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Tequila Cazadores Taco Tour: Veracruz Fish Tacos and El Conchal Cocktail

Tequila Cazadores Taco Tour: Veracruz Fish Tacos and El Conchal Cocktail

My name is Manny Hinojosa And I’m Aarón Sánchez Welcome to the Tequila Cazadores Taco Tour! This is Veracruz, bro. Yeah Veracruz. It’s the melting pot of Mexico. I have a taco that’s gonna really speak to that. And I have a cocktail that is going
to match everything. Okay awesome. So here’s what we have. This is what you would call lubina Or little bit of huachinango or snapper. Whatever you have that’s available
that’s fresh and beautiful What I’ve gone ahead and done is scored it I’ve stuffed the middle of it, the center part of it. With peppers, onions, a little bit of tomato. and then I’m going to go ahead and do
a wonderful little Achiote rub. A little oregano, touch of cumin, and
we have some sour orange. Let that sit for about 6 hours or something like that. We roast it over the grill. Let that cook nice and slow so it’s
kind of al vapor, or steamed, And then what you have is this
beautiful cooked whole fish. This is something that really focuses on
the natural flavors of the fish. So what I’m going to do is make you a beautiful taco and just kind of take all the fleshy parts
of this taco, remove all the bones. And then what were are going to go ahead and
do is take some of that beautiful filling inside, some salsa verde, my friend some cilantro. All those beautiful flavors of the coast
with mucho amor. What are we going to pair with that? So I’m going to make you a cocktail
that I call El Conchal. I’m going to be using Tequila Cazadores Blanco and I’m going to be using Tequila Cazadores Añejo. Pineapple. Little bit of simple syrup. Fresh Lime juice. And coconut water. Oh so we are bringing it to the serious tropical notes. Shake it like a chef. So we are going to finish with some bitters. What are you doing there? I don’t need to muddle, I just need to… wake up baby! This is for you. Salud! Viva Mexico and Tequila Cazadores! Salud! Mmm, It’s tropical, It’s not too sweet. Do you think it goes well with the taco? Well, you just tell me what you think. I usually charge like twenty bucks for that one taco, but for you…

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