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The Best Fish Oil Out There with Dr. Jeff Davis

The Best Fish Oil Out There with Dr. Jeff Davis

nation but actually going back finding
what the root problem was it started all that mess in the first place
getting the right supplementation giving the right vitamins the right ingredients
to make your body work properly again how many people love the effects of the
Phyzix MD like Calm and Clear Just for Her that whole table os amazing so please
help us welcome the stage Dr. Jeff Davis thank you do you guys hear me okay all
right very good you guys have a seat Thanks very warm welcome I don’t think
I’ve ever had to dance before that was kind of nice I like that well I I was
talking to somebody I literally just got off the plane like 20 minutes ago so I’m
glad this time my plane actually was there if you guys were at the last
conference I was super bummed I didn’t get to make it the plane got delayed and
delayed and so it was terrible but in Wichita today I got there and they said
your plane is gonna be late taking off and I thought but Southwest Airline I
got to tell you fantastic Airlines they changed that plane over in like 15
minutes had me in the air so so I’m glad to be with you guys really really happy
so so I don’t have a whole lot of time oh they haven’t you started my timer so
theoretically I’ve got an infinite amount of time right now this is great
but I I wanted to it’s amazing when I look at this product lineup that we have
here because we started with Bill how many did we start with like three
products I think yeah so the magnesium and the fish oil I think those were
our first couple products and the multivitamin so what I was talking to my
drivers when we were coming over here I was kind of telling him that you know I
think there’s there’s a lot of companies out there they’re always trying to give
the the flashiest newest product it’s on the market you know it’s whatever it was
like the Dr. Oz Show and my goal with the Phyzix MD line is to build the base
okay I want the foundation to be strong because if you do not have a strong
foundation it doesn’t matter what you put on top of that it’s going to crumble
so what we’ve got here is a fantastic lineup and we’re continuing to bring
that foundation out a little bit broader a little bit further so we’re gonna talk
about some of the new products here at the end but I want what I want to do is
first just go through our whole product lineup and I’m not gonna go very deep
into the science we’re gonna save Q & A for tomorrow so you guys write down all your
questions that you have so that when when we have our session tomorrow I can
go throughout that’s my favorite part of what what my talk is okay they did start
the timer so I gotta go I gotta go fast now
okay official you guys have heard me talk about fish oil when I talked about
foundations this one is my favorite I measure omega-3 fatty acids in my clinic
on almost everybody and I can tell you I could probably count on one hand how
many people who naturally without supplementation have had normal omega-3
levels especially our kids they are suffering probably more than anybody the
natural source of omega-3 fatty acids are going to come from fatty fish so I
always tell people remember the smash fish so smash as salmon mackerel
anchovies everybody’s favorite right who loves the anchovies love anchovies okay
so we on SMAS sardines and then herring so that’s your smash fish those are the
fish you want to try to get two or three servings a week of those but where I
live in Wichita, Kansas we don’t have a lot of salmon
we have even fewer sardines so for me I really I really depend on this I take it
twice a day and my omega-3 levels are fantastic so the thing that separates
Omega Max from probably most other fish oils on the market well two things in
particular number one these are certified so in certification you’ve
heard me talk before about how important certification is when it comes to our
products I don’t use anything in my clinic unless it’s backed by a
Certificate of Analysis in fact I had one of the one of the Bonvera
Associates was actually talking to a physician who didn’t believe that claim
he emailed me and said can I get the certificate the next day he had the
certificate in his hand okay that’s really important yeah love it so this is
a certified official so what does that mean that means that the label claim is
there when the label says it has so much omega-3 it’s actually been tested and
certified to have that much and the other thing that’s really important with
fish oil most of the fish oil in the world comes from Peruvian waters in
Peruvian waters have a lot more mercury in those waters they have a lot of PCBs
which is a toxic byproduct of industrialized processes and so Peruvian
waters tend to be the lower quality fish oil that’s one of your find most in your
grocery stores this is coming from the Norwegian waters so the Norwegian waters
are much colder they tend to have less dissolved mercury
in it they’re further away from industrialized nations so we get our
fish oil first from the the cleanest water we can get it from and then we
certify it so it’s gonna have a high amount of freshness so that’s the ORAC
scale it’s not gonna have any mercury it’s not gonna have lead there’s no PCBs
in it and it’s gonna meet that label claim so a very high quality fish oil I
don’t think it’s unique about the Omega Max is the omega max has sorry my wife’s
calling just tell her I’m sorry honey I’m busy okay it’s in a monoglyceride
form and how many of you guys were at the conference where we had the video
playing where we showed the fish oil being swirled in the beaker you know
most things oil you think oil and water what happens it separates well with this
one just a little bit agitated it dispersed beautifully and so that’s
that’s something that I really harp on a lot is bioavailability you’re gonna look
at a lot of these ingredients out there they’re not bioavailable and the
monoglyceride is one of the highest bioavailable fish oils on the market so
I’m really really happy with the Omega Max and it’s a it’s amazing to be able
to bring this product to you

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