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The luck game is back! Fish sauce? Or Americano? [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2019.12.15]

The luck game is back! Fish sauce? Or Americano? [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2019.12.15]

– You’ll set out on your first trip. / – Okay. For today’s concept, we’ll evaluate each one of you. It’s “Conditions to become a member of Two Days and One Night”. – Conditions. / – The first destination is… – Where is it? / – It’s… It’s Danyang, North Chungcheong Province. – Danyang. / – Danyang. (This beautiful city, Danyang,) (has scenic unexplored regions.) (Rocks in fascinating shapes unfold magnificently.) (The sight of Chungju Lake is) (enough to charm us with its beauty.) (Even Kim Hong Do was captivated by Oksun Peak.) (The beauty of nature is evident in the sceneries.) (Another proud product of Danyang, garlic) (Various dishes made with garlic.) (This charming city offers) (delicious bites and sceneries.) You need to set out to Danyang now. Let me reveal the vehicle that you’ll be taking. I’m getting scared. – Is that for us? / – That’s a nice car. – What is that? / – What is that? – Which brand is that? / – Here it comes. – This is a nice car. / – That’s cute. (A luxurious SUV) Hey, they are treating us well. – I knew it. / – What is it? (An ominous sound) (Rattling) We have to win the game for that. (A delivery van is struggling to move forward.) Come on. (The old days of the van are evident.) (So which vehicle will we take?) As for one of the conditions, we tested your resourcefulness through the morning commute mission. This time, we’ll test your luck. Luck? – Is there a game that tests our luck? / – Hey. (At that moment) – Is this the famous game? / – It’s the fish sauce. My gosh, they are detailed. There are 50 cups of Americano and fish sauce each. (There is a total of 100 cups.) Drinking fish sauce on an empty stomach is awful. It’s been a while. I’ve never drunk fish sauce on its own. – The game is simple. / – Okay. Everyone will take turns to choose a drink. If you pick an Americano, you’ll get a dollar and continue with the game. If you pick an Americano consecutively, you’ll get double the previous allowance. Are you doubling it? You can try out the game as many times as you want. But if you pick the fish sauce, it’s a dud. The allowance that everyone gathered will be gone. I’m curious. If we picked up the fish sauce, we can pretend that it’s an Americano, right? But you must finish the whole cup. Okay. We can control our minds. – You were late. You can do it. / – Of course. – I’ll do it. / – Do we have to finish the coffee? – I’ll do it. / – Okay. How do the vehicles relate to this game? Let us reveal – the rental fee for the SUV. / – I see. – There’s a rental fee. / – Okay. I’ll take it off from the corner. (How much is the rental fee for the luxurious SUV?) – 10 dollars? / – 50 dollars? – How many cups is that? / – We can’t ride that. We gave you an allowance in the morning. – We’ll start the game / – How much do we have left? with the remaining money you have. – Okay. / – But without Seyoon and Seonho’s money, we would’ve been ruined. The four of us don’t have any money. (So how much do we have left?) To ride the SUV, you need to obtain 35 dollars and 75 cents. – No way. / – Gosh. This game… I was told that I’ll have a lucky end of the year. But this year is almost over. You didn’t use up your luck yet, right? Turn on the car’s heater. Will the order remain the same? Let’s do this. – Ravi. / – I’ll try it. – Go, Ravi. / – Good luck! – Ravi is the youngest. / – Hurry. If you drink seven cups, you need to stop there. – The colors look the same. / – This is hard. (It’s hard to tell by the naked eye.) From a psychological point of view, it’s not just fish sauce. It’s fish sauce coffee. You probably added the sauce into an Americano. Or you added the Americano into the sauce. The one with a lot of coffee is the fish sauce coffee. – You know what? / – He has a point. – That’s convincing. / – That’s plausible. It will be hard to finish if there’s a lot of coffee. That was reverse psychology. You’re like a profiler. Ravi, don’t smell it. Just drink it up. – Hold your nose and drink it. / – Hold on. You should get a solo shoot. You might spit it on us. Drink it right away. (He’s far from the members.) – Drink it and come back. / – Don’t smell it. – We’ll welcome you. / – I’m nervous. (The 1st member, Ravi, tries it out.) (During his commute,) (he bragged about his resourcefulness.) (In fact, he was the first one to arrive.) (Looking cool) (It looks like he’s having a nice start.) (Will he be lucky too?) (He chose the fish sauce coffee.) – Next. / – It’s okay since he was first. – Right. / – Okay. – The dark ones are Americano. / – Really? – That’s how you drink coffee. / – Not the clear one. – How can I drink this? / – This one is it. What is it? (Vomiting) – It stinks. / – Really? Is it that bad? Gosh. – How does it taste? / – I wasn’t myself when I spat. It was out of instinct. I didn’t have any control. – It’s your first time, right? / – I can smell it. (The fish sauce embodies the sea’s aromatic scent.) (We made the coffee out of sincerity.) My gosh, how are we supposed to drink that on the show?

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  1. Stop saying we miss the older members yes we do but I feel like these new members saying they ain’t good enough for this show 😤😕. But guess what I think their doing just fine 🥰😍🤩. Hwaighting oppas and jamchons.

  2. No members are bigger than the program itself. This show sell main concept of Korean food, travel place together with history not members. They are 4 seasons, 12 years and have more than 10 members now. It's time to move on. If you don't like new members then don't watch it, please stop being so negative.

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