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The Low Tech Planted Aquarium: You don’t have to be fancy to have fish!

The Low Tech Planted Aquarium: You don’t have to be fancy to have fish!

What’s up fish tank people?,
dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you front centered in the family room on a Sunday. How
is everybody doing today? I hope you are doing well, I hope you got out this week, hope you
have been chilling. Hope you got a good weekend. Your basketball teams are doing good, you
bragged to doing good and all that madness. It’s exciting, I have to be honest with you
folks. It felt good to do a video saying basically an apology last week when I was just tired
from doing the Newport Aquarium event. Super event! Definitely going to be doing another
one. I have been talking about a lot. I will give you guys a breath, but I am actually
going to do a big blog post on By the while you are on
sign up for the top ten planted tank tips. We have got some cool stuff rolling out at
the end of this week. Definitely check that out! The Newport event was great, thank you
for all the people with the positive feedback on it, comments, and just support showing
up, hanging out, showing your tanks. One of things I am going to do, which I didn’t do
enough of at the Newport event is make it, so it is easier for people to both display
and talk about their tanks, because you never know when there is like that dude in the room
that is keeping the same fish you are, the same plants you are. I think the connection
and the synergy of that, I mean you don’t get that environment often. I am going to
try and make it so more people can discuss what they got going on and hopefully connect
some dots for people and make it easier. That’s what is going now.
I have got a good show for you today. No species, but I got an update in the green house that
I am really excited to show you in just a second. Today I want to talk about, this is
my original bad boy tank right here. It is my 125 and I want to talk about the low tech
tank and kind of my thoughts on it, and what I have been doing with it, and how you should
size up your tank and your goals. I am going to talk about this in the new guide that I
have got coming out. Some of you Gold and Silverfish members have gotten a little sliced,
I want to talk some fish to keep. In that guide I really want to hammer all
of it, and today as well. What are you goals, and what are you trying to achieve with your
tank and is that in line with you budget and is that in line with the time that you have
and really your experience level as well? There is definitely something that needs to
be considered when you are setting up a tank. I will just take a step back. A lot of people
are like I got this sweet tank, I want to do it up, and then like in a year from now,
but I am going to move and go of to college. Well hey can you take your tank to college,
they probably don’t allow bigger than a ten gallon, or B going to leave it with your Mum
and Dad who are going to keep us with your dosing regiment, your water changers. I doubt
it! Ask me how I know this, I left my piranhas to my father and came home and there was four
of them. Lost one, he did water changes got the four of them okay. Anyway I mean just
think about that. I go the 125 here and it is low tech. Almost no tech, I am running
2,4 w per gallon. Everybody asks me all the time, these are coral life Metal halides , 150W.
Got them on eBay pretty cheap. You have to replace the bulbs, like most good lights they
are typically geared for reefs. But I got 2.4 wats per gallon, I got a bunch of easy
plants. I got Anubias, I have got Big swords, Cypts, I got a Crinum which is we will talk
about in a second here. I also have the remainder of a red tiger lotus. It’s just low tech and
it is easy. I don’t have to do much work. Last week straight up I didn’t want to look
at fish tanks, still that Wednesday I was so shot from setting up a 65,75,3,20 and I
think like two 55s at the event. I always get these messages too from people that are
like: “Oh coming of, we had a reef for years and we tore it down and he we just liked the
low maintenance planted tank or “I had a high tech tank, but I am running a low tank and
it’s my favorite tank and whatever”. I just want to say think about your goals with your
tank and what you are trying to do. What you are trying to really achieve with that tank.
What can you really put towards it. 125,220,90 greenhouse tanks. Yes that is pretty thing,
so to me this tank is great. Water change, Anubias starts to flower and I am going to
come up a tripod here. Don’t you guys get spoiled with this tripod stuff either. I showed
this on Dustinsfishtanks on facebook. I have got the Anubias, about the flower there. You
can see that. I got the checker board, from Peru, what’s up son?
I go one remaining me on tether. What’s up son? I have got this crinum right here which
is awesome. Crinum the tense coming out. This is what I do. When I buy crinum, I don’t sell
a lot of them and I don’t really care because I keep them. But these wands, I want to show,
this one is obviously in great shape, these ones took a beating. Got them in, they didn’t
look hot when I go them in, but this is where everybody trips out. They get their plans
in like two weeks in, sometimes it gets all back. This happens, but look at that little
tiny growth down there. That is the part of the plant you are supposed to be focusing
on, my fish tank people. That is where you need to be. That plant will be completely
fine, it’s under good conditions, I will hit it with another water change. This crinum
calamistratum back here, this tall guy back there, came in same deal like that, and then
like a month it’s good to go. It’s long, stringy all straight. That is just something to keep
an eye on and understand and be patient with it.
got something in the greenhouse to talk to you about. We are all out here, carrying a
tripod is awesome. I want to show you what I am doing out in the greenhouse. That’s right.
We are rolling out here, fun little project yesterday. I am doing a 70 percent shade cloth
on the green house nowadays. Because it gets hot and the temperature swings are jacking
my tanks up, pit me with algae. Last week you saw a tank crushed with algae. I got a
twenty by twenty four. The green house is twelve by twenty four. I will back it up and
will show you that. I got a twenty foot, by twenty four thing to put it over there. I
talked about it last week, but I want to show what I am doing, also want to show something
that can be of value. You can see no shade cloth, big difference in here though. Definitely
a different thing here, I like it though, because the Sun was just crushing all my plants
giving me too much light. Not listening to my own advice on algae. Check this out, this
is a little ghetto, hope you guys see it sandals with socks. See that’s what I do for you guys.
I hope you guys can see that in the reflection. Rolling because I had to get out of here fast
and then are the shoes I slipped them on. The CO2 I put in these little containers up-side
down on a cinder block and what I am doing is, I am having a passive C02 in here the
whole time. Now look I had some crypts , that are doing really well , The baby tears are
responding very well to it, so that’s exciting for me and then also over here I want to show
this too. This is some Ludwigia Repens that I had, that just took too cold of… I forgot
to plug the heaters, whatever. The leaves came up, look you got a new growth on the
top. This aquarium plant will be fine, so I wanted to just show that. You can see the
tiny little growth in the center there. You can see those little nub little spots coming
on. This plant, you know two weeks, than it will be completely fine. See the bubbles coming
of it. That is always a good sign. That’s what I am doing, hope you are enjoying
it. Signup for those top ten planted tank tips on I got a lot
of stuff coming actually at the end of the month. I am really excited about that, so
appreciate your feedback. Welcome new subscribers, if you like what I am doing subscribe, I do
this every Sunday. Have been for five years, folks! Tank on!

100 comments on “The Low Tech Planted Aquarium: You don’t have to be fancy to have fish!

  1. Very nice looking low tech tank! That's what I'm looking to achieve with my Discus tank. You make it look easy. 🙂

  2. I'm trying a low-tech and low-budget ten gallon tank. I will put cherry shrimp in it eventually. I got some clamp lamps at home depot and put some 6500k CFL bulbs in them. For my ten gallon that gives me 26 watts, which I think is good…I'm going to try to find some dwarf sagittaria to plant in it.
    Last night I put together some little scrap pieces of driftwood and tied java moss to it. It looks like a little tree in the tank. I'd love some dwarf sags growing around it like grass. 🙂

  3. I have a 16 Gallon Aqueon Bowfront Tank, i have a 15 watts, t8 18" ultra sun zoo med light. So far i got some amazons swords, and water sprite. Both are doing great and growing like crazy. I would definitely recommend those plants for beginners in low tech plants because i get roughly 1 watt per galllon.

  4. I have a 5 gal great little Betta tank,  lots of low teck plants, 1 led light, and IT IS GREAT !
    Happy healthy beautiful fish and I can spent time with him and not be working on the tank all the time !   

  5. Dustin- could you tell me what additives if any you are using with this low tech tank and what substrate you use? Thanks. Also how many hours of light per day?

  6. Dustin I have had this 55 gallon  tank for years. well at lest 20 years i tried to  stay up with the new stuff as far as under gravel or not i had big time growth from Wisteria and java fern the fern is so big i could hide a soccer ball behind it and since i did a substrate change i never had a algae problem i wish i knew how to send you what i have now in the tank I have not had to put cO2.   i have healthy plants if you can keep the green algae off did a major water change last week and all ready i have green walls. I have a friend at fired up Aquatics that I bought some plants from them Next week i will get back in and use a razor on the walls again I use to have lights on 12 hours a day now they are on maybe 9 hours still got the green war can you advice me

  7. My goal is an aquarium system that sits in the middle of a room and has no visible hoses nor wires and has very low maintenance time and expense.  Working on such a system now.  Getting near completion, two steps forward, half step back.

  8. How do you do that Low Tech Co2 for that tank towards the end?

    I just bought a system and just got it going today! But I have 2 tanks and they are across the room from each other. How do I do that Low tech Co2 system you did there?

    Can you make a quick video on that?  


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    Thanks You

  10. word of advice dustin, air stone + co2 = no co2 in your tank 😆
    towards the end of the video you have some type of co2 cinder block thing
    how does it work?

  11. iv being watching your videos for years and iv never asked. do you ever use C02 in any of your tanks or just dirt.?

  12. Your kids are awesome. Fun times. Thanks for your videos. I haven't had the courage to go dirt yet, but I'm watching you. I have your videos and dirt guide. Eventually. I'm a newbie and taking it very slowly.

  13. I'm gonna start a nano rcs planted tank this week. The only thin I hvent bought is the light cause I'm debating on zoo med 50/50 Mini Compact Fluorescent or the Fluval Mini Power Compact Lamp. I've read the fluval can but out and they will send u a replacement bulb right away, and it doesnt hurt that I live minutes away from Hagen head office. Any advice

  14. I like the idea of heavily planting a tank, running a basic filter (canister is my favorite) and putting a low bio load of fish to reduce the maintenance to a weekly or bi-weekly water change. I also like the fact that you can go on holiday for 2 weeks and do nothing to the tank apart from getting someone to feed your fish. 

  15. Im starting a planted tank, the idea is it to be low-tech with low-light plants.
    How many plants should I buy?
    Tank base is 260×35 (cm) or 102.36×13.78 (inches) and a hight of 46 cm (18 inches)… I already have substrate, lightning, equipment, and a list of plants to buy (java moss, java fern, giant crypt, wendtt crypt, anubia nanas, dwarf hygro, hornwort, gymnocorines spilanthoides), but Im still not sure how many plants I should buy…

  16. Hey Dustin, I'm just starting out my first 40 gallon low tech planted tank and I wanted to know what kind of light you would use? Also I wanted floating plants because of the looks and benefits of any fry that may come. Appreciate if you respond!

  17. Hey Dustin,
    I'm looking at ordering a few plants for my tank once it's dirted and ready to go.   My question is about the lights that I got the tank with and if you think it would be enough lighting 
    75 gal tank 
    Coralife 10,000k 54w T5 HO  one bulb about 36inch
    Actinic 54 W t5 Ho 

    i'm pretty sure the lighting is for a salt water tank, but just wondering if they would work on a planted freshwater?

  18. you are ridiculous, love the vids. Haters gonna hate man keep on truckin grow them swords out u know what im saying?  

  19. You have an Amazing awesome attitude! Your very upbeat & informative! Screw your hater's . Keep doing what you do! Very Inspiring.

  20. I second that "If you're going to college next year don't set up a giant crazy tank" never really considered that issue at the time

  21. Awesome vids man! My plant density is insane. I grow it too fast! About to set up a large tank for my cuts! Keep posted!

  22. dude i just found your channel u gatta help me i got a 125 gallon i wanna do brackish waht plants do i need and what substrate

  23. Dustin can you do a YouTube video about your just add water fish tanks that you sell.

     Or At Least put bullet points on what it comes with i know u put a description and eventually i finished reading it but still you did not say what it Exactly comes with

  24. Hey everyone I just wanted to ask do you think it is a must to have dirt as a substrate or any substrate to grow plants?

  25. Hey dustin as u said in previous videos that ur not using Co2 cylinder then?
    what kind of fertilizer do u used.for get a good green colour of plants else than light.Do u use any liquid co2.
    You are providing awesome knowledge from this channel

  26. You're channel is awesome very helpful i am a young fish tank keeper with a small 10 gallon and u inspire me to get more tanks and fish

  27. Join our FishTank group on Facebook if you would like 🙂 .

  28. Hey Mr Dawson, hope your OK! when filling your first planted tank should you mix warm water with the cold to bring the temperature up or can you just rely on the heater to bring the temperature up

  29. What's up Fishtank People? I am doing a bunch of 30 second videos on Instagram- Follow me for more shorter random videos CLICK HERE:

  30. "How to set up a low tech planted aquarium", except you never showed how to set it up, you just rambled about your tank.

  31. bro, you seem super dope to smoke and chill with but….

    not once did you give us a build or "how to"…

    keep up the great work, how much did the greenhouse costM

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  33. Hey Dustin, Dustin here as well. I'm running a fluval 70 on my planted, 36G bow fronted tank. I'm using liquid ferts. What is your opinion on using the carbon media bag that came with the filter? Will it remove my ferts from the water?

  34. Hey bro good vids 🙂 have a prob with a new tank. Been running. About a month cycle went ok, has eco complete substrate and started to plant it from about day 3, had good growth but have since seen my leaves turning brown 🙁 any help would be great

  35. How do you keep your plants and substrate from getting covered in blackish brown stuff? I have a planted tank with fish and its a continual battle.

  36. Is it possible to have healthy low tech tank with only heater and 2W per gal light? Basically, is a powerhead required? I know a filter isn't.

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