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The Best Background Color For Your Aquarium

The Best Background Color For Your Aquarium

Hello everyone. Believe it or not,
background colors for your fish tank makes a big difference on how your fish
looks. In this video, I’ll be testing different color backgrounds for a dark
colored guppy and then for a light colored guppy. There’s no one right
answer, it’s all personal preference> But you can be the judge on which color
background you like the best. Here are male Dumbo mosaic Guppies with
9 different color backgrounds. Some of these backgrounds really enhances the
blue dumbo ears, whereas other backgrounds makes the dumbo ears almost
look black. Same thing with the tail, some of the backgrounds enhances the red tail
while other backgrounds make the tail look dark. It’s hard to pick the best background, but
I like the blue and the orange backgrounds. Which background is your favorite? Here are male sunset micarrif guppies
with nine different color backgrounds. In my opinion, these guppies look better
with the darker backgrounds. My favorite background has to be the
blue or the purple. To me, they bring out the best yellow and orange in the fish.
Which background do you like? These are my favorites. I’ll love to hear
which ones you like. I hope you found this video helpful and thanks for watching.

9 comments on “The Best Background Color For Your Aquarium

  1. Nice work! I think it may have something to do with contrasting or complementary colors.  For example, red and green are on opposite side of the color wheel, as such they contrast or complement each other. Blue and orange is another example.

  2. For the Dumbo Mosaics, I like the pink. I think the blue pectoral fins (err… wings) look ultra cool and bluest with this background. For the Neon Micariffs, I like the blue. The yellow and reds seem to contrast best against the blue.

  3. I love your videos and your set up…lucky for u living in Hawaii!
    I have been trying to buy several dumbo mosaic guppies like yours with no luck. I live in Asheville NC 28787. Do u have any answers for me? Thanks

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