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The Carlson Omega-3 Fish Oil Story

The Carlson Omega-3 Fish Oil Story

[MUSIC PLAYING] I am here in a very special place, the place where the Carlson fish oil story begins. Here something truly amazing happens every year. The wild arctic cod fish return from the sea to spawn. They come back by the millions to the place they were born, a place where the climate and ocean temperature are perfect. The fishing tradition goes back more than
1,000 years, making Alesund the fishing capital of Norway. And it was here in Alesund where the modern method for purifying fish oil was invented by pharmacist Peter Moller. Peter revolutionized the process. Instead of fermenting and boiling the oil, Moller used steam to
bring out the best that the oil had to offer. Moller’s invention was so important, we still honor him today. If you look closely, you will see Peter Moller’s name on every Carlson Cod Liver Oil. In time, this area became known for its great-tasting, high-quality fish oils. Because of these connections to tradition, quality, and innovation, we
continue to produce our fish oils here. To get to Carlson Healthy Oils, I must leave
Alesund behind and travel to a small island where the plant is located. In this state of the art facility, Carlson
Healthy Oils builds on the area’s rich history and tradition, combining it with modern day innovation. I am meeting with our partner, Leif, the CEO of Pharma Marine. We’ve had the pleasure to work with the Carlson family for more than 20 years. Together with the Carlson family, we have been developing new technologies, new processes to be able to make high-quality products. We are getting the crude oils into our factory, and we are using the latest technologies to make sure that only the highest quality products are delivered to Carlson Health Oils. And at Carlson Labs, we continue to innovate. Our latest innovation is Olive Your Heart, a heart-healthy blend of fish oil and olive
oil, adding to our line of traditional high-quality, high-potency fish oils. And like all Carlson
omega 3s from sea to store, freshness, potency, and purity are guaranteed. Being here and experiencing the production process up close reminds me what an important story this landscape and these waters have to tell. And the best part– there’s a little bit at this place in every single bottle of
Carlson fish oil.

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