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The Best Tuna Melt Sandwich Recipe On Sourdough Bread | Rockin Robin Cooks

The Best Tuna Melt Sandwich Recipe On Sourdough Bread | Rockin Robin Cooks

Grilled tuna melt anybody? Well today, I am
making one with sourdough bread and we’re going to dress up our tuna to bring out its
flavor but not disguise it. I’m going to be adding some celery and onion and a few other
little goodies, and we’re going to top it with a cheddar cheese to kind of give it some
contrast. And we’re going to grill it in butter and I’m telling you, I call that the perfect
tuna melt. So I’m Rockin Robin and I’m going to show you how to do it, right after this. Okay guys, let’s go over our ingredients.
First off, we’re going to need some butter. Mine is from grass-fed cows. I usually try
and use that. It tastes great and it’s, I think, better for you. Alright, I’ve got my sourdough french bread,
which I think goes perfect with this sandwich. That’s my number one choice on breads. I have
some green onion, which I’m going to chop up, as well as some fresh parsley. Now, for
our tuna. Now, I have a can here of what’s called “skipjack tuna”. I don’t know if you
ever heard of that, but it is a smaller type of tuna and I chose that because the smaller
tunas have less mercury. So albacore, which is what we mostly see in
the stores, is a very large fish, and it has the most mercury in it. So, if you’re concerned
about that at all, I know we don’t want to eat tuna all the time, but once in a while,
so I go with the skipjack. So I just wanted to let you know about that. Alright, we’ll
also need some finely diced celery, some fresh lemon juice, some salt, garlic powder and
some cheddar cheese. Now I’m using a medium sharp and we’ll also need some mayonnaise. First thing I’m going to do is cut up the
onion, so I’m just going to cut off the little tip of the green onion and just thinly slice
this. We’re going to place this right into our bowl. We’re going to chop up our parsley.
Let’s get that in the bowl. Alright guys, so next goes the skipjack tuna, so I’m just
going to toss that in the bowl. We’ll toss in the celery, now put in the amount
you think you want. And we’ll go with some mayo. Again, you’re going to put as much as
you want it moist, alright? So probably a good couple tablespoons. We’ll start with
that. It’s time for a little lemon juice. I’m just
going to squeeze some of this right in there, probably a teaspoons worth. We’re going to
do a little pinch of salt and my little secret ingredient here is some garlic powder. These
are granules and we’ll just blend all that up and see if it’s moist enough. I might want
to add a little more mayo or not. Just depends on how you like it. Alright, it’s time to put our sandwich together.
Time for the cheese. And now we got to head on over to the grill. Alright guys, we’re
ready to grill up our sandwich and I just want to show you my new grill pan here. I
love this thing. It’s cast iron and I really like how it cooks up all my foods. Alright, so I’m going to put a little butter
here on the bottom because you got to have butter on this sandwich. So I’ll place it
right there on the grill. I’m going to put some on top, but it’ll probably stick to the
lid I’m going to put on here. But that’s okay, we can deal with it. We’ll just cover that
up. I’ve got it on low heat and we’re just going to let it grill up and melt that cheese
and warm up that tuna and it’s going to be good. Alright guys, let’s take a peek, see what’s
going on here. Alright, we’re going to turn this little puppy over. Cover it another minute,
it should be done. Alright guys, I think we’ve got this perfectly golden brown, look beautiful.
It’s time to serve it up. Alright guys, I’m going to cut this sandwich
up, I want you to see how beautiful this is. Let’s see if I can cut into it without squishing
everything out. Alright guys, I hope you’ll try this sandwich. I’m going to take a bite,
this thing is just…I know it’s phenomenally good. I love it. What a delicious sandwich, guys. That is really
good. I can taste the hint of garlic. The tuna fish comes through. It’s got a nice tuna
flavor, but we got a little bit of salt in there, kind of really brings it up. We’ve got the lemon that just brightens up
the flavor. We got the parsley, the celery gives a nice little crunch. The onions of
course, all those flavors just permeate throughout it. And the cheese, perfect guys. And grill
it up on sourdough with some butter. You can’t go wrong. So guys, I hope you’ll try this recipe. If
you liked it please share it. Give me a comment, give me a thumbs up and if you haven’t subscribed
yet, of course, click the button up there and you’ll be notified every week when a new
video comes out. So, thanks again everybody. We’ll see you next time. I’m going to go eat
my sandwich, it’s delicious.

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