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The 1999 Tennessee Titans:  Was Jeff Fisher a Good Coach (The Houston / Tennessee Oilers in the 90s)

The 1999 Tennessee Titans: Was Jeff Fisher a Good Coach (The Houston / Tennessee Oilers in the 90s)

the Houston Oilers of the late 80s and
early 90s were incredibly talented on both sides of the ball
however these talented squads were never able to get past the divisional round of
the playoffs while experiencing some of the most heartbreaking postseason losses
consequently major changes are about to transpire as a rough journey would be on
hand leading up to the franchise’s best season 90 sports the soldier presents
the 1999 Tennessee Titans was Jeff Fisher good coach and don’t forget to
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the channel for the upcoming 1994 season a sailor cap was going to be in play for
the first time the major problems were looming for the Oilers with the advent
of the NFL salary cap furthermore owner Bud Adams also threatened a dismantle
the team if Houston didn’t win the Superbowl consequently a dozen stars
from the 93 team were no longer the 1994 roster according to the Los Angeles
Times the Houston Oilers demise occurred quite rapidly as a team of two and 14 in
1994 in addition home attendance was the second worst in the league as
aggravation among the fans toward Bud Adams was increasing head coach Jack
Pardee was fired during the 94 season and was replaced by defensive
coordinator Jeff Fisher would completely change the identity of the Oilers in a
positive manner drastic changes and major roster overhaul would occur from
1994 to 1995 gone was the run-and-shoot offense and in was Jeff Fisher’s
philosophy that was learned from his mentor buddy Ryan this brand of football
included highly physical play and aggressive style and to go after the
quarterback Hart the Oilers didn’t prove by five wins in
1995 Chris Chandler was a starting quarterback and did a decent job working
quarterback Steve McNair who the Oilers selected third overall during the 95
draft was mostly on the bench obviously more talk about McNair later
on the most disappointing aspect about the season was when Bud Adams announced
the team will moved to Nashville when the lease to the Astrodome ended after
the 1997 campaign the fan resentment was already high against Adams as oil baron
wanted a new stadium but the city of Houston disapproved the 1996 season for
the Houston Oilers saw more dwindling crowds as a team went Eden eight which
included a two and six record at home Jeff Fischer found his ideal running
back in Eddie George who was the offensive Rookie of the Year
additionally Houston was not a bad team they’re one of the most physical teams
in NFL however this 1996 season was like a lame duck season that’s because the
NFL proved the move to Nashville a year early
thus the Houston Oilers became a Tennessee Oilers in 1997 during the two
seasons as a Tennessee Oilers Jeff Fisher’s teams finished with a couple
more of aidan eight seasons but here’s what needs to be mentioned this move
from Houston at Tennessee was so ill-prepared and so rushed it is hard to
find any positive comments about those two seasons in Tennessee while Nashville
is constructing the new stadium the 1997 Tennessee Oilers played in Memphis at
the Liberty Bowl which is a college stadium the locals of Memphis didn’t
seem too interested in the Oilers considering they were going to be
Nashville’s team in the future the attendance was atrocious which
forced a team to move to Vanderbilt Stadium for the 1998 season and it’s a
shame that a team that established a new identity with quality players so quickly
had to be part of possibly the most unprepared relocation NFL history which
include the worst facilities by far for an NFL team at the time but the team
stuck together and the new state of Nashville was ready to debut along with
a new logo and a new name the Tennessee Titans had arrived in 1999 Jeff Fisher
steams are typically strong in the defensive line that area strength was
even going to get even more vicious for the 99 season as the Tennessee Titans
drafted Jevon Kearse 16th overall in the 1999 NFL Draft
furthermore the Titans were entering the 99th season with one of the best
secondaries in the league which was led by veterans Blaine Bishop and Marcus
Robertson in addition underrated linebacking core would also make
Tennessee one of the better defensive teams meanwhile on the other side of the
ball Tennessee’s offensive line was not one
to mess with with bruce matthews Jon Runyan and Brad Hopkins Eddie George’s
physical yet productive style was a perfect complement to the o-line and
Jeff Fisher’s philosophy to go on with one of the best blocking fullbacks ever
and Lorenzo Neal but what about the quarterback position Steve McNair was
entering his fifth season McNair was not a good pocket passer at this time but he
was the epitome of what a Jeff Fisher player is tough plays with so much heart
a great leader and has the knack of making big plays at crucial moments the
receiving corps was a spectacular with players like Nancy Thigpen and Kevin
Dyson but a young Derrick Mason was a back of wide receiver who would later
develop into a consistent 1,000 yard receiver tight end Frank wycheck was a
reliable pass catcher for McNair who could block and was a three-time
pro-bowler the Titans first game in the new stadium was an entertaining one up
2607 is since any bagels stormed back to take the lead 35 to 26 but Steve McNair
being typical Steve McNair lettuce team back to score ten points in the fourth
quarter while playing and an injured ankle consequently Mignola’s the next
five games Neal O’Donnell will be the quarterback in charges Tennessee would
go for one during these five games which include a hard-fought win against an
excellent Jacksonville Jaguars team one these guys later on but after the Titans
Bible McNair would return for a matchup against undefeated st. Louis Rams and
the first season as a greatest show on turf the Rams have been demolishing
their opponents thus far however this would not be the case this time around
as Tennessee spurning out to a 21 is zero leader
st. Louis fiercely came back to make it 24 21 however Rams kicker Jeff Wilkins
miss a game-tying field goal with seconds remaining
Tennessee then continued to play solid football to breast this season but would
lose badly when McNair would throw multiple interceptions in a game
Tennessee would always be looking up in their division at the Jacksonville
Jaguars were playing even better football a week 16 matchup was on the
horizon in Nashville with the Jaguars at Tennessee but with no way to explain it
McNair was outstanding in this going against one the best defenses as
he went 23 at 33 for 291 yards and five touchdowns as a Titans defeated the
jaguars 41 to 14 Tennessee finished 13 and 3 as Jacksonville finished fortune
in two but both of those losses come into the Titans Tennessee’s wild card
matchup was against the Buffalo Bills and it was not a pretty game for the
quarterbacks it was a physical battle that was one and one of the most
controversial plays in NFL history the Music City miracle nonetheless Tennessee
Titans advance and idiotic cliches begin springing up about the Titans being a
team of destiny during the divisional round Tennessee got past paid to Manning
was making his playoff debut and the Indianapolis Colts 19 is 16 by playing
typical Jeff Fisher Tennessee Titans football a physical play and going after
the quarterback card then during the AFC Championship game a matchup was doing
with a powerful Jacksonville Jaguars strangely Jacksonville turn the ball
over six times and racked up nine penalties 400 yards as Tennessee
dismantled the Jags 33 to 14 Tennessee’s matchup in a Super Bowl would also be
rematch from the regular season against the st. Louis Rams the first half wasn’t
too eventful the Rams moved Upton down the field but had trouble getting the
ball in the end zone on the other side Tennessee struggled offensively and so
did the Titans kicking game despite being so I’ll played in the first half
Tennessee was only down 9 to 0 at halftime and the plus side that Titans
were playing their typical aggressive style and truly punished Rams
quarterback Kurt Warner in the pocket on multiple occasions the second half was
Tennessee’s as it got deeply physical and stuck to the game plan by running
the ball which led to the Titans tying up the Rams 16 is 16 late in the fourth
quarter unfortunately a 73-yard prayer from Kurt Warner to Isaac Bruce put the
Rams up 2316 with just under 2 minutes in play luckily the Titans head Steve
McNair what the building make plays when it counts and put together an
entertaining dry but on the final play McNair hit Kevin Dyson who was tackled
on the one-yard line as time expired thus ending the
t99 tennessee titan season but what about the man who is at the helm Jeff
Fisher and was he a good coach during the end of Jeff Fisher’s tenure with the
Rams and then after his termination with that club questions have been raised in
regards if Jeff Fisher was a good coach as labels such as overrated began to
circle around the sports media world records at times can only tell a
fraction of story but can also show to see a Jeff Fisher’s case going beyond
the numbers needs to be looked at as mentioned earlier the 94 Oilers were a
mess and it’s remarkable how quickly Fisher and GM Floyd Reese turn it around
when seven games in 1995 was quite a feat but it may even be more remarkable
that the Oilers went eight and eight the next three seasons when considering all
the problems as for mentioned that the Oilers had to go through yet Fisher’s
somehow kept the team together made them competitive and highly physical despite
not having good quarterback was efficient from the pocket at the time
and the Titans name was established with NFL quality facilities and a home bishop
took the Titans to the Super Bowl it can wonder wonder what that record could
have been in previous seasons if the accommodations were better nonetheless
from 1999 to 2003 the Tennessee Titans were one of the best teams in NFL thanks
to Jeff Fisher subsequently the Titans had to rebuild from 2004 to 2006 as all
coaches will have a rough period due to free agency and the cell cap and
especially if you don’t have a quarterback the nearest play was
dwindling quickly many of the players from the 99 Super Bowl team were gone
but after rebuilding the defense the fish is liking getting back to pounding
the ball the Titans had success however Tennessee decline in subsequent years
and Fisher was not going to get another opportunity to rebuild Tennessee again
but dig another opportunity with the st. Louis Rams which is not too spectacular
an average at best here’s the best way to sum up Jeff Fisher as a coach his
players trust them play hard and will mostly execute his philosophy a Jeff
Fisher team we highly intensive physical but pressure on the quarterback and a
lot of strong defensive lines on the other hand the past game has always had
its issue with the Jeff Fisher team the question I asked is Jeff Fisher a good
coach but I think a better question should be what I want Jeff Fisher as my
coach to put it simply if we’re the 80s or 90s
I want it minded even in the early 2000s during this era Fisher was an excellent
coach but starting a 2004 and in subsequent years rule
changes were made to enhance the past game which paved the way for the way the
NFL’s being played today and therefore the styles of the hard-nosed
philosophies of like Marty Schottenheimer or Bill Cowher or Jeff
Fisher makes it extremely hard to have consistent success season after season
in today’s game you need a quarterback who can consistently make plays in the
passing game and move the chains and therefore I wouldn’t want Jeff Fisher as
my head coach in today’s game but you can’t overlook the tremendous coach and
Jeff Jeff Fisher did in the mid to late 90s which led to the Tennessee Titans
having their most successful NFL season in franchise history in 1999

11 comments on “The 1999 Tennessee Titans: Was Jeff Fisher a Good Coach (The Houston / Tennessee Oilers in the 90s)

  1. Thank you for watching this video and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE. My apology for some grammar mistakes and some microphone issues that didn't completely pick up all of the consonants.

  2. I’d really appreciate it if Tennessee just gave Houston the rights to the Oilers. Like Warren Moon said, “ It didn’t feel right up there. I never played in front of these people and yet they are retiring my jersey and number.” That’s the one thing I don’t like is that Tennessee just went and ruined the whole reputation of the Oilers and their fan base.

  3. He was a good coach tbh he just dealt with too many injuries. He drafted some great talent that made the team way better. Unlike other coaches he benched his first pick QB so he can learn from the starter and become better unlike other rookie QB’s who start and end up being a huge upset. He was just overall a very patient coach and didn’t rush anything , like drafting Todd gurley and letting him rest up and that’s what made him successful

  4. Jeff Fisher was mediocre at best . Bud Adams made impatient,irrational decisions when it comes to coaches.He fired yearly playoff bound coaches Bum Phillips,Jerry Glanville, Jack Pardee and kept a coach who only delivered 6 winning seasons in 17 years.The number one thing you have to remember that Hard nosed style of play that Fisher instilled only lasts for a short time.Any good defensive coordinator worth his salt can easily put together a game plane to stop that style of play.Fisher teams were some of the worst when it came to passing the ball and he did not have any real play makers. The Oiler's of the early 90's suffered from bad defensive breakdowns late in those playoff games in which they should have won. Houston Football Fans are better off without Bud Adams however I WISH they Texans could retain the Oilers History and Name.

  5. Blaine Bishop hard hitting Strong Safety

    Marcus Robertson Coverage Free Safety

    Samari Rolle Cornerback

    Sidney Phoenix Cornerback

  6. Eddie George 1st round pick out of Ohio State University in 1996

    1996/97 Offensive Rookie Of the Year 🏆

  7. Yes he was a good coach for a while in Tennessee, the reason he has a mediocre reputation is ultimately because the game passed him by and was still trying to coach like it was the 90s/00s.

  8. At least with the rams his legacy would be drafting Goff, Gurley and Donald which are our superstars now

  9. Jeff Fisher was excellent head coach you just go look at the 99 Titans 1999 13-3 wild card AFC championship super bowl appearance and 00 titian's 13-3 AFC central champions, 01 titian's 7-9 and 02 titian's 11-5 AFC South Champions AFC championship appearance in a loss to AFC champion Oakland raiders the 2003 Tennessee Titans 12- 4 beating the Baltimore Ravens in the wild-card game and I lost in the divisional game versus the New England Patriots your eventual super bowl champions the Tennessee Titans from 1999 to 2004 had one of the best records in the NFL you been tying to St Louis Rams for the best record in the NFL I kind of think about the 96-98 Titans they could have made the playoffs that year

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