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The Benefits Of Omega-3 Fats

The Benefits Of Omega-3 Fats

When it comes to eating healthy there are plenty of nutrients we hear we’re
supposed to be eating, but do you know why? In today’s, HealthyEats, Jackie is sitting
down with an expert to learn why omega-3
fats are important. (upbeat music) – Hey guys it Jackie and
today I’m here with Vicki and we’re talking today
about omega-3 fats. So to start out Vicki for people who don’t
know what that is let’s just go over what
exactly an omega-3 fat is. – Omega-3 fats are a
type of unsaturated fat. They are the healthy
fats found in fish, so such as salmon,
halibut, tuna, mackerel, and also plants like seeds. So flax seed, chia
seed, hemp seed, and also walnuts are high
in omega-3 fatty acids. – So they’re an important part of helping our
bodies live healthy? – Absolutely, oh my gosh, they help with
cardiovascular health, so they help keep
your heart healthy, they help keep
your brain healthy, so with cognitive effects. They actually can benefit
your mood, your memory, they fend of
inflammation in the body. So they’re really such
a beneficial fatty acid to eat on a regular basis. – [Jackie] These are
really important things to be working into our diet. What are the recommendations
for how often we should be eating
omega-3 fats? – DHA and EPA, those
are the two omega-3 fats that are in fish. You should be thinking about
getting fish twice a week, so four to six
ounces, twice a week, is really beneficial. Seeds and nuts, like walnuts, contain a different type
of omega-3, called ALA, which you definitely wanna
get in on a daily basis. – The easiest way to
incorporate all this is to see a recipe and you
have one prepared for us. What are we making today? – Yes, we’re making a
tuna salad stuffed pepper. It’s super easy to make–
– Okay. – You just take your pepper and you’re going to just cut
the top of the pepper off. Then you’re gonna take these
seeds and the membranes out, save the top for later. So what we’re going to do
is make the tuna salad. – [Jackie] Okay, so we’ve
already got the tuna in here.
– Yes. – And we’re gonna add all this, what’s this right here?
– Yes, you’re gonna add
some Dijon mustard and then this is plain yogurt.
– Okay. – So I’m going to
use a little bit of plain Greek-style
yogurt because it gives it a little more protein as well. And then I am going to just cut, chop a little bit of shallots, I love to add some
shallots to this. Just mix that in,
and just a touch, you don’t have to do too much. And I like to also just add
in a little fresh herbs. I’m gonna use rosemary today and then you’re
just gonna stuff it into your pepper. – So I think the big takeaway is that we wanna be mindful about incorporating
Omega-3 fats into our diet and that’s easy to do if
you know some good recopies. – Absolutely, omega-3’s are
so good for like I said, heart healthy, brain
health, cell health, defending off that inflammation. So get your omega-3’s
in on a regular basis. – Okay, great. Thank you so much, Vicki. – Thank you. – And if you’re cooking
recipes with omega-3 fats we wanna see what you’re making. Tag us on Instagram
at livinghealthytv.

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