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Hi guys, so today. I’m here at Rick Warren Seams Place here in Chicago, Illinois He’s going to give us a tour of his fish room which pretty impressive It’s absolutely one of the cleanest setups I’ve seen thus far So where do you think from here show us what we would obviously have up going on here Well welcome to Chicago everybody. This is my basement fishroom and over here I’ve built a couple tanks in the wall on the right hand side is an 8-Foot 240 It’s a 8 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot position. There are some sick with so much acquire them Which is a colombian Cichlid to the left is a 550 tank with some aliens in there And I always wanted to build some tanks in the wall really enjoying have a really big tank But once your follow the otter [we’ll] take a look inside one of my pictures Come on in over here On this side [of] the wall, I’ve got [four] 125 gallon tanks each. Tank is filtered by us with tropicals mat and filter You come on in here. You can see how their drill I’ve drilled all of them with one [inch] bulkhead there’s an overflow [bowl] cut for each as well as a drains all cut reach and what that means is I can either do a Drain and fill system or I can do it overflow system several times and that door closes [ok] we get it Over here is the back of [that] 240 gallon tank you can see the [date] [says] long a pain in the back of all my fink’s with rust-oleum safety loop and what I’ve tried to do is [make] it easy to get water into my tanks and out of my tanks I Mentioned how their drains but over here is an example of a manifold I have high pitch pecs coming from Potential distribution system Using a stainless steel text band to a half-inch water valve to all my different tanks the big tanks have a couple of bus Lines going into the star ones have one I use one inch bolt heads and big tanks and some [3/4] and all from 1/2 inch The track over here is a [3] foot by 8 foot rack. I got the 20 long to top the 40 breeders Concerti graders over here. No custom. Tanks here. I use the Sam substrate for everything an led light. I think will come around this way Here’s another eight-foot rock and this is my rack of 10 go over here where I have some libraries where I do mcgruff? I’ve got a 50 breeder over here at 75 and This is my water distribution system To copy [the] manifold all the blue lines got each of my 8 different rack [I’ve] got hot and cold coming in over here And this is [a] hot and telephone and what this role is [is] to make sure I have the right temperature water Going out to the tanks I set it to say 80 degrees and adjust the valve automatically to make that happen If I’m doing overflow I’ve used my volumetric flow valve and simply turn it to deliver the amount of water I want to wrap and it will shut off automatically and that much water has gone through so pretty System, it’s worked well for me over the years. I’ve used it for a number [of] years on the other side of this [eight-foot] Rock are [2] [40] [breeders] to 33 years [to] the top and then To my right is my actually my favorite thing about the fish room. Which is my stainless steel sink. This is a restaurant It’s got a referent valve and a spray bar [the] stick itself is 24 inches around so I can put tanks in there and scrub things and get it clean and [its] really great We’re really nice thing about a restaurant is you can soak water if you want to pleat something a clean something? The valve or it’s right down here You just move this up and down you don’t have to reach into the edge of the sink [Tempe] the dream which is [to] That’s just one of my fish. Oh, let’s take a look at another one Over here, we’ll come on through. This is an exterior door and Besides Cichlids I also do some library follow me and this tank has this room has 14 tanks in it most of our 20 [logs] But there’s a couple of 15s and a couple of [tents] in here as well, and all these tanks again are drilled Twice There is an overflow and a drain if you come over to the side [you] can probably show this pretty well over here You can see the elbow overflow at the top and also the drain. I want to drain it in my tanks I can just reach down under here and simply turn that valve and It’s going to start draining for me. It’s very simple When I want to salt back up I turn on the system the other room locate the tank. I want to fill up They’re all numbers so for example. Here’s tank number three here’s number three on my [manifolds] I simply turn that and water will start flowing into the tank so that way it makes water changes. So really easily So I can change fifty percent of all the water in all these tanks In about an hour and a half to two hours [total] and that makes it really easy Just our air distribution using your piston pump for pretty much everything. [they’re] nice and quiet And I don’t have all [your] tanks [LGX] and they’ve only set up the fisher and recently as I’m really enjoying it So then that’s the basic breakdown of how it’s all set up. How are we? We’re filtering it with these corner filters for the most part sponge filters and air power filters. How are you eating these tanks? Well, I heat my room centrally [so] this room is a temperate fish room It’s maintained about 71 to 70 degrees simply use a floor heater for that Over here in the other room. I have a wall heater again runs on a 15 amp circuit You want to take a look at that? Yeah? Let’s take a look at that. Okay looks really interesting so I don’t using heater That’s a couple of the big changes, but in terms of heat in the room It’s all done with this Stila ultron wall key over here it runs on 15 amp circuit It’s $160 for this. That’s like [five] for Dieter’s ma’am. You have [44] fish tanks like I do well that [would] be a lot of heaters very expensive and This is less expensive so the thing to remember make this work Eli insulation So all my walls at 2 inches 2 inches of spray foam [insulation] Above and the floors in the wall and at first between my room so this room stays very warm it’s great calm down marriage ring of Kolkata we’re in 77 in here is like going on vacation Masculine [kind] of hot right now my favor given warm that’s for sure Tell me a little bit about the fish let’s start back [at] where we began Can you tell me a little bit about each fish in these tanks, okay? I can do that Oh, did me. [I’m] the big tank. [it] would briefly took a look but these guys are absolutely stunning, [okay]? So don’t be trampled [acres] came back. Oh Yeah, sure, okay So these tanks [D] stretch are cyclic so major fire a colombian Cichlid and this tank? I have three males and one female. They’ve rarely been bred in captivity including once in u.s. The quinoa Columbia starting about four five years ago after a very long absence from the Hadi People in a hobby tell them these one both of the different ones than the ones we had to say 20 30 years ago It’s a very large robust cichlid this big male over here is about 14 to [16] inches long pretty mick They are pursuit predator. They don’t eat really really big fish, but I can tell you they can kill anything That’s in with them, and they’ve proven that They sponsor me a couple times, but [they’ve] [eaten] the eggs and I Continue to work on them. I hope to spawn up soon Hmm There’s one female in there. I love the fish They’re actually pretty friendly They nice neat very well, and they have a lot of personality, and they’re very creative as well [moveable] and [over] here This is scooter [Tropius] Williams. I north’s makan days sometimes called the blue lips it’s a [Malawians] [hood] like a lot of lobbyists sickles and get that thing to get pretty me and There are obviously a rocks while yamuna. I mean see the trophies Williams. [eye] is the type species for [Scooter] tropius? [they’re] actually a shallow water fish And they get kind of that gold color if you get the right light on they look a sheen of blue as well [unfortunately], [I] got that group when [there] [are] full [adults] which is not a great thing to do within munna [but] I do enjoy [them] nonetheless. I’ve never kept them before okay, so you want to go inside? Yeah, sigil is some of the other ones that stand out to you smokes you got so many I don’t think a lot of time to do the mullet, okay some of the ones that are Stand out to you. The most okay. Let’s go smoothies Yeah, so if you’re the fish does not the best looking fish, but we keep it because it’s interesting and possibly in danger This is Sarah third on Caroline from Lake Borromean [Boats] the Crater Lake in Cameron It’s the only place to found or endemic deadly and when I got them. They were actually mislabeled is my Akamai [Anka] which they’re not [but] Dr.. Anton lamb boy actually came by my fisherman identified them for me, and [he] wrote the [book] on West African Cichlids So I’m very happy to have them [they’re] a big omnivorous planktivores. They pretty much anything They are always open to their [mouths] they will eat meat meat till their stuff and you’ll never blow them They always look like they’re hungry So now we’re here are some really nice Several these are a [Hero’s] [being] read a species. They’re a soft water fish I’m very hard water so [in] [order] [to] me to read these I’m going to have to really get a lot of soft water in 120 [gallop] A But a real pretty sense to get along as well. I think a great markings on my left, right? They seem pretty za’darius. They like to eat. They’re looking at me to feed them right now But I like I like all sickness. I like all fish every time they breed. I get a kick on [it] Yeah, I really enjoy that girl And I think that’s what I’ve read two hundred thirty six pieces cichlids, but and I’m still like reading well [actually] is also passionate about of my birds because they [needle] so let’s go so Most of the libraries I keep arkad dated and get is [are] cool water pressure on the Mexican highlands so yo d heater typical good for none which makes me cheap and They’re a little more interesting than your common guffy because like Cichlids they have mating behavior In the milk or the [females] over here. This is a fish that’s actually confident build a library obvious called the black print and It’s called cracking on on [Ax] users from El Toboso in Durango, Mexico And the male’s have those black tails the females are sort of Nondescript But you need to keep these guys like flip lips with rocks and caves the reason for that is they get aggressive otherwise So you need a lot of places for them to hide [I] have three pairs in there? And these are all bred by my cranberries But this is a fish that [is] sound is basically one location next to go down from Say 20 30 40 years ago we don’t keep these fish they’re going to disappear and The library club that I run tribal lifers deciding to raise money [or] conservation [to] support? reintroduction reintroduction efforts for logging a fish and so far [there’s] been some successful reintroduction fo [two] now so although Although these fish don’t look like much [of] your awful Have xx cichlids they are important to have and they change color with cyclic You kind of you can test this trait with this guy over here that really dark usual in the milk gets dark like that they’re going to breathe and They can change colors rapidly. Just like a cichlid doesn’t know if you’re going to get them in there But they change color very rapidly like cichlids do and I think that’s one thing that makes them interesting and [then] I think that you’re [just] maintain these fish so that other [people] will have a little feature is important and try to do that And for [live] [barriers], [and] there’s 10 or 20 gallon tank you can do that You know [if] I’ve you to maintain most your firearm which get [2] feet long That’s a big commitment [10] or 20 out thing. I think anybody has time for [that] That’s something I [try] to do and have some fun with it no We hope you hope you enjoyed the fish room [tour]. [shape] my pleasure to give it to you. Thank you joy for coming by and We’ll see you out soon tonight

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  1. While in Chicago to give a presentation to the local club, I was brought by a few fish rooms. This one was ricks. Pretty impressed with how well thought out and clean this whole set up was. Hope you enjoy it. TONS of ideas for you guys in this video! What was your favourite part?

  2. Nice fish room, but I had to rewind this video to make sure I heard this guy correctly and I did. He really said the restaurant stainless steel sink is his favorite part of his fish room 😂😂😂

  3. That guy have some great fish and aquarium but I can't stand his attitude. He looks and sounds like a mooron. Great video man

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