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Thai Street Food – EXTREME BBQ MEAT TOUR in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand | Thai Sausage and Laap!

Thai Street Food – EXTREME BBQ MEAT TOUR in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand | Thai Sausage and Laap!

– Good morning, I hope
you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens. I’m in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and today we’re gonna go on
a Northern Thai food tour of Chiang Mai. We’re gonna eat at the market, we’re gonna eat at some
street food stalls, we’re gonna go to some restaurants, and we’re gonna eat a mix of food, but especially focus
on a dish called laap, which is a Northern Thai
mixed meat dish full of spice. It’s so good. Mostly we’re just gonna have a lot of fun. We’re gonna eat some incredibly delicious Northern Thai food and I’m
gonna share it all with you in this video right now. (upbeat music) Our first destination
this morning is called (speaking foreign language) and
it is a market in Chiang Mai known for Northern Thai food. They have a specific stall here that serves one of the
best versions of sai oua, which is the Northern Thai sausage, which is guaranteed to make
one of the best breakfasts. But walking around the market, it’s just sort of opening up. They have some curry stalls. You can get fruit and vegetables here too, and one of the great
things about this market is it’s actually not too big, yet it’s big enough. So it’s manageable, it’s friendly. Let’s go find that sausage. (upbeat music) The grill is just loaded
with curls of sausage. You can smell the lemongrass in the air. The stall is called
(speaking foreign language), and they also have another few delights, Northern delights in packets, which we’re gonna try
this specific one here. They have some (speaking
foreign language), but the real thing you’re gonna… Oh, there is it, the curly,
the curly rolls of sausage. (speaking foreign language) Just given me a sample. (upbeat music) Oh, oh, the lemongrass. (speaking foreign language) – [Mark] Oh look at those cutting skills. He just flew through that curl of sausage slicing it up. That was impressive. He has some sausage cutting skills. The aroma of the lemongrass and the herbs just bursts out of that sausage. Joel has since joined. We got a whole bag of it now and it’s just steaming hot. It’s right off the grill. It even fogged up my lens
as soon as I got close taking a photo of it. That is an aroma. That is an aromatherapy. Cheers. – Cheers, dude. – I was so excited I forgot
about the little stick that’s tying the intestines
closed at the end. Some of the best sai oua I’ve ever had for sure without a doubt. It’s so herbaceous. Mm, so heavy on the lemongrass, and to me it actually
doesn’t taste as fatty as some other versions, because it’s not, it juices,
but not like that fatty, fatty juiciness that you sometimes get. It’s more heavy on the herbs which I love. That is dangerously tasty. You could munch through a whole bag without even thinking about it at 7:00am in the morning. Follow that with a little sticky rice. There’s one more little packet that we need to taste next. One of my favorite thing is to eat in Northern Thailand is called
(speaking foreign language), which is a little packet. It can be meat, it can be herbs, it can be vegetables which are packed into banana leaf wrapper
and then roasted grilled over fire, over charcoal. But the supreme version. The most gourmet,
greatest, richest version is called (speaking foreign language), which is pig brains mixed
with spices and herbs that needs to be eaten with sticky rice. (upbeat music) All the creaminess. It’s a fine custard on top of sticky rice with a little bit of a lemongrass flavor. You got a 12 kilo bag of sai oua to go. (speaking foreign language) That was for sure some of the best sai oua I’ve ever had in Chiang Mai. Really good, really top quality. Such an herbaceous mix, and one thing you should know is that sai oua is one of
those things that you cannot return back to Bangkok without it, giving to friends and family. They will not be happy with you if you came back empty handed. So Ying bought… How many bags did you buy, Ying? – Five kilo. – Ying bought five kilos. (laughing) We’re walking out of the market, because we’ve got many
more thing to eat today. I’ve gotta get one more bite
of that sai oua over here. Oh, look at that hanger. (laughing) That piece just stuck together. It kind of inverted. It insided out, you wanna
take this to your mouth as fast as possible. (upbeat music) That is like the
definition of what sai oua should taste like. We’re underneath the, underneath the camera. Okay but we have decided to go, it’s a little bit North of Chiang Mai City to a place that has an
insane looking meat grill, and we’ll get a couple of
Northern Thai grilled meat delights there before, there’s one place that we have to be back. We have to be there by 11:00am to get what is supposed to be one
of the top places to eat laap in all of Chiang Mai. But we’re on our way first
to eat some grilled meat and maybe some other things. (upbeat music) That was about a 30 minute drive or so. This restaurant is north of Chiang Mai and it’s called (speaking
foreign language). They do have a selfie position, but let’s try to get a look. Oh yes, yes I can see
the smoke from the grill. We’re here just like 15
minutes before they open. (speaking foreign language) (speaking foreign language) Right now it’s just in full bloom. The entire grill is just covered with meat and different banana leaf packets. You can see the curly intestines. You can see the pork,
you can see the catfish, the pig ears. Oh man, it is all there. The grill, it smells so good, but not only do they have the entire grill just smoldering away, but they have a lot of different Northern, whoa, I just almost got
knocked out by the pole there. They have a lot of
Northern curries and soups. They have a full Northern
Thai food selection, and also includes the
(speaking foreign language), which we gotta get as well. (upbeat music) The main dish that we
ordered is the mixed grill, so he’s rummaging through. This is just a grill to behold, but he is going through
the different parts. The snout, the ears, the intestines, chopping bits off and assembling
them all onto a plate. Oh, look at that. We had to actually hold ourselves back from ordering too much,
because we have lots more to eat today. But it looks so good. We got some of their specialties, especially the (speaking
foreign language), which is all that mix of grilled meats. Another thing that have here is the (speaking foreign language), which is one of their specialties, and so that’s like a fermented pork, which is roasted in a banana leaf. But we saw him as he was making one. They first roast just the pork and then he cracks on an egg onto the top. So that’s like just a next level, a new type of fried egg with just an entire base of fermented pork on the bottom, all wrapped
in a packet banana leaf. Oh man, that look storage so good. I think we have to start on that. The entire base is just all fermented pork down there, and then you’ve got the yolk just nestled on top. It also comes with a little bowl of raw chilies and garlic
which you also chase with. Wanna get a dosage of the skin and, oh, look at the yolk. Be sure to coast your sticky rice in yolk and grab a bit of everything. So gooey and collageny. (upbeat music) Oh, that’s so gooey. Perfectly sour, so garlicky. Oh wow, and the creaminess of the yolk, and you gotta follow that. Chili and garlic combo, and since this is Thai,
(speaking foreign language), Thai garlic, you can
actually eat the skin. (upbeat music) That just elevates your entire mouth. Look at this multi-colored chili. Wow. It’s so porky, porkilucious. Okay, let’s move on to
the next grill here. Dip it into the sauce, get a look at that. That looks delicious as well. Oh, dude. Oh, the meat is so tender and
so smokey, and their sauce. Their sauce has like a different taste. Almost like a Worcestershire
sauce flavor to it. And typically my favorite piece from the (speaking foreign
language) of Northern Thailand of the mixed grill is the intestines. Heres a little guy. Give this a good soaking. Intestines are the best. They have like a, mm, you know
what I taste in that sauce is a little bit of galangal. Oh man, but the intestines, they have that perfect balance of chewy, crunchy, crispy, like, everything, all the textures in your mouth. As you do keep on chewing
the flavors release. I think right here, this one is the snout. Look at that, it’s just pure. (giggles) I think this one is the
pig nose, the snout. Mm, oh, oh the snout, dude. It’s so fatty and gelatinous
but the edges are so crispy. Mm, mm, oh that is like a burst of smokey, fattiness in your mouth. (speaking foreign language). We got some (speaking foreign language). This is made from some type of a mushroom, but made with some chilies in there too. Mm. Oh, oh that is, that’s insatianally good. But you’ve got the roasted green chilies, but at the same time you
have that meaty flavor from the mushrooms. And this is some type of a, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of
this, but it’s like a beef, oh there’s lemongrass in there, a beef stew or a beef soup. Oh, that tastes like beef stew, but with more of a
lemongrass flavor to it. And this one is the
(speaking foreign language), which is a young jackfruit curry. There’s also pork bones in here. They topped it with
cilantro and green onions. And then this is a chunk
of the young jackfruit. Like a light pork soup, and
the pieces of young jackfruit are kind of, they’re starchy. They’re starchy rather than sweet at that stage when it’s a young jackfruit. And finally we just wanted to try their (speaking foreign language), which, so you gotta
kinda turn the bowl here, because it has a lip and there’s a shadow, but this is one of Ying’s favorite dishes, Northern Thai dishes, and so
we had to try some of that. Oh, that pork just flakes
apart, it’s so tender. Oh, I lost my sticky rice. Mm, mm yeah. Ying is the best judge at
(speaking foreign language). What do you think, Ying? – It’s very good. – The ginger is really nice in there. You taste the pickled garlic as well. Just that slightly part flavor. The ginger stands out though, and that pork is really, really tender. Man, that was some incredibly good food. I think the thing that stood out to me. Their (speaking foreign
language) was delicious with the fried egg on top, but their mixed grill,
man, this is a place that you wanna get some
takeaway grilled meat for your next party, that is for sure. And we got our bill. The total bill for all
that food came to 390 baht. We’ve gotta move kind of quickly now, because we’ve gotta get
to the next restaurant right as they open, because otherwise they’re only open for three hours per day. We wanna get there right as they open to get that first selection. They sell out very fast. But yeah, just as you have
probably noticed already since we’ve been eating this morning. Northern Thai food is
quite heavy on the meat, and yeah, people love to eat meat so we’re gonna eat like the ultimate of meat dishes in Northern Thailand next. (upbeat music) And it’s right along
the side of the highway. It just opened up, it’s 11 right now, but already all of these cars, everyone is rushing for the laap. (upbeat music) Yes, this is the spot right here. There’s almost like a bar counter seating at the front and then you walk back into the yard, into the house here. I’m not even sure if
they have a menu here, but Ying instructed that we need to order the (speaking foreign language), which is the, it’s buffalo laap, minced buffalo raw. Oh, there it is right there. It’s only been open for like five minutes and those are the orders already. Actually all the seats are taken already. (upbeat music) Just from the way he moves the bowl, he is such a master. He’s focused on the laap. That’s all raw minced buffalo. So it’s really, dark, dark
like maroon, beat red. He adds in a lot of
(speaking foreign language), which is the bile. He adds in some powders,
some spices, he mixes that. He almost mixes it like
a cake batter style, revolving the pan as he scoops and stirs, mixing all these spices. Oh, that looks so good and people are here just waiting now. This is the takeaway section. You know it’s a good spot
when there’s a buffalo skull hanging in the kitchen. Look how cool this is. This is something you’ll
rarely see anymore. The traditional style. This is the coconut shell on a stick. We’ve been waiting for probably, yeah, 40 minutes, but it’s
gonna be so worth the wait. They already had quite a few, like at least 10 or 15
orders before we got here, and we got here at 11:02. (speaking foreign language) She just brought us the
(speaking foreign language), and that is the dish that everybody. You can order, they probably
have only five things on their menu, but this is a dish that everybody orders here. This is what you come here for. He added heaps, not only,
he scooped in at least, in that bowl, at least five
giants spoons of green bile. Oh, oh, hot. – [Joel] I’m drooling. – Oh, look at that, it’s so fine. Oh, and cool, that’s
like the texture of jam. It literally looks like strawberry jam. – Cheers, man. (chuckling) – Oh, wow. Okay, I’m just speechless. I just wanna lick my fingers. (chuckling) It literally is like jam. It’s such a fine grind. Maybe even like liquified buffalo. – It’s almost like– – But it’s like jelly a little bit, ’cause of the blood. (giggling) – That’s thick. – It’s like a buffalo’s
meat, and then he does, oh man, he’s such a master. It has that perfect bitter bite, but not overpowering. And makhwaen, I think there’s
some makhwaen in there, which is the citron, pepper-like spice, we have a little bit of zing. And just the fact that he
beat it like a cake batter, that took out all the air bubbles and probably coagulated the blood, so that’s why it’s kind of
almost like smoothie-ish. I cannot wait to take another bite. Look at the texture of that. That is a ground breaking plate of laap. And then you gotta have a herb basket when you eat laap. I’m gonna go in for some of this one, is the (speaking foreign language), which is english is often
called Vietnamese coriander. – Thanks, man. (upbeat music) – And that just goes so
well, that cleans the palate. We also got some (speaking
foreign language). This is the soup that’s boiling with a lot of animals parts
in it in the back there, in the kitchen. Oh yeah, there’s meat in here, there’s lung, there’s all the organs. That looks great, I’m gonna grab. Oh, did I score a piece of rumen? That could be an inner-stomach
chunk right there. (upbeat music) Oh yeah. That’s a grassy, livery chunk. I got a little bit of digested
grass in that bite for sure. That’s a soothing broth. Maybe a little bit of this. A little bit of this dry spice blood. (upbeat music) – Oh, with the extra spice blood. Oh, that is I think mostly makhwaen. You wanna be a little bit careful. Look at those thorns. Just be careful of those thorns. Mm, it’s bitter and then
followed by sweetness. (laughing) – The best price and the best taste– – Of laap.
– Of laap– – In Northern Thailand.
– In Northern Thailand. – Yes, he has just informed us. And it was, it was so good. Another Northern Thai
dish that they have here is called (speaking foreign language). It can be raw, but we got the
(speaking foreign language), which it’s like, flash blanched. It’s slices of meat,
also mixed with spices. You can see the garlic in there. You can see the herbs. There may be some digestive juices and liquids in there as well, but then that also looks delicious. Oh. Oh wow. It’s so bitter it’s almost sweet. You’ve got a jolt of
bile bitterness in there. That’s a digestive meat
broth that you wanna just let your sticky rice soak in. (upbeat music) Wow. From appearance it looks like an average, slightly sauteed beef dish, but I can assure you there’s enough flavor in there
to just excite your mouth and tongue for days. That flavor might linger
on your tongue for days. – So I think… Is this 300 baht? – 200 baht. Half a kilo. – Half a kilo. So we got (speaking foreign language). 100 grams, they got 500 grams. – That’s half a kg of the laap. They know what they’re doing. You’d be definitely getting it wrong by only getting 100 grams. – Oh, yeah. – We should have gotten the half kg. (speaking foreign language) – The guy sitting behind
us that we just left from, they said this is the best… They think it’s the best place for laap in all of Northern Thailand, and that’s really quite a bold claim, but I would not argue
with them whatsoever. – I think I’m a bit
buzzing from all that bile. My mouth is buzzing, I’m
even stumbling a little bit. – Man, if we ended this food
tour right now, right here I would be very, very happy, but I think we might have
to go to one more place just to like, just to eat some more food and just gather our thoughts after that. Oh, Ying, that was the
greatest plate of laap I’ve ever had in my entire life. (speaking foreign language) Oh, Ying, it was unbelievable. And by the way, thank you to Ying. She is the one that… She discovered that spot for us. She said that we had to go there. Thank you, Ying. – You welcome. (upbeat music) – We made it to the final place. This is the final laap restaurant. Northern Thai restaurant. It’s called (speaking foreign language), and it’s actually quite packed right now. It’s kind of a whole courtyard area. This restaurant specializes in laap, but they also have a number, quite a mix of Northern Thai dishes, including a few curries and soups and some things from the grill as well. (upbeat music) I think most of the
dishes have just arrived. The two center pieces,
these are the two laaps that we got, but then we
got also some other dishes that we had to taste. Check out this mountain of lemongrass, this (speaking foreign language). Okay but let’s come back to that later. Sticky rice. You can actually see the
chili seeds in there. Oh wow, that is like a, it
looks like frog skin almost. Okay, but I’m gonna save that for later. I’m just gonna go into this. – [Joel] So soft. – Look at all the herbs and stuff, and the spices in there. But you can see how that’s
not nearly as red dark as the buffalo. (upbeat music) That is incredibly good too. The bitterness, the bile in there, and the the makhwaen
that comes in so nicely. That citrusy, zinginess,
look at that texture. (upbeat music) You could say… It’s not, it kinda has that snappy, cartilag texture to it. Then next, this is a cooked plate of laap made with pig, pork. You can see the toasted garlic in there, the cilantro and the green onions and the fried garlic on top. – [Both] Yes. – The garlicky goodness, oh my. – They cooked is so good as well. It’s all the same spices
as in the raw version. Just it’s more like a warm feel, as apposed to the refreshing
coolness of raw meat. Slightly soured, slightly
fermented pork little riblets. Mm, oh yes. So salty, it’s so crispy,
it’s so fatty, oily. That is awesome. (chuckles) Next dish is called
(speaking foreign language). I think it’s mostly shin pieces of beef. A mix of beef that’s steamed. And then served with
(speaking foreign language), which is red eyed chili sauce. – We’ve had so much meat today, and I’m still excited for each bite. Look at that. (upbeat music) – This is straight up, like a Sunday roast with a really smooth chili taste. It’s actually not spicy. Well rounded in flavor. You taste the chili, you taste something fermented in there. Oh yeah. Oh. Oh, that one has like a, like a lemon feel, lime feel, zest to it. The next dish is called
(speaking foreign language) and it’s with fish, and
this is a Northern curry. I’ve never had it before. There’s fish in it, and lotus stems in it. You can see the curry paste in it. It looks like a sauce almost. It tastes pickled almost. Like the whole curry’s pickled, and then you’ve got the
crunch of those lotus stems. Like that same kind of
crispness of celery, but really soft and
tender at the same time. The (speaking foreign language). It’s a fried fish and
(speaking foreign language) just means like a mix of Thai herbs, which is mostly lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves in this case. Dip that into the sauce,
and maybe chase it with some of that lemongrass,
that fried lemongrass. Mm. That’s just, it’s just like classic good. The crunchy fried fish, the
sour, garlicky chili sauce, the fragrance of lemongrass. (upbeat music) It’s deep fried strands of
lemongrass, it’s so good. Oh, that’s good. The bile, it never gets old. I can say with certainty that
this is one of the best days of Northern Thai food in Chiang Mai. Well, without a doubt the
best day of food in Chiang Mai that I’ve ever had. I’ll have all the information
of all the restaurants we ate at in the description box below so you can check them out. And I wanna say a big thank you to you for watching this video. Please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and
leave a comment below, and also if you’re not already subscribed, click subscribe and click
that little bell icon. I’m gonna be publishing lots more food and travel videos and yeah, lots more delicious food to come. So thanks for watching. See you on the next video.

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