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Thank you for supporting wild salmon

Thank you for supporting wild salmon

Hey there Adam Olsen here, member of the BC Green Caucus and MLA for Saanich North and the Islands and I’m just here
at Victoria’s Fisherman’s Wharf, where I just participated in an announcement
with Premier John Horgan and DFO Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, where they
announced a $140-million, actually more than a $140 million investment in wild salmon. This has been a piece of policy work
that I’ve led in the legislature since our election, and it’s an incredibly
important piece of policy work for British Columbians. Not only is it going
to be our past work but it’s also the present work and the future work of our
caucus, as we put a focus on the state of habitat in this province, habitat
protection, habitat restoration, and how our government is organized. When I look
back at the work that we’ve done, where we brought together passionate
salmon people around a table in Vancouver to have this discussion, I
guess it was going back into 2017 or early 2018 and it culminated in a report
called Standing up for Wild Salmon, where we called on a Wild Salmon Secretariat, which led to the the provincial government and the premier establishing
the Wild Salmon Advisory Council. The day in and day out, consistent and persistent
call for the provincial government to take wild salmon policy seriously has
paid dividends and it’s thanks to our work in the legislature, but more
than that, it’s thanks to the work of British Columbians for standing with us.
For you, for members, for members of the public to stand up with us and
echo that voice — amplify that voice right across this province that
British Columbians are passionate about salmon, that we need to protect their
habitats, that we need to ensure that their homes when they come back to them
after their long journey of going out into the Pacific Ocean, that their homes
are there for them in a way that allows them to create the next
generation of wild salmon. So, thank you and I raise my hands to the premier and
to Minister Wilkinson for their investments that they made, but I raise
my hands to you for helping amplify the work that
we’ve been doing in the legislature. So as we always say HÍSḴW̱E and thank you.

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