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The Keratosis Pilaris Diet: Start Eating These Foods Today!

The Keratosis Pilaris Diet: Start Eating These Foods Today!

If you have KP, it�s important to understand
that your diet may play a big part in not only the amounts of your outbreaks, but their
severity as well. While it�s not been completely proven, some
people think that food can affect keratosis pilaris in many different ways. Changing up your diet in hopes of lessening
your symptoms while improving your skin overall tends to work better for some people, and
not so much for others. But, Don�t knock it until you at least give
it a try. Start by eating foods that are rich in Vitamin
A and essential fatty acids (There are many different types of fish that are perfect for
this). While your at it, if you’re not taking a fish
oil supplement, consider adding one to your daily routine. Not only could they help clear up your KP,
but they�re great sources of omega 3 fatty acids, they help with heart health and have
many other benefits. Look for Burp-less Fish Oil. If you�ve never taken fish oil capsules
before, some of them that aren�t specifically marked �Burp-less� or �Odorless� can
cause so called �fish burps� � which taste pretty gross. So only buy burpless or odorless fish oil
capsules if you can. Take at least 700 to 900 mcg daily. And if you do start taking fish oil, you should
stay on it for at least two to three months, as it can take natural treatments a while
to �kick in� to the point where you’ll start to see results. Other great sources of real, naturally occurring
vitamin A are egg yolks, full fat milk and (if you can stomach it) liver. Add a handful of walnuts a day into the mix
while you�re at it. Protein and dairy are your friends when it
comes to fighting off keratosis pilaris with your diet! Remember: High quality sources of protein
are important. Mass produced and processed meats from large
companies do not have nearly the same benefit as locally raised, organic meat. So sausages and frozen dinners won’t do nearly
as much to clear your kp as a fresh grilled steak or chicken breast will. Foods rich in zinc are also important when
it comes to combating KP with your diet. Animal based foods are the best, naturally
occurring sources of zinc, but plant based sources are good and can be used fill out
your list of good foods. Some great sources of zinc are beef, lamb,
pork, chicken, oysters, pumpkin seeds (either raw or toasted), spinach, nuts, wheat germ,
mushrooms, almost all types of beans and even� dark chocolate. As I mentioned in a previous video, coconut
oil is a great addition to your diet as well as being a topical treatment for keratosis
pilaris. It�s great to cook with (it doesn�t make
your food taste weird or like coconuts). Just use it instead of your normal oil the
next time you make a stir fry, pasta dish or otherwise. You can also take it directly by itself. Be warned though, while it doesn�t bother
some people it can cause diarrhea taking a tablespoon of it alone, on an empty stomach. Many people do enjoy it in coffee or hot chocolate. Start with 1 teaspoon a day and work up to
1 tablespoon a day for optimum results. And finally, if you don�t already, start
taking a high quality probiotic! Not only can it help fight keratosis pilaris,
but probiotics can help your entire body in many other ways. Most people haven�t been properly taught
just how important probiotics and prebiotics are to so many aspects of their overall health. Not All Probiotics Are Created Equal. If you see so called �proboitic supplements�
in your local store that aren�t stored in a refrigerator, or they’re only in cheap plastic
bottles instead of quality glass bottles, stay away from them. No matter how many live organisms they�re
said to contain, very few of those could be left by the time you buy them. You can find the brand that I personally use
listed in the guide, there’ll be a link to it at the end of the video. If you do buy probiotics from your local store,
be sure that they’re high quality probiotics with 20 million or more CFUsof live organisms. Also be sure that they’re refrigerated and
packaged in glass bottles. It�s important to remember that KP is an
inflammatory condition, meaning certain things irritate and cause it to flare up more at
some times, rather then others. Just like the weather and other external conditions
can cause it to either get worse or improve, diet affects your kp the same way too. If you try the keratosis pilaris diet plan,
and you first see successful results after a month or two, you could try going off the
diet for a few weeks to see how much diet affects your kp. If your KP comes right back and starts flaring
up, you can be pretty sure that changing your diet was the thing that got rid of your symptoms. Then, simply start back on the diet to get
back your good results. If you’re really serious about clearing your
KP once and for all, download the KP guide, it’s absolutely free � and it’s helped thousands
of people (including myself) to cure themselves of KP for good. And that’s right, I said cure – not just treat
or help their kp � but cure it. Download the guide now � you’ll be happy
you did…

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  1. My doctor said to avoid ice creams,cakes,eggs,processed foods,chicken,fried foods and he said to eat only fruits,vegetables,fruit Juices(without freezing),drink lots and lots of water..

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