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100 comments on “THE MEG Official Trailer (2018) Jason Statham Shark Horror Movie HD

  1. "If you see him, it's already too late.."
    Book 1 was good at the Mariana trench part, Book 2 was amazing. This movie prolly gonna suck.. still gonna watch it tho for being fan of the saga :).

  2. Sharks are ancient and highly intelligent creatures, not the brute beasts they portray in Hollywood movies.
    Spielberg's Shark movie caused the indiscriminate killing of thousands of shark species harmless to humans, destabilizing the world's oceans, and now this movie garbage will cause the same thing.
    Sharks are wolves and lions of the sea and without them marine life collapses
    I leave this thought in the comments: ía.
    If it is large and man invades its environment, it is considered a monster by the human animal … Sad.

  3. I really want to hear the voice of Peter Griffin appear in this movie, when the shark is about to attack someone and say "SHUT UP MEG".

  4. Why did you accept this role, Jason? why?. I was perfectly comfortable watching you fighting the mafia, not playing as the hero of the town like The Rock Johnson

  5. I can't they're going to actually market this garbage to western audiences. What the fu*k is wrong with Hollywood?
    Absolute rubbish.

  6. If you look at this: you WILL be absolutely blown away. Time To Change Your Life.

  7. Jason says No to Netflix to be Daredevils villain Bullys eye. But says yes to Deep Blue Sea 2. Wtf? Awesome

  8. I'm not be racist and I'm Asian myself, but enough with all the Chinese placements just because they can afford to pay for most of the movie's funding. I mean, they don't even act or say much!!

  9. Jajaja si bien las peliculas de Jason son demasiados exageradas porque el genero de acción es así, en está ya se fueron al extremo. Un solo tipo mata esa bestia? aajajaja

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  11. I’m never getting in the ocean, flying over the ocean, getting on a boat, or getting on a bridge. My answer is heck’s no.

  12. How come when a human dies in a movie I don't care but when an animal does I literally CRY😭🐈🐩🐶🐭🐱🐀🐁🐭🐹🐢🐓🐔🐰🐣🐦🐓

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