’t mean to sound picky I was just asking I apologize picking
about what get on bites um better say yes I am sure I thought we
were referring to this one yeah we talking about he answers prayers bill I
need last night I needed 12 more subscribers over there and I told people
to go subscribe so they did subscribe so right now I need six more people to
subscribe to their Channel and y’all click on the link six more people I’m
gonna go check it right now and see they’ll say flush that hot sauce down
the door open chasidy says tasty what did you cook I
really didn’t cook nothing this is a can of yams that I warned up these are can
of greens and this is the fish from last night we had leftover and I just warned
that up and ghetto bites that hot sauce lol
ami Sadie and throw it away I eat a little bit of it like a drop I
just put a drop of it on there y’all you’ii say you need four more
let me check it and you say tasty no more be love sauce for you because it is
yeah this and this this hot sauce that I made this is the below hot sauce I
didn’t even make it as hot as she makes it and it’s very very very hot like this
stuff what gives you the brain freeze hot chessy stay it’s me it looks smart
slamming hey that little Tunde okay so y’all let me check and see if we got the
six subscribers yet okay y’all we need we need three more subscribers we’re not
moving on to the next subject until we get them three subscribers we need three
more people to click on that link and go subscribe to that other channel y’all so
we could reach a thousand subscribers before the night is over with please do
that for me you guys y’all know I’m always begging for something so helpful
sister out she needs your help yeah somebody plans to invite with music
I’m probably gonna have to mute the video for a minute oops
bite of life say come on y’all three more subs to him to him to him who you
talking about him tasty what is the hot sauce what is in the hot sauce
you know be love have in her hot sauce she got a regular hot sauce uh some
mustard some vinegar I can’t remember y’all mustard vinegar and then some of
these blazing hot stuff and I can’t remember this I’ve been
having this for a long time and it wouldn’t even be this far I use it when
I like when I fried my chicken and other day I poured in the chicken and
marinated so I’ve been using it to marinate stuff that’s the only reason
why it’s way down here because if I was eating this on my own
this still be right here I use it to marinate stuff with that’s the wrong
link let me click on it I don’t think it’s the wrong link it can’t be the wrong leak because uh
yeah did y’all click on that link was it the right leak somebody say you got one cat you can’t
be the wrongly cuz other people then clicked on it
let me see somebody say I made a net 1k let me see yeah we got 1k kid we get
like five at once we have one cat yo yay yes yah yah yah I ain’t got my
birthday books but you beside me to get me on me come on baby let’s nice mister
y’all I got on my bike in choice with my flat booty yeah I want to see my fat
booty y’all want to see why I had to put on big booty birthday cuz I had to give
myself some job girlfriend and got no hits and no boom take no hips and nobody
so I had to do cuz I ain’t got no money I ain’t got no money to go here no
plastic surgery is y’all laughing at me yeah let me see who laughing let me see
who laughing JC laughing Queen mama sherry
say congrats on jazz say a man can help you with hips and thighs a man tell what
you’re talking about man chasidy say I miss you and I love you
all rules say great tasty congratulations
you know DMV said congratulations tasty thank y’all y’all did that for me miss
Miller is over there dancing and Belle over there laughing at me Tama
oh my ooh Tina M says congratulations Tina are you
the Miss Kitty Tina Roach is laughing and you Issei whoa tasty you did it no
y’all did it and a bite of life say congrats girl you deserve it
ghetto bite say congrats look at God rude say Donna summers and miss Gloria
is clapping her hands many Mimi isn’t my my say L oh ma is it he answers prayers
yes it is and somebody else had tasted you funnier than funny itself thank you
um no no say no shade for saying you ain’t got no money for plastic surgery
lol y’all want me to have a booty take up a collection so I could get a booty don’t talk about my flat booty this
booty I was born with and I think it’s enough for me
Oh me and my sister love to laugh at you in the good way thank you honey
roots say I like the energy you’re giving off tonight you have a glow Thank
You root Alyssa girl say yeah yeah okay we got the cake y’all oh I forgot about
this cake y’all was y’all in alive last night when I ate this cake oh my
goodness y’all this cake is so good we this food out the way we don’t eat some
cake enemy let’s eat some cake to celebrate thank y’all Thank You JC for
reminding me JC JC was the only one that reminded me where is our Cedric where’s Cedric y’all Cedric uh-uh
if any one of y’all know how to sing real good if y’all want to sing the
tasty song so I can add it to my intro y’all JC something tasty song last night
and sunny to me let me let me play it for y’all let me play it for y’all let me please yeah bang okay he did another one too oh wait
yeah I like that yeah let’s eat a piece of this cake in me let’s get visitors care again me rude say I didn’t evil you had a kick oh
yeah girl we ain’t kick last night last night was miss glorious birthday so I
went bought the fish and had a fish dinner and the cake for her birthday
last night and I don’t eat a lot of sweets so I just a two pieces last night
I got a spoon over here I don’t have no knife over here so I’m gonna eat a piece
of cake let me get y’all some i’ma just pick the
whole thing up and y’all Calpis take don’t say I ain’t shared which ho don’t
say I didn’t share neaten don’t say I didn’t share nitin honey this cake
tastes so good y’all this is a Oh pineapple coconut cake it tastes so good mm-hmm thank you so much for helping me
reach 2,000 subscribers on their channel yeah I appreciate it so much because
that’s the channel where I’m about to start crying cuz this means so much to
me that’s the channel where I’m going to be sharing a lot of stuff about my
childhood about overcoming depression about overcoming thoughts of suicide and
attempts of suicide and just being an overcomer and a survivor period so y’all
if y’all get suffer from depression the I’ll suffer from thoughts of suicide
if y’all suffer from loneliness heart aches aches and pains just go subscribe
to the channel you guys I have multiple YouTube channels because I do different
things on different channels so I got some of everything for everybody if you
don’t like to talk about serious topics and matters then I have it on another
channel where I could talk about the serious topics and manners that people
have to face in everyday life so let me see what I’m saying that cake looks good
that cake is good wait what channel here’s the link if
y’all haven’t subscribed already please go subscribe to my other channel it’s
called he answers prayers tasty are you a single woman yes I am single and
living for Jesus I have been celibate for over 10 years and if you want to
question my relationship with God baby if I didn’t have no relationship with
God I would have relations with man if I wouldn’t have a no relationship with God
I’ll be having relations with man ok hmm ghetto bites say the Bible says we are
overcomers through the blood of Jesus of the Lamb and a word of our testimony I
applaud you for doing that Thank You ghetto bites Nene say same
here nothing wrong with that and miss Gloria is over here laughing
and Terrance this time I and Michelle we say Amen Saint here and I think it’s
Gabriel Gabriel uh say what is your weight currently you look skinny I’m not
skinny y’all I get rid of asking a lot of personal
questions I’m not standing you guys I am heavy boned what people call heavy bone
I look I weigh more than what I look do I understand that like when I’m at my
smallest weight when I tell people my weight they don’t think I weigh that
much so right now I’m probably at 175 you guys probably would not believe that
I weigh 175 that’s cuz my bones are mostly I’m mostly muscle you guys muscle
weighs more than fat I’m muscular I build muscle very easy I
don’t have to lift weights to be a muscle I just need to start working out
and doing exercise and build and do repetition so I weigh about 175 and but
I don’t think some people think I look it cuz they be telling me when I say I
need to lose weight people be telling me why you need to lose weight you skinny
cuz I’m 175 and 175 for me is my heaviest weight 175 180
I ain’t never waiting no more than that in my life my comfortable weight where I
probably would want to be is like 130 or 140 but 175 is too fat y’all for me o –jc say all praise to the Most High
Thank You JC uh hey Brittany miss Buster say tasty and tasty I’m single – for two
years rude say Alexa play old friend oh man I
never heard that song Oh friend by Phyllis Hammond Hammond I never heard
that song before old friend ami say tasty that cake looks really
good it really is and I don’t even like cake y’all I don’t even like sweets like
that hey there Cooper says hi Ruth say I want
some rice krispies I love rice krispie treats that’s one of my favorite snacks
me and boots got something in common oh roots say I’ve been celibate for
almost three years oh that’s good girl I can’t wait till I
get to 20 years y’all but to think about it is I might be to 20 years already I
just ain’t been comes I stopped counting y’all at 10 I don’t even know how long I
been celibate yo whose roots say I love Feliz Haman I never heard that song Britney say how are you doing tonight
mama sherry say yes I understand and my machetes say how tall are you
y’all asking too many personal questions hmm I’m over five five okay I’m over
five feet five y’all trying to get up Oh put put together a DNA about me or
something Oh miss Gloria say you don’t look 175 at all
cuz I got I’m mostly muscle like let me show you can y’all see let me see let me
see if y’all can see this I’m muscle yesterday this old woman got
more muscle going on did some of y’all youngsters and I don’t even lift weights
I don’t lift weights I don’t do anything now and my arms are not flabby my
not flabby or saggy or I probably don’t have anything sagging on me besides my
titties that’s what that’s probably the only thing to say Jew charity said tasty
you look good roots say you look good but 145 145 wait I’m not 145 I’m 175
what about 145 you don’t look 175 at all and Capricorn gamer says you will you do
a video on a giant bowl of salad yes child
I do salads all the time I’m getting ready to start back eating my regular
way you guys it can help you on your way yeah yeah I eat salad all the time
I love fruits and vegetables Britany say hey miss Gloria happy birthday roots say
yeah because your arms are a pretty toned yeah if I start well I could show
y’all how to give and see y’all that’s what I want to do the focus on my
channel is eating healthy exercising and getting in shape I could show y’all how
to get in shape and get a slammin body out in less than 30 days I’m time by
slamming slamming body y’all want me to show y’all a picture I fine I used to be
whoo Nene say it’s all about the height I’m short dome Nene I’m the shortest
person in my family I’m I’m giving you my exact height of about 5 5 terrorists
know my exact hey I’m taller than 5 5 but I’m gonna show this person in my
family taystee how do I send you a video on
Instagram that tasty mukbang eats no you don’t she could you send me a
video Instagram um and you say tasty just asking I am married now for six
years I see you never talk about a man or a woman I am just asking girl you’ll
never see me talk about no woman no I’m celibate and single and I live for Jesus
and I don’t entertain the thought of sitting outside of the will of God his
blessings are new every morning I passed that stage where a fornication and
committing adultery I am surprised be love is not responding now after
recovering I want to see I mean she has the prerogative to respond but nothing
that I’m doing is saying is for a response miss Gloria said hey Brittany
had a good birthday rude say it’s a beautiful song I’ve never heard of that
song Capricorn say you should do a shopping
spree for clothes I don’t have the money to do a shopping to me for clothes you
guys and I love shopping at the thrift store I do I do thrift store haul videos
on my other channel if you’re not subscribed to my other channel and yeah
I want to see me doing thrift store haul videos and stuff like that we have a
good thrift store down here in Houston where everything is 25 cents and y’all
I’ll be going there racking up so uh but I do two thrift store halls on my other
channel that’s called the nest of my life my journey we’re sorry tasty which is hard before
what you sorry for share we say well height has a lot to do with it I may as
well be a no one you might as well be unknown you
might as well be a nun is it cold where you are Florida isn’t
hot no it’s not really well it’s kind of to us I live in Texas to us it’s kind of
cold route say okay tasty and marks in the chat thanks for having me I got my
plate wrapped and I am finna go to sleep okay goodnight Rouge thank you for being
here I appreciate you don’t nobody care what you saying and ought to say ain’t
nothing ain’t nothing with shopping at a thrift store hell I do but why are you
going all why are but why are you doing all this drama cuz it’s not drama it’s
called truth there’s a difference and typing random words a Keith a kid say
wow every time I see a video on you you were talking about me love you’re
obsessed child I’m so obsessed i’ma keep making mom something isn’t right
no it’s not I agree with you 100% that’s why I’m talking unicorn game and say I’m
so happy someone actually reads my tips Oh miss Gloria say here they come back
again yeah uh-huh you Issei tasty I the end you
miss Miller say pow pow pow let me see what you East sent me I think you just sit in the video and
you create the video in I don’t know sitting the link put the link copy the
link and send link I can’t tell you how to do it I don’t do it people just send
me stuff Oh truck who is this let me see how you say this I think is I can’t
pronounce her name says you not scared to speak on people like most gamer says
I love your red hair though destiny say randomly got here from watching ASMR
okay y’all so let’s get back to the topic let’s talk about the topic for a
little bit so Bella’s life came to my life
when I was talking about KC cognition and she was like this is still the issue
I digress and I’m like don’t digress girl I’m like don’t digress number one
just ain’t got nothing to do with you this guy’s something to do with AC so
some people was like well why did you delete her comment in the video that I
put out the day it was only one person they saying why don’t you do it in her
tummy or something like that and I was like cuz I can
it’s my channel if you say something on my channel or you post something on my
channel and I got a problem with it I have the right to delete it so
the reason why I deleted I can’t remember what she said yeah but what
else she said pisses me off at the time and I was trying not to respond to it
cuz I was about to go off on the head I was about to go over the heifer so I was
just like I read the comment and I gave him a feed into it so I just deleted it
and I felt like y’all already know and y’all already said you made 15 million
videos on eat with you and I went live and made a lot of videos on eat work you
almost every life that I made be loved life was in that life be loved life was
in her life she was conversating with the people that was in the life she was
telling more people to make more videos about the situation and so I am helping
you with your battle because of my opinions on the situation and here comes
another situation which is my battle that I am choosing to fight just as hard
as I fought your battle I’m choosing to fight my battle just as hard and you’re
gonna say something as if my opinion doesn’t matter
bye Felicia bye scoop the booty the school booty when I was taking up
for you oh you was there you never came in my life and said oh you’re talking
about Q for 15 days don’t you think it’s a little too much don’t be so harsh on
her you never said knitting in the take you
never said anything to take up for how hard I was going with epyck you you was
in there I know that’s right I know that’s right
tell it tell it tell it tasty that’s what you was doing in any one of y’all
that was there when I was going with you you remember B loves life was in almost
every life she was in almost every life tell it tell it do it tasty do it then
all of a sudden when I got a problem with AC connection you telling me I
digress girl go digress somewhere you go digress that’s what you need to do go
digress and mind your own business hold on y’all she don’t tell me I got grease anybody
ask you to even be over here don’t mind a kid learn about you digressing digress
this boot and I deleted her coming I was like digress this first of all it would
QDB love like dirty and be loved worse and yeah let me read the comments
please I lose again I’m trying to read comments why you deleting let me read
them it’s not going fast right now so after I read them to see see it’s doing
it again tonight it’s not letting me see the comment after y’all delete them I
can’t seem to come in let me read them please I got the ask y’all permission to
read my own comments in my own life cuz my mods don’t play the healthy they
don’t even play with me sometimes I tell them y’all not to delete a comment and
they say no I’m sorry I can’t do that you see I can’t see the come y’all leave
the comments right now so I can read them so I could determine if I need to
block that person JC say you should have never told her to repeat that word in a
sentence I sure never told her to repeat what word in the sentence Alyssa gonna
say lol keep up tasty ah now I see why you got mad it be love wow I didn’t know
she did that one thanks for clearing that up
thank you that’s why I say y’all be judging me yeah I won’t even be no I
half the story y’all need me now half the story you look like my grandma and your
grandma I look like me and your mama look like me too ooh were you live yes I
was live that cup that cups so ugly real world you is real ugly but thank you
that you ought to thank me for allowing you to be here somebody say please eat
the cake for me cuz I’m hungry I’m gonna eat a piece of cake in a minute hold on
will you say you right miss jazz say glory you’re right here they are and Sherita say you clap back girl miss
Gloria say yes block author I need to see what he’s saying I never seen that
he said it so I came block I’m great Brie say okay you said she should have
mind her own business in your life but you have wanted her to do a video on you
about Casey I don’t care if she would’ve did one or not
she cook that’s her prerogative to go do it on her own platform but you ain’t
gonna be allowed to say what you want say on my platform
I can’t control what you do or say on your platform but she couldn’t win did
what she wanted to do on her platform but seeing as how I was the person that
went so hard for you look for your little lopsided booty I’m the one when
so hard for your lopsided booty and you were in my life almost every day that I
was going at EQ and then now the tables are turned and I got a problem with
somebody else and because that person is somebody you know you wanna try to check
me but you can’t do that you can’t check me I have the right to defend myself and
she made me open up a can of whoop on her dead I have been I’ve been I’ve been
I’ve been chillin like a villain and you open up a can you opened up a can of
whoop you opened up this can of whoop but that’s what you did you opened up
the can of a but and I hope you could take it um ironical say be love is safe
fake I don’t know why people can’t see that she didn’t have your back like you
had hers Danks girls say it Gloria say you can’t
tell taystee what to do ain’t nobody gonna tell me what to do and JC say
exactly mean he say did she say lopsided booty yes I did I said lopsided booty
and last night I said pamper sagging the PN’s booty
oh hey senemo jade say yep I all I’m doing is making her money and
making me son – so I guess I’m working for both of us honey
cuz I’m smarter than a fifth grader okay bye gamer come back make sure y’all
subscribe to the channel if y’all haven’t already hit the subscribe button
turn on notification bill and hit always I’m gonna gonna be going live almost
okay I have more hot topics to talk about about miss Bea love life ain’t
over went to the fat lady sighing and I ain’t fat so I might have to get fat
first somebody say what exactly did be love do go back and watch all the videos
and you listen girl say it’s thumbs up life please subscribe to the channel
pull up your booty veronica’s they pull up your booty they’ll say wait wait wait
who just got lopsided butchy depends on somebody say are you really
Oh somebody say what happened somebody say I didn’t miss it because I am trying
to eat my chicken okay we’re gonna say I am a fifth grader okay and somebody say what y’all keep
saying what happened either rewind the video read the title or go back and
watch the video from this morning to help you know what we talking about this
evening I post a video in the morning on the same topic and then we come live and
talk about it in the evening they say right but your life isn’t making money
unless you post it as a regular video you are not a subscriber and I mean a
youtuber and you don’t know nothing about nothing honey okay unicorn gamers
say alright love y’all bye unicorn gamer and watch say why attack a personal feature on a woman
because if people attack you you fight back you never heard of that okay senemo y’all could come in and at
one time and just say hi to all the chat at one time I don’t allow all that stuff
just say hello chat and join in the conversation you’ii say is there any other way to
send the video can somebody tell you eat how to send a video on Instagram I don’t
know how to do it so can y’all tell you eat how to send a video on Instagram
please don’t take haters on heart everybody has them and who ignores them
or the real winners love you tasty thank you Tom I don’t have to ignore those I
want to y’all have to realize that people are free to do what they want to
do maybe be loved would never see this like
she said you’re seeing all the lives are you sure about that
am I sure about what make complete sentences please how long is the video
you’ii they’ll say how long is the video you eat miss Gloria say where is
Terrence he said it’s 13 seconds long cinema say
just wasn’t speaking back to those to speak to me fam me no disrespect
that’s okay when you coming alive just say hey everybody and everybody
then they’ll speak back to you individually but maybe send it to her
facebook Messenger no send it to my Instagram I’m tired of youtubers bashing
each other then trying to play victim cue dear beloved dirty and
tried to play victim again we were not there so did she really do her dirty and
try to play victim or is that her truth because some people were not the people
that you make that you think they are people only show you what they want you
to know it’s a good question though how do you handle a situation when you feel
like I’ve been wronged what’s the right thing to do whatever you choose to do
just don’t go and kill them don’t do nothing where you gonna go to
jail but depending on you you got to answer to God for what you do would at
the end of the day you’re gonna have to answer to God for what you do whether
it’s right or wrong so I can’t tell you what to do you should be able to send it
you don’t know how to send it Bill Perkins say what’s going on read the
title of the live please bill is saying is it on I’m gonna let you in you II
talk bill y’all could rewind the video if you don’t know what’s going on or you
could go watch the video from this morning and catch up you something
serious yes I am q did not on her are you saying be love actually did wrong to
cute then blame the victim I’m saying I don’t know I wasn’t there so I cannot
say that’s what I’m saying this is a sincere question why do people wait 7
months some people wait you guys because they are the type of people that don’t they are the type of people to take a
lot before they explore I take a lot off of people I take a lot
of people before I say anything and when I do say something you better watch out
because I’ll Hale about to break loose so you can’t take the different people
process stuff differently you cannot tell people what to do
although I felt like you meet with you I felt the way I felt in that situation
but at the same time people have a perogative to do what it is they want to
do I’m doing what I want to do I’m gonna let nobody Punk me like everybody was
punking it with you and I was the main culprit I admitted my fault I’ve made my
apology video about that but at the same token why am i I can’t speak for anyone
else don’t ask me a in general question ask me why are you don’t ask me why is
somebody else doing it I can’t answer for nobody else somebody say we don’t know what happened
in their house somebody else say I can’t figure out if B love is right or shady
she is shady like Grady and if you continue if you want to know more
subscribe to this channel turn on a notification and hits always because
there will be more information to help you make an informed decision bill said
9:00 to 5:00 9:00 to 5:00 what 95 had too many receipts on cue
people could take receipts and make it look how they won’t even make it look JC
said Bethenny throws stones then hides behind her hand and I am going to show
you how she throws stones and use other people to throw those stones so she
could keep her pretty hands clean yes she watching she watching in the sun’s
watching and everybody else watching so make her get the tea but they ready for
this tea cause it’s hot and pikemen it’s hot okay I’m trying to see y’all I’m
scrolling up I’m scrolling up to see if it’s any more
comments I need to delete y’all before I move on hold on I’m trying to make sure
because that other person that our third person never said anything else so I
can’t even see if I need to block that person or not JC you had said you should have told her
to repeat that word in a sentence I don’t know what you’re talking about
oh when she went what she taught my I digress I digress when she said it I digress I
don’t even know what she spelled it right y’all cuz I don’t know how to
spell it myself I don’t even know she’s still today hey that overtime Jade say I’m speaking in general I don’t
remember what you said JC say Bethenny still has not apologized
to be its diversity for saying she spared him from her stands she is not a
God nope I’m gonna be doing a video about that soon you guys yep I’ll be I’m
blasting be loves and I’ll be the first to watch her videos I’m gonna be the
second to eat her sauce and I’m gonna be the fourth fifth and the sixth to put
our name and my titles and talk about her and why you laughing I am too really
ever say I love you blank period thank you who else has she copied a lot of
people everybody been coming in this life all week long talking about all the
challenges that she have stole from smaller youtubers can you just say my
name why Riviera Gloria its freedom of speech but you allowed to speak up in
here honey so watch it and you don’t be getting smart with my
mind cuz they don’t play Jerri say tasty at the end of the day what over what
I’ll come do you want to see by exposing this information on me love is this just
a venting session or are you wanting a truth to truly bring a resolution to the
issue both it is a venting session it is an exposing session because when you
expose people maybe they would change their wicked and evil ways and maybe
they will try to do something different so I am the only person that’s willing
to speak out but because I’m speaking out
continuing to speak out maybe it would make them take a look at their actions
and question their actions and admit that they were wrong and started doing
things differently so it’s not just for me it’s for all the other people that
feel like these people have done wrong to them but they feel like they’re too
small to say anything I am not only when you decide to speak out on something
it’s not just for your voice but you are the voice of those who don’t feel like
anyone will listen to them so I guess I’m the big bad wolf or the underdogs
who don’t feel like they can say anything for themselves but need to say
I am still rocking with beloved 100% I feel like you too has to become one big
mess thank the Lord I don’t have to down a sister or family and check it just not
right you can rock with her into the into it roll off the rocker I ain’t
telling nobody not the rock with her however if you rock with people when you
discover they are wrong it makes you wrong so you can rock with her all day
and all night long and if you rock with somebody that’s wrong didn’t that make
you wrong so keep on rocking wrong baby keep on rocking and rolling wrong people have a be love have a lot of
people that will stand up for her that’s why it’s not wise to go against her baby
who scared who scared that is a coward that will let people fight their battles
when they will not fight for themselves that’s a coward that means they are
manipulating their power they know they have power and they’re manipulating it
and because they know they have power they feel like they can do anything that
they want to do even if it’s wrong they know that is some people out there that
are so delusional that those people will rock with them even when they wrong I
ain’t asking nobody to rock me with me when I’m wrong even if you disagreed
with me you could still not rock with me but still be rock with me but you only
have to take up fuck my wrong let me defend myself none of my mods and none
of my followers are defending me I’m defending myself it’s a whole bunch of
cloud chases and y’all people that are willing to defend people in their own
you guys are cloud chasers they’ll say they standing up for her but
what’s she doing for them not a damn thing bill that’s right there Shaniqua say hey
y’all from the from wherever you from girl more say can you please move on
this is ridiculous can you please just leave the live it’s
ridiculous you don’t like what’s going on why are you still here honey
uh ver Monica say I am rocking with who rocks with me really ever say Amen Ruby ever say your soul I guess she was
saying pretty get it girl nobody beginning god that’s what some
not a flavor say nobody is bigger than God
Erica say Amazon reviews will tell you everything not if I say do you think she will send
you whatever she want to see and she free to sin and why is it your of your
concern why are you trying to initiate something who cares you can’t tell
somebody to stop talking about something that’s a fact or you can’t keep people
from having their own opinion jealousy is cruel as the grave that’s what a lot
of people do things to hurt other people and they don’t care how to fix their
life bethenny is not the most high you fans
are dangerously close to the pits they gonna go down with the people that they
follow me be love can’t can’t pour kiss somebody say be love can pour piss on
toasts and Casey connection will be doing it next Jerry saying have you ever
thought about creating some sort of mug language group you know I don’t want to
do that you can talk about these types of issues together subscribers or
followers y’all because we know ain’t doing it if you want to hear what I got
to say and learn from what I got to say didn’t you just come to my channel and
subscribe I’m not trying to lead nobody you do you make your own decisions for
yourself we got two hundred and fifteen people in the house y’all either thumbs
up the video or thumbs it down anything that you choose to do is fine with me
either way the thumbs up in the thumbs down is all the thumbs up when I look at
it upside down Monique say is there a path to a solution there is a way to
resolve this conflict or are you open to a conflict resolution I am open to
continuing to speak out about what I feel is right that’s my conflict
resolution love your content and it’s expand it’s entertaining and
inspirational thank you if you guys haven’t subscribed to my other channel
it’s called he answers prayers we just reached the thousands
subscribers over there tonight now let me check it out let me check it out let
me check it out we just reached the thousand subscribers over there tonight
let’s see where we it so if you haven’t subscribed to the channel please click
on the link and go subscribe to their channel we have one thousand and three
subscriber here’s one thousand and three subscribers y’all we gonna be able to go
live soon and y’all we got some good news that channel is about to be
monetized cuz once I reached a thousand subscriber I just needed a thousand
subscribers for their channel to be monetized y’all y’all are awesome so now
that’s gonna mean that I have three channels that are monetized how you
doing how you doing y’all you got three channels this monetize my mom’s been
rockin and rollin with me and they’ve been helping your sister work y’all hear that
Alyssa Gayle Bell Miss Kitty Terrence miss Miller
who else up in here miss Gloria we don’t have three channels monetized
but what if everyone takes me left side who cares whose side people take y’all
got the nerve to start taking up for yourself and not care about what other
people say or do why should you care what other people say or do if you feel
like you’re doing the right thing you shouldn’t care I don’t care the Bible
says that he has an army he fights my battles God is bigger than
be lost life y’all got y’all eyes oh man and I god I don’t fear a man I fear God
ain’t nothing that woman could do to me that God will not if God allows it to
happen being he must have a reason for it but she is not God miss Miller I’m talking about he answers
prayers not of and that’s I’m not liking my journey I’m telling my he answers
prayers miss sherry say yes Lord monetize what
in the hick or are you talking about what in the heck are you talking about
really ever what in the heck are you talking about you’re talking to somebody
else you talking to me because I can’t tell when y’all say something like that
put the person name say tasty what in the heck are you talking about
so I know you talking to me they’ll say story that’s just no problem everybody
I definitely not included in the category JC say that’s right tasty words
of wisdom from tasty no weapon formed against us somebody say Amen say that
again speak it be loves life it’s not bigger
than God and if she tries to do anything that is unethical God don’t get up god I
don’t get her I turn enemies over to God baby and if she think I’m an enemy
because she need to turn me over to God first of all I’m trying to let y’all
know I am NOT her enemy I do not have anything against her except for what she
has been doing to me I got a problem with what she’s been doing to me I got a
mouth I could talk about it and I got a brain and I could do something about it
and I got a YouTube channel and I can post something about it that’s my
prerogative a star says I think be loved we’ll
finally humble herself maybe she will and maybe she won’t
cuz the devil got a whole bunch of pride y’all the devil whether Gregor go to
hell then to repent and acknowledge their own
living for God not man free princess say somebody say you see what happened to
eat with you her views went down the toilet and then not long after that she
started picking up traction and now she has a lot of more subscribers she had
over a hundred thousand subscribers than she did before
you cannot worry about the outcome you cannot worry about the outcome because
God will God have for you could be a part of the situation you
don’t know how God is going to use this situation to turn things around for you
but if I am fearful the Bible says to trust him to trust in him to have faith
in him the sides of a mustard seed because he is the one that can move
mountains God can move B love life Kacie connection and all of them out the way
right now they think they are on a pedestal and they cannot be moved but
God has the last say so God has the last say so so whatever I do or say I put it
into his hands I’m using my mouth to speak and he can do whatever he wants to
do at the end of its day he parted the Red Sea so he can do whatever you want
to do Oh kb e says 221 views though watching
LOL come through yes and she up in here kc up in here they’ve been having a
front-row seat every night you haven’t they yeah they’ve been having the fun a
front-row seat every night her friends or anyone else is idolizing her she is
just like us a person who will seeing Jerry say I love your channel and be
loves Channel I really hope this will blow over soon
I am by no means trying to be great disregard feelings but what else did she
do to you besides the egg situation that’s for me to divulge that
information when I am ready to divulge it keep watching these videos every
single day and you will see it all unfold
don’t try to get no information out of me right now and I’m not willing to talk
about keep watching the videos it’s all gonna come out in piece by piece
like somebody let’s not comment you are strategically doing this yes I am I am
strategically choosing to divulge what information I want to do in a video
today so tomorrow I can make another video cuz you interested in what I got
to say so you won’t come back and watch it so keep coming back I got enough
content on the love life for the rest of the year subscribe turn on a
notification bill and hit always because when people try to take something from
you you have the power to take your back whatever they took for me by not giving
me credit on doing my challenges guess what I’m taking it back
I’m taking your back I have the right to do that jaesi say that’s why Q is moving on in
silence and the Lord is moving mountains for her and her only we ever say no like
what are we talking about in this life child you don’t know what we’re talking
about not by now you’ve been here for over 30 minutes hey Gonzalez he listen girl say rewind
the video if you don’t know what’s going on and if you’re buffering leave out and
come back in Brown says what happened between you and be loved I thought was
your was your girl what I thought she was your girl ain’t nobody my girl if
you were my girl you wouldn’t be doing wrong by me if you was my girl you would
have my back like I got your back make it make sense y’all you cannot use God
and so hey baby let me tell you something when God burned up Sodom and
Gomorrah what’s that hate or was it justice was it hate or was a judgment
come on now God is a vengeful God y’all use God for what why you’re telling me
what not to do because I am a Christian you sent in everyday you sending you
smoking I don’t even do have none of the things the child doing but you trying to
tell me about my relationship with God but see that’s the thing you cannot do
you cannot play that with me because I know what my relationship is with God
and whether you believe I have one with him or not I don’t care something about lepsy condition seems
slighted I can’t figure out what it is she’s a good person people who show you
what they want you to see and as an adult woman I can’t imagine being on
YouTube for days ranting about what the next adult woman is doing all over
eating a bald egg and chicken then got the nerves to have a prayer Channel yes
child cut as we supposed to pray without ceasing that’s what God tells us to do
and these people who are doing all of this stuff to other people have the
nerve to say they are Christians as well and so we all got the nerve
I’m always talk about my father guard till the day I die and next uh Theresa
say got you uh KB say Jamie B hold on y’all I almost accidentally block
somebody so Jamie B I see you watching though Paul you went in on Q’s behalf on
B love life so I don’t see where things fell apart and okay
best say Amen JC say Amen Teresa say I found you because V loves shout at you
out in one of her videos I had not heard of you before then but I am glad I found
you okay thank you somebody said Nick Akata avocado will
soon will come on here and say you’re a hypocrite and bring down Q and then
claiming the same thing for beloved Nick Accardo is free to do whatever he wants
to do that is his channel ever he wants to say just like he can
say his opinion I am free to say my opinion I am not scared of be loves life
nikka Kyla Mikado and nobody else I’m not scared
so they are free to do whatever they want to do I have not thrown any shade
toward those people and if they want to come throw some my way they can I don’t
care what part of I don’t can’t here do y’all not understand can somebody put in
the comments bar hashtag tasty don’t care somebody please in the company’s
hashtag tasty don’t care what part of that don’t you understand you thought
all these names out of me as if I’m supposed to bow down to names you better
put Jesus up in JC say nice Nick ain’t nobody and miss Miller got her
eyes open and Veronica says period cher we say Amen the world is not praying
enough so if anyone needs to be a part of Prayer by all means let’s pray and
Veronica say period and ELISA get us a hashtag tasty don’t care Billy hashtag
don’t give a damn they didn’t even type without so letter
type I said hashtag tasty don’t care she say hashtag tasty don’t give a damn and
y’all know that’s one of my spent saying that’s one of my favorite scene from the
movie Gone with the Wind at the he say frankly my dear I really don’t
give a damn who is talking to you oh yeah out of y’all got any comments
addressed to me and comer say about what we talking about about the line but do
not try to check nobody else in my life cuz you will be blocked we are not
trying to start no sideway arguments with other people um gossip got on God’s
wounds say hi bill is laughing and saying nobody miss really ever and for life says what happened go back and
read the title go back and rerun a video or go back and watch a video from this
morning to see what happened Jess say lol bedtime we got two hundred
and seventy three people in the house y’all thumbs up the video thumbs up the
video y’all miss glory you say Luke are gonna be miss Gloria already don’t pay
miss Gloria I really don’t play with children who look miss glorious ain’t
gonna be gonna be mmm okay now i’ma finish this tape somebody said why did
you delete her comment um see anything about the video go back and rewind the
video I’ve already said why I deleted her coming if you don’t feel like we’re
winding right now I’ll wait to the videos over wit and you can go back back
and watch everything you can go back and watch everything I already stated gave
the background story there is a background story as to why I deleted her
coming and if I want to do it again I’d do it
again if I want to do it again I’m gonna do it
again what kind of cake is this hey miss Newton this is a pineapple coconut cake
and it tastes so good mmm I don’t even like cakes you see another thing I don’t
like cakes that is too sweet let me read the top what is this thing this is a
glazed pineapple cake and then cooking on top it’s called a cream cake see it’s
called a cream cake it’s a glazed pineapple cake with
coconut on top and it’s not too sweet but it’s sweet but it’s not too sweet
because I don’t like things that’s too sweet it’s not too sweet it’s not dry
its moist and it had flavor it’s a flavor in it that just tastes so good my
stomach hurt now y’all cause I’m too full you’re eating the whole cake nope
I’m just eating one slice I can’t wait for tomorrow what’s happening tomorrow yeah I’m gonna have to go to the
bathroom in a minute ELISA girls say I mean they’ll say exactly bloop Oh Terrence Terrence miss kitty Jess where
y’all live yep I already ate some fish and some yams and some greens yeah we
just sitting here talking about will be talking about in eating I feel like I
got one more bite of cake but I’m gonna move the cake over here I’ll put this
back we gotta see it well y’all could at least see what I ate but I think I’m
through I’m not gonna eat any more so y’all gonna see this food again
Jess how her eyes open somebody say that looks more than it’s a whole cake but I
only ate a slice of the cake Darlene what difference do it make I’m eating
off of the platter Tamara say you hear Tammis what you
doing Terrance you ironed some sheets tonight you are the sheets talents
somebody said be love is Missy I can go from some fish I can go for some fish
myself what kind is it catfish I pretty much only eat catfish miss jazz says she
got her shoes on miss Gloria why y’all deleting they come
in I can’t see what they say it and I don’t know whether or not I should block
them way anyway that person I keep putting them in timeout y’all terrorists
did you work today Syrena say congratulations somebody says
I’m delusional and I keep they’re delusional cuz they
keep coming back every day time to say no no sheets work tonight are you
working now Terrence they’ll say tasty please gets Chucky little sister this is
not child’s play please get Chucky’s little sister say
taco you better be glad she not having you for dinner tonight oh no I eat what fish I can never find
catfish around here where are you from you ever go to a fish market
I can’t beloved is very messy she’s not as humble as you think chow tips BLT what you know what you
know honey I miss glory you say that is a little girly that’s what the blue girl
that’s what they say it miss glory you you don’t know if they you don’t know if
they really the age they say they are Tamara say I like Chucky girl Tara’s
like Terrence must be borderline evil cuz he like evil stuff how you go like
Chucky no no you’re like Chucky too bad oh yeah
evil I bet you you won’t mind Chuck you out these thought cutting your knees off
Oh miss Newton said I’m in Delaware she disrespected cute and also someone else we got 290 people in the house
thumbs up video or thumbs down the video and leave a lot of comments down below
everybody that’s yeah we got 209 people in here we bout to have wrote it say
present yeah we want 209 people to say present so we are no any Quinn come on
be loves life in Casey say present come on dang dish say present they say be
love is gonna talk about you so bad haha what you saying now what you say
she gonna talk about me bad who think be love life is gonna talk about me bad and
who’s scared who is scared she can’t say nothing about me and I were deceived by
myself oh she can’t say nothin about me I and I
were decided by myself miss Gloria say don’t care either I
blocked her like she was a grown woman you block to Miss glory chasidy said hashtag tasty don’t care
y’all got to type it all together with no spaces in the middle like this let me
show y’all how to do it hashtag tasty don’t care
she blah Chucky’s little sister somebody saying hey Henry oh I need to see
Harriet hey Harriet uh we can all do we can all go and below this channel and
say hashtag takes they don’t care you a little ain’t know about I don’t send
people to other people’s channels I don’t send people to other people’s
channel on my behalf I say what I want to say on my channel and anybody want to
say something about that person or is free to say it on my channel
I don’t send other people to other people’s channel I ain’t not trying to
promote hate and negativity E you are free to say what you want to say over
here and I ain’t sending nobody – nobody else’s channel it is a girl say she’s
not going you don’t care over here tasty don’t care over here I’m fighting my
battles over here I will go to other people’s channels and
watch their videos and leave positive comments I’m not going on my channel
saying negative things that’s ignorant that’s ignorant you’re helping that
person by doing it not going I am staying here
Thank You charity appreciate it yeah I’m gonna have to take a bathroom break yeah
I’m gonna have to give me a minute I’m gonna have to take my phone in the
bathroom with me let me go get a bathroom break cause y’all know we be on
this line for like 3 4 5 hours okay I’ll be right back I mean let me
put this right here for your office to be looking at something pre I’m taking
my phone with me you hey y’all did you miss me
I forgot I was like yeah I went up in there and started reading all these
comments these please these people leaving on my channel and I start
answering their comments and I forgot child was in here I thought y’all was in
here y’all let me leave out of this life and come back in because it’s buffering
I forgot child was in here okay y’all got anything else y’all want to talk
talk about y’all got anything else to talk about let me see what I’ve been missing y’all
comment son okay they’ll say she got her eyes on J says she wants clout
what is clout J share we say tasty I’m gon glad that became a subscriber
everybody have a great night Thank You Sheree be back make sure you turn in
your notification bill I go live every day they’ll say chicken
God loves say hello Carla you’ve been tonight you late you are all the way
late and then y’all gonna be wanting me to stay up all night to keep y’all
company in y’all ate our Tacitus a homemade chicken noodle soup and tomato
sauce miss Miller say we did Olive Garden elissa girl Sam it’s tasty that
chicken and fish sitting there begging this is our fish Alyssa Gail no chicken
it’s all fish Oh Missy I wish I knew how to cook like
that honestly child what you mean this is juice
stuff like bikini you telling us up now cook the sudden they cook melatonin milk
my life Smith say where is tasty I am on a diet so I cannot have much of anything let’s go say bathroom break please
thumbs up the live piece say I am back here to take a break to clean a little
tie you could have cooked into us with you
it’s a I’m just going to fix me a plate bean girl go here you little girl say
we’d be never Thomas a hey Smith say hey tasty chest we say tasty I like the new
challenge wouldn’t you challenge weapon challenge China what new challenge what new challenge its do miss members
say please subscribe to miss tasties of the channel he answers prayers let’s go
say oh well baby begging and pleading yeah we reached a thousand subscribers
tonight on my other channel he answers prayers yeah
yes yes thank you Jesus god is good thank you Jesus God is good I’m gonna do
a happy dance y’all gonna have me doing Big Bird a big booty birthday with no
booty aa big booty birthday with nobody on Thank You Terrace you hear chasidy
say it’s a challenge where you have to eat three happy meals oh yeah
yeah young Knights challenged me to do that I want Berta to do the dance big
booty birthday I’ve got the dance without big booty but tonight I just
came to visit yeah let’s do let’s do a before and
after let’s do the dance Terrace I was gonna
ask you should I do the big booty birth to dance without the booty that’s gonna
be saying let’s see let’s see how I look I need some music I need some music nobody yell movie yeah super I created
big booty booty booty what’s that a nice baby drama let me see what y’all say peace a drop
it like it’s hot bill say own air tasty you can’t do
better than ever say hey you ain’t got no no I don’t know how to dance I got no
business out get no rhythm to be booty burger come on let’s see yeah let’s see
the difference let me go get booked yeah hold on let me go get big booty burger Budi Budi dare she deeper deeper okay
okay there she go see I need to wear something tight like this when I do big
boot Bertha cuz their other stuff you need making this come down she got hips
so why that’s she glad glad shake you to the left to the right shake it to the
one you love the best toady booty booty booty to the food to
the food Bertha make you work out that’s too much exercise big move break make
you work out yeah oh oh Lord and Dan I’m sitting so hot in the air just look how
much taller I am yeah y’all can’t even see my head no mom hmm
don’t hurt nobody and craters that’s not a real moment
that’s not real be looking if you can’t beat them join them oh don’t hit me I got my stomach hurt
again oh they’ll say Lord who shake with you
mama gay the mama didn’t give me this Mimi said I know but she cried or camera
for views with the bang their situation so why turn around and do it to someone
else what y’all talking about Oh Lord you say
Nene all of them do the same thing what you’re talking about meaning Oh peace
say I like those biker shorts but big booty Bertha gonna be twerking up a
storm she just changed the time Mimi says the
merge boys or however you say they name its glorious what did they do
what was their challenge miss Gloria say flossing tasty Tammy’s a tasty ain’t got
no rhythm for real real booties have dimples peace
a real booty got dimples happy seeing some people lookin like that it make
thing is honey girl catch your breath chance to be saying we taking
talking about challenges hey there Morris hey there Mars those dimples or call
cellulite well I guess big boobs Bertha got some shit like do you got that’s
what you call junk in the trunk she got a truck she got junky trunk
y’all junk in the trunk that’s what that’s what me like they like drop in
the trunk look in the trunk drunk at he drunk at he drunk drunk are you drunk
they like junk in the trunk right right Margaret say lol miss me say oh no
really I’m back dancing lol ah they’ll say too much drunk too much junk a piece
that a legit have dimples in my booty like the ones you have on your cheeks so
I guess I Marvis they love you boo glad you or I
lifted up upper lip did have a beautiful night
see you later Marius oh they’ll say she got some – Tara say not over here honey
they need to put some raw Colombian coffee on their booty or lamp cone got a
cream for that I don’t be out there like that if you
got that you need to always wear two pair o low to pair things you got to
wear two pair pity peace a birth to eight your beauty it’s the big booty but
it ain’t yo beauty it’s the big booty oh it must be jam cause jelly don’t shake
like that KB say you made that jump in the truck please say I actually think my
dimples are cute they have character on each cheek girl
oh girl you still here Gloria you still here Belle say Jam do
got some judo if you slap it right how you know Belle you’ve been slapping you
mean around you’re slapping on Bowie how’d you know Teddy say Teddy say my
booty lived low key good KB is a pervert daddy really yeah can you say my food a
little low-key do you like your KB KB you like it you like it you like it oh you made them illegal okay
would you like the most about and profiling let me let me give up in the
early bit let me show you let me show ya let me get on my knees can you see
can ya see you better you know knees or do I need to stand Missy yes do you see it if I stated anything
check what your mama gave you I’m gonna bust my butt yeah oh my knees
cracking okay okay make it down yeah Oh Big Buddha Bertha it’s too much work I
can’t do her for 24 not a breast job okay let me see which I’m saying
Oh Breanna’s laughing chesley say yeah peace say better that’s right illa liya
they’ll say I have been told tasty yeah you’ve been told
watch out for them people there tell you there’s somebody told ya
Jesse laughs MP say it resembles Kim K booty from the side kind of like how she
has all that booty but the thighs don’t match who know it ain’t cute
there ain’t cute on a chair miss Miller laughing bill say tasty now you need oh
oh y’all trying to put tasty own up y’all y’all trying to put a big brick
but Bertha on the ball something wrong with y’all
okay uh miss Gloria say que j’ai got his eyes closed their white thighs what
white thighs I told y’all I’m back fifteen shades light darker on the top
in my real color oh no say why still talking about this
is okay Lord we move down to another conversation what you talkin about
Terra said Oh Lord you you really tasty miss never say oh no but you down off
their chair before you follow miss tasty green said oMG be helpful tasty piece a
sensational tasty just slid down the stupa eyes up when is kidiot Miss cutie
missing all the action miss kerime is oh yes yeah Oh y’all got
me good new yeah I’m not somebody gonna make a video about me tomorrow no
sabbatical hammy in a video tomorrow y’all I read know somebody will have me
in video tomorrow up on the chair let’s get a very uniform uniform I might just
do the video no you I thought I was gonna spin around in the chair and bust
my butt Terry stage stripping granny yellow 101
stripping granny who you calling granny boy who you calling a granny somebody
needs to put Tara some time out he being disrespectful
ooh P say I’m just kidding tasty uh-oh they’ll say I’ma be on their channel
taking talking back go to tasty go tasty go tasty go tasty go okay be saying oh
yeah she said she gonna be on the channel can I do it this way look at
them white that you talking about my dad’s bail
I don’t be talking about my eyes what’s a statistical tasty gold Oh Oh
miss kita say my boo he ain’t doing nothing
Oh Tammy’s a fine senior citizen stupid
boat that’s even worse Terrace Tim’s about to go time out y’all
Oh bill say yes lol look know God’s a tasty you might need something to help
you get oh please say one channel already had footage of big bertha
shaking her thing lol I believe I believe I can fly bill said baby you cute and what in what
Terrace a kitty we gonna have to go get her would I go come give me water which I’m
gonna come give me four strong aka Oh strong piece a strong tasty miss kitty
say you know it boo hey everybody hey gang gang gang off the flow you won’t
have to come get me off the flow Terence you gonna be on the flow befo I’ll be on
the flow just big booty big booty Bertha is strong big booty Bertha is strong
booty I think you need to be a little bigger what do you think I think you
need to be a little bigger it’s not as big as it was the first time
it’s looking a little let me let me see it’s looking a little it’s not looking
as voluptuous it’s missing something y’all ways it miss
is it laughs I is me see this side looks bigger this side look bigger and I’m
missing a few hip hip I need a hip replacement surgery right
about here I need some hips right here y’all see
the hip is suctioned in I need some hip right there and I think the hip over
here is fine yeah I’m a big booty birthday she needs them she needs some
more hips so she could be fine shake what your mama gave you and she
didn’t give it to you then go back and shake it to shake shake shake shake
shake shake shake it into your break even if you can’t shake it into your
make it break it and shake it I think I know rhythm yeah she can shake it shake
it big booty burning Sun I got the start
doing my pranks y’all with big booty Bertha but I got to get the right outfit
together somebody say wow somebody say just eat Bell they tasty really want a big booty
look how she’s shaking that thing a piece say you are hilarious tasty you
seriously need to do an episode with just Big Buddha burger
oh girl yeah it’s coming miss Gloria miss kitty is laughing fee say right
there tasty I already ate not she gonna burn
some calories yeah we’re doing the workout we work in we work in we work in
and out this is the big booty work out burn yo me old McCain this is burn your
calorie mukbang eat in the exercise this is a new if y’all see anybody else come
up with this y’all know they stole it from me you eat and you exercise in the
same event now if anybody y’all see anybody come up with this concept y’all
know they stole the idea from tasty McBaine eats right brings a so good to
hear you laugh yeah I’m always laughing I laugh and cry
the same day bones of Steel routine oh yeah we need to do a big booty buns of
steel I might do a video before I gonna be here tonight y’all with big booty
Bertha dancing to the tasty song yeah I want to do an intro with Big Bertha
dancing to tasting something that would be funny okay yeah really gonna be yeah
ready to go to be y’all gonna see this food tomorrow
because me I’ll be wasting the food over here trying to be looking all important
and stuff with this diss the real-life mukbang over here this what would you do
in real life we eat leftovers in real life um mrs. Newton say exactly
chasidy say yes yes what a bill say all those ports all those parts with all
those parts with that part what you tell Matt what I forgot what I would ask
y’all he said well taste that I gotta get ready to go live and talk to my
supporters I promised them earlier that I would walk I will see you tomorrow
honey I’ve been fun okay you have a good try you ain’t gonna miss that much cuz
I’m finally about the English live in a few I’m probably about the in his life
and a few and go do what oh I need to edit my video for tomorrow we’ll see
what I want to put out for tomorrow I don’t know when I’m gonna put out in the
morning y’all we gonna see I don’t know if I want to put out uh the exposing
video about them people leaving them comments or what Jesse said I’m ready to
go to be go girl bye you don’t never let me keep you up cuz y’all know I could be
on here all night I’ll bail say B we gonna eat
I would lift over yes we ears we don’t eat I would leftovers did y’all food
ever come last night peace did they ever get you your food yeah I’m green steak so good and I ain’t
putting nothing in the juice apart okay okay okay say tasty my food never came
but they gave me a $10 credit and to reform my $25 okay did they tell you why
you not getting your food in the area y’all let me go let me go put my orange
juice back in the refrigerator for it spawns down here I need to drink some
water though yeah I need to they said it was not in stop tasting it
sounded crazy to me honestly I think the restaurant was closed and it was too
late okay you don’t have to eat animals if you don’t want to but they taste good
to me you can’t go around telling people what
to do if you want to be vegan you be vegan but you can’t tell other people to
be vegan you could encourage them to be vegan but you can’t tell them what to do
and y’all need to learn how to approach people with your lifestyle and persuade
more people to do what you’re doing by being more persuasive but you can’t
badger nobody into eating being vegan they’ll say Oh Lord we have an activist
in the building and it ain’t corneal it’s miss never say what is what’s wrong
child oh no miss Miller say wrong ciaochao
they’ll say baby their chicken was delicious baby that chicken was
delicious what chicken bell we eat no chicken tonight
what is bail talking about oh you a chicken
I thought use time I’m eating chicken child we like we like y’all sing the
songs with me we like chicken fish beef we like chicken feet we like chicken
fish beef ham you name it chicken beef fish hell lay on you chicken beef fish
hell they’ll say I ate some chicken Chester
to say Bell what kind of chicken did you cook it let’s go say hi baby LBL say hi
this girl and bill is laughing laughing chatter laughing we don’t eat some fish
chicken lamb ham pork chops fish chicken rails ham this chicken look as pretty as
mine bill any given day we go awesome this chicken ham lamb bacon what else
huh this chicken ham baked brown beef this
chicken ham fans fake snake they’ll say of course tasty of course tasty yeah we
don’t have to I don’t know what we’re gonna do tomorrow y’all cuz tasty we’re
supposed to go to the flea market today to sell some of their junk my friend
gamey but I didn’t even go y’all cause y’all kept me up so late last night then
I had to edit that video then I had to wait on it to render then I have to
upload it I didn’t go to be to like 10:00 this morning so I did not go to
the flea market today but I need to go tomorrow okay turn your says bygones
nice visit don’t forget to subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already
turn on notification bail and hit always and if you haven’t subscribe to my other
channel he answers prayers click on the link and go subscribe to my other
channel ok okie dokey smokey eye pre-show I love ya
yeah I’m in this lab at 12 o’clock so we got 30 more minutes let me see how many
subscribers we got aren’t on other he answers prayers now let me look and see let’s see what the subscriber count’
yeah we got 1008 subscribers on he answers prayers we need two more people
to make it 110 yeah Wow y’all did that for tasty and whenever y’all y’all go
over there whenever you get a chance watch some of the videos over there
y’all so we should be monetized over there soon maybe we’ll have a
celebration for getting their channel monetize yeah I’d like to celebrate
everything celebration time come let’s celebrate it’s a party going on right
here let’s celebrate it last one here let’s celebrate it’s a pony girl no
right here let’s celebrate and let’s throughout the year let’s have
a good time okay dokey smokey okay uh let me see
what y’all saying or chasity said I was up all night they’ll say you welcome and
they’ll say yeah now let’s go let us go and pray yeah we need to start going
back and pray yeah but see the thing that is going to really help us to do
that more often is now that I can go live once they approve it takes a little
while for on YouTube to them in a pool to channel so you can go live from your
phone so we can go live for my phone anywhere and you know do a prayer
session girl eat the food ha I don’t already ate Todd don’t come over here talking about
nobody else’s channels and mentioning their name we don’t care and you will be
blocked don’t come over here trying to promote nobody else’s channel in my
lives don’t nobody care what nobody else is saying so take a chill pill what they
got to say ain’t don’t mean nothing to me I don’t care I don’t care they trying
to go live like me to try to get some views like me they still stealing my
concepts cuz they’ve been watching for a long time they be watching watching
watching watching for a long time yep celebration time come on let’s
celebrate there’s a party going on right here let’s celebrate let’s celebrate
let the celebration rise to what the year mr. LaBrie okay yeah hold on hold on
hold on wait a minute yeah miss Gloria will you add miss Gloria miss Gloria yeah ready let’s go let’s go y’all ready
let’s boom let’s go they’ll say hashtag tasty don’t give a damn oh don’t give a
damn jazz say would it waste what a waste
what you mean what a waste baby ain’t no waste over here we eat
food tomorrow they’ll say you mark gets a denote your mark get ready set No
yeah we got 211 people in the house you don’t think I need to live in your lab
or stay live cuz these haters is hating cuz when they go live they can’t get as
many people in a lab no what they over here watching them well y’all I need to look up the app
that shows you who’s in your life you know anything about that bill somebody
was saying there’s an app to show you who’s in your life let me see their streaming service on TV do you know who’s watching how to go
live on Lord how to record and stream okay let me type something else who’s in
your life let me see what you saying they’ll say I
don’t know Lucy I’ll say their food okay love God’s a tasty did you ever get the
new phone from Mitchell yes I got the new phone we recorded on it right now we
got it that day okay here’s one yeah I’m in me give my
earphone so I could listen to this to see what odo there’s a party girl right here let me
see yes let me see I think this what I’m looking for ah let me see let me try with this guy is
saying when I said shit that y’all hold on oh
no what just happen I can’t see them coming child to leave it yeah what did
they say Oh Lord that was a lot of comments
did y’all block him let me block them me block him you I don’t know what they see
but what if they say yeah that’s a lot of whatever they see it was too much in night chasity what you say it’s salad
what about Sally what did they say them hold on yeah let
me go try with that person will say and try let me go let me go see something okay you know that didn’t work let me go
run to the bathroom that didn’t work what he was saying it
was something else there was something I’ll be back you okay yeah I’m back I’m gonna try my
hands off let me get some containers I think I’m just gonna leave I could just
put this in a plastic bag put that in the freezer just like that yeah I am going to go live on Vanessa my
life my journey Vina I’m gonna see I can’t clean off this table right I was
gonna say I can’t find my sponge hold on I’m gonna go I don’t even use this plate I’m gonna back you miss L’Oreal so I’m
just gonna push these Chrome’s on CD okay yeah good night see I wanna come
join me come join me over there I’m gonna imply tonight and I will talk to
you later thanks for watching and tuning in I love y’all and if y’all haven’t
subscribed already please subscribe bye

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