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Thank Norway for Your Salmon Sushi

Thank Norway for Your Salmon Sushi

– [Narrator] Salmon sushi isn’t Japanese. It’s Norwegian. – [Woman] Huh? Mm, sushi. – [Narrator] Okay, here’s the story. Until about 1995, raw salmon
was not consumed in Japan and this was for one big reason. Pacific salmon has parasites,
so no salmon sushi, sashimi, no spicy salmon, nothing. – [Woman] What? No way.
– But, obviously that all changed thanks
in part to this guy. – [Bjorn] Yes, my name
is Bjørn Eirik Olsen. – [Narrator] Norway had a problem. They had a lot of salmon
and too small a market. Looking east, they set
their sights on Japan, a country that loves raw fish so much, it’s willing to pay five times
the price for sushi-grade. So, Norway formed a
committee and hired Bjørn. – [Bjorn] From 1986 to 1991,
I worked for Project Japan. – [Narrator] Their job was to
convince Japanese consumers that Atlantic salmon
was safe to consume raw, and this was hard. Just take, for example, pork. If some guy from Norway
came here and said, here, eat our pork meat raw. It’s safe, it’s really yummy. We’d be like man, you’re crazy. – [Bjørn] It was basically
a matter of perception, so we had to change the
whole country’s opinion. – [Narrator] Bjørn and
his team got to work. They made the first-ever salmon rolls and served them to businessmen in Japan, which they didn’t like for a long time. – [Bjørn] It took actually 10 years to get the proper
breakthrough in the market. – [Narrator] So, there it is. Salmon sushi didn’t exist before 1995. Bjørn, on behalf of the
world, we thank you. (gentle instrumental music)

100 comments on “Thank Norway for Your Salmon Sushi

  1. Norwegian salmon is the most poisonous fish – and their idiots are still selling it – and idiots are buying it – let everyone know how many poisons will take Norwegian fish – and the idiots will be informed on the Mendeleev board -mvh for norvegian … M.

  2. In case you were curious, salmon sushi, despite not being native Japanese, is one of the most popular kinds of sushi in Japan today!

  3. What? I had Salmon sashimi in China in 1996… Because it's my first time eating​ raw fish, and I had a stuffed nose, Wasabi clear my nose right up.

  4. Classic style sushi bars in Japan don’t serve salmon sushi.
    If you order salmon sushi in a expensive Edomae style sushi bar, it means you are stupid. Be careful!

  5. So this is only for salmon sushi? Tho it didn't originally salmon, but japanese have served raw fish sushi since 1600ish.

  6. When you are about to go to in another video and a Great big story has a video that catches ur attention 🤔

  7. This wasn't really explained that well, the lady sounded so cringey, and why is the fucking camera so close to the mouth of the people eating the salmon?!

  8. I'm not sure if it's just our supplier or maybe the season, but at our Japanese restaurant, the salmon is my least favorite sashimi or nigiri. In sushi with other ingredients I dont mind as much, but all on its own, it has a distinct, chemical-like tank taste and smell to it. Our tuna is second worst. But once you get into the red snapper, yellowtail and surf clam, everything is fresh and wild tasting.

  9. Ok, so at the start it says “thank the Vikings for your sushi” yet Vikings were not Norwegian, they were danish

  10. I hate when they half-ass a video like this. I’m surprised they bothered to make the phone call. It’s little better than the old “Did You Know?” sidebars in Houghton-Mifflin textbooks.

  11. I don't like salmon sushi, ironic, because my profile is salmon. It always leaves a fishy taste in my mouth. I know you can get ride of that with the ginger, but I still don't like it.

  12. I make it myself I’m German and we have a River called the Nette and there are a lot of salmon that’s safe to eat I deep fry it for 7 days by -20degrees and then I take Sushi rice (Rice that’s washed 3 times and have a special Japanese sauce on it) and it’s soooooo good 😂

  13. Hey heres how
    Norwegian guy:Heres a Pacific salmon
    Japanese guy: mmm! Tastes good!
    after eating
    Norwegian guy: its actually Atlantic.
    Japanese guy: ok. bUt iT tAsTes gUd.

  14. If the Norwegian have plenty of salmon and very little market then why did they kept on fishing? It seems to me they only depleted the ocean unnecessaryily

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