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The Amazing History Of Fish Oil

The Amazing History Of Fish Oil

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of fish-oil a breakthrough in medicine practice happened 550 million years ago
was brought about by single-cell algae there was an explosion in biological
diversity as multi cell organisms started to evolve from single-cell algae
these new organisms had to develop a communication system to enable
specialized cells to transmit messages to one another the purpose of
communication was to way one was to build nerve connections between
specialized cells and the other involved the use of hormones eicosanoids were the
first hormones product of these communications and they utilized fats in
cell membranes as their building blocks these eicosanoids don’t just use any
type of fat for their synthesis but they also require the long-chain highly
saturated fat polyunsaturated which is only found in algae derived fats and
this is what many scientists of today believed to be the cause of breakthrough
that separated smart man from average man some 150,000 years ago our ancestors
had discovered that fats or fish oil makes them smart the healthy eicosanoids
that are derived from those fats that control our health today the omega-3
rich fish oil the first recorded production of fish oil happened in 1775
in england however when the cod was brought back from america the livers
appeared to be disgusting as it were slapped unto the filthy streets of
london for the oil reduce out this was collected together with other stuffs on
the streets and sold as cod liver oil despite of its filthy beginnings for
many people at that time the crude liver oil was considered a miracle oil for
diseases like arthritis the cod liver oil isn’t actually contaminated by
street sewage but it’s still full of industrial contaminants like mercury and
PCBs these contaminants pollute the waters where cod live because of this
the end products has some foul taste that turned the stomach of every child
in America who took it to generations ago so while it’s true that one
tablespoon of cod liver oil supplies 2.5 grams of long-chain
omega-3 fatty acids it is also true that it supplies contaminants in a high dose
of vitamin A which is stored in the body’s fat tissues and can cause toxic
effects like hair loss if taken in high enough doses the final breakthrough in
fish oils happened when ultra refined epa and DHA concentrate omega-3 product
was developed BPA and DHA are almost found exclusively in seafoods
the process required advanced chemical engineering that starts with the removal
of most of the saturated fat by fractional distillation and the removal
of virtually all the PCBs measured in parts per billion by more sophisticated
molecular distillation in the process called polishing impurities are removed
through hot water the fish oil are also added with antioxidants for longer life
and added nutrients with these innovations a new type of fish oil was
developed the end product ensures you to have a concentrated amount of long-chain
omega-3 fatty acids without unwanted substances like chemical contaminants or
harmful fatty acids that can harm your well being it is only with the use of
pharmaceutical grade fish oil that you can get high enough levels of long-chain
omega-3 fats for your brain and body the effect of the high grade fish oil
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