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****The Fish House House Pool Billionaire Millardaire la maison des poissons riches!****

****The Fish House House Pool Billionaire Millardaire la maison des poissons riches!****

our peek at the most exquisite million dollar rooms around the globe brings us to Singapore where home owner Steve Fisher shows us around his breathtaking 5,800 square foot bungalow that defines Island luxury featuring three bedrooms and three bathrooms this island retreat is stunning from end to end but the highlight of this home is an underwater entertainment space that gives added meaning to the phrase life in a fishbowl with million-dollar room is definitely the swimming pool area it’s one of the most unique rooms you’ll come across in the world this room was deliberately designed to be totally open and to capture the the breeze and the ventilation there are no walls at all there’s no glass you can jump straight from the rounder at any point into the swimming pool I’d really love this space I must admit when we first put it together the architect asked me what this room is for and I said I don’t know it’s just a place for me to sit and watch the boats go by and Steve can follow the boats as they go by because this enormous saltwater pool weaves its way all the way through the inside and outside of the house the design of the pool is very much part of the design of the house it’s totally integrated into the design there’s actually a swimming Lane which is 21 meters long so if you want to do laps this is really very large pools almost 1050 the design of the pool is very modern very funky it has an infinity edge so it looks out and joins the ocean the hall is contoured you can see the steps as you go down to 3 metres in depth and that’s designed to give some visual perspective this room is by far the most expensive room in the house it’s worth in excess of 2 million dollars but there’s one feature which makes for the wow factor and understanding right above it Wow is right the basement in the house isn’t underground it’s underwater and it’s no surprise that it’s got its own hefty price tag arguably most unique room in the world of its kind it’s something which blows everybody who comes into it away and their initial reaction when they walk into this room and it’s like wow this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen and they’re touching it and feeling it and they just want to go swimming and take photographs well the one thing we wanted to create within a town room was was surprised because you’re in a basement you don’t expect to be able to see sunlight you don’t expect to be able to see water you don’t expect to be able to see people swimming in the swimming pool this room can be a little intimidating to some people particularly if they’re claustrophobic and so just for fun I sometimes say don’t touch the glass it might break and they jump back and it’s good maybe they think they’re going to drown with all of its walls wrapped in floor-to-ceiling windows this underwater arena since people watching to a whole new level the window is one of the largest private installations in the world of acrylic is four and a half inches thick it’s plastic not glass because plastic is actually much stronger it can withstand the weight of a water of three meters the biggest piece gives you a complete panoramic view of what’s going on in the swimming pool from a construction standpoint very expensive to make the acrylic over 120 thousand US dollars we don’t have fish in the swim pool we have people but the effect is very similar to this if you were walking around an aquarium and this aquarium built for humans was specifically designed to give its viewers the greatest show around water plays a very major feature in this house you can see through here the bubbles give a sense of motion it’s very important when you walk into this room if you can sense that you’re actually underwater you can see the steps in the back again give a sense of perspective to people in the room without that you just seem like a flat wall and you wouldn’t understand how how deep the pool was and kind of enjoy the space and we can take obviously 30 40 50 people in this room for a party no problem the only thing more impressive than the view from this underwater sanctuary the astronomical cost associated with creating such a crowning achievement Goong subterranean is actually quite expensive in terms of construction colors it’s part of the house would be upwards of a million dollars I’ve actually added far more to the enjoyment of the space and I never imagined

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  1. Why not welcome all the refugees migrants from Syria neigeria Afghanistan to come and join and live with you in that fish house.

  2. I'd like to see the basement pool room at night with different colored lighting in the pool…Then add Heidi klum.

  3. These people have great houses but it looks like nobody lives there, so what’s even the point of showing off big shapes you sleep in?

  4. When i saw the thumbnail , I thought the couch and tv and everything was underwater . I'm underwhelmed .. lol

  5. That is not a billion dollar home lol, for what he has spent I would rather have a big ass mansion in a secluded place with lots of greenery, though that in itself would probably cost more than that guy's house in good old south east of the uk, whey is hooses so ewxpensive here 😤…..

  6. Nice one steve that room is something else. The veiw is spectacular. I've never seen walls under water before.

  7. The closest he came to exhibiting human emotion was when he was recalling the times he'd tricked claustrophobic people into thinking they were going to drown.

  8. if he's not happy, i will happily take it off of his hands and turn it into a breakfast in bed home and make tons of money from it.

  9. I guess money doesn't equal taste. green AstroTurf ! hideous furniture, what a waste .what could be a cool underwater room ,ls ruined by someone who has a lot of money ,and absolutely no taste .The hell was he thinking?

  10. The room looks cool but the more I look at it, the more I find it dull. I think it is the ugly green color. He should had done some wood flooring. Also the size of the room should had been bigger.

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