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Teens Roast BuzzFeeders’ Instagrams

Teens Roast BuzzFeeders’ Instagrams

he dragged me and said nothing wow they’re going in-depth I don’t think that teams know more about social media that idea my god hi I’m Victoria Elizabeth oh I’m ready today we are going to be roasting some buzz feeders instagrams I don’t know I’m nervous about this it’s good kids say exactly what baby is on their minds I’ll say what you want to bei give me tips bless me I like it first impressions I did a drag video and I was supposed to glue down my eyebrows that is not my normal look okay there could be a feed she see she up he’s like the first two pictures she has are like they have blue in it so like she could start a blue fee so she’s posting about that she’s also posting about things outside of like work but she seems very confident she posts regularly like oh boy they said I post so much doesn’t lie cuz I think the last time I post it was like two weeks ago okay so I used to be told that I have to post once every day so now I post like once I’d be like three days but posting twice in one day is ridiculous I say about once a week don’t do it so much where it’s like tiny little dots this was refreshing cuz I was really afraid that they were gonna go in there and be like yes pink shirt and my picture young man picture but they liked it apparently I need to start like a blue theme I’m down for it yeah they’re looking at mine I was not nervous actually seems pretty hilarious I only got a song on but it’s like funny I feel like if she’s just like a very comedic so did he move this couch into the street or you did you see him random cow Moo this Trina say let me flick up on his couch I didn’t I did not move that couch into my street it was there which is embarrassing because and now I realized from an outsider’s perspective that it probably looks like I was it absorbed in him out of it at first what I did I mean am i but like I didn’t do and so I see that he works for BuzzFeed he’s going to post a picture of him dancing this is drink responsibly rose day all day so is he drinking on the job oh wow I like his I like his aesthetic though for Instagram he has a good ratio followers to follow me it looks better if you’re following less like a lot less people than P wonderfully good team’s thing my name is cool that’s fun I guess I don’t know that cool god I’m just I’m laying I’m not that I’m I’m gonna go but first impressions she seems very silly and like really good to hang out with she post a lot a lot of goofy pictures I saw the Yoshi stucked care corn up her nose and carrot corns nasty do you eat candy corn oh yeah candy corn care cause I’m sure she has a highlight called bugs of bugs in her house oh oh that’s so scary oh my gosh wait yeah and she puts soap in her twin so I don’t know what she needs a plumber exterminator she needs a lot of things she put her feet on the wiki feed I did not put my feet on wiki feet I just want to make that clear I wound up on wiki feet and that’s the whole story I just think she’s pretty funny I’m not gonna say like post more serious pictures was that not that’s not who she is I’m still scrolling and doesn’t stop the quality has gotten better the scrolling still doesn’t stop well maybe it’s because she’s had she’s had it for a long time but she doesn’t pose every day she’s had her proboscis 2011 just clean it up a little be not delete some metal pics um I think they mailed that I’m silly I disagree that he thinks I pose too much it’s my personal content creator strategy and I’m sticking by it I’m standing by it I’m just gonna keep doing I’m doing this is fun no thanks for your thoughts kids I’m kind of nervous because my Instagram is like not meant for teens I feel like oh and they’re judging you’ll see her whole Instagram is like the whole is like her eating this is a huge taco Oh oh my gosh what the heck see like Instagram oh yes real cool person yeah really cool kind of like really fun to hang out with yeah because she doesn’t care about how she looks in his post on her vine yeah she’s like very non-judgmental where he’s all right I really don’t care about how I look I just make it about the food they get me some better food choices I see a lot I don’t see too many vegetables here I mean just likes what’s about it yeah food is like nasty sometimes and like trashy and like that’s me so I want to portray food as it is in my world to expect your thoughts strange mustache haha very first five rows of posts no because I don’t know it’s just cut I mean I guess I’d like she’d like a look at like the captions but they’re kind of like meaningless you had this whole thing like right here this whole section words like really aesthetic and then egg went away that’s true I had like a solid aesthetic going and I kind of just messed it all up he said I went and got myself stuck another picture folks please sing butter and a spare key hashtag healthy like the pictures could be better like he’s fun to be around with though yeah have a good time yeah oh my gosh oh there’s this highly Colombian rumba and at the very last part this this story that says OMG you guys call the cops somebody you got a lot of explaining to do rumba rumba what is that a night a lot of free time it was I mostly got roasted which is fine I was kind of expecting that my Instagram is a bit all over the place and maybe this is a bit of inspiration kicking the pants to get me back on my Instagram try to impress the teens that’s the goal no take a joke I got coming back son okay so he’s their father very good he’s a funny dude that little video talking about my weed beer but it looks like he travels he takes good quality pictures he’s theirs I’ve always been the same like feed aesthetic thing and like looks the same if you want to follow how to set up a profile look at this man right here never go around for verification the blue shake he post a little bit too much stuff lately also is promoting his business yes I am pretty cool yeah they know what I’m doing you know the understand the business side of it you can relay the message on to the person but don’t keep on sinning and keep on posting a delete post delete post because people’s gonna get irritated he post things but he doesn’t post anything wild post everything that it really stands out to me is a no-no everything seems pretty cool yeah they’ve been too nice maybe we are come on yeah break out the guns y’all at least say yo mama joke remember those the candy corn I can’t no candy corn please now that I’ve just gone and dissected people’s instagrams I realized how I want my Instagram to me more people understand who you are when they look at your Instagram [Music] you [Music]

100 comments on “Teens Roast BuzzFeeders’ Instagrams

  1. they were actually pretty nice!! it made me feel happy that they mentioned color scheme cos i feel like people don't notice that in my feed LOL so im just… gonna follow more teens yes

  2. what what, this isn't a " roast" teens already have big egos why dose the media constantly tell everyone that teens are tech geniuses where did that idea come from? they don't know any more than the next person. all teens walk around " I'm too cool for school, eew look at that 24 yr old who is a tech junky, he/she is so lame, tech is so 2000's." tech is a part of everyones life, my mom can post on instagram. " oh big shocker…"

  3. I’m kinda annoyed that they basically only looked at the picture but didn’t bother to read what was written below the picture and the dates of when the posts were made.

  4. Y'all please hit me up and I'll actually roast people and I'm not gonna hold nuh'n back frfr reply and I'll send you my agents contact info

  5. I thought this was gonna be a good roast and then I was reminded that it was posted from buzzfeed and they wouldn't want to actually roast themselves💀💀💀

  6. Honestly the people who post things that keep it real like the girl at 4:30 ish and ppl like emma chamberlain. A nice photo then a silly face or something

  7. They givin all these tips but its like??? Yalls ig aint even poppin off enough for you to even be givin tips in the first place?

  8. If someone is posting more than once a day they getting muted for me. I don't need your pics cluttering up my feed

  9. 6:54 "it all looks the same" it's a goal to be the same when following a certain color pallet, having a specific look to it, and trying to put out a clean image

  10. Those teens are the EXACT reason why i don’t have Instagram. It’s sad how much thought they are putting into it.

  11. People care about social media way too much. Like, it doesn't even matter. I loathe this whole social media culture we have today.

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