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The Lethal Stinging Stone Fish – River Monsters

[Music] there it is another stone but a stone fish what an amazing beast it really does look like piece of rock this is camouflage taken to the nth degree what makes stone fish even more dangerous is that they can quite happily stay out of water for up to 24 hours making them all too easy to step on when the tide retreats and it’s the spines on their back but deliver the deadly venom to actually got 13 of these dorsal spines and each one is basically a hypodermic and just a little way back from the point is the s where the venom is and what happens is if you tread on one of these it’s your body weight just inject that let’s just see what this thing can do found on the beach is the kind of thing I often wear put these on for eye protection and what happens did you see that it’s only when the footage is slowed down that you can see the amount of venom that’s delivered by one single spine now if you trod on that that venom would go into your bloodstream and as well as being very painful I mean if you’ve got people with you they’re going to need to look after you I’m just governing that making its assure here can be an even deadlier proposition than being lost at sea one possible scenario who knows maybe one of those survivors stepped on one of these and that just took everybody’s concentration they’re dealing with that person and then events just went on from there you [Music]

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