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Tea Party + Getting Sick + Cabeza Tacos // Family Vlogs from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Tea Party + Getting Sick + Cabeza Tacos // Family Vlogs from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

there’s an art studio upstairs so we’re
gonna go check it out, this place is so pretty! I seem to have caught Jesse’s plague…
it’s kind of like the Whole Foods of San Miguel… so this is my first cabeza taco Harper and I are going to a cafe to have
a tea party this morning there’s an art studio upstairs, so we’re going to go check it out. This place is so pretty! Harper singing: when I get the steam ready, listen to me shout! Tip me over and pour me out! hey guys. so I seemed to have caught
Jesse’s plague. fun times. I’m laying here reading stuff on my phone and came
across this article that I thought was hilarious and sad and kind of just goes
right along with what we were talking about earlier about people in the US being
super uptight. Okay so an off-duty Jacksonville Burger King worker who
prepped food has been fired… basically what happened is there was an off-duty
employee in the slow line and at some point she got out of the line went back
into the kitchen and made her own order and people were scandalized and took
pictures. It should be noted that she was wearing gloves and she was preparing her
own food but since then not only has she been fired but the manager of the Burger
King has been fired as well and one of the customers said, “No you’re not about to fix my food! You’re not in uniform.” Just like I get that’s not company policy I get
that’s against the rules but I also get that she was hurting exactly nobody
and I don’t know I mean again I am NOT an expert on Mexico, I just got here,
I just feel like people here have a better sense for what is important and
what is worth getting really upset about and what is just like… you know did that
really ruin your day to see someone go behind the counter when she wasn’t in
uniform? Like is that really the worst thing that could happen to you? Is that
really the worst thing that happened to you that day? Did there really need to be
a news story about it? Did she need to get fired? Did the manager need to get
fired? I don’t know. Anyway I’m just laying here pondering things and staring
up at the ceiling and guys check the ceiling out… also you know we’re sick and
you know family members are sending us articles about you know properly washing
fruits and vegetables in Mexico and all that stuff, which we are doing, but it
strikes me as… when you make a move like this everything that then happens
to you in that place is somehow connected to that place. You know I mean
we’ve had stomach bugs before. We have a toddler… children are germ magnets
and the one thing they share really well is their germs. We got several really
really bad stomach viruses in Charlotte I actually ended up in the hospital for
one of them. That was fun $3,000 with insurance… I paid that for
like a year. But you know in in those cases like people just look at it and
say oh bad luck sorry about that but I feel like coming to Mexico people
are just a lot quicker to assume that it’s somehow connected to Mexico. It’s also
different when you get sick in a foreign country because then you have to wonder
like Oh what is this is this what do I do blah blah blah, whereas when you get sick back at home you’re like okay I’m sick let’s
treat these symptoms and I know if I get to this point I’ll go to the doctor… it’s
just, it’s familiar. getting sick is no fun anywhere but when you’re in your
home country I feel like you have a better sense of what to do whereas in
another country you’re just, you’re not sure about
anything. Anyway those are just my musings and ramblings as I lay here and
look at this gorgeous beautiful domed brick ceiling. why does every house in
the world not have one of these ceilings that is what I really want to know I am, um, getting better and we ventured out to Mercado Sano. I was telling Jesse it’s kind of like the Whole Foods of San Miguel we’re back from Mercado Sano. It’s such a cool place, it’s also quite pricey but they’ve got really neat stuff there. I’m sitting
here drinking ginger kombucha, it’s so good it is strong, this stuff is good I think this stuff will get me um in
tip-top shape in no time. I was just craving something really nutrient dense
and I just wanted something really fresh and Harper had a delicious smoothie with
coconut milk and avocado and cacao vanilla, dates and almond butter. and I
had the last of hers after she was done and it was really good. We are not
getting much into much I think we’re just kind of passing around the same
virus a little bit, hopefully we’ll be all better soon. I think we’re close to
being on the mend I’m gonna go finish this kombucha and
rest. Look at all the ginger! all right, so this is lunch. I have two beef
tacos and one taco de cabeza. We always order the steak tacos because we know
how to say that and there’s not exactly like a printed menu at our favorite taco
stand so we just end up getting the same thing because we don’t know exactly what
else to order but today while I was standing waiting to order I saw other
people ordering and I saw him lift up a big plastic bag and under was some meat
and a big skull and I remember seeing that at the barbacoa place and that meat
was delicious so I was like okay well maybe skull equals yummy so I asked him what it was and he said cabeza so I ordered a cabeza taco and I know that
means head. He also told me what animal it was but I didn’t catch that. I’m
guessing it was either a pig a sheep or a goat. Certainly wasn’t a cow because
the skull was too small. So this is my first cabeza taco it tastes like pork. It’s really tender
and flavorful and juicy mmm… I noticed a bunch of people ordering this as I stood
there um and now I see why. Like I’m definitely getting this again, amazing.
mm-hmm Cabeza! okay last time I ate the peppers from this salsa and that was a bad move
but I am determined to increase my spice tolerance, so this time I’m gonna try
just putting like the onions and cucumbers that were in with the peppers
but not the actual peppers and see if that works out better for me they were definitely sitting next to the
peppers… I’m worried but… okay it’s still really really spicy
but no searing pain So that’s a good thing

66 comments on “Tea Party + Getting Sick + Cabeza Tacos // Family Vlogs from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

  1. I guess that as the meme "first world problems", when you don't have to worry (that much) for poor people, social injustice, etc. You can worry of the less important things, the name of the game is "complain about stuff", cheers from Leon, Guanajuato

  2. I lived in Madrid 2 years and everybody asked me about life here in Mexico, I will make videos of Mexico from a Mexican perspective jejebeje you inspired me

  3. A lot of fruit is shipped in from Mexico to US and we don’t get sick. You are brave. I’m afraid to eat a head taco.

  4. In the rainy season from June to September people que sick often💩. It's carried(whatever causes💩) by the wind and less by water or food as believed. So don't leave food uncover.

  5. I really love your videos, the way you eat it makes me hungry. I live in Las Vegas and I have to say that I got food poisoning maybe 5 times.

  6. I hope you don’t start just dogging the US.
    IMO, if that story was accurate, the employee had made a commitment to follow the rules such as wearing a uniform, etc. in exchange for a certain hourly pay. It sounds like she broke her word. People don’t always take their contracts with others seriously because we can’t just decide when to honor them or not. A deal is a deal!!
    As far as it becoming a news article…that would be on the reporter or the media source who has apparently gauged that their readers want this type of ‘news.’ You read it! And passed it along!! so I’d say that are accurately assessing their readers, right? Xojennyinseattle

  7. Habanero is a very spicy pepper, maybe just try the green salsa for now and slowly increase the amount every time.

  8. Every year in Mexico, in summer time, we have many people who is sick for stomachache, you have to go to the "Centro de Salud" and ask for "vida suero oral" and when you are sick you take this medicine, this "vida suero oral" is free and it is recomended that every one have to take in home, this is not medicine, it help's you to keep the water and the electrolits in your organism. And if you are sick again in "Centro de Salud" can give medical attention and medicine, or they can order you medical studies.

  9. The way you portrait it, My guess is that you will miss Mexico very much when you go out to “otros rumbos”…
    And you haven’t discovered Carlos Castaneda’s books…yet!

  10. Yup. Eating. To much meat . Is not good. Is not. The problem Mexican food I’m not vegan. But. Meet is bad. , unhealthy. For the body,

  11. Generally speaking people in Mexico are not paranoid over meaningless bullshit, it's more of a live and let live sort of attitude, in comparison in the States people tend to be the opposite, nosey and complaitful over anything, just saying…………………

  12. I got the same stomach bug when I first moved to Mexico, it seems that your stomach needs time to adjust to the food. It's been over a year now and I don't get sick anymore. Some rest and hydration seems to do the trick when I get sick. Also I totally agree about how ridiculous it was for two people to lose their job over something so ridiculous. People are definitely way to uptight in the US. What possible harm was done to anyone by someone cooking out of uniform besides the harm that was done to hose poor people who are out of job and now have to worry about how they are going to feed their families.

  13. Hi Erin, I don't know the kind of virus you've gotten, but going to the doctor in México is really cheap and there are many pharmacies through all the country that have a doctor (all of them very profesional people) you can consult. If you keep feeling sick it might be a good idea to go there. I imagine you have a medical insurance, but I think that would be much more expensive. Hope you get well soon.

  14. One more thing, in México we have a phrase that says that if a child is noisy it's because he or she is a healthy kid that's why we like noisy and active children. It's so sad to see quiet children when they are supossed to be playing and enjoying life. This comment is because in a previous video you mentioned that somebody didn't your child's playing.

  15. I just returned back to chicago from Dolores Hidalgo Guanajuato. U should check it out. Not to far from San miguel. I would also love to leave usa. And move to mex. Wat do u do for work and money. How are your kids going To school.

  16. Tacos de cabeza, no cabeza tacos, those are really good tacos. You are going to be Mexican very soon if you continue eating hot stuff.

  17. Erin you can go to the "Centro de Salud" and join the "popular insurance" there you can have medical consultation and it is possible to provide medicine, this insurance is completely free, an inconvenience that you may have is that many people are affiliated with this insurance. Another option you have is to join the voluntary scheme at the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) there they can give you more information to join you, you can investigate if the affiliation is family, there you will have family medical care and the doctor can channel you with specialists, also there they carry out studies and clinical analyzes and they also provide you with medication, this type of insurance comes at a cost and I think it is an annual fee, you have to investigate all the information in the Institute.

  18. Buon Forno Cafe,….loved seeing the pastries there, cinnamon rolls and danish, its so hard to find a yummy cinnamon roll here, maybe at this place there's TOPS! Ah Mercado Sano the whole foods of SMA,…i think back in 2015 the Antea Shopping Mall was inaugurated and I barely went there this past month(july), the whole foods here is City Market La Comer and it too is a bit pricey, but ya I heard in the States there are fresh peanut butter dispensing machines, but at 38.90 per 100 grams, probably a bit pricey huh? I also found rhubarb, as spindly and meager as it looked the price was anything but meager, the kilo priced at 170 pesos. Sorry to hear about your catching Jesse's virus but glad to hear you were better, ready for theTaco de Cabeza! Oh, btw that kind of brick roof is called 'boveda catalana'. Hope ya guys have a great weekend Erin! 🙂

  19. The food in streets and markets is delicious, but sometimes it is excessive in fat and causes stomach infections…it is best to combine it with fruits, vegetables and plenty water or juice.
    From family "Tacos de cabeza", I recommend you especially "de lengua" … they will be a delicacy …It's sure !!!
    Hugs from México City.

  20. istafiate tea or infusion not a cure just a remedy, try to avoid uncooked salsas, treda is good, drink water with little salt. (all these if related to stomach aches) saludos y que se mejoren !

  21. Nice boveda at your room.
    Now you are getting into the real Mexican stuff , tacos de cabeza when properly made are awesome. You might want to taste also some tacos de tripa, make sure you put enough lemon all over them. Try them well done. I will recommend to have them with some tamarindo, horchata or jamaica water or some dark Mexican beer.
    One more recommendation, we have a national recipe called “Chiles en nogada”; season is about to end, look for them on a restaurant you will likely love them.
    Great attitude, great videos, wish you the best on your next stop in San Miguel.

  22. try the salsa verde on your tacos and litlle by little till you et used to It. each place has their own spice level. Even the same place might have a stronger salsa because sometimes the chile is just stronger that day

  23. Hello new followers. Are you planning for your kids to go to school in Mexico? By the way you're so pretty..Vien benida a Mexico amiga. I just like seeing videos of American people moving to Mexico

  24. Oh girl …eating cabeza tacos is a little bit heavy on grease…Im mexican but not because of that I eat tacos de cabeza. …they are very tasty but heavy…

  25. believe it or not tacos de cabeza means… brains tissue so basically is brain's tissue boiled and fried with spices like black pepper salt and other admixtures. so delicious.

  26. Here's a list of tacos you can order Erin:
    1. Asada (assaduh)
    2. Chorizo (showreezo)
    3. Cabeza (cabehzuh)
    4. Lengua (lenghwah)
    5. Carnitas (carneetuhs)
    6. Al Pastor
    7. Scecina (seseenuh)
    8. Lomo encebollado

    Just to name a few guera, good luck i hope you try some of them!!

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