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Tequila Marinated Flank Steak Street Tacos | Matador Prime Steaks

Tequila Marinated Flank Steak Street Tacos | Matador Prime Steaks

hello there I’m Chef Johnny and this is
Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine appreciate you stopping by today got
something special for you we’ve got some flank steaks in just got these from
Matador Prime Steaks they came in the other day and we’re gonna cook these up
and make you some tequila marinated flank steak street tacos first thing we’re gonna do with these up
flank steaks that we got from Matador Prime Meats is we’re gonna get them out
of this vacuum sealed package and I tell you what these, they’er ship down here in a nice styrofoam container with dry ice and they take they do a good job of
getting those down here to you this is a flank steak some people mistake these
for skirt steaks simular not the same there are tougher cut of meat like a
skirt steak is but they are not a skirt steak there from the flank the skirts
from a little bit further up so if we wanted to we could clean these up real
good I don’t think I’m going to worry about that there’s a little bit of
silver skin right here that I may just see if I can slide my knife under and
see how that just how it comes off all together it’s an easy process to get any
silver skin off that you think you need to but these are already pretty clean so
it’s not going to take much cleaning up to get this off of there and kind of
hold your knife up or just a little bit and what it does it’ll slide along that
silver skin and you do not have to uh you don’t have to worry about digging
down into your meat you can look and tell there was little meat left on that
silver skin but that’s about all I’m gonna trim off right there so we’re
gonna marinate these for a while and what we’re going to do is is come back
and cook them to about a medium rare don’t go any past that really if you get
to medium never go past that but we’re gonna fix these up and they’re gonna
make some fantastic street tacos so meats out it’s ready I’m going to show
you how we get together our marinade so start putting this together first thing
I’m gonna do is just take some plain vegetable oil and I’m gonna go oh I’d
say a cup maybe cup and a quarter in there got plenty of oil and I have two
tablespoons of fajita seasoning now if you don’t have fajita seasoning
take you some oh a little garlic a little salt little pepper a little cumin
you mix that together and make your own I just use fajita seasoning right
there I have some fresh garlic about four cloves that I’ve ran through a
garlic press and I tell you you can use
granulated garlic but I think that this fresh garlic just really adds something
to a marinade when you’re marinating with fresh doesn’t have to be use that
ground guard or the powdered garlic if you want to granulated it’ll work fine now two table WOW! alright I’m back if y’all are
wondering what in the world happened there was a yellow jacket on the bottom
of my chili paste and it stung me in the finger and I am allergic to insect bites
so some of y’all know y’all watch me y’all know this has happened before but
anyways just got stung went in and took my medicine feeling alright if I pass
out here in a second somebody call the call the ambulance and send them over here but
anyways we have uh we have taken our medicine everything should be okay and
I’m gonna try to finish getting this marinade together so we’re going to take
our chili paste and this is a paste I made the other day and it is from some
New Mexico Hatch Chili’s the dried chili peppers and we’re gonna just drop that
in there there it goes I’m gonna take some honey now this is
Uvalde honey I get this from my friend Rudy and you can find him at he has a website there and they sell their honey and then they sell
some gift packages that you can get and I’m gonna put oh I’d say maybe one and a
half tablespoons I’m gonna get some my sweetness in here on this honey I’m
gonna take some cilantro leaves I’ve got maybe a third of a bunch chop those up
kind of small if you didn’t want to use fresh on those some people don’t like
fresh cilantro you could get you some coriander then just put ground coriander
in here we’re gonna mix that together and now some Puro Vida Tequila I’m gonna
take oh good a good pour third cup maybe a little more
in there of our tequila if you have a marinade you like and enjoy and I’ll put
this recipe down there that you really do it like and enjoy I was gonna say
this if it’s got a like red wine vinegar or something like that in it or a a
white vinegar or whatever sometimes you’ll see one with they’ll have a white
wine vinegar things like that just substitute your tequila into that one
and it’ll work real good also that’s looking pretty good it’s getting a nice
red color to it from our chili paste off of our hatch chilies and what I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna reserve part of this so I’m just gonna take my container that my
garlic was in and now this stirred up good I’m gonna pour it right back in
there and kept oh I don’t know a third of a cup we are going to put these you
can put these in like in a ziploc bag leave them overnight would help a lot
I’m cooking these evening so what we’re going to do is we’re going to use
our food saver and I have a food jar to put it in and we’re gonna see if we get
all this flank steak in my biggest container hoping we can so we can
marinate it put it in there pull that vacuum down sit it in the refrigerator
and within an hour it’s gonna be ready to go it really cuts your marinating
time in short if you can even leave it in there for a couple hours under that
vacuum seal it really helps that marinade penetrate the meat and work
excellently in that here’s our container take the lid off and what I’m gonna do
is here I’m gonna just dip my meat down in this and get it covered good put it
in my container fold that over oh I tell you want that tequila smelling good right
there I’m just gonna pour my marinade upon top that’s good let me wash my hands
off I’ll show you how we seal this up what I’m gonna do now is I’m just going
to clean this top off you want to drive see seal a lot better if these are as
dry as they can be but there that goes it’s there
I’m gonna take my lid set it on there just take my hose put it in and I’m
going to put it on moist click canister and let’s see if we seal this up okay
it’s sealed what I’m going to do is I’m going to turn to closed and store
pull my hose out that’s ready to go kind of give that a little toss in there get
some that marinade back up on top I’m gonna sit this in the refrigerator let
it sit in there for about an hour we’re gonna get some fire ready to go and once
we can ready to put these on our Santa Fe Grill we’ll get right back with you
really get started on our vegetables you go inside of this street taco and I have
some beautiful ah bell peppers I have red and yellow and orange and green bell
pepper so this can be very very colorful I have some nice red onion sliced up and
we’re gonna put those in here let me get my burner going
remember that marinade we had while ago I’m just gonna pour some of it in the
bottom of this pan that’s why I saved some of it and drop in my peppers and
let’s see if we get these cooked up and I’m just gonna toss them in that
marinade where they get coated real good so they’re getting all the flavors of
that tequila the cilantro our fajita seasoning you can hear them starting to
sizzle but these peppers are looking pretty good if you look they’re starting
to what I call kind of wilt if you pick them up see how they droop a little bit
but they don’t just fall over they’re getting nice so they’re starting
to get soft they have a little droop to them that’s what we’re looking so
there’s still there cook they’re starting to get nice and tender but
they’re not they’re not to the point yet where they just droop over so those look
good so what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna take those out that’s looking
pretty good I’m gonna take my red onions now and drop them in cook those up some
drop a little bit more this marinade in with them and we’re going to take
them kind of to the same to a soft tender stage these onions are looking
good so I’m going to pull them out of the fire they’re nice you can see
they’re starting to kind of wilt or droop some so they’re where I want them
to be I got our meat out of the refrigerator I’m going to turn it over
here to open there we go and our meat is in there I tossed it about every 15 20
minutes I go in and just kind of shake it up so that the marinade would move
around on that meat but remember that vacuum help bring that in there so we’re
gonna take this over get it on the Santa Fe grill and let y’all see us cook these
up about 4 minutes on each side they ought to be ready go take our first
flank steak pick it up let’s put it on the grill
whoo you can tell that it’s hot I wanted it good and hot and that is hot get our other one I’m gonna just kind of
dipping it in the marinade that way when we put it on hot fire to leave it there
3 or 4 minutes it’s not gonna stay there a real long time
we’re 4 minutes in let’s take these and flip them over got some beautiful color
on that smaller one oh and so is this big one go about 3 or 4 minutes on this
side we’re gonna get these off we are four minutes on this side we’re
gonna get these off they’re looking pretty these steaks have been sitting
about ten minutes now so we’re gonna take one see how it turned out and you
can tell the striations are running this way so we know which way the grain is
going so we always want to cut a flank steak across the grain and we want to
slice it kinda thin that tequila marinade and I tell you Matador Prime
Meats put out some great they put out some
great product this is an excellent excellent
flank steak let’s see if we put some tacos together here got some nice fresh
tortillas put it right there give me some of my beautiful flank steak here
drop it down in there oh let’s get a let’s get another piece but three slices
of meat in there that’s pretty some of our bell peppers
there’s a red one and a yellow one if we get a pretty orange one in there that
looks beautiful and a green one getting all these colors in there that is
looking lovely let’s take some nice roasted tomato salsa drizzle it I wanted
to get down on my meat now some of our red onions that we cooked up drop a few
pieces of onion in there that’s there and I’m gonna take a nice slice of
avocado put it right up on top that’s a pretty taco let me make another one
tremendous tequila marinated flank steak tacos and I’m gonna I’m gonna give one
of these a try see how it tastes I’ve already been sampling this flank
steak it is tremendous so this tacos only gonna get better
with everything we got with this flank steaks let’s try it
though what do you say about that other than backup and let me have some more
this taco is tremendous that steak is packed full of flavor I can’t say enough
about it make sure you find my link down below for Matador Prime Steaks tell them
chef Johnny sent you over there and maybe they’ll treat you nice if they
know that I’m the one that sent ya but I tell you what thanks for stopping by I
always do appreciate it try these tacos get hold of Matador
Prime Steaks have them ship you out some some flank steak and give it a try
because they make some fantastic street tacos so thanks for stopping to your
friends and family about us share us on your social media and we’re gonna see
y’all down the road on Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine how them boys put
food away beats all I’ve ever seen

33 comments on “Tequila Marinated Flank Steak Street Tacos | Matador Prime Steaks

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