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The Edgy Veg’s Chick’n and Biscuits & Jackfruit Tacos | Vegan Recipe Review by Mary’s Test Kitchen

The Edgy Veg’s Chick’n and Biscuits & Jackfruit Tacos | Vegan Recipe Review by Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hi guys, You probably already know of Candice Hutchings
from the Edgy veg. She posts some pretty insanely awesome looking veganized junk food every
monday on her channel here on youtube. In this video, I’m trying her Popeyes Bonafide
Chicken recipe, an adaptation of her butter milk biscuits, and Pulled Pork Tacos, all
vegan of course, and letting you know what I think. For the buttermilk biscuits, I followed her
recipe up until it was time to put in the Earth Balance. I was out of EB so I used some
chilled coconut oil. Also, because of some of the feedback in the
comments, I decided to cut the fat into the flour mixture instead of melting and mixing
it in. This is really similar to how I would make scones. You see, I have never had a real Southern-style
biscuit before and didn’t really know what it was supposed to be like. But these turned out to look a lot like the
ones I’ve seen on Pinterest, so I’ll call it a success. They tasted good. Flakey and soft and the
top was just a little crusty. If you want to make the biscuits like I did here, I have
the adapted recipe in the description below. These went with the Popeyes Bonafide vegan
chicken. Again, I didnt know what they were supposed
to taste like. And since I didn’t know if I was going to like it, I decided to make
a half batch. This started with the liquid part for the
seitan. Which was all Frank’s Hot Sauce. As I was measuring the Frank’s, I chickened out
and replaced a quarter of the amount with chicken-style vegetable broth. When I had the liquid part all smooth, I threw
together the dry ingredients. And then the wet and the dry together to make
this bright orange seitan dough. These little nuggets were gently boiled for
an hour, drained and cooled. Time to get some breading on. Dredge in a flour mixture, dunk in egg replacer,
and back in the seasoned flour. I won’t show you the deep frying part as I’ve
decided it’s way too dangerous to fry on the stove and film at the same time as last time,
I burnt myself good making donuts from Mayim’s Vegan Table. These turned out turned out nice and crispy
on the outside. And inside, they were super juicy. Does it taste like chicken. No, according
to my omni boyfriend. And it’s a no from me as well. But they did taste delicious. Saturated with buffalo chicken sauce, spicy, and vinegary, and delicious. If you like seitan, you’ll enjoy this.
Super yummy especially sandwiched in a split biscuit. This was quite a bit of work and a lot of
fat and salt so I’d save this one for the rare occasion but I will definitely make it
again. Next, we have these Pulled Pork Tacos except
they are actually made with jackfruit. This is the jackfruit that I used which is
green, unripe and you’ve probably seen this in a lot of pulled pork type vegan recipes. I started by marinating the jackfruit. I’ve
tried a few jackfruit posing as pork recipes in the past and never really liked them so
this was my last ditch effort at trying jackfruit in a savory application. I marinated this overnight. Then presto chango,
it’s turned into vegan pulled pork. Even my boyfriend said it looks just like the real
thing. It looks amazing For this recipe, there was also a mango salsa
recipe and lime crema which is like the sour cream topping for our tacos. So here we have some of our jackfruit pulled
pork, some mango salsa, and finally the lime creama. Taking a bite all together, this tastes really
nice. The mango salsa with cilantro tastes nice and fresh and I would probably make it
again for other dishes too. For the jackfruit pulled pork, does it taste
like pulled pork? I would have to say no. Not at all. And my omni boyfriend agreed. I really think the spices and onions would
be really good with lentils or mushrooms or something else but they aren’t strong enough
to cover the taste of the jackfruit. To me, jackfruit has a distinct fruity aroma that
is obvious and just doesn’t seem suited to this dish. So overall, I loved all the recipes except
for now I know I just don’t like jackfruit in savory dishes. It’s good thing to know
these things about yourself. In the comments below, please tell me if you’ve
tried any recipes from the Edgy Veg and which ones were your favourites. . Please go over and subscribe to her channel
if for some reason, you’re not already subscribed and please tell her I sent you. Thanks so much for watching this video. Please
give it a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe for more recipe reviews, what I ate wednesday
videos, and new easy vegan recipes each and every Friday.

36 comments on “The Edgy Veg’s Chick’n and Biscuits & Jackfruit Tacos | Vegan Recipe Review by Mary’s Test Kitchen

  1. Hey Mary. Your videos never fail to impress me! I'm not vegan, i'm vegetarian. (Im in outpatient and they make me eat animal products) And I've been craving jello lately. Especially Yokan. Which is a chinese dessert made from red bean paste, agar, and sugar. Or just jello. I miss my jelly desserts and don't want all that icky animal bones in it! I would love if you could do a recipe on it.

    Keep up the great work!

    (sorry for so many comments)

  2. @Sydney Yontez Thank you for your comment, dear. You Google settings are set so that I cannot reply directly to your comment so I hope you see this! I have added your request to my list. Luckily, agar based desserts are quite easy to make and you can make them Chinese style or fruity like Jell-O. Thanks for your request, dear. And I hope you get well soon. :-)

  3. Those tacos look amazing. I had some jackfruit tacos at Vegenation here in Las Vegas not long ago and I loved them. When I had tried frozen jackfruit from the Asian market I did not enjoy it at all. So you just never know. 🙂

  4. We  like her recipes and have found weakening her marinade as you did with water, just doesn't give the rich taste we love.

  5. Oh, no, Mary!  If you've joined Candice's Cheerful Saboteur of Good Intentions Army, we will be powerless to resist!  I've made the tacos, and thought they were delish.  I was careful to use green jackfruit–which to me tastes like nothing–to rinse it many times, and to marinate it for a long time.  I don't recall the taste of pulled pork, so this was just a really piquant veggie taco, but a complex piquant veggie taco.  A nice change from my usual HCLF fare.  Thanks for posting : )

  6. This recipe uses pulled mushrooms, haven't tried it but it looks great:

  7. I actually just bought two cans of jackfruit in brine the other day since pulled pork used to be one of my favorite meat dishes back in the day.. I'm hoping it at least tastes decent! I had a variation of it before and wasn't wowed but I'm just going to try and make the best marinade possible to mask the flavor of the jackfruit.

  8. I absolutely love your videos. I'm 3 months vegan and haven't tried any of them yet, but soon! Can't wait! I'll make a video of my attempts. I wish YouTube still had the "response video" function.

  9. Have not tried any Edgy Veg recipes, but those biscuits look perfect and the chick'n too. Not sure if I'd go with hot sauce since Buffalo flavoring never appeals to me, or if  I'd try some other fun flavoring instead. Either way, the basic concept looks fricken awesome!

  10. As always, it's your honesty I appreciate most in these videos. Taste is all relative, so of course there will always be differences. But I enjoy hearing what others perceive with new recipes. I have such a sensitive palate and find the same issue with the jackfruit. I find it's flavor is predominate even with other spices. Well, to me at least. Then I saw your response to a post below, and had to laugh out loud that you could also taste water chestnuts and bamboo shoots. Whenever I say that I can taste them to others, most of them respond the same, "They have no flavor!". But they do to me. It's hard to hide a flavor to me if I find it unpalatable. Red beets, raisins, anything fishy…. forget about it! I can taste fishy flavor from across the street man! A single fleck of nori, and I can taste it! I suppose if I had a broader palate it would be more of a gift than frustrating. Still, because I HAVE to know now, I'm going to try rinsing the crap out of the jackfruit and give it one more try as a meat replacer. Thanks again for another super fun review and video! You sure take a HECK of a lot of time to make all these awesome recipes. I'm a cookbook addict, so I appreciate these reviews before I give Amazon all my grocery money in exchange for vegan cookbooks! 🙂

  11. Those biscuits look pretty darn Southern to my Atlanta eyeballs! Can't wait to try them for myself! That's one of the things I haven't been able to successfully veganize myself, so I thank you for sharing!! =)

  12. I've been meaning to try the chicken! Definitely going to now! I've made her cranberry scones in the fall and they are amazing

  13. would have liked to see these made, especially the jackfruit pulled pork, I don't care for canned jackfruit and can only get the fresh 'real deal' here in the midwest from vegan restaurants, not fair, but it is delicious! Well, you can get them but people charge their weight in gold for them!!

  14. Good call on the biscuits. I actually thought your tecnique was better, and it turned out a better product. I had wondered about that jack fruit. Now, I know that I wouldn't try it. I would substitute soy curls. I love watching her channel, lots of good ideas. I am already subscribed. I love your channel as well. Thanks for the review. It was very helpful.

  15. Maybe vegan cookbooks should stop trying to emulate the taste of meat and instead just focus on making it taste good. You really can't expect something that isn't meat to taste like meat. And that's perfectly fine. It doesn't really do new vegans any favours. You don't need to have the taste of meat in a dish.

  16. Woah, that all looks fantastic. I was gonna mention the biscuits in particular, but seriously everything looks great. Cool beans.

  17. I absolutely adore your videos. You are so talented! I only wish that you could speak in a lower register because my ears start to hurt after watching them one after another. I hope you don't mind my saying this–I apologize if I offend, as I'm very much a fan. 🙂

  18. I love love love what you're doing here!

    Please consider reviewing Vegan Richa's book, I think you'll like trying Indian cuisine!

  19. Myself and my daughter are vegan, but also gluten and dairy free. I just discovered seitan and i love it. I tried to make a vegan hot dog, it was a disaster. Do you have a recipe for a vegan hot dog? Or could i try shaping a seitan into hotdog shapes? I miss hot dogs :/

  20. It looks like you didn't remove the core of the jackfruit? If that is the case, that's probably why you don't like it!

  21. Currently marinating my jackfruit. I tried your suggestion in the tuna sliders video of repeat rinsing. I'm really hoping they turn out well! I tried store bought premarinated and it was wicked sweet so fingers crossed! 🤞🏻

  22. Get young jackfruit in water not brine. Wash jackfruit a couple of times and remove the core otherwise it will stay bitter. Next time try seasoning with dry ingredients instead of liquid, a BBQ rub works best as it has everything in it already. Hope you give it another shot because when cooked right, jackfruit is such a great alternative.

  23. I used to watch the edgy veg. Real southern biscuits cut the butter in or the shortening so you did right because southern biscuits are made exactly like scones. On no egg Craig Channel his mother does a no chicken with gravy and biscuits and I want a face plant my head into her pan of gravy with vegetables I've got to make it and you might want to check it out. I always marinate in a ziplock bag set inside a bowl in the fridge.

  24. How do you get rid of the raw flour taste from the vital wheat gluten? I’ve had problems with my Seitan tasting like raw dough despite the spices I have put in it and following the recipes to the letter.

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