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The Fish Awakens: Songify the News #11

The Fish Awakens: Songify the News #11

What are the walls going to be made out of? It’s gonna be made of concrete and it’s gonna go to 90ft If you’re 90ft up, you don’t wanna come down Did you ever see the walls they build now? We get the drugs and they get the cash You know Trump is right because he says he’s right We get the drugs and they get the cash Donald Trump is calling for a shut down of Muslims Racist, racist Everybody coming out against Donald Trump now That’s so passé, I was against him before it was cool now it’s mainstream… This is what Trump wants, he wants us to talk about him And look at us now! He’s playing us just like a fool He’s playing us just like a fool It’s okay, you can admit it if you bought an item or two or ten for yourself It’s okay, you can admit it You bought an item or two or ten for yourself I’m pissed off, I’m furious This guy’s such a total pussy! Can’t use language like that Pussy, pussy, pussy Good point, balls, balls, balls Well said, ding dong and butt Pussy, pussy baaaalls, ding dong, pussy, pussy baaaalls, ding dong, pussy I’m coming to you from a very wet, very windy land The storm we’ll be following, the gales are still blowing So stay away from that stretch of motorway Don’t make unnecessary journeys Don’t swim in the sea today! People in the water have been spotted Pussy, ding dong, balls People in the water are idiotic Freaky Frankenfish Freaky, freaky Frankenfish The FDA should never have approved this A splice from eel, a splice from salmon It’s not right I’m going to continue the fight We’re gonna need a whole army of fish The Crayfish and the Catfish Pussyfish and the Ballfish Every single fish! We’re infiltrated by freaky, freaky Frankenfish We’ve been invaded by the freaky, freaky Frankenfish We should be able to penetrate the internet SONGIFY THE NEWS! With double h3 on the track (on the track), Check ’em out and you won’t regret that! (regret that) And here’s another song that we wrote (yeah!) about ducks and! Thanks for an amazing year! The memories are flashing before our eyes and your eyes and through space and time! Stay tuned for season 2016! We’ll see you for dinner tonight, we’re having asparagus All done! 2015, bye bye! Bye bye! 2015, bye bye! bah bye!

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  1. songify the news: question: what if you combine 2 songs: one named :"we are all mad here" & the other song named:"mad world"? what would your variant combo be like with error proned washington dc politicians and presidents and presidental canidate who suffer from a mental behavioral illness malfunction whose plans fail and plunge wealthy and poor alike into deeper poverty like the war on drugs narcotic poisons and like the building of a wall between usa and mexico that drug marcotic death merchants can dig a tunnel under and can build a bridge over &/or just blow a hole through it with dinamite or stolen or bought bombs or just travel around the wall! the other fatal problem with his campaign and speaches against mexico: is he's maybe unintensionally condemning all of mexico as being one of those criminal murderous drug narcotic merchants of death; when that accusation is not necessarily correct nor true! unfortunately donald trump was not willing to help mexico nor columbia build a wall south of their borders to deport the criminals outside of their nations also?!? and what about panama cannal both british and france and usa and canada once liked the idea of?!? so some americans of usa liked mexico and to vacation there…. so basically some usas loved south korean and south vietnamese cultures and folks of democratic kinds! gee! usas texmex foods are cheaper and more affordable and more edible than some of foods that some of french and some of asian folks eat.! usas can tolerate a few exstra languages ; but there be limits unto that! question: is donald trump going to help usas enter into the carbon nanotube materials and tech and industries time periods of tiny tiny sizes to piece together like a quantum puzzle and see how many folks of different nations and natos of worlds would run away from it because they do not want to do homework nor bother piecing nanotube fibers together to make useful cheaper low cost affordable useful long lasting materials and products and computers and etc., that are never obselete or is donald trump going to run away from that also and hide his head in a hole like a big austrialia bird does everytime it gets scared though not very smart nor is it surviveable! so yes donald trump loves to say he promises to cyberbully force mexico to pay for usas debts! but thats not such a good idea! because if donald trump succeeds in doing this then all other nations will say how usas treat mexico is also how all other nations should treat donald trump and his species of usas with the golden rule of treat others as you would have them treat you! so this obveously permenantly divides multiracial mixed usas species and nation into two or more separate nations and natos by language prefferences and by etc.,! yes politicians and governments and etc have some good ideas fragments noncomplete mixed in with ideas that do not work &/or that prevent success of such plans and missions without sending everyone to their deaths and permenant bankruptsies for real literally thus far! question: what if we restructure usas washington dc to have voted into office more than one vice president per term : though temporary possitions: but the cycles and vacancies to be filled possitions would be permenant to give each vice president a clustor of tasks and responsibilities to handle since its no longer possible for any mortal person nor president to handle that much ever increasing work loads and responsibility & including correcting errors and missing pieces and problems of presidental and congress and etc plans and missions and etc.,! so if usas citizens lose their freedoms and late 20th century democrasy constitution and etc and economic reasonable nonbizaro nondark noncain life support ; well; so then also does washington dc and politicians then! question: when will washington dc permenantly does what nations of india are forced to do concerning arab moslems and arab islamists and arab sufis by keeping them and all nonarabs of indias permenantly quaranteened and permenantly separated from each other for most part in equivallent unto states and in equivallent unto washington dc governments & not just to prevent arab immigrants and usa citizens from being forced to kill each other reguardless of whether anyones god and goddess be involved &/or not because of such folks and societies being never compatable with each other for real literally of lots of noncompatable groups and sides that even you politicians can never change! in ancient spain in western europe for a time temporarily arabs and jews and christians and perhaps even aetheists were temporarily barely able to share spain in peace; until one day tragidy and fear struck and they began to put each other to death once again for reasons no one quite yet comprehends nor remembers thus far apparently! so that is what permenantly has to be done immediately if you insist upon them being brought over to stay here! if you refuse to heed this warning: we could always tell them if they are going to kill the americans they should kill first the stupid politicians who decided to force those arabs to live in americas in peace in ways not compatable with both the arabs and the rest of americans to possibly try to prove in vain this futile point maybe?!? well; i'm sure we all would regret that idea later that optically illusionally appeared to be a good idea at the time for real literally! the other fatal problem is: what's to prevent arabs from killing arabs in americas the ways they do so in middle east and in other places?!? and folks like barak obamas argue saying why would they kill him ?!? he's a moslem who obeys allah! but some of other arabs in middle east and else where goes ahead and says anyways saying sure barak obama claims to be a moslem who obeys allah and it makes zero difference unto us who obey allah : lets go ahead and put barak obama to death anyways for crimes of not obeying nor believing nor knowing our own perceptions of allah because we refuse to believe he also obeys and accepts allah anyways! so: by barak obama getting rid of and helping to betray late 20th century ad usas democrasies and freedoms of religion; there be nothing left barak obamas and saudi arabias can use to help teach arabs not to betray each other nor to kill each other over disagreements about allah within reason if still barely possible to do so for real literally ; which means by barak obama

  2. I like Fine Art within this, even tho my peers would look down on me with some much low brow its a bowl of fish!

  3. Not the best one but still pretty amazing. Bang the president and The catfish songs are easily the best! Love you guys @schmoyoho

  4. Listen to the No Agenda podcast. They did bit on the Christmas one or two or ten comments. Following the script to the worst degree #vapenaysh How obvious can you make it about this shit show that is the media?

  5. just a quick comment to thank you ! it happens that last year the part with the sen Lisa Murkowski was my English test and everyone had no idea of what she was talking about (except me haha) and I pass it successfully!😎😎 I told my teacher about your video and now she loves it ! big thanks from France!^^

  6. Anyone noticed that the background music is the same as i'm a pretty girl fron songify Pewdiepie 😉

  7. i have heard this song so many times this past year or so and I never realized that H3H3 was in this wtf

  8. this is about the AquAdvantage Salmon, right? technically we aren't doing what nature hasn't went and done before, we are just making it to where we are closer to destroying world hunger.

  9. WTF… 01:00… in what context did all 3 of those reporters say the exact same phrase word for word ("you can buy an item or two or ten for yourself")? was this a meme that I missed out on or something?

  10. "If you're 90 feet up, you don't wanna come down"

    Explains why Trump hides in his tower instead of fulfilling campaign promises.

  11. Please make an international channel on TV that just does this ALL the time. The world need this. Please, now more than ever.

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