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Thai Style Mango Curry with Seared Salmon

Thai Style Mango Curry with Seared Salmon

[Elizabeth]: Hi! I’m chef Elizabeth
and welcome to The Braided Apron. Healthy food does not
have to be bland. Try my Thai-style Mango Curry
with Seared Salmon, the perfect example. The first step to this recipe
is making the curry paste. The whole thing kind of
revolves around it. So I’ve got everything
on this board, and I’m going to dump it
into my blender. We have cardamom, which kind of tastes like
anise a little bit, Then we have cumin, which is
sort of that taco flavor, it’s going to add some earthiness, and some coriander,
which I love. It’s actually the seed of
the cilantro plant. Then we’re going to add
ginger root, and some garlic. We’re going to add some
lemongrass. This is one of my favorite
ingredients, lemongrass. We’ve got two stalks here. Then onion. We’ve got
lime zest, cilantro stems, one of the things I love
about this is that Thai culture uses every
part of the plant and they would even
use the root. And then mango
for extra flavor. We’re going to add some
fish sauce. Fish sauce is going to add salt. It’s actually fermented fish,
so think of it as soy sauce, but made with fish
instead of soybeans. Don’t worry, the fishy flavor goes
away once we cook this. Then Sriracha, about two table spoons. I’m adding just a little coconut oil
so this will blend a touch easier, I’ve warmed this up. I first tried different kinds of curry, when I was a student…
… in culinary school, and decided to study in
Singapore and Malaysia, so that I could figure out how to make all those delicious
flavors in my own kitchen. OK, let’s take a peek. It smells so good! To begin cooking our curry paste, we want to start out with
our coconut milk. A mark of a good
Thai curry is that some of the curry paste has
separated out with that curry milk and created a little
red orange droplets. You can smell the heat
coming out of the chilies. So if you want a
spicier curry paste, you can put a lot of
chilies in there, fresh ones or you can
use Sriracha too. All right, so right now
we’re frying the paste. That means we’re
using oils to do this, it’s not just a dry technique. This is enhancing the flavor
and you’re starting to sort of bring to life all of those
wonderful flavors inside the paste. I know my
curry paste is ready to go when it’s drier like this. So we’re ready to add
our milk mixture to the pan to start making
our curry broth. Be careful when you do this, because the fat was on
the top for frying before, but the liquid, the water, is
kind of on the bottom there. So you don’t want to splash back. So to keep with our
healthy theme, I’ve chosen to use two
kinds of vegetables instead of accompanying
my curry with rice. These are just some green beans
that I’ve split right down the middle, it exposes the bean so that they
look really beautiful on the plate. I also have some
orange bell peppers, they have a great color and a wonderful flavor
for this dish. So for a little extra flavor, I’m going to put these right under
the broiler in our oven with just a touch of coconut oil
on top so they singe. Let’s throw them in the oven. I have just turned
my curry down, and I’m about to strain it. But I can tell that it’s
completely ready, because the top oil
is all red and beautiful. Um, but I’m going to pour it
through the strainer to make sure we don’t have
any of those lemongrass bits. Ooh-wee… they’re so beautiful! So that extra little bit of char is going to give us a whole
bunch of depth of flavor. This is all ready to go
back in our pan. We’ll set you aside,
then cook our salmon. Now my tip for this
is to keep it simple. I’ve got my salmon here and
I’m going to dry it off so that it gets a
nice crisp skin. All you need for that is
a little paper towel. It’s full of healthy fats, and we’re
going to cook it in more healthy fats, with just a little salt. So put the salt right
on the salmon, and the hot coconut oil
in the pan, pop it right in there. I’m just flipping my salmon, they have
a beautiful golden brown crust. Now I’m turning down
the heat here, so it’s just going to be a medium heat,
it’s not going to take long to finish. Our salmon looks gorgeous. I’m just going to take this, place it on our plate. We’re going to pull this all together. I am going to taste
this delicious curry. Oh it is so good. It’s a little bit spicy, I like it a little bit sweet though. So I’m going to add
some brown sugar. Just a little bit though,
not too much ’cause we’re going to
add some mango and fish sauce for salt. Remember though,
you don’t need much because this is kind of
like soy sauce, it’s salty. and it’s nice and hot simmering, I’m going to add some mango cause
that will add some sweetness too. You want a mostly ripe
mango for this, but something that’s
still going to hold up. We are right where we want to be. Going turn that off and
get my plate ready to go. So we’re going to top this… … with our green beans… … some of our beautiful
orange bell peppers, a piece of salmon, This curry sauce is full of flavor. This is Thai basil. It smells kind of like black licorice. It’s not like regular basil,
it’s even better sometimes, and it makes this dish
taste amazing. We’re just going to put some
fresh leaves right on the top. They’re so good, you can eat a
whole leaf almost like lettuce. All the flavor of an
authentic Thai curry made leaner with vegetables
instead of rice and a seared piece of
beautiful salmon. It’s delicious, it’s gorgeous, and it’s a taste of Thailand
on a plate. For more fun recipes like this, find me, The Braided Apron
at I’m like fogging up the glasses. Edit it out, guys! Are we going to clean this?
I don’t know.

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