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The Best Cheap Salt Fish in NYC || 5 Buck Lunch

The Best Cheap Salt Fish in NYC || 5 Buck Lunch

– [Prez] My name is Prez,
and I work at Thrillist. Around these parts, I’m known
as the 5 Dollar Lunch Guy. Every episode, I’m gonna put you guys onto the very finest New York
grub for $5 or less. (Prez sighs) Fishing, in New York? Are you serious? I mean, I know we’re
trying to save money but– (grunts) What if we catch a dead body? OK, salted fish. Thank God — listen, I am no
good on a witness stand, but judging Jamaican food, I can do that. I’m Jamaican, so I’m no
stranger to salt fish. Now, if I had to explain to somebody, I would say that it’s cod
that’s preserved in salt. Then it’s boiled to
take off the salt crust and rehydrate the fish. Then, it’s sautéed with onions, peppers, sometimes
fruit like ackees. But when you think about it, the name’s really not that sexy. It’s literally salted fish. But today, we’re headed to
Rowe’s Restaurant in Bed-Stuy, where I hear the Jamaican food is legit. But when my base reference
is my mom’s home cooking, this might be our most
difficult mission yet. It’s five bucks somewhere. Do the drop. (jazzy music) Have you ever had Jamaican food before? – Um, once. – I love Jamaican food. It’s
one of my favorite kinds. – I have. – What do you love about Jamaican food? – Ooh, curry goat, rice and peas. I mean, you got morning
dishes as well like porridge. – Oxtail. – I’m not from New York,
but that’s the classic… It’s the, what’s the name of the– – Beef patty. There you go, you got it. – Rasta pasta, I had sorrel. – Jerk chicken. – Have you ever heard of
a dish called salt fish? – No.
– Bacalao, maybe? Another name?
– Yes. – Bacalao, they have the
same one in Portugal. – They have the same
one in Portugal, right? – For breakfast, right? – For breakfast, there you go, good! If you have to describe it for
somebody who’s never had it, what would you tell them it is? – I’d tell them it’s
like the jerky of fish. – Mmm, oh that’s so good! – The skin is dehydrated,
so it absorbs better, the ingredients. – Do you feel like salt fish
maybe serves the proper name to kind of make it sound appetizing? – I think they could get a better name. I don’t know if I’d try it. I mean, fish jerky, maybe? – Oh, fish jerky! – Sexy name? Rihanna fish. – Ooh, OK OK. I could do with that. – I would probably eat a
Rihanna fish in the morning. – I would eat a Rihanna
fish every day of the week. I am so sorry. A lot of folks are more
familiar with jerk and oxtail when they think of Jamaican food. But they might be more
likely to grab a salt fish if it was called, like, Jamaican Breakfast or Fisherman’s Delight
or Sexy Yum Yum Times. You know what I mean? Here we are 310 Tompkins [Avenue],
Rowe’s Restaurant. No frills on the outside. That makes me think they
maybe have a poppin’ delivery and takeout situation inside. And I can smell the food from over here, so let’s go inside. Hey, what’s goin’ on, man, how you doin’? – I’m good, man, and you? – I’m good, I’m fantastic. So, this is my first time
to Rowe’s Restaurant. What do people need to
know about this place? – Wow, we started this business
approximately 13 years ago. We brought our recipe from back home which is No. 1 in the world. And the recipe we don’t really
discuss with anybody else. It’s typically Rowe’s recipe. – What is your favorite dish here? – My favorite dish?
– Mm-hmm. – Oh my God.
– Puttin’ you under pressure. – No, my favorite dish is jerk chicken. – Jerk chicken?
– Yes. – OK, OK, so I’m
here for the salt fish. So I’ll take the salt fish
with the fried dumpling, and yeah, I guess I’ll
find out how good it is. – Most definitely. – All right, thanks so much. (jazzy music) – Yo, $5 family,
look at this thing. Jesus! I don’t know if I’ve
ever seen so much food for $5. Here we go, guys. Godd*mn. Mmm, you know, I gotta say, these flavors are
incredible, very intense, and they immediately transport
me back to my childhood. I mean, minus the fact that
I used to dress like a slob, but I mean, let’s stick to the food here. Look at these colors. Of course you have the red and the green from the peppers and tomatoes. And of course you get a
nice kicking of onion, which will lend itself nicely to flavor. If I had to compare salt fish to anything, for people who might not
know what salt fish is, I would say it’s like if
bacon and sardines had a baby. You get the saltiness from the bacon, but of course you get
the texture of a sardine. The way that all of the
different ingredients kind of find their way into every nook
and cranny of a pulled meat, this is is the same kind of texture and the same kind of effect. Take a look how big this is. If you go to a lot of
other Jamaican joints, they’re much smaller than
this, they’re not as, they’re just kind of
like a round fried ball, which is kind of cute, I
still mess with it, but. A proper fried dumpling has
a thin crust on the outside, and it’s super soft and sweet inside. Look at that. Light crust. Now the most popular way to
eat salt fish is with ackee, which is Jamaica’s national dish. But you can also pair
it with fried dumplings, boiled dumplings, yams, green bananas. And those things are
called ground provisions. Why they’re called ground
provisions in Jamaica, I don’t know, but if you do,
leave it in the comments below. (jazzy music) Now a little back story on this dish is that this is 100% started
as a working man’s dish. Of course you get the
protein from the fish, but you also get a lot of
starch from the fried dumpling, and the fried dumpling
will sit in your guts, and you will be full all day
long, which works for me. So good. Mmm, wow. Last bite. Wow, I gotta say this has
been an incredible meal. I am stuffed, it’s time to go pay. Hey, listen, that was
absolutely incredible. I gotta say, that’s probably top-10 salt fish I’ve ever had. How much do I owe you? – $5.25
– $5.25, all right. Got a little bit of
rollover, there you go. – Thank you, man. – And here’s your change. – Thank you so much. – And have a good day. – Thank you so much. – And make sure you come back. – Oh, for sure, I will 100% be back. – And bring company with you, companies. – Yes, many companies! – OK, take care, man. – Today’s mission was salted fish here at Rowe’s Restaurant in Bed-Stuy. Now, whether you’re looking
for your first Jamaican bite or you’re looking to explore the flavors of your childhood like me, this place will definitely hook you up. And, on top of that,
good food, good people, and good vibes only. Today’s mission was an
outstanding success. It’s in budget, it’s not a big chain, and it’s on par with my mom’s
recipe, so it’s damn good. Anyways, guys, I’ll see you later, peace. (camera noises) Hey, what’s goin on, guys? Thank you so much for watching my show. If you have any suggestions of
where we should go next time, leave them in the comments below. Also follow us on instagram
@5dollarlunchguy. I repeat, @5dollarlunchguy. Send us DMs, send us suggestions,
maybe we’ll repost you. Follow, like, share, subscribe, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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