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The Carbonaro Effect: Inside Carbonaro – How to Bring a Sticker Fish to Life | truTV

The Carbonaro Effect: Inside Carbonaro – How to Bring a Sticker Fish to Life | truTV

All right. -Wrapping paper.
-Mm-hmm. And…
let’s put it over here. Okay.
Having a party? Mm-hmm.
My daughter’s birthday. -Oh, very fun.
-[ Chuckles ] A lot of people love
the sticker fish… -Oh, cool.
-…at birthday parties. -Have you used them before?
-Unh-unh. Oh, you haven’t
seen these before? Unh-unh. -This is really great.
-Yeah. Yeah.
Here, let me show you. Here, slide your stuff over here
for a second here. I’ll show you.
Yeah. Use a bowl of water, and you just peel off
one of these little fish. They’re, like,
dried out. There you go. And you see how, like,
the fins are sort of translucent but the body
is still sort of intact? -Mm-hmm.
-Yeah. I don’t know how they do this,
but you touch them to water. Kids love to do this.
And they just, like… What? Yeah.
They animate back to life. What? -Yeah.
-That’s a live fish? Yeah. What? -Yeah.
-Did that really just happen? -Yeah.
-Okay. Okay. Like, and then you feed it,
and it’s alive? Yeah, you feed it,
and it’s alive. -How much do those cost?
-25 cents each. -Stop it!
-No, I swear. Yeah.
They’re from Indonesia. Oh, my God! Yeah.
I’ll take, uh… Oh, my God.
25 cents each? Yeah. I’ll take 10 of those. -10 of them?
-Yeah. Yeah. Oh, my hands are wet,
so let me be careful. Yeah, don’t start
animating them. No. Can I have a plastic bag
to put it in? Yeah,
that’s a good idea. Excellent. Wonderful.
Thank you. Great. So, this woman’s reaction
was amazing. But the shocking visual
of a sticker coming to life got everyone, and with that,
I’m pleased to show you these never-before-seen
reactions. And you just touch them
to water. -[ Gasps ]
-Yeah. Oh, my gosh. -Oh, my God, that’s so cool.
-Yeah. -Is it a live goldfish?
-It’s activated. No, it’s just
a sticker fish. No — Oh, my gosh. -Yeah, see?
-Can I have one? This is the most amazing thing
I’ve ever seen. It, like, activates in the water
when you go like that. -Are you crazy?
-What the [bleep] -Are you serious?
-What the [bleep] -I know.
-No. Yeah, the Japanese
sticker fish. That’s crazy.
They look real. Like, I want to touch it
and grab it out. I know.
It looks real. -Oh, it’s not real?
-No. Look, it’s a sticker.
[ Laughs ] How’s it real? Oh. Yeah. -Get out of here.
-Yeah, it’s really cool. Are you serious? Yeah. 25 cents each? 25 cents each.
Yeah. -Did you see those, Chris?
-What? This.
You put it in water. -Yep.
-And it comes back to that. Oh, my God.
Well, give me four of those. They’re only 25 cents each. And you just touch it
to the water. -Oh, it’s a real fish.
-Yeah. Now, that doesn’t
seem right. Really cool, right? I don’t know. So it’s a real fish? Yeah, they’re, like,
flattened out. They dry them out in, like,
a clay oven. Oh, my word. Yeah. Pull them off like that. You can see part
of it’s solid and the other part, like,
where the fins are. -Oh, my goodness.
-Yeah. Oh, my goodness.
How long do they last? As long as you feed them
and take care of them. This is a real fish. God, that’s too much. I’ll get 10 of them. 10 of them.
You got it.

86 comments on “The Carbonaro Effect: Inside Carbonaro – How to Bring a Sticker Fish to Life | truTV

  1. I like these vids keep up the good work and if anyone can subscribe to my channel that would mean a lot to me thanks…

  2. the scary thing is is there's people out there that believe a paper Fish can be brought to life. SMH I would have been looking around for Jesus LOL

  3. I'm not sure whether this is fake or not but this kind of mentality are bad. There are things in the world that we cant explain but we should know when things are impossible.

    with ppl like these no wonder there are so many victim to scam out there.

    I like the show but these ppl reaction are cringy sometimes.

  4. omg, if that was real, you'd be selling them all day, lol.
    Unbelievable how people buy into that stuff.

  5. I think im starting to understand the "effect" .is it that people will believe anything regardless of how stupidly imposible it may be and people only belive and let their gaurd down since its being explained by someone in a seemingly higher position?

  6. he just picks up the fish from another bowl below the counter and palms it for few secs and drops it into the other bowl and retains the sticker fish in his hand

  7. It's actually frightening to see how gullible people can be.. No wonder an idiot like Trump became the president of the most powerful country in the world.

  8. Figured it. He's got a bowl under the counter with a fish in (notice how he swaps hands btw). He distracts the customer with the sticker then places that sticker in the other hand after he has grabbed the fish from under the counter (whilst hiding it behind his inward facing hand, holding the real fish with his closed fingers). And then, with good slight of hand, swaps the sticker and the real goldfish around. This is done by dropping the fish into the water (which he is holding in his three closed fingers) and pulls the sticker away. Also, he uses goldfish because they're slow and easy to handle/catch. Boom.

  9. Im more shocked that a goldfish can live up to 40+ years. Not that the magic and comedy of the show itself was not good, Just thought goldfish only lived a few years.

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