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Tench Fishing | Suutariongella

Tench Fishing | Suutariongella

approximately 100 years ago, a new delicious fish was found in marketplaces To keep mysterious fish fresh as possible, markets sold it alive And that made transplantation possible in southern Finland Soon this fish started to spread successfully in eutrophicated waters This mysterious fish was named “Suutari” (Tench) Tench isn’t very respected fish on the menu anymore But the respect among anglers, is rising every day For years, we have been fishing tench, without great results Still, we found ourselves on the fishing bank once again this year This year we really wanted to succeed That means lots of work before fishing Pre baiting, feeding and raking the botto – those are the keys for success Soon we saw first bubbles on the spot That gave us more hope, and we tried even harder It didn’t take too long to see wide smiles on our faces Next, we wanted to test our skills with a new lake.. Here we are! Looking good Let’s think about the tactic. There’s a good looking spot Water lilys are creating “holes” which can be good fishing spots Maybe there’s one more spot, or is it too shallow? There’s at least 2 good spots, and maybe that third. Im pretty sure there are some tench here In my opinion we target one spot, and do it well Pre baiting wasn’t that huge, so I think we shouldn’t spread out too much New place has the unique feeling The plan is fishing with “method feeders” And what’s the great thing about method feeders Is that with feeders you can put ground bait with your main bait And that’s even more attractive for the fish, when there’s ground bait, and on top of that a corn So you get more “runs” with this method Another good reason to use method feeders is that Your bait is always visible In Finland, most of the lakes are very “dirty”, lots of stuff on the bottom So you easily misplace your bait with traditional methods. You cannot be sure if that bait is fishing for you or not YEA! That was a good run! Surprise Pauli the tench king got the first one Got stuck? – Yea. Not anymore! This is so cool. It could be a big one. Run was so powerful strong head shakes It’s a calm dude WOOOOH! That was a nice fight First tench for me About 2kg fish So damn nice fish! And so aggressive fight Weather wasn’t that good for tench, we thought this could be a hard day But this didn’t take that long, and right after this one Jani got a run, but unfortunately it got away But now they are active for sure Right after that release! This is so crazy. Always Pauli get all the fishes I love this fishing Got stuck again What you do when you get stuck? Then I just wait. Strong fish again! It almost got me wet it looks like a big fish again Teo: Should I wait for the third one with this net? This is so crazy.. another run! Last tench is still in the net This one got stuck as well! What should I do Can you see the fish? – yea there it is Im not sure do I have it anymore.. Is it only that water lily left? Teo can check it Here it is! Check! There is it Water lily is moving when I lift this Now we know it’s still there, no need to hurry It doesn’t move.. How big it is? So much lines here Noo.. It did break How did that happen? No can do.. Second fish of the day Little bit smaller than the first one but still a big dude And right after this I almost got the third tench, but unfortunately it got away after long fight.. It seems like there’s lots of fish on the spot. Now I have all the luck and I get all the fishes That’s fishing. So beautiful I’m pretty sure this night is gonna be even better Lets release this fellow and keep fishing Lines are moving. That means fishes are on the spot Bubbles also.. Oh! Olavi yours! That was a good run This is basic thing for Pauli, but a new thing for me This is an aggressive fish.. What’s your game plan Pauli? When it got stuck Pauli: – Just chill 5 runs in 30 minutes? – Easily 30 minutes. This is so crazy This is like my daily job Get well prepared and you shall succeed This is so exciting. Big fish, maybe my record It’s 50/50 a new record i’d say But it’s not in the net yet.. That’s the problem Olavi, good luck Should I take the net? Teo: If there’s over 1 meter deep, you’ll need a diving mask Throw the net! You got it? – Yea! This was one of the oldest records I had Nice fish! My old record is gone now. It was from 2005 or something Now my new personal best is over 2kg Had to fight and net it in the water Super feeling What happened after that release? I opened a beer, and Pauli got another run Pauli is hungry today I said it won’t take long.. So much bubbles on my spot That was a fast fight Third fish for me. 4th of the night 1,96kg So crazy fishing at the moment One spot gives so much fish You cast your feeder, few minutes and you net a big fish This is unbelievable tench fishing It cannot be better! So nice fishes And BIG! If someone says tench fishing can’t be fun, he is a liar There it goes! And my turn! Got stuck right away Funny how hectic this is today I was right here, but still it got stuck after run Should I go swim? Teo hold this for me please Pauli: You just wanted to go swim This is tench fishing come on! YESYES!! I love this fishes so much.. Pauli: Jani, Jani!! Again! And here we go again! I didn’t had time to weight that one Got stuck? – Yea Good place and big fish, but hard because there are so much weed and water lilys High five! Good job Jani! Now net Pauli’s fish too! This is so “Urpoerämies” style of fishing. Everyone is holding rods or cameras or nets.. fishing is crazy! Net that dude Jani! Jani: Here’s no dude, just the water lily Epic triple photo was so close Triple would have been so cool! 2,91.. 2,81.. 2,81kg with net My first over 2kg tench EVER! Im so happy! You still have that another fish there 2,24kg! Oh my.. This is so crazy Now I really wish from my heart that Teo gets tench as well Then this would be sickest trip ever This is a night to remember.. We were talking about we camp here all weekend Then the weather did change, and it’s gonna be storm this weekend That’s impossible to fish and film in conditions like that So we decided to make short trip only.. And the weather wasn’t promising at all We were pretty sure this cannot be a good day for tench What happened next? I’m afraid that soon I wake up from my dream And this was only a dream.. No big tenches.. Now I gave my rod to Teo. Lets hope he manage to get one tench at least! Then 3 of us would break records in one night! Now thumbs up guys! I dont wanna lose this I was gonna say that let’s go home, and then I hear my alarm! I’ve got 2 little roaches so far.. Others got huge tenches all the time, but i’m the roach king Got stuck.. Should we throw something? Like with Olavi’s fish we did throw that net and released it from weeds I can still feel it’s hooked HAHA NOOOO Let’s give it few more minutes How they got stuck always Olavi: I’d say swim Now its free! YEAH!! Ooh Wait a second, no words yet I just lost one fish, and im the only one with out tench this night And few minutes after Jani’s alarm is yelling, and he said that I can take that. Then the battle started again 2,3kg. very nice! 2,3kg tench. Clock is around 10:30pm So beautiful

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  1. Viime jakson jälkee taisin sanoo että tästä ei laatu enää parane. No sain taas kerran syödä sanani.😁 Sairaan nättiä settiä vaihteeks! Kyllä tämmöstä jälkeä kattoo enemmän ku mielellään!😁👌

  2. Hyviä videoita aina vaan. Mitenkäs.. nyt tähän aikaan vuodesta kun tuo merirtaimenen heittokalastus rannoiltakin onnistuu, niin tarttuisitteko tällaiseen täkyyn? Sellaista oon jo hetken tässä aatellu että haluisin nähdä teiltä sellaista! 🙂

  3. Hiton hieno video taas kerran, siistiä nähdä onkimisestakin näitä kalastus videoita täällä tubessa, noita heittokalastus videjä kun on vähintään 10 miljoonaa täällä jo

  4. Mahtavaa! Kauheasti vaivaa näette kalojen eteen, täällä yksi järvi jolla vain onkea veteen ja suutareita nousee satunnaisen tasaisesti:D respect!

  5. Todella siisti raina taas. Voisi sanoa, että oli kerronnaltaan parhaita videoita! Hienosti selvisi onginnan salat ja pitää joskus kokeilla myös tuota hommaa. Suuret kiitokset taas katsomisnautinnosta! (Tuota viimeistä sanaa muuten piti hakea jostain syystä kauan!)

  6. Thanks for the English subs! Great video, as usual. During Jani's first catch, it seems you are watching a thriller movie. That's a good achievement, specially when we have already seen some big fishes. You have chosen the right music. And a perfect timing (for instance, during Teo's catch). Thanks for your good videos. I enjoy them a lot. Regards.

  7. On kyllä komia ja hyvin tehty video! Ja kiitos muuten musan käytöstä!
    Itellä ei ole mitään kokemusta suutarin onginnasta mut vaikuttaa kyl hienolta touhulta! 🙂

  8. Jäbiltä kyllä löytyy variaatiota kalastuksen suhteen! Homma ku homma teiltä kyllä sujuu ja taas kerran uskomattoman hyvä pätkä! Ihan hävettää että melkeen kuukausi sitte tullu video ja nyt vasta katon xd no parempi nyt kun ei milloinkaan! 👍

  9. Meillä tuli kerran 24 suutaria yhteen katiskaan! Oli painoa niin paljon että melkein meni katiska rikki. Kaikki oli 1-3kg ja näyttivät pitävän mutaisesta rannastamme.

  10. Is ot possible to catch tench around the coast, in Helsinki. I really miss fishing for tench. Anyone had success around Helsinki area?

  11. toi saatanan paskakala on vallannu joka paikan. Kotkan edustallakin kun lasket katiskan muutamaksi tunniksi niin johan on täynnä suutaria.

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