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The Giant Fish

The Giant Fish

-Come on Giannis decide where we will go…
-We will go there don’t get nervous Are they biting? Are they biting? -What?
-I said are they biting? No… Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. We are interrupting our program for breaking news This evening a giant fish was spotted by passing witnesses Our colleague Maria Maurea is on this location right now. I think we can hear her, Maria? Good evening, we’re at the location where a few our ago the incredible event happened. With me I have a witness who saw the incident -Hello
-Hello, I was sitting there and suddenly this fish appeared and just ate the guy with one bite. And then hell broke loose… – Come on, I was here too with my friend when a giant fish shows up, it must have been a shark and it just swallowed the guy – This interview, sorry, on what channel will it appear?
– More information later -What do you mean, later?
-I will tell you in a minute – But please, I have a lot of friends who have to see this. Mitsos, Lazaros, Makis, so….
– They will see you -Ok -Hi, could you tell us what you saw? – Yes, I came here to catch some booties on a video and then I see you with some idiots who scared off my booties which I was trying to record And then you start complaining that your country doesn’t improve. Then I see you with a microphone and a camera which literally ruined my plan And now you ask me something which I don’t even understand -And … that’s it Unbelievable but true, back to you Tasos Subtitles by: Nasos Georgaklis Nice… -2,1 Action
-Good evening…what will I say? © Entertainment Effect Studio 2014

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