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The Making of THE FISH by PES // Corona x Parley

The Making of THE FISH by PES // Corona x Parley

I’m PES. I’m a filmmaker, director, animator. I make films using objects manipulated in stop motion animation. Working with physical objects is great, making things there’s a satisfaction to taking things out of the real world and turning them into something else. I think this video highlights more than anything that creatures out there including the albatross, see plastic as food. They don’t make a distinction like we do. You’re not going to eat something that’s put in front of you that’s plastic. Now of course plastic isn’t going to come to life as a fish. This is a fantasy, that’s meant to help convey this problem with plastic pollution. It killed one creature and it can easily kill the next because it doesn’t die. It didn’t go anywhere, it didn’t decompose. All of it is still here. I see the problem of marine plastic pollution kind of like stop motion animation. At the start it seems like an insurmountable task. We have a lot of frames to make in the course of a production. But the only way to do it is really to go one frame at a time and to come together and solve the problem ourselves. I use my own hand in this film. This is a personal thing for me. I really want to get this message out there in the world and do what I can, so that other people can also participate and feel like they can make a difference.

100 comments on “The Making of THE FISH by PES // Corona x Parley

  1. I mean… Did you really have to explain that ? Are we that stupid as a species, that we can't enjoy a metaphor on our own ? I guess…afterall we keep trowing plastic around…

  2. Vim pelo anúncio do YouTube Brasileiro, amei esse vídeo!! Muito criativo, já me tornei inscrito de vcs. Vou compartilhar nas minhas redes sociais

  3. Awesome dude, seems genuine. What else do you personally do to preserve the environment besides recycling and raising awareness?

  4. 最初、なんで亀の骨いるんだろうって思って見てたら…

  5. And another thing being represented is that the turtle died from eating the plastic, just realised

  6. I recently made a short film about plastic and i really like pes for his stop motion videos and i Think i like him a bit more now for making this video

  7. Как же все это выглядит красиво и реалистично. Очень залипательно 🤫

  8. The other day my mom left a piece of tin foil in a frying pan. I immediately thought of western spaghetti

  9. Lovely channel and a team. I hope more cooking videos will come in the future. Keep up the magnificent work guys!

  10. From not seeing this channel in over 5 years, I’m amazed, from seeing the stop motion channel having very few videos, to now, I’m happy that you guys are still at it, now, ima watch all the things I’ve missed out on.

  11. Hi, PES, I don't know if you're still active, but if you go to this link, we're using PES's work without specifying its source. I haven't reported it yet. If you would like to report, please report in the video at the link below

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