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TASTY TALKS: Two Faced Subscricers | Soul Food Fish Dinner Mukbang

TASTY TALKS: Two Faced Subscricers | Soul Food Fish Dinner Mukbang

hi everybody welcome welcome welcome to
tasty McBaine tasting my pain tasty tasty McBaine eats
y’all i am trying to film from the front of my camera today something trying to
see y’all was telling me to film from the front yesterday yeah i wanted me to
try it this way first so let me I don’t angle y’all can’t see my heat I’m
positioning this but I don’t know if y’all could see the food let me put it
down on a little bit yeah we trying to get it right trying to get it right let
me sit down see y’all still can’t see now hold on y’all let me raise it up mmm
let me raise this war see if y’all can see my heat um I don’t know if I like it from the
front like this yo hold on let me try something else is that better
should I fool with it a little more is that better
okay yeah I’m hungry I see stuff wrong but I don’t care I don’t care let’s you
know so we have leftovers today we got some fish without fish we have fish we
got yams and we got greens leftover and we got some cake over there and we’re
drinking water today distilled water y’all know I’m doing the third day
younger water challenge to see how much water to drink a day and I didn’t drink
no heart and no water yesterday and the last few days so I really need to be
drinking some watch her today so y’all was up what’s up people what’s up my
people in my congressional leaders my friends and my friend amis and my
enemies the ones who pretended to be my friends but they’re not really my
friends and the ones with my enemies and they’re the ones who he’s my friend I
got friends frenemies and enemies lured their shady like Grady ain’t it you
don’t even know who your friends are so yeah Melissa moupeople get up in here let’s
say our grace right quick y’all cuz I’m hungry father God we thank you
for this food we’re about to receive your blessings your kindness and mercy
and your grace all the provisions that you have made up
on my life Lord Jesus I thank you Father God for protecting me against all hurt
harm and danger in Jesus name we pray amen
Harley okay y’all hear me okay ya know I’m gonna have to put on my
glasses to see what’s going on in his chat can y’all hear me okay Haidee spots
hey Williams hey Millie Miss Kitty in the house Robinson Yolanda Tracy Oh chasity hey Dee spot so y’all know I
post video in the morning time and let y’all know what our topic is gonna be
about I give a few of my opinions with some facts I throw some facts in here
and there so you can have all the sexuals when you come to this live I am
gonna read some of the comments from their videos today y’all let me go POTUS
out it’s orange juice that I had in here from last night so I got my to steal one right here okay so um hmm so what had happened was yeah I want me to eat first
a talk and eat or just eat hmm Rosie yeah one got bones in it hey my mind hey Jenna hey Jess hey Erica we got 59 people in the house y’all
thumbs up the video please sign y’all saying eat and be very careful with some
bones in their fish we just say is anybody buffering or is it just me if
you’re buffering leave out and come back in I’m not buffering oh Lord
y’all keep asking me about the hot sauce ain’t you know how something there are
hot sauce y’all need some hot sauce for child food there go there’s the beat
love hot sauce there’s B love hot sauce JC say peace and blessings tasty and
everyone Oh big red said where’s the hot sauce erricka say in I thought you have too many fragments is it
fragmented for everybody it’s not showing fragmented for me okay I might
need to turn the camera around the other way y’all tell me are y’all getting a
clearer picture if not I can turn it around turn the camera around it of the
way okay me me say mind clear Tracy say her is clear
chasidy say it’s clear big red say mind clear Myron is showing clear too
Oh basic Williams say mine is clear not stressing so clear so y’all not having
clear didn’t leave out and come back in cuz everybody else is saying that it’s
clear hey miss Gloria hey you’re under if you are new to the life let me tell
you our rules we do have rules I do have mods they are strict and they
don’t play so the rules to them to the live ears
no cursing no profanity no name-calling if you call me on my name you gonna be
blocked dang or even give you no warning you
gonna be blocked you talk about my eye or any other physical things about me
you’re just gonna be blocked okay no stop sidebar conversations with anybody
else in this life if you have a beef or a problem with anybody else in this life
that is something for you to handle on your channel it don’t have nothing to do
with me and what we talking about today we all gonna get along over here cuz we
over here for one reason and that’s for tasty if you ain’t here for me then
leave and you here to try to gain subscribers don’t be doing all that
adding people at people when you come in and say hello
chat hello to the chat the whole tech all at one time that’s good enough
okay any other rules that I missed my words we respectful over here
you must laugh at all my jokes that is a rule you must laugh at all my jokes if
you do not laugh at my jokes you will be put in timeout okay if you know you’re not friends with
somebody and you don’t speak ain’t and y’all don’t get along don’t speak to
them cuz it’s antagonizing I’m gonna just tell you how to Pechanga Villa if I
got a problem with somebody and they know I got a problem with them it
bothers the hell out of me when I go to somebody else live and they be up in
that time but hey taystee and I ain’t talking to people in six months don’t
even like them like that and they can tell me hey tasty cha say that for
somebody out in the speak back so I’m just saying don’t come to my life’s
mission if somebody you know you ain’t getting along with I think it’s messy
but I personally don’t like that when people do that to me
I don’t know why you trying to speak to me and somebody else is like and you
know we don’t even like each other I think that’s we’ll show you that’s
just my personal opinion because I don’t like when people do it to me don’t speak
to me if we ain’t getting along if I don’t went to my side of the world and
you on your side of the world let’s keep it like that
hey guys sup girl Jack’s a god he answers prayers is another Channel is he
enter prayers what does the name of the other channel is he answers prayers basics say do you cook fish fresh if so
les I love fish fries know I bought this fish from the fish market we got miss my mother in the house bail
Miss Kitty miss Gloria jazz who we missing Tarrant who we missing Terrence so how are y’all
been doing today while I’m eating y’all tell me what y’all did today I didn’t do
nothin I was supposed to do this weekend y’all are really throwing a monkey
wrench and my friend so the video was clear today or yesterday I’m trying to
figure out which way to to film with my phone this way or the way it was
yesterday y’all my head is so hot I’m gonna take
this wig off so yeah I posted the video this morning
of some comments that I came across on another tooth and the person was having
a whole discussion about tasty macmaine eats and tasty connection the whole life
was about me and me calling her so pretty much everybody in the live was
talking about me so I’m watching the replay cuz I didn’t
watch it while I was like I’m watching the replay and I see the comments are to people who have
previously been subscribed to me and still be coming to my lives and I think
everybody did they said my lives that see these people in my lives be thinking
oh they like tasty oh they they friends with tasty or whatever so it even kind
of threw me for a loop um because one of the young ladies she
comes to my live on my other channel almost every time I go live so when I
see her coming mind you in her defense she keeps saying I never said your name
to me there is no need to say a person’s name when the whole conversation is
about them but you don’t need to say my name if the whole life is about tasting
my bank eat everybody in the lab know who you are talking about you know who
you’re talking about they’ll say snatch it off Dean Bo
telling me to take my wig off I might take it off before it’s over with I’m
just gonna try to roll with it right now so anyway I seen her comments and I
don’t know if it was the same day or the next day I went live and lo and behold
I’m sitting up in the life and then another thing let me ask you a question
how many of y’all watch Tasha Kate how many y’all watch Tasha
Kate and how many of y’all watch oh the other lady um what’s her name
they was beefing at one time lovely is it lovely tea how many I watched him so so y’all watch them y’all know how
both of them ladies talk right dumb women will curse you out damn women will
talk about your dirty drawers and being shown cuz they come with receipts
they’ll talk about your dirty drawers and Deshawn they’re gonna call you every
name in the book BH they use a lot of vulgar words so all
these people in my comments telling me I mean telling me I’m ungodly because I
say helpful because I say hell for entrap mouth trick and trot mouth true can somebody please give me a fan and
fan me cuz I say trot mouth trick and trot maestro they said I mean and they say I’m not a
Christian and I I don’t think I didn’t use the
first word on here yet except for frankly my dear I don’t really don’t
give a damn that’s the only curse word I found it then say it is damn and I say
trick and helpful and drop it on toe and y’all think I’m cursing and sinning I think those terms hurt more cuz they
are more specific Dana how is the top notch oh and a trap my trick and a help
for more specific than B and H what what’s wrong with you hey receiver yo tell me though tell me what y’all
think how is trout mile troll trout mouth
trick and heifer worse it in B H and the N word and then saying the P word and
the D word all that cursing they doing in channels how is trout Montreux trout
mouth trick and hill for worser than that y’all better get a life coz if I
try to live up to your standards I won’t be saying that and doing nothing to eat
nothing y’all got a problem with everything I do before I even start
talking about this stuff you bought it got a problem with me with my eyes you
got a problem oh you got a problem with my ball here you got a problem with what
I eat you got a problem with every time so guess what
ain’t nobody trying to please you in a way I ain’t doing what I’m doing for
nobody I didn’t pass around the offering bucket and ask y’all help us for nothing
and then they even got people even comment stymied I’m begging for birthday
gifts I am NOT begging for no birthday gifts I’m announcing to people that I’m
having a birthday bash some of my subscribers want to send me something
for my birthday so for those subscribers that want to send me something for my
birthday they can if you don’t want to send me
nothing for my birthday you ain’t got to okay I don’t want no haters sending me
no hate bill anyway I don’t trust y’all heifers anyway before you say what
they’ll say yes something is wrong with him then the to help us get the to help us
what get the two phrases here from something back yet able to say some
people say worse things in it and big race a tasty some folks are offended by
the word they don’t hear every day well I’m more offended by being H so they got a problem with realness so sale
Sanjay say it’s not to me I don’t know you it was good what is that girl I
can’t see I can’t see that uh J see me see what Jacy say she said I like lovely
teeth I like Tasha K better than lovely t even though both of them moms are too
far for me I’ll take Tasha K even the hook of my
office worse I tried to watch lovely tea over the
years for some reason another is just some people I just can’t watch y’all
something and there’s not no hater rate but it’s just something I just can’t
watch I don’t know I just can’t watch it I tried out subscribe and you know
unsubscribe and that’s why I don’t really care if nobody know I’m gonna
watch me so yeah this person posted they come in
in a live for everybody to see in a lot of all the hundreds of people that
wasn’t alive and all the people that’s gonna watch the video afterwards it’s
gonna see that person’s come in and that person’s opinion to me so then the next
day or the same day she comes in my life first person in the live y’all first
person in the life acting like she concerned about me acting like she
worried about me and they’re helpful I stayed here for y’all know I even call
my mods help us and they call me enough for two yeah had the nerve to say she think I’m a
cloud chaser and she think it’s a clear sign of jealousy and he’s she up in my
life hey taystee how you doing oh I was so concerned about you
I was so worried to his don’t close your channel so she posed to hook on there
for all the world to see and this morning when I made my video she was
ready to sit it off she look like rapper to me a beautiful
woman y’all I love samito beautiful woman she was ready to set it off oh she
left for coming so bad baby she was mad and I thought all right what’s she so mad for did she not just
post whatever she want the post about me in a liar her name is attached to the
comment people everybody see what her opinion of me is so now that I take your
opinion of me to use it in my commentary you saying that I put a video out there
about you for the whole world to see girl didn’t the whole world see what you
just said about me I am so sick and tired of these people
with these double standards they think they can do any and everything to you
and then you ain’t supposed to say nothing you ain’t supposed to do nothing
you ain’t you and listen when they do what they do publicly they got this
standard where you’re supposed to call them you’re supposed to call them if you
have a problem with them and I’m gonna do the same thing you did hurt I ain’t
calling you I’m gonna do the same thing you did folks condition but they can’t take it
she won’t tell me I should call her come on you for what you said which is
this my thing my thing tell you for what you came to my life I told you how I
felt I told you that you offended me by what you see and all the comments that I
show chil y’all she never apologized she never said I apologize for offending you
she well she just say well I have a right to my opinion yes you do have a
right to your opinion but I thought when you gave your opinion about me that was
a negative opinion I never thought she was gonna come back to my channel I
thought she was through I thought she was through with me when you gave your
opinion you sho do got the right to say what you want to say but if you’re gonna
be if you don’t say something bad about a person be through with them too and
then when they ask you about it don’t say oh I was talking about it in general
how you gonna be talking about somebody jealous hearted in general when the
whole life is about me the whole life wasn’t about nobody in general it was
about tasty mukbang eats and I have invited her to come up in here tonight
but I doubt that she gonna come but she said that she ain’t scared I
invited her to come and give her side of the story
I’m do y’all see what’s yet come on she need to come on up come on out girl come on out will you it let’s talk this
too much t this too much deep who she’s eating them now lol I don’t cry care for
greens girl tell your truth on tell your truth gossip say she didn’t call you
so why do you need to call her that’s what I’m saying
you said what you said about me publicly I am so sick and tired of these people
doing what they want to do publicly and then y’all want to sit up here and say
you should have called her call you for what kaho you for what what do I need to
call you for I told you in my life that I was disappointed in you I told you
y’all hurt the recording I told her in my life she hear me talking to her I
said I seen your comments I couldn’t believe you did that
I don’t understand why are you over here now she had an opportunity right getting
that to say I apologize did she say I apologize
no so what I need to call you for you say I said what’d I say it I I meant
what I say it I have an opinion so what do I need to call you for after that I’m
talking to you right now face to face on my life what I need to call you for oh
but I was supposed to oh you when I got ready to post your
comments oh okay oh I’m supposed to call you when I got
ready to show the proof of my channel that you are a two-faced person maybe my
subscribers will see you out there in the YouTube streets and because they see
you in my lives thinking my friend so now I’ve exposed you so they will know
that you are a hater and you are two-faced it and now my subscribers know
who you are and you are not alone I got another person that I’m going to expose
y’all could post any comment that you want to post about me on somebody else’s
channel guess what if you meant what you say if you meant if you say it tasty is
jealous and tasty as a cloud chaser if you meant it and you ain’t scared and
you were woman of your word then you shouldn’t have a problem with me taking
your comments that you said about me and bringing them out to the forefront on my
channel don’t say nothing about me that you don’t want me to respond to because
at this point I’m calling everybody out i’ma call your mama your daddy your
sister your brother your uncle your dog I’m calling everybody out don’t say
nothing about me that you do not want me to respond to especially if you are
subscribed to my channel I could care less with them other people were saying
cuz I don’t know them but you subscribe to my channel and you popping in my
channel and popping in my lives and then you gonna go over there and say
something about me and didn’t come back over here and say hello tasty how you
doing oh no baby I’m gonna make a video about you and if you want a video made
about you think I’ll do it don’t do it if you think it’ll help you out in some
kind of way gon do it dear let’s say let folks be haters they
are looking for acceptance they can’t they don’t have their own opinion in the
life I mean just because everybody else bashing me you got to bash me too
well if you come into my lives and you still like me and you like the other
person that that I’m going anywhere the best thing for you to do is just not
to say nothing it’s not to say nothing but if you do say something that you
pick a side then stay over there on their side don’t
be coming over here acting like you’re my friend when you really not there’s a
girl say are them dishes and spoons really pretty thank you is it my Ryan or Anita say not the dog Oh Nicky say egg tasty don’t get
stressed love this is painful when people do do that Charlotte ain’t
painful to me cuz I’m just gonna call you out I’m releasing my pain relax
relate release just I’m releasing my pain I don’t need to pick up no phone
and call you when you said something about me in the public eye where
everybody is going to see it I don’t need to call you what I’m calling you
for to try to make you be a better person
you wouldn’t worried about being a better person you weren’t worried about
my feelings y’all want me to worry about everybody feelings I think none of these
people can into my mind if you don’t care I don’t care if you don’t care I
don’t care my mama always said you should say
nothing that you can’t repeat and that’s the truth you have you if you said it
somewhere else then you shouldn’t mind me showing people what you say she’s
gonna talk about you made a whole video about me you talked about me in a whole
video I might tell me is that the same thing is it the same thing you said
something about me in a whole video and I made a whole video about you and you
who up in here don’t think that I was justified who don’t think I was
justified who so if you think I said if you think I had the right to do what I
had to do say get a tasty get her tasty cuz I got one motor I’m gonna get two
it’s coming honey and you know I know you’re watching and I know you know who
you is and it’s coming don’t sit up in another live and talk about me if you
want to make sure you say something real real dirty next time and y’all putting
their hash tag tasty don’t care don’t care I don’t care I don’t promote other
people on my channel he telling you nothing about who made no video and who
made no Channel I don’t promote other people’s channels on my channel I’m
talking about what I want to talk about over here and then little measly people
that won’t credit and want me to respond to their videos ain’t getting no
response out of me if I don’t want to respond to them they ain’t worth me
breathing breath out of my mouth to talk about it you get to no response for me
so keep talking about me all you want cuz you ain’t gonna never get a response
out of me I ignore who I want to ignore and I talk
about who I want to talk about you’re on to say get her taste ejc say get him
tasty DMV say her name is Gloria and then all
the young people all the people that be sitting a few tasty you shouldn’t be at
that tasting you shouldn’t do that you know if somebody would’ve did that
to you you wouldn’t you would have found a way to get them back you’d have found
a way I I’ll sing an idea wrong I just put your comments up there uh I
matter of fact you felt a certain way about me and I just helped you out and I
helped more people get to see what you really felt about me cuz the video that
you was talking about me in didn’t get that many views so guess what the video
I posted about you this morning got more views so I helped your opinion about me
to get out there more help more people to see what you felt about me I helped
you out girl I helped you out choice to study swinging from both sides
of the fence Stevie say this is funny city you’re saying hello tasty darling
uh Nicky say I love you and everyone I want everyone to get along
try these people ain’t trying to get along dang trying to get along indeed
let me tell you something Oh yo relax relate release let me tell you something
they ain’t got a problem doing what they do but then when you get them Oh Lord
when you get them when you come from them
did they be saying we could all just get alone
they don’t just cut your throat stepped on you and hug you at the dry and then
all of a sudden it’s enough room for all of us
you ain’t trying to you weren’t trying to get along a minute ago you weren’t
trying to get him all the minute ago hold on somebody just hit me Sutton on
Instagram let me see whose it is yeah I know already DMV say tasty throw some fish this way
here girl stop begging stop begging take eat decay
anime eat the cake cake enemy here you want some hot sauce here the hot sauce
take it anything else while I’m in it you thing else y’all
won’t gossip girls say some people looking in now insane thing oh yeah hey
child please she was like hot as a firecracker
earlier today I say I send them a message back oh I say oh you’re welcome
to come in the lab I’m gonna be live between this time and that time you
would come in you could come in since you have an opinion you can come in and
express your opinion to my audience you can come in and curse me out if you want
to baby she was like like she was gonna she’s gonna be up over here jumping me
just taking notes in their head in the hand hand notebook ready to make content
on the next shot on their channel they’ll say oh wow tasty y’all had a
mukbang together – mm-hmm did somebody get outta here they did several videos
we see this ain’t no ordinary just any person I fed is leaving to come in this
somebody that I done did a video with and you over there talking about me and
being got the nerve when I make a video about it to be upset and say I could
have called you you can call me you got my whole
phone number you could contact me on Instagram huh why should I call you you
don’t wanna say it what you saying about me honey
how about I’m too old for this girl I’m old enough to beat your butt and get you
a whoopin when you need it I made a video about you that was your whooping I
spank your butt you got your spanking nah DMV say you know I want some hot sauce
Michael say hi tasty then my chastity did you collab with these / yes hi yes Tara say hey live dealers say get them Jesse hey Terrance uh I need a robber to
say good night chastity I miss kintama huh boo oh she may get on my nerves with
that boo stuff Jess ain’t my mama miss Gloria say OMG
can’t trust anyone mm-hmm never say two-faced two-faced
type type something they’ll say right miss Gloria entertainment I mean Nikki
say lol and then uh they’ll say we have switched to God what good I’m saying
just like you got my number just like uh you wanted me to call you if you had a
problem with me why express it in a public place like that when you know me
and have met me personally if that was your opinion which you have the right to
have one but if you didn’t want me to respond to it get offended by it then
you shouldn’t have said it and when I mentioned it to you if you were
remorseful for what you did at that time you could have apologized to me right
then and there when I mentioned it to you what am I supposed to be calling you
fuck after I just told you to your face I just told you to your face that I had
a problem with what you see out in the public about me
I just told it to your face and you didn’t try to make it make it right then
you didn’t care about my feelings dan helpful that he’ll sit in cabinet about
what I thought what you got your air eyes open for sorry we can’t do folks
like that what you got your eyes open for Miss Kitty see this what I’m trying
to show y’all cause y’all are so judgmental toward me I’m trying to show
y’all how wrong these people are they don’t care about nobody else feelings
they don’t care about nobody else feelings so why when you respond the way
that you want to respond they want to tell you that it was a certain way you
were supposed to respond it’s a certain way to me you supposed to treat people
period point-blank in the story and obviously y’all don’t follow that
they’re saying rude and god yeah I don’t find them saying guidelines you wouldn’t
have to worry about how a person responded to you if you treated them
like you were supposed to treat them miss Q got a checkmark up there miss
Boreas 8:12 mouth trick trouble trick they’ll say it’s crazy how people just
can’t keep their mouth shit and stay out of business that ain’t nothing of theirs
Tamra’s saying how is it going tonight taste don’t ask me no silly question boy
Erica says she was one of these pretend friends that’s why I always have a small
circle of friends Miss Kitty say check mark say not judging you
at all I totally understand they’ll say apparently she already was feeling some
type of a way for her to say what she said and damn Z say Gloria I am
what’s our OTS she said I am ROTF anyway like miss Gloria says she’ll drop my
trick I will add something to say along with that but it ain’t gonna be
appropriate but she’s trying mouth trick uh Nikki say on the flow rolling who
rollin on the flow everybody on the floor only let me go read the comments
from the video today y’all let me go read the comments cuz some people call
himself checking me I don’t know why they think they could check tasty baby
y’all date may be checking me Davey checking me they be coming for me y’all they be coming for me okay so the name
of the video was okay missing okay the name of the
video was exposing cloud chasing to face to subscribers
reading hate comments so the comments are on their video one person so this is
also a shout out to everybody left of coming on their video to haters and the
congratulate errs corrilesa Patton say is ignore the hate they’re just trying
to get a reaction and drain your energy keep creating babe
and somebody is here wow she make Patrick Starr on SpongeBob look smarter
than he is I don’t know what they could I didn’t get that coming y’all be I’ll
get that coming while she makes Patrick’s tour horn spongebob look
smarter than he is I didn’t get that somebody else say I would say one thing
I am mad about with you this is not a mukbang anymore not eating no food so
Dan I see it let me see what I see it I said no it’s a I say no it’s a beef
channel I am eating beef I’m eating beef did it I got beef with people and I’m
eating beef I’d be getting smart now if y’all wanna have some layers if y’all
think I’m funny and yeah I wanna have some lives
y’all gonna read them comments I’ll be getting them heifers in their comments
I’d be getting them Jana I’ll be getting them good somebody else say I was unseen
somebody else say now this is the definition of a two-faced supporter she
backtracked too much when she should have stood
in what she said some people may view your content as cloud chasing and she
went on the express ourselves even letting me know what she feel all this
time and I just lit up but she did admit at least she honest with her feelings
and she do it in a respectful manner uh so I think my initial response to her
cuz I pretty much respond to every coming I said child I don’t expect
anyone to be loyal to me but if you said something about me own it and if you
feel a certain way about me then don’t come around me and act like you like me
and you’re concerned that’s my problem with the whole thing yes you free to say
whatever you the heck you want to say but when you said it it drew a line in
the sand so stay on the side where you ain’t why are you crossing over the line
you drew the line I didn’t draw the line you drew the line so now that you drew
the line the line is drawn don’t make yourself look like Willy fufu uh oops I
almost block somebody Erica said ice I said she makes Patrick Starr look
smarter than her okay what I truly meant by it is that she was
not smart with what she did Christa say you’re you know comments
crack me up and so rotten says what is that on the table looks like that is
fried fish okay yeah let’s read some more comments cuz they funny becoming
spun it to me y’all uh miss Miller says you called her tasty I couldn’t believe cuz miss Miller was
in the live when the lady came in life after the after the fact the lady came
in the light and Miss Miller wasn’t alive when I was telling her what I was
telling her and miss Miller was like wow I can’t believe she did that she was
like what you handle it with the gray cuz if you I listened to the recording I
was so calm I wasn’t even talking like I was talking I’m talking now I didn’t
raise my voice not one time I was just so calm I’d you know sometimes when you
tell the people off you don’t need to get loud with him so Miss Miller said I
couldn’t believe that this happened and for the audacity to come in and act like
she did nothing wrong and miss Miller was there miss Neven was there she was
in the life she said I was in the life you just demonstrated and was so angry
mmm-hmm and Traci say that she say good oh that fool got mental issues stop stop the fries
doctor please hey Cedric yes this is fish you guys I don’t know why y’all
can’t see this is fish this is fish fish greens y’all need to
read the title the title says fish dinner whoo Simon is laughing and he’s
gonna say no please don’t blame the food don’t blame the food she write and say
okay terrace over there would you what you talk about Tammy’s okay let’s be
some more comments uh Tracey says lol and Sabrina say hi tasty good video
Gossip Girl say cloud chasers and haters or two words that is overly used I don’t
think you’re jealous of anyone but maybe you’re touching on too much truth and it
makes them uncomfortable mm-hmm see that’s what I’m saying right
there girl time will heal all pain says I am so sick of the word cloud chaser
I hear this word so much and rushed Rasheeda say busted lol Queen of the Nile say this heifer why is
there tickling me Oh somebody else say oh hey tasty tag to you in my very first
challenge and then she said god bless idiots
oh oh destiny kisses say this is funny and I love better leaders and hip hop I
think she say I love better than better I love better than loving hip hop and
jazz say good morning jazz got her eyes open Destiny’s got her tea miss Yolanda
gave some love and not stress and said this is so funny
she thought she wouldn’t get caught lol anything private on the internet then
not stressed to say lol get them tasty don’t let people run over you they don’t
control you that’s your channel and if you like and if you and if you like me
then you can talk tell Jesus oh they could talk to Jesus come back and it
ain’t gonna change what I do or say lol some people don’t get the facts that you
can’t change anyone and how they feel period everybody has an opinion but just
be upfront with it instead of cowardly talking behind your back facts that’s a
fact jack you got an opinion I respect your opinion you have a right to your
opinion but gonna talk about my back behind my back I say something behind my
back and then come in my face and smiling that’s a trap my trick um Miss Kitty say Popov oh yeah we don’t
don’t come here supporting your channel and asking anyone to check you out if
you’re coming in here to join in a conversation welcome but we will block
people who are coming in here to try to promote their channels we don’t do that
over here let me read some more Cummings y’all o –jc say good morning tasty
sprinkles say you speak your mind always sis and pray for me say the person name
she say what are you doing over here she say what are you doing over here
ooh DMZ say oftentimes the people who clown us is to say people that will
clown us stay encouraged my friend and somebody else said thumbs up somebody
else a the Christmas baby a whilst I say I wish I exposed my trolls I had doing
the same thing to me I definitely do it next time I get it again I think they
are dumb as suck lol they fake alright lol or whilst I say good you’re onto it
you taking copies of the comments they are screwed ami Brooks say hi tasty you’re eating
this same fish Todd the fish was in the refrigerator what difference do it make
how many times I eat something you aren’t eating it
you ain’t eating why worry about it you have to go in your stomach
hey that um caffeine Queen ain’t none over you’re
going to your stomach so why worry about it okay young let me read some more
comments if you I want me to reach our comments about the subject that we’re
gonna talk about every day y’all make sure y’all leave them comments this
person right here y’all I am not understanding your point I am giving
your definition of cloud taste this is exactly what you are doing sure I
already blocked this person earlier today while Styles say no uh Tamara said I
love the intro song of the ladies who were singing it needs to stay whilst I
say yes they two-faced and while I start saying you’re a funny lady you’re a
funny lady miss kitty say good morning and rude said morning tasty had fun in
your life last night so that is all the comments that
everybody left on a video today yeah remind me to read the comments every day okay let me see what somebody says
somebody just left a comment on the channel try they telling me how disappointed
they are in me child please who asked you take your disappointment about yourself
I’m we all are disappointment to somebody every single day of our lives
go work on your disappointments okay yeah let me see let me see what y’all
seen Oh whoo okay um KJ sees somebody say they love my laugh
and somebody left a comment on my video today told me to stop laughing like this they say they don’t like my life and I
see it who cares oh okay who cares the same people who
clown us would be the same people to clown us Alan say this channel is
negative wow thank you for letting me know
it is go see it bye let’s go say bye nice Chris and say okay peace out peace
up this is a negative channel girl bye Felicia bye Felicia
don’t let the doorknob hit you where the good Lord split you listen he’ll say
exactly oh nice dress and say lol Felicia anybody that don’t want to be
here and got to be here now 80 people in the house how many talking and ain’t
nobody got no handcuffs on them making them be here you can leave when you
rather leave you can stay if you want to stay you can remain
silent if you want to remain silent and you can talk if you want to talk this is
a life that you have chose to come to I did not make anybody come to this life
and if you don’t like what you see if it’s negative we I said negative hold on
young somehow to keep instagramming me teres what you don’t miss kitty got a
shade on it was gonna say true that miss tasty
Tamara say oh mercy Tracy is so crazy st. Nick’s lol okay yeah I got anything
so I’m through I’m cooking y’all for tonight on the comment I did beat him on
Instagram today she had a lot to say and she’s not taking responsibility for
anything that she did it she don’t feel like she did nothing wrong
she don’t feel like she owe me an apology
she say I ain’t worth it she said ain’t worth apology she sound too grown so I’m
like okay okay I’m not gonna say no names you’ll see
I’m probably not gonna do it tomorrow I’m gonna give it a couple of days
I’m putting another video out tomorrow I got to put another video below tomorrow
I don’t want child to get I don’t want y’all to think I’m slacking up off for
her but if you wanna know who I’m calling not tomorrow I mean who the next
person I’m calling out I’m gonna give you a clue you got to go look at my
videos and read the comments scroll down and come inside all of them
and you will find out who it is cuz I straightened them out in the comments whoa I straighten them out in the
comments so you won’t know who didn’t the next calling out video is gonna be
on that you like to go do your homework I fix I fix them out in the comments tempers say listening to you snap
crackle and pop yeah I straighten them out in the comments y’all didn’t tell me if the picture is
clear this way or yesterday Alisa Gale said clear both ways
some yeah I was saying I don’t know who was a saying yesterday they like it
better this way hey there my life my life my life my life okay which I want
to talk about now I’m I’m chillin oh yeah I’m cheer yeah
bail will you it yeah I got the cards right here but we didn’t really even
read our chords it been so long them let me ask y’all some questions what do
you enjoy eating what do you enjoy eating when you’re alone I don’t think
we ever asked this one what do you enjoy eating when you are a lone okay what do
you enjoy eating when you alone it was give us a fish my life say ice
cream Miss Kitty said ice cream I’m not gonna answer their question thank you
but it this isn’t a dating site who say something about a baby’s fight oh uh
Leanne say I was I used to eat a lot of candy but cannot anymore cuz of my
health I’m not stressing say Little Debbie devil food case I am disabled in
real life so my mom won’t let me have any sweets it’s good to stay away from
sweets or not to eat them they’re often tasty keeping it real so tasty I like your
videos I promise you be on point what you be saying you be having me laughing
I see it about time someone’s exposing some of these fake youtubers especially
be greedy be greedy be greedy then we say everything cooked us dress and say
because it’s only six in a box and I don’t have to share Oh so let me see if
I was alone where would I like to eat probably some nutty buddies nutty
buddies awesome crunching much having anybody a country much okay let’s
read another one which chores do you enjoy and which do you despise do you
have any choice that you enjoy any that you despise I don’t know y’all I kind of
like cleaning up because it gives me an adrenaline rush and when I start
cleaning up I usually like don’t stop to like two days later usually I’m usually
a clean and neat freak but right now I stress about it because I moved so much
out of my apartment to sell if the garage filled that is hard for me to
keep things organized so I just don’t stress about it right now this girl said I like doing my wash keeping it real say yes be loves is be
greedy be greedy be greedy was of my be greedy it was mine was my big DMV said I
enjoy cleaning you can’t say I despise doing the dishes gods let us say tasty I
wanted to ask you his TD jakes in Texas yes he is JC is laughing keeping it real
is laughing this kitty is laughing do y’all want me to do it again do y’all
want me to do it again I like washing clothes but I don’t like folding them
some I agree well my peepees yo I’m a hot mess and I know every time since I
got sick yeah y’all been making me lad okay let’s ask another question uh Erica
say honestly enjoy watching your live videos cuz I like
that you don’t worry about what people think about how you look I wish I could
have the courage to be like that tasty so thank you for the child you could
have the courage like that and keeping it real says OMG and I love that and I
love that a out you make that your own intro oMG I love and I love that a out
you make that your intro to I’m not understanding what you’re saying keep it
real ain’t bout to make no were son of my B Grebe’s my intro next question y’all what would you do if
you found out your big C we asked this one before what would you do if you
found out your best friend’s partner was cheating on her I’d be like boy you
already know when they’re gonna catch you
she is gonna do the Lorena Bobbitt I’ll give him something to talk about
I mean I love that I love I love that about you do we get the Greenes leftovers
these are greens let’s go say I will tell her listen girl say I would tell
her what if you found out that your best friend’s boyfriend is cheating on her boyfriend or husband samer say he wouldn’t do nothing to cook he wouldn’t do nothing till Christmas
cuz he’s trying to get his gift miss kids say I would make sure I speak make
sure I speak and say hello let them see you say hey okey-dokey smokey you next
question do you accept or disagree with women
traditional responsibilities do you accept or disagree with women’s
traditional responsibilities I accept with women’s traditional
responsibilities can I think women got certain things they need to be doing in
the house whether they working or not like it’s just expected for a woman to
be a super woman that’s just to be expected so regardless of whether you
work or not if there are things that are expected of you to do in your home you
expect it to be a super woman hey Nene Nene says she disagrees Tamra so you
disagree and you say put man in the kitchen Oh Lord Here Come Nene on he
needs a mouth it lets go say except a nice a DMV say except if infinite says
heck no what everyone does well is needed between whatever miss kitty say
call me it’s um a superwoman so that means she’s except
and stressin says except today we say already there blue can do it better than
you whatever you can already do it because you crazy enough to iron some
sheets we ain’t gonna iron no sheets we got to he don’t want to be honest some
sheets can I get a Amen ladies is Terrace the only person in this life
that irons sheets he better be it better not be two or Tammis in this life he may
be the only one in this life that iron some sheets me say blue Tim say uh I’m
yo damn she you should you you bet not out of my sheets I don’t want no iron
sheets damn D say tasty you know Terrace is more tips
Martha Sun your Terrace ain’t trying to beat Martha Stewart so he trying to get
song it’s right he he trying to be Martha Stewart stuff that is bull fight this is both pretty he trying to be all
so many trying to get some key to say what’s wrong with ironing sheets Martha
Stewart oh oh oh Jesus help us Lord
Oh Timmy say OMG he said lol oMG tasted we gonna fight ain’t about to fight you
I’m not getting in the ring with big booty Bertha to be bouncing me all
around you ain’t gonna be hitting me with y’all booty
you must be crazy go get me some whiplash hitting me with that booty oh
no baby I don’t know not today I know I know who to pick my battles with i’ma
fight you over the internet but we is not getting in the ring together you
like to use curtain eyes dark people with you like you like to fight with
cutting eyes Terrence no way stomach hurt y’all is crazy
Oh Oh me and my dude that’s W oh damn jeez we’re Terry’s got good taste mark
the stupid make a good one good please Martha Stewart gonna make a good uh what
some chicks people get after they die Social Security Jake woo infinity say I
want some of that chicken oh yes this is not no chicken this is some fish mr.
kitty say yes and she cooks well – tasty sake I mean Tammy said come on tasty
Nene say OMG who Lord okay y’all it’s enough for Terrance next question is
what was your biggest relationship disappointment Oh Lord
everybody answers this question but Terrence please this is not terraces counseling session
day I should put on the pier oh this is not tamás’s counseling session day we is
not trying to be here all night again the question is what was your biggest
relationship disappointment who Terrace just say pass hey what was your biggest
relationship disappointment Oh Lord I’m gonna let y’all answer that Indian imma
answer lanes cuz y’all ain’t ready for this y’all still
gonna be all night if I answer that question Nene say he did want to grow so
I don’t kiss he didn’t wanna gross let you dump this but DMV saying next
question Miss Kitty said leave my boy alone
he can’t believe he can play the game if he wants to know everything said nothin
y’all damn as they say it nothin uh if you say hi silly pass to giggle Adam say
tasty your channel is always making me hungry they say other tenma say that’s
the problem got a bunch of hot pockets in the world what’s the hot pocket Oh Erica say I am going to pay I never had
any relationships okay Erica okay y’all let me read the question again
it said what was your biggest relationship disappointment try my
biggest relationship disappoint them was being in the real shit next nits next
question who know if these questions these questions make you get depressed
cuz they make you start thinking about stuff which woman would you love to
dress up as a for a costume party which one would you love to dress up it as a
costume party so which woman would you like to be at a costume party I can’t
remember who I say the last time but I would probably try to be somebody
historical remember I think we said the last time what’s that lady that said on
the bus I can’t even remember her name the lady that said on the bus or I still
want to go see Harriet y’all or I would like to have been Harriet’s or somebody
they really made a difference in the world anybody that I would want to be it
seemed like I forgot they name a Tina Turner
I like Tina Turner I probably a Tina Turner and me and somebody else
historical let me see what y’all say Yolo
Tammy’s a Rosa Park yes Rosa Park Jessica Rabbit Jessica Rabbit Nene um tre uh yeah miss kitty said Tracee
Ellis Ross before cuz she says she kind of looked like her DMV say Rosa parts
nene leakes say or poison ivory Batman from Batman okay you guys forget you say
who you wanna be uh Terra’s who would you want to be I
already know Terris don’t want to be Martha Stewart or Betty White he all
what come as one of them we’re going to run away from your current life where
would you go if you were gonna run away from your current life where would you
go I go on the road on the road again I can’t wait to be on the road again I
wanna go on the road again I’m gonna roll again in their life that way I
could go anywhere I wanna go on the road again okay she’ll alone Tara say to Maine and live
in the forest Miss Kitty say to Hawaii DMV say in the backyard can be far from
my little woman’s you could take them with you you could say you could take
them with you girl you can go somewhere else other than where you hit Nene say
it early I’d go on the road again to feign life
so I can still go to multiple places and see different sights
I don’t want to be stuck to one place I won’t go in ooh I want to go in other
places somebody else say what kind of life would you like to live when you
reach your retirement age I’m already retired
well what kind of life would you like to do this is a redundant question for me
because I would like to do that in life and travel so when I reach retirement
age I wanna I want to travel I wanna travel yo let me call my brother let’s
see why he ain’t called me back okay but you say hey sis let me call you
back in about 20 minutes bye okay oh yeah do you remember that day September
do you remember this one is do you remember your first kiss do you remember
your first kiss I think I remember my first kiss y’all don’t wanna know I was
a little girl and me and his little boy he was right he was a redhead a little
boy with freckles he had freckles are here red hair and he
liked me I think his name was Robert I’m not sure but Robert liked me and we was
playing hide-and-go-seek one day and we was hiding from somebody else
and Robert pulled me under the porch and said come let’s hide up under here I was
like what and he pulled me under the porch and while we was watching the
people feet past my we was just laughing and giggling and Robert kissed me kissed
me I was a little girl I was like I’m so silly Oh Nene say oh under the east side
of New York in a lavish penthouse with an elevator on my front floor okay you
got big dreams you got big dreams Nene DMV is dancing
what’s your dance app or DMV cuz you could go anywhere you want to and take
your little babies with you okay where you got a wit yeah I’m bout
to go because y’all ya ain’t ain’t talking right let me finish eating my
greens for I go yo what happened well again went yeah well
lift same time what happened do you remember when the kitchen what to
the kitchen to get a snack it lives a girl say I’m here Tamara say I’m here
just sitting here in the corner I ask you how the question Yami hit a question
I face do you remember your first kiss do you remember your first kiss I just
told you I when my first kiss was I think that was my first kiss oh I just
told ya you didn’t like it you’re supposed to tell when your first
kiss was I vowed to never do it again you vowed never to kiss him here I’m
here trying to chase down this cricket that keeps choking wrecking my last
nerve it was a girl say I don’t remember Tamra said I was 11 did somebody kiss
you Terry or did you kiss him um Mimi’s a tasty is so funny why you
got the school up there Nene we kissed each other in the library
DMV say yes the dude grits thank yo how old were you Nene
do you remember your first kiss don’t be trying to get out of answering the
question don’t be trying dad answer the question that water went fast y’all I need some
more water hello Wanda DMV say 14 and he said yes
you’re supposed to elaborate Nene because you killed me with that one you
suppose elaborate I was 15 it was my first real kiss
Erica say cuz my mom and dad was always very protective of me and my sisters oh how old are you uh Erica nice dress and
say I was 17 and in the 12 grade girl you waited to swell great to have your
first kiss was good was good Oh know what I’m so crazy let’s meet another
question what’s the most bizarre place you ever made love what’s the most
bizarre place you ever made love yeah hold on yeah okay Erica I’ve been with my mom ever
since I was born girl ever depend on my own since she was born
wonder say I never ate fish like that had soul food though okay nice a New
Year’s Eve on the strip here in Vegas with my cousin friend doing the
countdown lol we snap out the house hahaha you didn’t kiss your own cousin
did you Nene did you kiss your own cousin kissing cousins in the house no that was not one to say car car wash
office let’s go say I had one meaning that say it was my cousin’s friend
oh yes Erica enjoy your mom I wish I could have stayed home and saved money
DMV says lien sorry to hear about your dad’s passing my mom passed last year I
miss her every day leave love and enjoy your mom
me and say thank you jazz oh we know you was a 1 I won me me okay yeah yeah
the answer this one person instant what was the what was the most bizarre place
you made love I’m gonna probably say in the shower I’m gonna probably say in the
shore that’s it that’s all Nene say that’s tame tasty it’s not
about where you did it it’s about how you did it little girl okay would you
return an item mistakingly put in your shopping bag would you
return the item that was put in your bag like say for instance the cashier didn’t
ring you up for something and when you got to the car or when you got home you
realize they didn’t charge you what you returned it okay true story I was with
somebody one day and we was at the store and the cashier rung us up but the price
didn’t seem right so he was walking out to the car and I’m like oh she forgot to
charge us with some stuff to the basket we had got some cases of water
she had forgot to charge us for the cases of water so I told my friend I’m
going back in the store and let the lady know she didn’t charge us for the water
man my friend said if you go back in this store you gonna be walking home my free salable you go back in that
store you gonna be walking home cuz imma leave you I couldn’t believe it y’all I
was like you really gonna stand on people water and heat on my we still in
net and they gave it to us I’m like wow so yes I would take some
big Oh jazz say in the point a mercy yes maybe say lol I like you all the time
say Oh boring Oh whoo time to talk about boring clock to me you listen gonna say
on the top yeah yeah Tommy I guess this can say I call oh yeah y’all y’all live
LOL oh she can’t talk about it on here y’all will get the video we’ll get the
video the video will be banned if she told us what she need Erika say Thank
You DMV Tara say in a heartbeat miss kitty I mean oh and it was a girl say
thanks Mimi and not stress and say on the balcony outside in the in the wood
in a daylight or a dork I hope it was dark love say hi welcome on the balcony
in the snow oh yeah was frozen yeah I was trying to
beat them in the movie frozen Miss Kitty say it’s free it’s kids time
by the street if they give it to English a girl say I would return it it’s about
being honest attendance a tasty and her boring missionary
our six it was a boring love say I love your hair thank you
DMV say return it and Miss Kitty is laughing at her boo can you start
calling him yo boo um next question what was your favorite year in school
what was your favorite year in school I think my favorite year in school was
like the seventh or eighth grade cuz I was just getting things together I was
just getting things together like I think it was like the seventh or the
eighth grade I was just realizing that I could do anything that I put my mind to
and I was just realizing that hard work pays off and I was just realizing that
you’re not going to be perfect at everything but you can be good at
everything some things you are going to be perfect yet some things you are gonna
be a genius at you might not be a genius at everything but if you want to become
better at everything you could become better at everything so I was just now
getting to the point where I was realizing that and then a royal got
snatched from under me Terrace a freshman year Erica saying my favorite
year was the last disc whoa she said Lance her favorite day was her favorite
year was the last day of school uh love say my senior year I was finding myself
and happy Nene say my entire high school years Alyssa can’t say I like the sixth
and seventh grade love say a man and kitty say junior year
and stress and say I say I don’t have one I hated school
oh well you shouldn’t say it like like a Erica the last day of school when she
graduated the last day of school was the best year of her life
hallelujah praise the Lord the next question is if you lived to be
a hundred I hope I don’t if you live to be a hundred would you rather have a
short mind or a fit batei I think I’m gonna have to go with
the short mind cuz if you don’t have a short mind you can’t do nothing with
that fit body I think I want to have a short mind y’all in a hundred oh you
better have a short minor you gonna be somebody gonna be taking advantage you
short my please Alex for 400 if you live to be a hundred would you rather have a
sharp mind or a fit by tape you’re gonna be running around here with a fit body
and acting quick is the best food nice dress and say lol love say oMG you are
so funny and terrace a short mine and E&V say
short mine bye they doing that anyway they doing that anyway short mind you
can buy the body you been doing that anyway a short mind
you know cuz a short mind cuz a few body don’t last forever and this kid to say a
short man miss damn he said it I have a short mind and you go Bob the buddy and
if you can’t buy your body you could buy somebody to be next to your body you y’all want me to say that again yeah
are they holding giddy yeah I want me to say that again yeah Oh slow up in here
you need me to repeat that you need me to repeat that okay let me see
Oh see who want me to repeat there no no let me see if I can remember what I just
say we miss DMVs laughing okay nobody say if they want me to repeat it so I
move on to the next question I’m a move on to the next question say are you a
Steel Magnolias I remember this question but I don’t remember yeah I was telling
me something about the movie steel magnolias I think all y’all say yes you
say are you a steel magnolias I’m gonna say yes because I think I remember all
y’all saying yes but I don’t really remember what steel Mac no you Eaton’s
because y’all said it was a movie but I think Ollie I’ll say yes before when I
asked this question or you a steel are you a steel magnolias
Nene Lee say with it you won’t have to get one minute explained to you because
they say it’s a movie I love that movie what is a steel magnolias hey pray for
me pray for me say great movie or are you a steel magnolias I don’t
know what it is let me see do they have a movie on YouTube you see G and in Oh am I yeah when was this movies some it got
one in 1989 is that it oh okay they got one still might know you
they got one uh recently that’s on lifetime
you see women have to watch their later yeah that’s the old one but they got a
recent one too with Queen Latifah and some more people in it
a woman with the strength of steel so DMV say it’s a woman with the strength
of steel that’s why I said yes because y’all can say yes before but it’s a more
recent movie out pray for me at a mistake that ain’t a good one
we need the old one oh you like the old one you liked the old one better
Terrence with all the old white ladies in it it’s one with the old white ladies
in it and in this one with black ladies in it okay Tam it’s like the one with
the white ladies in it we already know Tara’s like old white ladies you have
your Silicon Valley porn movie in my most southern boys Easter’s is laughing
Tampa’s left himself open for that we already know Tamra’s like all white
ladies what would you wear if you didn’t worry
about what people say it what would you wear if you didn’t worry about what
people say child I went with him I wanna wear now kid but no people say what
would you wear if you didn’t worry about what people say anything I want anything
cuz I ain’t worried now child I put on what I want Tami say I take I talk like them when I
am drunk Tamara say a minister we gotta be more
careful I told Terrance not to answer these
questions so many stuff I don’t want to have to picture I’m not gonna be able to
get that out my head Oh Oh Lord my brain is gonna be fried for about another week
trying to forget what I just mean I’m trying to forget what I just seen Oh
Lord I’ve seen a whole lot of booty and a whole lot that was too much Tim’s too
much you for me too much information Oh miss kita say nothing it only me say
that question is irrelevant for me what you mean is irrelevant
o-tama say I would be a whole thought oh no you already are thought whoo
stressing is laughing oh my goodness and mercy Lord we meet you right now Oh
terrorists these questions are not for you these questions are fun of people
who not trying to be the freakin weak you and Miss Kitty are not allowed to
answer these questions oh Jesus Oh will you tell the truth when
your children ask you about your past sexual experiences mmm
will you tell the truth for your children well my child is grown and if
he asked me by now he ain’t gonna ask me will you tell the truth your children
ask you about your past sexual experience oh my goodness okay what miss Gloria creeping back up
in here for Terry say well she will shoot Oh miss Gloria is laughing
Mimi said yes Terry says yes I will after they 21 uh here we can say well I
have no kids I don’t want any kids so I can’t answer that question and Miss
Kitty said yes okay yeah yeah McNeal and what would the perfect man
be like Thames do not answer this question don’t make me cock block you don’t make me block you boy do nah I
know it’s all right Tara’s not answered question don’t be tempted
what would the perfect man be like what what’s perfect me and be like no I can’t
answer that question cuz I already know it ain’t no perfect
even when you think you made the perfect man he ain’t gonna be perfect
so next no smash dress and say I’ll leave that information in my wheel
Ashima say it depends on a child’s age and what is going on in their life
Tara say something now see Nene say rich knows when I give me my space knows when
to give me my space and reach she wanted to be rich on the front end give her her
space and be rich on the back he in and Erica say someone who has morals Terrace
my waiting on you to answer I’m scared I am scared of terrorists as y’all made me
say doesn’t that sound like the perfect man who I know some rich means that are
ignorant and I wouldn’t touch him with a ten-foot pole
I don’t came in about they money hey Terrence I guess Tara’s new wanna answer
the question okay Tara’s you guys this question uh
would you get plastic surgery and what kind of ten ever say what do you want you could tell us what your perfect man
look like Oh Lord tarries ready for it I still got the picture in
my mind with you in the miniskirt we don’t under home that’s enough for the
night boy that is enough Tams you can’t pile too much up on this old
lady at one time you trying to give me a heart attack boy you don’t eat nothing
guys say hi sky a perfect man is one that doesn’t talk just smiles and no oh
no what no um this kid say a big old juicy booty scar
say yes I get breast reductions okay so I say is would you get plastic surgery
and what kind of parents answer the question animate I would get a breast
reduction also I would get like um I would be here the breast reduction and
lift and I would get I don’t know what they were called it I don’t even know if
they have a name for it but I will get cuz I don’t know I am a burden victim
survivor so I have burns on my body so I would have my burns removed and I don’t
know what they would call it so that’s what I would do 10 say I want a nose job
and a time extension why are you gonna miss your mouth foot you’re telling long
enough already Tara’s dead don’t even make sense a
tongue extension she would say I would used I used to be 600 over 600 pounds I
have lost over 300 pounds by myself and had 30 pounds of skin removed off my
stomach okay so what would your other surgery be
what would you if you had a plastic surgery what would you do
are you exhale weight loss goal now are you still trying to do some weight um
miss Gloria say Terrance is cray-cray Nina say oh wow and DMV say
congratulations Sheila yeah Terry’s crazy tell me he’d give a
tongue extension boy that don’t even exist share equality for
women should equality be woman’s highest aspiration Sheen equality be woman’s
highest aspiration I don’t think so I can be an aspiration but I don’t think
there ought to be her highest aspiration nini say keep going Sheila we are proud
of you Sheila like see us they still losing
more and I have had 15 pounds of skin removed off my inner thighs um raise eat
say congratulations Sheila Thank You NeNe Leakes Thank You Nene yeah we don’t
in this live at 12:00 midnight so we got a little under 20 minutes to go Terrence say yes Sheila honey that is a
blessing so proud of my dear so what is your like ideal weight loss goal Sheila
like what is your uh yeah I don’t know we’re gonna ask any more questions
tonight what is your ideal go you you got some more weight she trying to lose
or are you still doing it on your own or have you had any um surgeries to enhance
the weight loss yet it was Gayle say congratulations congratulations I miss kitty say that’s amazing that is
amazing you’re amazing after this live Affairs any videos that
you guys haven’t seen this week on the channel if you can go back and let those
videos run or play or whatever I would greatly appreciate it
uh and give this video if y’all want to go back and watch the replay on this one
give this video like 30 minutes before you watch it so I can add some ads in
there Sheila say yes I am doing it on my own girl you need to start motivating
people because a lot of people cannot do that like what is your secret what made
you decide to maybe we need to do a live one day with you Sheila and let you
unless address weight loss would you like to do that one day we could do a
live with you and let you address weight loss and what motivated you and and what
keeps you going and what’s inspiring you would you like to do that because I
think that could help some more people okay well child when you want to do it
cuz you got to tell me what date and what time you know I go live like in uh
like around between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. what day you want to do it cuz I think almost everybody here
probably has some weight they wanna lose I know and I need to start back you guys
doing my exercise and y’all remember when I was walking up the stairs every
night faithfully why did I stop do anybody know what made me stop walking
up my stairs but uh I need to start back walking in my stairs and exercise and cuz I always feel the greener way of
doing it I would have to let you know because all three of my children work
and I am the only driver in the home and my grandson goes to school so I will get
back with you on that okay Sheila Erica says I had to lose weight because of
health issues Tara say you hurt your calf you hurt your calves yeah but I
think we all had ups like some weight loss goals we some more than others
I probably would want to lose to begin with like 20 to 30 pounds or I hurt my
calf Terrance yeah I can’t remember why are you always trying to cook the
lives off cuz I have to go to bed that’s why I didn’t do nothing I was supposed
to do this weekend cuz y’all kept me up too long and I still got to go edit
videos I got work to do Terrence do more
questions please um the doctor told me you were
pre-diabetic Tammy say no no would we leave in there
twelve o’clock yeah okay Tammy say no Terrence don’t want us to leave
Terrence ain’t nobody okay more questions what’s the nicest compliment
you’ve ever gotten what’s the nice compliment I’ve ever done what is the
nicest compliment I don’t know I always got compliments on my complexion
I always got compliments on my eye color I always got a couple of minutes on my
nose I always got compliments on my lips so I
don’t know what the nicest compliment would be because I’m kind of used to
always getting compliment so I don’t know that like they just became normal
for me I guess let me see what the rest of y’all say um oh no I forgot to tell
Terrance not the answer this question Erica say so I had to lose weight cuz I
already have um asthma and other health problems
Tavis say your but don’t get out the bed in the a.m. I don’t be going to bed into
the a.m. Terri shit up when you supposed to harm I get up when I just be going to
be it shut up boy Tennessee that I make them feel comfortable and they have a
beautiful what a beautiful what whatever need me say someone once told me that I
reminded them of Blair whatever her name is
and my life was made lol girl I don’t even know who that person
is Tara say oh and people like my smell I wear philosophy amazing grace
and it makes them at ease philosophy amazing grace hey juicy okay yeah let’s
read another question from where is from where in the country do the sexes meet
the sexiest man come from where in the country do the sexiest man come I think
some people think Spain I think Terrence is gonna say Idaho I read no Tamra’s gonna say Alaska
I think people say Spain is where the sexiest man come from Spanglish Spain or
Italy Tara say North East Nene say New York definitely Miss Kitty gonna say Mississippi mi SS
is this IPP Tama say in the country or the world it says it says where in the
country does the sexiest man come from to me that’s period whatever period
where do the sexiest men come from I got the end of the video yeah but I mean
feel like doing it um what do you love most about your home the fact that it’s
a roof over my head that’s it cuz I wanna do man in life what do you like
most about your home I know miss kitty gonna say family space in our country
lol I say it it’s to me it’s just where are the 60s me in period I just answered
that question where are the 60s man period cuz in our country I don’t know
where the sexes me in our cuz I ain’t been aware and I didn’t even answer the
question from my perspective I answered it from where most people would say the
sexiest me and come from I’ve heard a lot of people say the sexiest me and
come from Spain and so I just answered the question in gym so rope don’t be
trying to chick me miss Nene miss Nene okay Mimi said he was time out in the
world it would be Italy and I like Italian man a lot
lol you too young to know what you like girl miss Gloria come get your bed out
come get your bed out miss Gloria she too young to know what she like Tom but
I like Italian me child you ain’t even live long enough they know what kind of
me and you like miss Gloria say what give me me miss Gloria she talked about
she liked him too Italian man she ain’t even been living long enough to know
what kind of me and she like Tamara said me to Nene that is that snatched Oh too
much information I didn’t even read in your commentaries
she was saying they were oh it basketball pork three months ago who’s
out at the basketball court three months ago y’all got two more minutes y’all better
spin out ten more minutes wisely five four three two wanna taste my plane
taste want bang tasty tasty tasty welcome back eats y’all
oh all the good-looking man was at the point three months ago hey Tamara girl
why are you coming in at the end I’m gonna call it a night
good night Erica we enjoyed you y’all make sure y’all had it notification bill
turned on and subscribe to the channel ya know i’ma go back live tomorrow
between the hours of 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. is usually between 89 be safe Erika Erika say thank you I
enjoyed you all – good night y’all Tamara say I just woke up I’m in South
Africa girl what you doing in South Africa oh yes
girl say night Erica miss Gloria say night Erica miss Sheila
say night Erica erica say good night all so what’s going on in South Africa
Tamara what is going on in South Africa yeah we’re gonna put the cards up we
don’t put the cards what is going on in South Africa what kind of just what’s
going on in general nothing I am going nothing is going on
here y’all need to come back to – what what Conda why you say we need to come
back I ain’t never been there why you say we need to come back girl
let me see how you won’t answer this question we need to come back to Wakanda Anini safe Wakanda forever hey there
Kristy I’m doing fine we getting rid of the in alive in about six minutes I
don’t know how long I’ve been on here miss kitty say what miss cutie what are
you talking about she said we need to come back to a condo forever I never
been to Wakanda what is Wakanda Oh Nene uh not Nene uh am i saying your
name right Tamara I got those brushes that you I just seen on your channel I
got those brushes I like those bushes but I want more good eye shadow brushes because this is Africa
yeah roots are here in Africa Wakanda is Africa China I don’t want to go back
though whoo I don’t want to go back though I’m good I’m good you don’t miss what you’ve never had
I’ll come visit but I ain’t trying to stay I’ll come visit but I ain’t trying
to stay honey child no man nene leakes a South Africa is the
only nice part of Africa I hear I first of all you say we need to come
back to Africa but I hear a lot of Africans be trying to come to America so
what’s up with that tomorrow a lot of Africans be trying to come to
America miss kitty say what turn there is a functional place in the moon a
fictional place in the movies in the Black Panther I think she’s saying it’s
a real place she’s saying it’s considered to be Africa just Africa
period ain’t going back to Africa yeah I don’t want me to talk about that
but I’m glad they took my black book from over there
oh please God forgive me something’s gonna take them and say whoa she she
happy that slavery no I’m just saying I’m continuing with it I don’t know what
I missed I ain’t here to be there my father’s and
four scores and seven years ago is the one that had to get beat I never have to
get beat so I don’t know what I missed and I ain’t trying to go back to Africa
I’ll go visit I think it’s a I think it’s a beautiful place to go visit blip
to stay forever and ever in area mm-hmm I try and do that yeah I seen some um some videos or some
beautiful places in Africa it’s kid got her eyes open well well yeah I want to
talk about that we leave in a tuile oh we got one more minute I’ve heard
Africans say before real African people from Africa I heard it with my own ears
they say there they don’t consider us Africans I heard African people say that
they don’t consider us afternoons they want us to take African out of our name
and not say that we’re African Americans they would rather for us to say we are
astral Americans and not African Americans now I’m just saying I heard
African people say that that they do not want to even share their heritage with
us because they consider themselves to be more educated than we are which is
I’m just saying if you be honest which is kind of true they are more educated
than us and they have more than we have concerning structure of family structure
of beliefs and structures of who they or and where they come from we all know
none of that we don’t know who we are where we came from and half of us don’t
even know what we going okay now this is 12 o’clock back I said a mouthful and
I’m back to get my butt up out of here oh they say we are dogs and we belong to
the white man they don’t even consider us a part of them I’ve heard them say
before tomorrow say African stole our people and go American stole our people
and go chai they steal everything from everybody that’s all they do that’s all
they do oh that was they mo um stress and say yes and they turn around
and look for a white man to marry yeah let’s not get into this conversation cuz
it sounds kind of racial to me and I’m not a racist and you have to keep in
mind that even though you’re black there are still black people that are racist I
don’t hate any race and if somebody wants to find a Caucasian or someone of
another race to marry that is their prerogative whatever floats your boat
and whatever makes you happy Tammis take my child
roots are from Africa maybe because y’all don’t wanna stand with African
people understand with African people I love all people I love all people Nene
but I am in Africa American and unfortunately this is just
if you want to have this conversation one day in a life we could set up where
the live would just be dedicated to a conversation like this let me know the
date and time that you would like to have a place in like this you could DM
me on Instagram and tasting my brain eats and I will dedicate the whole life
I’m telling you if y’all have any special topics that I want to talk about
I would Derek I don’t mind talking about serious stuff but it would be better to
dedicate the whole live to it so you could put it in a title you could use
the proper tags and more people would find that information but I am an
African American I do not have any ties instinctively to Africa so it’s nothing
that’s making me have a natural draw to Africa it’s not that I don’t like Africa
is that I don’t know anything about Africa so but if you want to have this
conversation I have dated African men before and they make mutton that want to
never date another man ever again in my life I have dated Africa me before and I
will never date another African Amin man and I’ve dated several African man in my
opinion in my opinion African man or bigger each word in America mean in
America mean are some big ages but in my opinion African man or bigger ages then
American mean and that’s just my experience that I’ve had with Africa
mean oh just DM me on uh on Instagram and let
me know today in a time that you would be available to have this conversation
and I will allow you to give your perspective okay
loose loose uh or whatever pray for me say I love that topic and
stress not stressing is laughing and Tamara say okay I will do mu but damn
when we had this conversation you’re gonna have to be ready for other
people’s perspective because most of us are Americans you can invite you know
other Africans to to the live to at the time but you have to respect our
opinions because most of us Americans and because we don’t know nothing about
Africa and we don’t have any ties to Africa it’s not like we’re drawn to
Africa I mean the same way some Africans feel about us is the same way we feel
about African because that is our roots but we don’t know about our roots our
roots were stolen from us our roots were stripped from us our tradition was
stripped from us and we were given a different set of traditions and we were
also given a different set of roots because once our roots were stolen from
that place and the other race begin to embrace breed with us as generations
past we lost who we were so the newer
generations now don’t even know anything about Africa and who we were that what
it wasn’t it wasn’t a tradition that was continually taught to us throughout the
generations pray for me say I’m about to go go go go
– and we’ll about to get out the – okay Tamara thanks for joining me I know it’s
late with you it’s part of why you came up here late but my lives are usually
from like 8:00 p.m. to around 10:00 p.m. is when I thought one and I try to get
off of here by 12 o’clock the time I’ll be getting out for here – like 1 & 2 & 3
in them so everybody I want to thank y’all for joining me today I love all of
y’all I appreciate y’all thank you for talking to tasty must bein tasty more
bang bang bang tasty great eats y’all I love y’all and
I will see y’all tomorrow hopefully if I go edit this video right
now we don’t have a video coming out at 6:00 in the morning if not it’s gonna be
late and y’all know I will be back live tomorrow evening between the hours of
8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. set your notification bail subscribe to
the channel leave lots of comments on the video in the morning so that way
when I come to the live I can reach your comments and alive and give you a shout
out and if you haven’t watched some of the videos from today go back and watch
those videos Nene say good night stress and say good night good night miss kitty
good night Terrence good night Alyssa good night miss Gloria good night bail
she sleep um good night miss Miller and who else tonight Tamara and I love
y’all and imma talk to you later bye now thanks for watching

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