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The good side (?) of fish sauce [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2019.12.15]

The good side (?) of fish sauce [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2019.12.15]

I gave up drinking it in the end. I spat it out right away. I thought DinDin wouldn’t drink the fish sauce. Isn’t your stomach upset now? Yes, it’s very upset. Do you want to use the bathroom? – You too? / – Yes, I’m having a stomachache. – Now? / – Really? – Do you feel like pooping? / – My stomach is on fire. – Goodness. / – I’m having a stomachache. – Oh, my gosh. / – The three of us. You’ll only last if you are healthy. I can tell that Jongmin has done this for a long time. He didn’t even drink a drop of it. He spat the whole thing out. – He didn’t even try. / – He spat the whole thing out. He even spat his saliva out too. So he knew about this. But he didn’t tell us. I can only survive if somebody suffers. Somebody has to suffer. – That’s a great tip. / – I know. It’s very helpful. Somebody else is suffering if I’m not suffering. My goodness. (Seyoon is suffering when Jongmin isn’t.) (Stomach-churning) No. He has to overcome the slope. Okay. My stomach is so upset. My stomach gets painful once every five minutes. – Goodness. / – Me too. – I told you. / – I haven’t told Junghoon. (It looks like Junghoon wants to use the bathroom too.) Go to the Meeting Plaza after the Gyeongbu Expressway. Please call the production crew. My stomach is upset. Because of the fish sauce, we need to use the bathroom. (DinDin looks anxious.) We need to drop by at the Meeting Plaza. We can’t go there now. All right. This won’t work. I don’t think it’s going to work. I think I can smell something. – Did you fart? / – No. – No, I didn’t fart. / – I can smell it. The pain comes every three minutes now. Goodness, I’m getting sweaty. – Goodness. / – My gosh. – Watch out for the speed bump. / – Meeting Plaza. – Watch out for the speed bump. / – Okay. Hold on. I’m getting hungry. See you all again after the visit to the bathroom. My stomach is upset too. (Struggling) Where is the bathroom? Pretend like you don’t want to use the bathroom. So the fish sauce does upset the stomach. Pretend that nothing is happening. – I’m just washing my hands. / – Do you have wet wipes? I need wet wipes. (They enter the bathroom.) I know how it feels. – Have you ever finished a cup? / – I never tried it. (I never tried fish sauce before.) Then how do you know? They did everything when you didn’t for ten years. I learned that I shouldn’t drink it when I saw people with upset stomachs. – You thought ahead. / – Right. (Seyoon returns after the bathroom break.) It’s nice. It’s like detoxing. It’s okay to drink it once in a while. My stomach is all empty now. Goodness. This is a good sign of a fresh start. Who would come out first? We’re shooting Two Days and One Night, season four in Seoul Meeting Plaza. There are many types of meetings. People meet up with people. Animals with people. Animals with animals. Meeting with Spirits and such. You can also meet your feces. Because we are humans, our show is open to everything. We got rid of everything that we consumed yesterday. We’ll continue with a start that’s as fresh as the air. To breathe in the fresh air, we are getting rid of our sins. It’s a very beautiful thing. (DinDin is back.) Seyoon. It smells like fish sauce. – Goodness, stop it. / – I was shocked. (He hates it.) It’s shocking how Junghoon isn’t out yet. – He isn’t here yet? / – No. I didn’t know that he was such a humble star. Oh, Seyoon. Hold on. (Do not turn back and take your time.) DinDin is going again. (DinDin is going for the 2nd time.) It’s DinDin’s second time. What happened to Junghoon? (What happened to Junghoon?) It’s a very long game for Junghoon. Who will be out first? Let’s see who I’ll meet first. We’re at the Meeting Plaza. (At the Meeting Plaza with the reporter, Moon Seyoon) Who are we meeting next? Is it Junghoon or DinDin? Is it DinDin or Junghoon? Is DinDin coming out first? Or is it one of Korea’s top thieves? Is it Junghoon? (Who is going to be out first?) DinDin is done with the second round. – DinDin is back. / – Junghoon isn’t here yet? – Did you win the second match? / – Sure. I think it’s all empty now. Goodness, Junghoon is here. It’s burning. (Junghoon gets out right after DinDin got out.) How do you feel? Are you okay? We’re not sure about the next stop. We won’t stop. Let’s see if your stomach is still upset. Follow after me. – I’m fine. I’m good. / – Goodness. I’ll give you ten seconds. Make up your mind. (Will Junghoon choose to use the bathroom again?) (He’s using the bathroom again.) Goodness. He keeps going to the bathroom. My goodness. What kind of variety show is this? Most of our show is filmed in front of the bathroom. We aren’t getting any closer to the destination. I like Junghoon. He’s very humane. (Junghoon’s done with the second round.) Are you okay? (He is back with a happier face.) Your first impression is all about using the bathroom. I’m not supposed to drink the fish sauce. I feel much better now. (They learned their lesson.) I know why Jongmin won’t drink the fish sauce. – I’ll never drink it. / – You aren’t supposed to. – It isn’t a normal variety show. / – My goodness. But I feel refreshed. Totally. It feels like a new beginning. I doubt that there are any other shows that start in the bathroom. This is great. I can finally shoot with ease. It’s as if we just met in the morning. It feels nice.

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  1. and they did drink the fish sauce.. lol.. looks like the crew will have a good fight with the new members.. matira matibay, walang susuko.. haha

  2. This bit of the episode is one of the funniest I've seen in a while. Especially that competitive background music they always use for contests!

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