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Telomeres and Aging | Isagenix

Telomeres and Aging | Isagenix

>>Recently we have discovered that the science of human aging is really pretty simple.
0:07 We age because our cells divide and our telomeres
get shorter. 0:11
What’s a telomere? 0:13
Well, to answer that, let’s zoom into a human’s 100 trillion cells.
0:18 Every cell contains a nucleus with genes and
chromosomes. 0:21
If you zoom in further, you see that the chromosomes are made up of DNA molecules
0:26 that are 100 million bases long, coiled up
like a slinky. 0:30
There are long, repetitive sequences of DNA at the end of each of our chromosomes.
0:35 These sequences are called telomeres.
0:38 When a cell divides, the genetic material
inside that cell needs to be copied. 0:43
This is called DNA replication. 0:46
During this process, enzymes that replicate a strand of DNA
0:50 are unable to continue replicating all the
way to the end, which causes the loss of some DNA.
0:56 In the ends, if you remember, are where the
telomeres are. 0:59
At birth we have about 10,000 bases, but as we age
1:02 and our cells divide again and again, we lose
those bases. 1:06
And at 5,000 bases we begin to die of old age.
1:11 As telomeres get shorter, humans begin to
experience the general effects of aging, 1:15
loss of muscle, failing memory, poor eyesight, lack of energy, and slower recovery after
exercise. 1:23
The bottom line is this, when cells divide, telomeres shorten
1:29 and bad things happen when telomeres get short.
1:34 Research we completed in 1997 established
that humans also have an enzyme, called telomerase. 1:41
They can lengthen telomeres. 1:43
This research was so significant that in 2009 it was awarded the Nobel Prize in physiology
or medicine. 1:51
I lead a team of scientists pursuing this line of research
1:55 and we are virtually the only scientists pursuing
it. 1:59
Our recent collaboration with John Anderson’s 30 years of formulating experience
2:05 is yielding results beyond anything we have
ever experienced. 2:09
It won’t be surprising to see many companies trying to enter this phase
2:12 and begin marketing products how to support
telomeres. 2:16
But I know from my research, not all telomere products are the same.
2:21 One company is leading the way with a complete
system 2:24
that not only addresses the causes of aging, 2:28
but also provides a credible product system to effectively support healthy telomeres.
2:34 This remarkable research may one day reveal
the secret of living a longer, healthier life. 2:40
I am grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to share it with you.
2:45 Narrator: Contact the person who shared this
video with you. 2:49
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16 comments on “Telomeres and Aging | Isagenix

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  2. Hahahahahahaha. Pseudo-science. Telomeres are proven to be LINKED to the aging process. There is NO evidence whatsoever that the loss of telomeres CAUSE aging. Loss of telomeres may simply be a byproduct of aging. Aging is possibly the most difficult problem to resolve because it is a built-in process essential to maturation and reproduction. And even if (IF) telomere loss causes aging, there is no proof that reversing this loss will keep us alive. Finally, there is NO WAY IN HELL that this snake oil company came up with a way to grow people's telomeres back with simple supplements! MY GOD, people actually fall for this nonsense?! To say that "science of human aging is really pretty simple," you are pretty much announcing yourself as a charlatan that no one in the legitimate scientific community would give an ounce of credit to.

  3. I look way younger and I have personally been on them a year. I do not know how to post my photo or I would show you

  4. lol. not true. lots of scientists are researching this, around the world – even russia, and google. there will be a breakthrough along these lines at some stage, maybe within 30 years or so, but we need to have a cure for cancer to overcome side effects. so far, there is no product proven to work. that's why they have to sell products as "health supplements" instead of "medicines".

  5. increasing cell life increases incidence of cancer – but, they are making rapid progress on curing cancer, too. the incidence of deaths by cancer has dropped by 25% since 1991. with both lines of scientific research, it looks likely humans will soon be capable of living forever without aging past prime.

  6. I was hoping to learn more about telomeres but then this is just another marketing video promoting their product 😂😂

  7. I'd like to see gene therapy involved in this, can they replace a faulty gene by loading the body with a bag full of cells that have both unfaulty telemeres, (say either clones of good ones you have replicated), and the replication centers, (mitocondria) i believe they are called perhaps the body would just adjust and the faulty gene would prevail, then the mitochondria,(the factories that make the cells) where are they made? Could these centers be replaced or reprogrammed?

  8. Lol they conveniently left out that reinstating telomeres or trying to play around with it GREATLY, GREATLY increases chances of cancer…seriously, don't believe this Isagenix stuff, and search up telomeres and cancer instead

  9. If telomeres enzyme will decrease then how the new genetic material will form and how the dna will replicate

  10. I laughed so hard at this trash. There are so many different theories for aging and this guy makes it seem like it's the simplest thing in the world. ''CeLl DIViDes So SHorTEr TeLOmEresSssS wE CrACKed ThE CoDEeE''

  11. I would like to know if Telemeres also shorten in Reproductive cells. Surely if they did, it would only take a handful of generations before the chromosomes would completely deteriorate or am I missing something?

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