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Thai Seafood at Bangpoo – DELICIOUS Crispy Fish and Sour Soup | สุดยอดอาหารทะเลที่บางปู สมุทรปราการ

Thai Seafood at Bangpoo – DELICIOUS Crispy Fish and Sour Soup | สุดยอดอาหารทะเลที่บางปู สมุทรปราการ

– [Mark] We ordered a
bunch of seafood dishes. Potaek is another fantastic Thai soup. It should be quite sour but
what I love about potaek is that it’s such a pure taste. (upbeat music) Taking a trip today to Samut Prakan. You’re looking rather fresh this morning. – [Ying] Really? Reary? Reary? (speaking foreign language) Reary? – Good morning, everyone. It’s Mark Wiens with in Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is located about 20 kilometers north of the ocean, the sea, which is actually the Gulf of Thailand. So today we’re taking
a little drive to the, I think it will be the closest sea in, closest sea to Bangkok which is in a different
province called Samut Prakan. It’s about a 20 or so kilometer
drive, not too far away. We’re gonna see the sea. We’re gonna hopefully eat some seafood and we might stop off at the
Samut Prakan Market first. In order to drive to Samut Prakan it’s actually really easy
to get there from Bangkok. Just a straight shot down Sukhumvit Road. (upbeat music) We just arrived to Samut Prakan right in the center of the town. And what I love about Samut Prakan is that we never left
the city to get here, although we’re in a different province. But at the same time, Samut Prakan has such a
pleasant smaller feel to it. It has that small town feel
to it as opposed to Bangkok. We’re just walking over to the market. We’re just gonna spend a few minutes walking around the market,
the seafood market, just ’cause we’re on our
way this direction anyways and it’s a fantastic seafood market. (upbeat music) Have you ever seen this before? Horseshoe crabs. (speaking foreign language) Lots and lots of awesome
seafood at this market. From fish, lots of platu
which are mackerel. And then lots of crab and horseshoe crab. There are little shells and
then there are lots of shrimp and there are even some
types of rays over there as well as mantis prawns. – Hello!
– Hello! – Hello!
– Hello! (speaking foreign language) They’ve got some giant octopus and a variety of different squid. She said they’re really fresh and good. – I don’t really know which is which. (speaking foreign language) – This is always such a friendly market to walk around and explore. Many friendly vendors
and so much good food. (upbeat music) Oh you know what’s really good? This one with ginger, mom,
ginger and green apple. I’ll probably get mixed fruit for Ying. – [Mark’s sister] What would
that be, like everything? – Yeah, whatever she decides.
– I would probably have more– – Just outside of the market we have stopped by at a juice stall. She has a bunch of fruit
and she’s juicing them. And I ordered a couple
of mixed fruit juices which she’s adding in like pineapple and a variety of different fruits. But then I wanted to try
an interesting combination with bitter melon, and also
krachai, which is finger root which has a similar taste to ginger as well as I think green apple. Oh and she’s filling in
the mixed fruit right now. But we’ll see how the
bitter melon one tastes. This one is the mixed fruit
that I got for my sister and she says it’s really good. Oh yeah. It is delicious. It’s perfectly sour and sweet and so fresh It’s perfectly sour
and sweet and so fresh. And I think she added in
some beetroot as well. That’s what made it so red. For my juice, she added in a
couple handfuls of bitter melon and a whole handful of the finger root and then I think just apple. Wow, that is intensely bitter and awesome. Wow, that is intensely bitter and awesome. Oh, bitter but smooth. And then it’s countered
by the gingery taste of the finger root and then very sour from the apple. (speaking foreign language) And I like how it’s squeezed so fresh so there’s still foam on top. It’s almost like a, a bitter
melon fruit cappuccino. (upbeat music) Ying was at first feeding Micah in the car so that’s when we went to
go walk around the market but then she came out. Hello, Micah. – [Ying] Hello! – [Mark] Hello, Micah. And then she went to buy some, what did you buy, Ying? – [Ying] Chips, durian chips. – She bought, oh durian
chips, my favorite! Okay, I gotta grab some of
these durian chips immediately. And by the way, thank you, Ying for buying these durian chips. And so these are just
very thin slices of durian which are deep fried just
like potato chips but durian. And normally they use a
durian that’s pretty unripe so it has more of a firmer texture rather than that pudding texture. This is like the, the top of all chips. And I’m gonna wash that down
with some bitter melon juice. Oh! Oh! This is awesome. Durian chips and bitter melon
juice, what a combination! From here we are driving
towards a place called Bangpoo. (upbeat music) It was just about a 10 minute drive from the center of Samut Prakan. And this place is called Bangpoo. And it’s a navy, Thai navy compound and then they have a pier
that goes out into the ocean. And this is not really a beach, it’s not a swimming beach. It’s more of a looking beach
and just a hanging out beach and they have a seafood
restaurant here as well. And there’s also, it’s also
famous for its seagulls. And walking in here you can
already see the mangrove forest. And it’s actually a whole road pier. You can, I think you
can get a golf cart ride to the end of the pier but I can see lots and lots
of seagulls in the distance and you can hear the waves crashing. It’s actually quite nice. (waves crashing) It’s cool. (upbeat music) We are about to walk through
the valley of the seagulls. Luckily I have covered Micah’s head so that he doesn’t get any
bird crap on top of his head. (seagulls calling) Some people buy plates of,
maybe it’s bread or bird feed to feed the seagulls. So that’s why so many seagulls come. But they’re actually really amazing to watch and just observe. They’re so graceful how they fly. And then all the way
at the end of the pier is a restaurant called Sala Sukjai. And it’s a seafood restaurant and we are going inside now
to eat seafood for lunch. (speaking foreign language) We walked into the restaurant and I love the feel of this restaurant. It has a kind of traditional,
like 70s feel to it. You walk out to the end of the pier here and then they have a whole restaurant. Even inside they have almost
what looks like a ballroom where you could have
a wedding or an event. And then on the outside to the
left, the left or right wing you can choose either one and come out here and they have an outdoor open air dining section with
a great view of the water and the seagulls, the sea breeze. And we just ordered some seafood. (speaking foreign language) – [Mark’s sister] So
that’s the thing right when you make the stock? – We ordered a bunch of seafood dishes and they have all arrived. I wanted to order crab
but the waitress said that they already ran out of crab. So we came a little bit
after the main lunch rush so I guess they sold
out of all their crab. But that’s okay we got plenty
of awesome looking seafood. I’ll just start explaining
what we’re eating from this dish right here and then just kinda go around clockwise. This is phak kood which is
a type of fern, stir fried and then we also got goong ob woon sen which is mung bean noodles and shrimp in a kind of baked in this pot but with a stove, not in an oven. but with a stove, not in an oven. And then we’ve also got hoi malang poo And then we’ve also got hoi malang poo which are mussels which are
also kinda baked in this pot which are mussels which are
also kinda baked in this pot along with some basil. And then that’s seafood
sauce there on the side. And then we got tod man pla which are little fried fishcakes. There’s also some fried basil
on top, I believe, as well. And for soup we got potaek thale, which potaek is another
fantastic Thai soup. It should be quite sour but
what I love about potaek is that it’s such a pure taste. I think a seafood stock
and then seafood in there but then it’s just sour with lime juice and then just a really
pure delicious taste. And then finally over
here is a fried fish. This is pla kapong tod nam pla. Which is a, it’s a barramundi fish marinated in some fish
sauce and deep fried with that wonderful looking sauce there. Check out that sauce. – [Ying] Potaek. – [Mark] Let me start with that potaek. There’s fish in here, there’s
shrimp, there are mushrooms. – She’s enjoying the fish.
– Put some of this in my bowl and I’m gonna get some
of that fish as well. And a lot of that broth. Just taste some of that broth. Oh that soup is amazing. Oh that soup is amazing. Oh it’s so sour and then perfectly salty and yeah it just tastes so pure. I think it’s a fish stock broth and then all that seafood in there. You can really taste
the cilantro in there. You can taste the chilies in there, although it’s not spicy. But it has a fresh chili flavor to it. Oh that’s such a soothing broth. You can have the shrimp
with mung beans, mom. – [Ying’s mom] Ya. – Okay, I’m gonna move on
to the fried fish here. Try some of this fried fish. Break off this piece here. Break off this piece here. And then that sauce in
particular looks awesome. Looks like there’s some, there might be some green mango down here. It looks like shredded
green mango with chilies. Put that on, right on to
the fish and eat with rice. Put that on, right on to
the fish and eat with rice. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. The fish is so crispy. Kind of a sweet and sour
green mango chili sauce. And then next up, for
the goong ob woon sen. And there, they often flavor this, you can see on the bottom, there’s some ginger, there’s garlic, and then also the rak phak chi and then also the rak phak chi which is the cilantro roots which give it some flavor. And then sometimes they also add some a little bit of pork lard
down at the bottom there to give it some, a boost of deliciousness. But just those noodles
are really fragrant. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I can really taste the ginger in there. Or maybe that’s ’cause I got a whole piece of
ginger in that bite. But that is really good and the way they’ve made it here, the mung bean noodles are not
soggy like they sometimes get. And then also the mussels. Yeah, there’s water at the
bottom here so it is steamed. There’s lemongrass also and
there’s also basil, sweet basil. Let me get a little leaf
of basil with a mussel and dip it into the seafood sauce. The mussels just have a slight aroma of the lemongrass and sweet basil and then dipped into that
chili garlicky sauce. Oh but you can, yeah, you can
taste that sweet basil nicely. I’m going in for the tod man pla. And then that’s all basil
fried on top as well. Check out the insides of that. You can see some chili You can see some chili and then also some slices
of long bean in there. Sometimes it can have
a really really smooth almost hot dog texture to it. But this has more of a,
like a ground fish flavor, texture to it, which is really good. It’s almost like a fish scrambled egg but deep-fried into a patty shape. And then finally for the fried vegetable which is phak kood
which is a type of fern. It’s always one of my favorite vegetables. It’s crisp and then they’ve
just stir-fried this maybe in a little bit of oyster sauce and a little bit of fish sauce maybe. We just finished with lunch. That was a fantastic seafood meal. I think probably my favorite
dish was actually that soup, that potaek thale. If you come to this restaurant
don’t miss that potaek. It was so sour and so flavorful. Really really good. And then just this atmosphere here and then also as you’re sitting eating you can see the seagulls flying around. Very nice, very pleasant place. But I can imagine on the weekends it gets very busy here because this is just such a nice place. And the food is good. (seagulls calling) This was a great little trip to Bangpoo. And this whole atmosphere here, And this whole atmosphere here, the seagulls are nice to see but I’m probably gonna skip feeding them but if you come here you
can feed the seagulls. And then the restaurant
serves good seafood. And then it’s just, it’s pretty close to Bangkok. I think this is one of the
closest possible places that you can come to see the ocean. It’s not a swimming beach
but it’s nice to look at. We’re heading back to the car and we’re just driving
back straight up north up Sukhumvit, back to Bangkok. And goodbye from Bangpoo. And goodbye from Bangpoo. Goodbye to all of the seagulls. Goodbye, seagulls! And Micah has just been sleeping again throughout this entire day trip. He’s enjoying the breeze
though, the sea breeze. Thank you all for watching. Please remember to give
this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. And if you’re not already subscribed, click subscribe now for lots
more food and travel videos. Thank you again for watching. And goodbye from Bangpoo. And goodbye from Bangpoo. (upbeat music)

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