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TASTY TUNA FISH SANDWICH  – A Busy Dad Hack to Making a Quick Tuna Fish Sandwich | Over 40 Busy Dad

TASTY TUNA FISH SANDWICH – A Busy Dad Hack to Making a Quick Tuna Fish Sandwich | Over 40 Busy Dad

It’s lunchtime and as a busy dad
sometimes I don’t have the time that I want to spend to make long healthy meals. So I’m going to make a short quick one. Today using a can of tuna,
high in protein, I’m going put some other ingredients with it. I’m going to show
you exactly what I’m going to do with my lunch. I’m going to open up this can of tuna
I always wipe the top off. Cause you never know in a grocery store what’s on top
of it And I’m sure my shirt probably is not the cleanest but you know. This is a tool I love using it’s one of those can openers but
it actually won’t cut in the lid but it actually cuts around the lid and you can
pull that right off. What it does is it helps prevent any slicing of fingers the
old styling that I used to have always made sharp edges inside and then I would have to try to take that lid off from the inside plucking with the with a fork
or a spoon and that was just a pain in the butt. So this way easier. There we go, clamp and voila you pull the lid right off. I’m going to drain this extra
water I’ll be right back. The tuna is drained, I’m not sure why I have lid with
me but, an easy way I can put this in a bowl mix it all up but I’m busy and I don’t have that kind of time and plus I don’t want to and it’s this extra cleanup. so me, I just
throw it into a container or I can easily dump all the tuna. I wish the
container is a little bit bigger because as I’m gonna be stirring in my mayo, it
does help with a larger container but as I mentioned sometimes I don’t have the
time I don’t feel like doing extra cleanup so this is how I get around it.
Add some mayo this is olive oil mayonnaise I’ve also had an avocado
mayonnaise before and that tasted pretty decent too so just add whatever you like
to your own tuna. I also love adding in a little bit of paprika. Some people might
find it weird but hey, it’s just what I like and some cracked pepper. I’m going to stir that around. I like it usually a little creamier so i’m going to squirt in some more mayo, there you go. And one of my last secret ingredients is pickles. So
I’m going to chop those up. I need to get a fork. Here we go, I guess I could use a
cutting board but I said I don’t feel like doing extra cleanup, kind of lazy
right now. So grab a bunch of pickles out. I don’t know if you ever put pickles with
tuna but if you have let me know how you like it. Some people find it, I think I
don’t know anybody who has said it was okay it’s easier yes I love it or no
it tastes weird. Just quickly slices on the plate that I
have Slice it up any way that you
want right if you want them to be finer great, right now it’s kind of chunky I’ve
got this little mini bagette here that I’m gonna put on cuz I’m not looking to have
a huge meal during lunch today but I think that will do. Sometimes I might add
a slice of cheese in between. And people say yes cheese and fish doesn’t go but hey, have you ever heard a tuna melt? There you go. I’ve got an avocado it’s finally ripe, place that in between they’re using the same knife, slice, twist, BAM! Looks pretty good today I don’t know if
you guys know how to slice up avocados or not but very easy. Don’t know if you”ve ever taken out the seed before. A quick little poke make sure when you’re doing this
don’t stab, don’t jam this knife right through there because I’ve done that
before and it’s actually slipped off the seed and went through the other side of
the avocados through the skin right into my palm so it wasn’t a great feeling.
Just a little tid bit. Do it slow especially working with sharp objects.
Now just a little slice and slicing under just kind of lifting
it underneath between the skin, open up my bread, oh there’s a little bit of
pickle juice so I might as well use the bread soak that up for extra flavour.
There we go. Here is my extra fat, high fiber, omega-3 There we go. Throw a chunk of tuna on top. There you have it, a quick little mini
bite-size tuna fish sandwich with pickles, paprika, and avocado.

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  1. What do you add into your tuna fish sandwich? Or if tuna isn't one of your go to's, what's your favourite type of sandwich?

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