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The Explosion of big 3 pound Bass in Roosevelt Lake part 1

[Music] hey welcome Roosevelt Lake beautiful Lake up
here you know just about 85-90 miles from Phoenix you know it’s like 20-25 miles
long it’s just a gorgeous Lake we’re out here it’s a middle of May right now and
I’ve got Andy Clark with me from the Arizona Game and Fish Department and
what we’re gonna do today is try to catch some fish take some samples. yep!
and prove that the fish were catching are Florida strain large mouth. that’s right
there’s a lot of lot of folks out here wanting to know what happened with that
2014 that initial stocking of Florida strain and and in you know some of the
stockings after that so yeah we’re gonna hopefully get you know some two three
four pounders maybe even bigger take some thin clips put them in vials and
alcohol and then hopefully get them off in the next few months to into a lab to
have them analyzed to see what kind of Florida strain you know genetics they
have. right so the first part of the show will be actually catching the fish and
having a good time you know out here yeah and just showing folks you know
what we’re doing and then he’s got a top water and I’m… I’m fish… Hang on a minute! [laughter] I got a fish on I am fishing a Ned rig you know our show just came out yesterday and I’m bouncing
this in 15 feet of water oh it’s a oh it is whopper too. yeah look at that. we just
did a net show at Bartlett lake and this this thing catches a lot of fish if you
guys if you didn’t watch his videos we did a Bartlett you know that’s probably
a Florida no that’s that’s probably not a Florida that’s probably a northern
strain anyway what we’re doing it we’re trying to prove you know you can’t tell
the difference between the northern strain and the Florida strain right it’s
just DNA that’s right, yep. yep just looking at them really really tough to
to tell the difference yeah next to impossible wow so yeah actually we’re
gonna actually have to send those fish and we’re going to show you what we do
today how we’re gonna do a little fin clipping we’re going to mark down the
vials we’re gonna weigh the fish we’re gonna measure the fish and we’re gonna
do a complete.. the show is gonna be really good you’re gonna enjoy this show like you do
all the rest of them I get lots of emails and texts about this but we’re
going to use a lot of different rigs today guys we’re just we’re going junk
fishing just to catch fish and fish have been biting up here and of course that
one we just caught one was a small one but we promise we will get you some
better fish this afternoon you know So we missed the morning. didn’t we kind of got here late so come along with us and we’ll take off and we’ll go up the lake
a little bit we’ll just start stop here stop there stop on these points and acts
you guys know that these little points that are behind me are really good for
fishing so maybe I’ll drop this trolling motor and just hit these a couple times
so we’ll just kind of get busy here and we’ll start fishing see what happens so
we’re just throwing up these top waters and Andy’s got a Rico on and I’ve I’ve got
a gun fish on so on I’m walking the dog and and after the Sun comes up if you
are very very careful and you are real slow you can catch these fish even after
the Sun comes up but it’s it’s slow and tedious on the top water because you
just got to work it a little bit and then you just kind of… and the points are
probably the best area to go you know if we’re just kind of going out over there
like on these points you can you can see that you just kind of work it out… Dave
could probably get a better shot at this it’s a good fish we may have to get the net
for this one guys. that’s a good one huh yeah this is a good one Oh ain’t that good but it’s a nice fish whoa that’s a good top water fish
alright so bring it back my way there we are! yeah! that’s good one that’s a good one to fin clip right? you bet! this is what we are after folks. we are after these little bit better bass and we want to
find out are these the Florida strain largemouth so let’s just go ahead and
we’ll fin clip this and and do our work on this so I’ve got a pen a pen and
pencil Andy’s got the their special vials under there you know they
jump like that a lot of times that get off but that one wouldn’t got off [laughter] so
what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna use my ruler that I that I have that I measure fish on so this is going to be fish number one. Andy. Yep! so this has got R0SS-1 okay so we’re looking at 14 and 3/4
exactly there’s number one is 14 and 3/4 all right so we’re gonna weigh this fish
14 and 3/4 what are we looking at is 1 7 1 pound 10 ounces 110 okay so the fish
weighs 1 pound 10 ounces okay so we’ll sit there and then mark 110 down all
right we’re just gonna clip part of his pectoral fin these little side fins here
not this one but just yeah just enough for like your the your your pinkie so
it’s not gonna hurt him and no so we’ll do about like this which is that’s still
quite a bit but what you don’t want to touch it yeah I don’t want to touch it
okay so yeah just keep it still if you can that’s all you need that’s all we do
huh just and then the fins in there right that vial oh and it’s a special
solution in there they’re using right that’s right no it’s this is just
one percent ethanol Oh it is there it is now it is there you can touch it but it. makes it cleaner yes not yep if you don’t get all your the oils in your hand and stuff on it. look at the
color on this fish how beautiful any so I’m gonna let this one go [splash] so so then
this is all this will go to the lab and they’ll analyze the DNA and
we’ll see if we’ve moved the needle on the on the Florida strain at
Roosevelt. 00S one S yep two O’s 1S got it and number
one yep okay. that’s it ok so we got the marking on the vial yep from that yep so
that ties it to that length and weight okay so this is what we’re doing we’ve
measured it we record it there are no 1 pound 10 ounces yep not quite two a
nice healthy fish I mean sometimes I judge those is a closer to a 2 pounder
but that’s not too far but not too far no you know not too far so hopefully we
can get some you know closer to three you know and better yet a four just to
see you know if that 2014 age classes coming up in you know everybody wants to
know high five nice job Garry fish number 1 yep! and here is what I used folks this is a gunfish it’s an old bait I’ve had this bait for
oh my gosh 15-20 years but it catches fish it really does for a top water like
it’s it’s 7:30 guys in the morning usually everybody says hey the top water
by it’s over you know but I was just working it real slow you know just off
the rocks here we haven’t started the big motor folks were right off Choya so
we’re just we’re just fishing the rocks and stuff and he came out of about 10 15
feet of water now came up and ate it so kind of gives you a little bit of hope
yeah yeah let’s see if I can take one on yeah will take one the Rico yeah see if
you can get one on the Rico we need to get back so it’s just a slow slow you
know working that bait and because I was quite a ways off but look what I was over
that point yeah yeah so there’s all kinds of structure that come out .yeah but it
drops off pretty good here I got a lot of marks on my.. yeah. a lot of marks on my… there you go. one thing too is you’re
using your whole arm like this you know oh you already had one come up you got him! whoa! you got him [laughter] whoooa! [laughter] Oh ya! AC is on the board! it’s a good sized one! it’s that same one you caught [laughter] I do think it is [laughter] I thought it was a real little one but he is a he’s fighting pretty good we might have fish number two oh ya! look at this one guys another nice fish might be right at 2
huh that’s close just lift that right up and we won’t get it all hooked in the
net yep thanks alright so we got fish number two I bet
he’s pretty close huh yeah I’m gonna get the pliers. yeah that is always better here we were talking right. yeah
we’re talking we’re not even fishing and talk about leaving the bait sit
there yep yeah it hit just right as it hit the water and I and I
just hit it you know one little time and then it just sat there and then BOOM he hit it! let’s go ahead and lift that up I got
all my stuff in there and you get the vial what we are going to do is do our job let me have this I will start on this part this one is exactly 14 inches long number two 14
inches, 14 inches should be to 2 pounds if you go by the book no, no I have the weights right here oh ok! so 14 inches says here one pound seven and a half ounces so you
got a break you got a break 15 inches to get according to that so what we’re
gonna do is just weigh this thing here come on scale battery must be low on
this there it goes now it’s blinking it’s clear test zero clip that
on what are you looking at 1 pound 4 ounces is that right you have 1 pound 4 &
3/4 ounces so it weighs a little bit
more. so it’s almost 1 pound 5. yep so we’ll mark one pound five ounces.yep
we need a thin clipping yep so we’ll just take a clip you know that’s a
little bit bigger So we did R00S number two vial. yep so nice little
nice little bass pretty colors a nice little fin there yeah all right hey we both
got a we both got a fish like this little baby go well they take off don’t
they [laughter] run the shallow you want to… so here we go two top water fish in 10 minutes [laughter] just coming off the rocks here yep! good job let’s keep on going we are going to do another high 5 yeah! [laughter] alright guys so Andy’s still throwing the top water
we’ve each got one on the gun fish which is a walking bait and Andy’s got one on
a popper little Rico I’m gonna try a brush hog I caught some the other day on
this brush hog and I just have a 3/16 ounce on there a 2 ought hook and watermelon
candy kind of my usual but Andy and I were talking about just how
slow you have to work that top water you know what it’s the same way with this
bait they don’t want to chase baits very much you know so I’m just
gonna throw that out let it go to the bottom so we’re kind of getting in a
flatter area guys so we may have to turn around and and hit look at that there’s
a school of shad right there that just by your bait. oh boy yeah. That’s good sign it’s just a cloud of them just a cloud of then. that’s real good when you see shad that active on your graph or in the water like that boy
I’ll tell you those bass are close by they are not far behind they are always real
close so I’m just gonna flick out too so I’m seeing some fish on the on the
graph but when I when I throw this on right now
I’m just gonna let it sit there for a minute the same as a top water
the longer you and why I don’t know why those fish are just being so lazy but
we’re in that off period it’s it’s cool to eat right now
those fish ate really good we got a half moon coming up right now so they they’re
not they’ve already ate and so they’re
sitting back watching TV you know that’s the way I see it you know so you got to
kind of trick them into… maybe biting there are always one or two that are still turned
on you never know yep yeah there’s there’s a few that are so what we’re
going to do is we’re going to go right oh there’s a bite! there he is! got him nice! oh ya! brush hog fish brush hog oh yeah whoa specimen number three whoooa!!! [laughter] want the net? just in case ya we do not know what we’re getting. oh good catch! yeah I am a fish biologist [laughter] that’s about the same look how he is putting on weight already that is nice they’re so healthy aren’t they yes they are
yep so we just kind of measure this just to see? yeah. I think we’re probably got.. yeah I think we’ve got a couple exactly like that. I do too. yeah so we want
something bigger yeah so a least want to put him on the board yeah just for giggles, lets just put him on and see I am going to guess he is 14 inches same as yours. so what we do is I have a bump board here I use in my tournaments folks now this one is 14 and
a quarter exactly so we have a 14 inch or so yeah we got that already we’re
we’re looking for a bigger bass we’re looking for the 15, 16, 17, 18 inches you
know but yeah just a gorgeous getting gaining after these are all post-spawn
fish they’ve already laid their babies or the males and done their thing and
now they’re out here porking up you know putting weight back on yep Wow looking
good yeah all right so you ready to dump the top water and put on a brush hog? ya come on Garry [laughter] Andy wants a brush hog so we are gonna just show the folks just what I do to do this so he has fluorescent line on here I do not use fluorescent line but this will be a good test for you to see if
those fish will hit this this is kind of line folks you use at night with
fluorescent bulbs. yep backlight so all I’m gonna do is just put a quarter
ounce weight on here this is gonna be real easy just slide that on I’m not
even gonna peg it folks at all that’s a bullet. it’s a bullet wieght tungsten
all right so I’m gonna go and let me show you something as I look at this
hook looking at it I’m going to bend this to my left all I’m doing is just
putting a little bit of a twist to it three degrees that’s all that will give
him a better hook set okay so I always put the hook towards me get a better
hook set that way I’m always looking for that better hook set so I’m gonna I’m
gonna throw a Palomar knot on this okay so I’m gonna get enough… enough line out
about five six inches I went through one way now I’m coming back the same way once you tie these you get so this thing is just sliding up like this
you know I got to tag in on this left hand and over here on the right I got
this I’m just gonna tie an overhand knot that’s all I’m doing [splashing] that was a shad did you hear that! okay so just a nice easy knot passed the bait the hook
through the loop get that nice and straight just put a little wet on there
pull that nice and easy so it doesn’t burn your line there it is. so you can
clip this pretty close like that you get a little bit of slippage with that line but not much
yeah it’s not much slippage with it yep let’s get Andy ah a brush hog out I think I might have a couple [laughter] bags and bags yeah so this is a this is like
a watermelon candy is what it is it’s a really pretty pretty bait
I like this is one of my more favorite ones and it’s watermelon and it’s got
the nice pretty blue in there see that sparkles gold and I’m just gonna go in a
quarter of an inch up on the keeper part of that it’s real basic guys like that
now the trick is keeping this bait as straight as you can get it so what you
want to do is just bend it up a little bit and put it on there straight just
like this that’s all there is to it and Texas rig so we’ll put that over there
and we’ll go to work looks like the old lizard yeah a lizard would probably would too right what we are going to do is…Gosh there is still a lot of fish here Andy [laughter] this is going to be the same thing we’re just gonna Dave said because we are in the rocks here and there’s still a
lot of uh… holy mackerel now that that’s a little bit heavier weight. yeah it
really is like I’m using a 3/16 a little bit lighter so if you get if you get
started getting hung up a lot we can I’m gonna throw out a little bit deeper I’ve
been catching my Texas rig fish around ten foot okay down 10 to 20 so what I am doing I let it go out let it sink and I hold my line
up like 12 o’clock and then 90 percent of the time and this
is a pretty big percent ninety percent of time that fish if he sees it going
down he’s gonna hit it yeah so you want to have your line pretty close to
watching it go down yeah and I’ll let Andy explain how long ago was it when we
stock those just you stalked those initial stocking
yeah and that was the thing you know a lot of these fish were brought in
70s 80s you know even earlier but they were brought in we don’t know what you
know how much Florida strain was in them they were hybrids to begin with you know
because we didn’t stock pure strain Florida until here right. right
and so we’ve stocked the Florida’s down south you know in a few of those smaller
lakes but so a lot of those fish what I didn’t I don’t think hit on when we were
at the hatchery very well Gary was that you know those genes will express
themselves when the conditions favor that. so something about you know
Pleasant especially when it was filling up you know 93, 94 people were catching
10…12 pounders! all the time oh yeah ! I was too. I think I caught like 5 fish over 10 pounds. in a matter of three or four
years they were growing at huge rate you know and a lot of that was just
the new lake effect you know there’s a lot of nutrients and and all that stuff
in there and and things were really popping and things were growing fast but
you know we’ve we did some tests the same time we tested the bass from here
we did all around the state and those fish from Pleasant came back you know
right around 60% with the Florida influence to them so you know something
there is favoring those genes that come out as well and like you’re saying
lately folks have been catching some really nice fish out of there so this is
a question asking and nobody knows these questions but you because you deal with
all your biologists and all your guys in the office yeah so these fish say some
of these come back and they test a hundred percent and they’re two and a
half three pounders mm-hmm what happens when that pure Florida mates with the
northern strain bass when you guys test those that can you tell half of its of
Florida and half of its in northern yeah have you ever done that? yep yep so you’ll be able to
those genetic tests will be able to tell how much influence certain alleles it’s
kind of a biological term but certain alleles there’s there’s Florida strain
alleles that are more common with the Florida strain and then there’s alleles
that are more common with the Florida’s or the northern strain
and so and they’re just they’re basically just characteristics right
maybe it’s the color like to quit it to humans maybe it’s the color of our skin
or hair or how tall we grow you know it’s kind of the scent it’s kind of a
similar thing so you know you can tell when we do these genetic tests and we
say well there’s about 50% Florida influence that’s what I’m talking about
is okay when you run those those alleles it’ll it’ll come back well there’s about
50% of the Florida in you know influence alleles and about 50% northern so so
yeah if we were to you know if a hundred percent Florida female was to was to
mate with a hundred percent northern male you would conceivably have
offspring that had 50/50. right, right. but you know genetics doesn’t work that way
there’s probably some spread in there but you know the key is for those to get
enough pure Florida’s in here that they’re just mating with 100% so that
what I mean by moving that needle is You know there’s got to be more and more
pure Florida’s in here to move those alleles towards you know 60, 70, 80
percent eighty percent about our goal for the the trophy that the hog bass
waters so you know if we can get it to 80 percent in our hog bass waters
Roosevelt’s one of them that’s what we’re thinking we’re gonna start
breaking state records and making new state records right right so that’s your
goal is yep we’re building this into a trophy bass Lake you know this is a
threadfin shad so when you buy your lures companies try to mimic this silver
on the sides green greenish black on the top and how many times you guys see that
little black dot on the crankbaits this is exactly what those those
companies are doing you know Rapala shad wraps, square bills little but you could
see that green on the top and what that looks like and I mean I could get it in
my box right there and show you lures that look identical to this now if we could
find a a ah.. what’s the other shad… gizzard shad. the gizzard shad
my gosh they’re like….some of them are.. But you know they start out that way so that’s really
hard to tell. I mean it’s true. to definitively say that’s that’s not a gizzard I mean
chances are that’s a threadfin yeah man when they’re that size it’s really
really tough to tell them apart right you know until it’s true but those
gizzards will get from that size to ya you know seven to eight inches just like that! in a year? well no in like several weeks they’re growing like that! and that was what we were so worried about when gizzards got in here was the large
mouths weren’t gonna be you know able to utilize them because they grew out of
this perfect size so fast Wow so but now maybe we’ve got enough bigger large
mouths that they’re able to get those those ten inchers you know what I mean and eat them yeah last week I caught a couple two and
a half’s yeah pound fish and I was thinking northern Florida he had that he
had a gizzard shad in there six inches seven inches long and I were two gizzard
shad because they have that real Fork and these have their real forked tail to
right don’t they yep they really are young they they both
have this yeah these things don’t get some of them will get four or five
inches yeah I mean a big big thread fins five… five inches, five, six inches thats about there max size yeah
whereas those those gizzards there there are only several months old and they’re
five inches I mean that’s they grow really fast let’s put him back in there
because you know what folks then the birds will come up they’ll eat that there’s one one right there! Alright you got him he is in whoa! boy he is pulling to there’s a another one by him yeah he’s coming up
Dave is trying to follow him on the camera oh we got color! ther he is! oh ya! that’s a little bit heavier Andy look at this one I think he’s about the same you know why he felt good… [laughter] you got him right on the..he is a little bit longer.. but he is still 14 inches long yep that’s a nice
little bass about a pound and a half they’ve got some like that so all they
hoping to catch a few more good job so let’s just let him go
so folks what we’re doing is we’re we got a theory him and I were talking and… [laughter] what happened is they’re biting it and
if you don’t set the hook right away they’re gone they’re spitting it so we
solved that mystery spray! I don’t care what kind of spray you spray spray it
and boy I’ll tell you as soon as you sprayed it so that one hang on yeah as so as it hung on it it toke it too he did not spit it out we got a good one here folks nice little fat one whoa! [splashing] got him? [laughter] he’s a lively one [splashing] oops! there we go! nice. yeah! a little bit bigger one just a hair. whoops
got the net on that too. here we go the hook came out of his mouth into the
net of the net yeah yeah look at this so I’m all wrapped up with this guy here we go yeah get yours I am going to get mine out of the water here I do not know if this will.. well bet our our other one but we will sure measure him we may have one this big
but we’ll find out real quick this would be about the right size but now this
one’s 15 so go you want to test him sure yeah let’s do it so we’re gonna do
vial number three right we are going to do 15 inches and we’re going to weigh
them it’s important 1.10 so we have one 1.10
that’s 14 and 3/4 but this is a little bit longer he just you could tell he’s
just a little bit skinnier mm-hmm OS number three right so he is sticking his fin out. right out for us it go down or is caught. there it is there it is. number three test vial number three alright so we’re gonna let this guy go you know what looking at all those fish
in 18, 19, 20 feet of water and it’s hard to get those to. I know you switched to
a drop shot but usually they’re just a little bit bigger you know so if you can
catch em. you did! yep look at that that was a pretty good. That was a pretty good queue there. well
you got one cuz I got the net does he feel good it looks pretty good. Yeah! is it a little bit
heavier I think he’s a little bit bigger than what we have been catching. we need
one a little bit bigger he kind of went under the boat I got the net so we don’t take off all his slime oh yeah look at that one that’s a nice one oh yeah get him in the net..oh! oh yeah that’s alright that what we needed. you put us on the spot [laughter] we were just talking about moving.I was just saying why don’t we just move I will let you get down and we’ll process this one all right
look what he caught him on folks a non morning dawn [laughter] this is called a bold blue
gill and we put a four inch on four and a half can you grab that so I can yeah
get rid of that one and we’ll throw him over the side like that all right
yep and then you come on up over here you get your vial I’ll go ahead and get
the we got a routine down yep you know marking these things down he gets the
vial up that’s that’s getting up there I don’t good once I guess over two pounds
seventeen and a half inches long nice that’s a little bit bigger yeah
number four seventeen and a half and I’ll go ahead and weigh this one can you
clip him while you’re doing that okay yeah yeah you can clip them and I’ll weigh
em well that’s a big fin isn’t that there’s lot… boy that’s a lot of fin on that a good generic example there ya! you do that have to cut very much do you. that very much. do you. I am taking way more than I need let this scale catch up with me vials are
nice they’ve got a O ring to them so the alcohol don’t leak 2.11 alright almost 3 2.11 alright almost perfect that’s a nice one that’s four right R00S 4 2.11 alright 2 pounds a 11 ounces R00S 4 let’s let that nice one go yep! that could that could be a
three-year-old Florida that could be go on down [Music]

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