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The Dark Truth Behind Rosie The Abandoned Great White Shark

The Dark Truth Behind Rosie The Abandoned Great White Shark

Meet rosie, the two tonne, 5 meter great white
shark that was stumbled across by a youtuber when he explored an abandoned wildlife park. She’s taxedermied and her home was a huge
leaky tank filled with formaldehyde. Rosie has captured the hearts of people across
the world. Who knew so many people would fall in love
with a big stuffed shark. But they did, and I’m going to tell you
her story, right now on IO. What is good this is inform overload the channel
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Rosie the shark doo do do do do do. Rosie the shark back in 1998 after she was
caught in a tuna fishing net in south Australia. Initially She was on display at the Victorian
Ecocenter. She moved around for a while and then was
placed at the Wildlife wonderland park in Bass, which is south of Melbourne Australia. Kept in a tank filled with a preservative
known as formaldehyde, she called Wildlife wonderland park her home for 20 years. Luke Mcpherson uploaded a video of rosie the
great white shark to youtube in November of 2018. Luke had been a visitor of the wildlife park
when he was young, Luke visited the park again in late 2018 but he never thought that he
would come across a huge taxidermy shark in a tank. Rosie was completely preserved. One has to wonder why the shark was left there. The green formaldehyde that was leaking out
of rosies tank is extremely toxic. Apparently the fumes from rosie’s leaky
tank were so strong that luke could only be in the room for a minute. The video he uploaded to youtube has 11 million
views at the time of this recording. And for good reason, how crazy was that thumbnail. She looks like a ghost shark, the photo looks
like a scene from apocalypse. Something about rosie in this tank makes me
feel like our oceans are going to look like that sometime in the next few hundred years
if we don’t do something about it. But anyway, I’m not going to bore you with
my environmental concerns, lets get back on topic. Social media absolutely exploded when images
of rosie started to go viral. Some People were demanding that something
be done because she shouldn’t have been abandoned the way she was. A facebook page was started called Save Rosie
The Shark that quickly garnered over 4000 followers. Its amazing that so many people rallied for
a shark, but hey, that’s the power of the internet. But the main reason why rosie caught the publics
interest was because there were a lot of people who were trying to break into the abandoned
wildlife park. And these people weren’t just for a lovely
stroll. Unfortunately, some even took it upon themselves
to vandalize and destroy rosies tank. Vandals took the top off the tank, releasing
the formaldehyde even further. Which is super dangerous. They threw trash in her tank as well as a
broken television. This is why we can’t have nice things! It got to the
point where Local police were sending out warnings to people to stay away from the park. According to Ripleys Believe it or not, if
no one preserved the shark, more liquid will evaporate, her condition will worsten ands
he will most likely be destroyed. Because of the evaporating liquid that escaped
out of the top of the tank, rosie was no longer fully submerged in the formaldehyde. Thankfully, enough people were concerned about
the shark’s well being that rosie has found a new home. Crystal world and prehistoric journeys in
Meadows promsed to restore rosies tank, and do their best to restore rosie. She will be on display at the devon meadows
site at crystal world, so everyone can go and see her. Anyways friends, that is all I have for you
on that, I’m gonna wrap up this video by responding to some comments from our video
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100 comments on “The Dark Truth Behind Rosie The Abandoned Great White Shark

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  2. A youtuber called serum done a video of sharks and that and that video was in his video. Rose's are red the ocean is blue we all will miss rosie would you to.

  3. Are people not going to talk about the abandoned dolphin go watch his YouTube video serum he is a youtuber! Video name [Abandoned shark lab Secret].

  4. This is for you Rosie….
    You are lovable!
    Inspiring amazingly relying!
    Rosie you are the light to our lives~
    Showing the selfish to help others!
    We love you Rosie we always will <3

  5. Hey io JUST TO LET YOU KNOW !
    rosie was beautiful when I saw her I just can't GET OVER IT


  6. Rosie was not taxidermied. She was merely preserved in formaldehyde. Taxidermy involves the removal of pretty much all internal body parts except the skull. It is just skin stretched over a preshaped form. Preservation in formaldehyde leaves all internal body parts and organs intact. Please invest in a dictionary and do look up the meaning of words you're not absolutely sure you understand before using them. It will help you avoid making a fool of yourself as you have done here for all to see. You should also know that formaldehyde is not green and it only looked green in that photograph you kept showing because of the lighting. Had you used a dictionary to look it up you would have read that it is a colorless chemical that has a strong and distinct odor. It will usually turn a yellow or light brown color when organisms are preserved in it.

  7. Imagine how wild that would be to stumble upon that. I’d be so scared. I’m thinking of the scene in Jurassic park 3 where the raptor does a jump scare through the tank.

  8. Chances are the Wildlife Park went under because of financial reasons and it was way too costly to deal with all that formaldehyde and a shark carcass and probably nobody wanted to buy her like other aquariums so she sat there abandoned

  9. Thank god she was gone before she was in the tank. Imagine what horror Rosie would’ve experienced if she were alive then…

  10. Hold on! For a moment there, l was totally Convinced that was the DAMIEN HIRST Shark in Formaldehyde Art Piece on Tour. But Given this Original Story came out in Australia back in early 2000s. My bad. Oh ROSIE so much too answer Fore. I still may never go back in the Water again.

  11. Serum the youtuber made a video on Rosie, there is also a part of the video showing an abandoned marine park that still had a living dolphins and fish maybe more, left to die. Maybe we should rally to get those animals a new home where they get the attention and love they need.

  12. Poor Rosy, Sharks Are My Favorite Animals, Especially Because I've Been Studying Them Pretty Much My Whole Life ;< R.I.P Rosy, She Was A Good Shark

  13. 0:50 when she said bath i thought she meant Bath in England (since that is where the main one is the Australian one came after)

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