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Teriyaki Chicken Tacos – Healthy and EASY – Taco Tuesday Asian Fusion

Get in my face. Mmm… So good. Hey, you guys!
Thank you so much for tuning into my channel. I am so freaking excited this week, because
I’m uploading my very first TACO TUESDAY episode. I love love love love tacos, I could probably
eat them for any and every meal of the day. I love you so much. So, we are going to make
some teriyaki chicken tacos. This recipe is super easy, healthy, filling, and – most importantly
– delicious. Also, the chicken saves really well, so you can always make a large batch
of chicken, either to share with your friends or keep it all for yourself and save it for
later. Leftovers taste just as good. If you like this and want to see more cooking videos
on my channel, let me know in the comments below, give me a thumbs up, make sure that
you share it with your friends, your roommates, your cooking buddies, your significant others.
And I also want to know what is your favorite kind of taco? I definitely love breakfast
tacos the most, so if I do make more “Taco Tuesday” videos, that’ll probably be my next
edition. Now let’s head on over to the kitchen, and – of course – remember that the best way
to show me love for this video is to subscribe. First up, I’ve got three chicken breasts,
this will be good for a few people or for a few days. As you can see, I’m cutting into
each one, this is going to help the meat to soak up that marinade and help to make sure
that each big piece cooks all the way through as quickly as possible. Then, I’m sticking
all three into a large leak-proof Ziplock bag. And, now, I’m shaking up and adding my
favorite teriyaki soyaki sauce. Zip up the bag. Now, you can swirl the bag around a few
times and get to cooking right away or leave it in the fridge for a few minutes, even a
few hours, if you really want to soak up the flavor. And then when I’m ready to bake, I
preheat my oven to 375, get an aluminum wrapped baking sheet ready, and then I will carefully
lay out my chickens. I’ll pour out any left over sauce – which there might be a little
bit left – and then we’re good to go with twenty minutes on the clock. Fast forward, while I let my chickens cool
down, I’m moving on over to my tortillas. Now, the keys, to me, here are medium heat
and a little bit of oil all over. I usually cook more at once to multitask. And then I
flip those babies until there’s a light, fluffy toastiness. Now for the fun part, the action, the plating!
I’ve got my favorite simple salad going – because this girl always needs her greens – and this
is just a bunch of arugula, some fresh lemon juice, a little bit of olive oil, salt and
fresh cracked black pepper. And now for the superstar of the show! I’m coating my tortilla
with best premade guacamole – I know how to make some awesome guacamole and premade guacamole
honestly used to freak me out, but this is the only I will one I will touch, it is so
delicious! Now I’m adding some greens, some more arugs. I pulled apart my chicken, which
was easy to do since I sliced it to begin with. And last but not least, a little juice,
a little flavor, a little salsa – with some tomatillo sauce, the perfect finishing touch.
And that’s it! Let me what you think. Let me know your spicy secrets in the comments
below. So good. Thank you so much for watching this
video. If you like it, repost it! Share this video with your friends, so that they can
be my friends too, and we can cook together and drink together. Give me a thumbs up, leave
a comment below with your favorite parts, if you are hungry too, that’ll make me really
happy, but – of course – the best way to show love is to subscribe! I’ll see you guys next
time. Thank you so much for watching. Do I have guacamole on my face? Oh! Oh! There’s another one in there!

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