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The Most Humane Way of Killing a Fish. Ikejime (Ike Jime) on Striped Bass!

The Most Humane Way of Killing a Fish. Ikejime (Ike Jime) on Striped Bass!

100 comments on “The Most Humane Way of Killing a Fish. Ikejime (Ike Jime) on Striped Bass!

  1. Brains like we do have nerve tubes/canals that lead in our whole body, destroying the brain, organ loses function having no command to do which why nerves go down, and that’s why we can’t feel the pain. Although a human would die instantly, but the heart will beat for few times. Just imagine using this method on fish and a bullet that goes through humans brain( let’s hope that this doesn’t happen to everyone) We go down, having no connections to nerves to do an action.
    Same goes for fish or any other animal. I hope you read my comment and understand why is this the humane way of killing the fish.

  2. Even if they don't feel pain it is sad if a helpless creature dies

    उनको दुःख नहीं लकता है फिर भी यह नहीं करना चाईए क्यूकी जब कोइ मरता टा है तो हम को दुःख लगता है ।

  3. I only stab it in the head one time with a fillet knife. Although it still may still be alive it’s no longer capable of feeling pain. Really, that’s all it takes.

  4. #KAKALIFE hi I do spearfishing.
    Once I spear the fish hopefully in the head I then push a knife into the head between the eyes.How can I apply this technique while in the water being moved about by the tide/waves?.Also I have seen others spike the head then cut tail & insert the wire from the tail end.

  5. This is not humane way, this is the way to make fish more tasty,I usually chop off the head where the brain is located,it’s over and done with.

  6. 1:04 – 1:07 please explain why a red dot suddenly appears under the bass' eye as though it was stabbed there with the spike in the wrong location while alive? Please tell me it's not true

  7. nice video. i liked the way you killed because some people dont do the brain thing and kill the fish with pain

  8. This process is interesting. It's new to me. We have an immediate kill law here in Maine. I'll try it on the next legal striper I catch. They have to be at least 28 inches to keep here.

  9. Thank you for this very informative video i really enjoyed watching it look forward to more videos like this! Stay safe in those waters 🙂 🐟 Definately deserved a subscription from me! 😊

  10. True this is the most human way of letting the fish see beyond waters, but it was also tested that fish physically can not feel pain. Not trying to start anything, search it if you want.

  11. You better hit the brain quick because if you need to dig for 5 minutes before you find it, i'm not really sure if it's more humane…

  12. You pissed me off lol I fish trout alot, but I like the ike Jima method eh what ever mate my new favorite species is the largemouth been that way for 10 years

  13. Why go through all that if your are out there to catch and eat put them on ice the fish is gonna die either way

  14. Thank you for posting this!! I really appreciate you demonstrating ikejime multiple times for us, very clearly and showing where exactly to drive the spike. I recently learned about ikejime and felt terrible that I’ve been killing fish wrong my whole life. I wasn’t sure how to do ikejime properly and I will not be fishing until I can figure it out! I’m going to order one of these kits right now. Thank you!!!

  15. Can someone tell me the tools used in this video and where to buy the exact one or close to the one in the video.

  16. Fire works like a M 90 pop ? Put it in the mouth… because don't you just throw out the head anyways?

  17. I know you think that this is the "humane" way of killing a fish but the fact of the matter is that fish have extremely different brains than we or other mammals do. First off fish lack a neocortex which is what produces conciousness in mammals. They also lack the nerve structure to feel pain. So while it might make sense to kill the fish quickly for convenience, it doesn't really make it "humane" because it's highly unlikely that the fish is suffering as a human or mammal would. And I'm not trying to sound cruel, but as a fisherman I've done a ton of research on this. Check out Dr. James Rose's papers for more info. Tight lines!

  18. The person who ever did the subtitles be like: The heart still beats, it can still breathe, hear, see and talk… but it’s dead….

  19. U shove that shit in your head let us how (HUMANE) it feels. Humane by the way is dumbest fucking way to feel good about murdering the fuck out of anything living .

  20. This video helped a lot. Where did you get your ikijime kit? I can’t seem to find one with a wire, only the spike. Thanks

  21. Ikejime translates to the words
    “Brain Spike”
    B if you didn’t know, you know you hit the fish’s brain when it’s fins stiffen up, and the mouth widens.

  22. I've been doing ikejime since I was 7😂🤣…..I used to do that to my fish not knowing that I'm performing ikejime😂🤣

  23. I like that you did it the last way at the end because people can see the effect, clearly it’s much more active than ikejime so hopefully people will see the hard way what happens when you speak about something you know nothing about, cool vid 👍🏼

    Edit: to clarify I’m saying these people who say to do it regular have no clue what they’re talking about, and you doing it the standard way is showing that clearly they’re wrong

  24. Idk about anyone but I’m sure this hurts like a bitch
    If I stab your brain with a nail you’re gonna cry 😭😭😭🤷🏻‍♂️

  25. You might be missing the brain with the spike. My fish usually opens mouth wide when brain dead. I also go from the tail, easier to get the neural canal

  26. all these people downvoting are the type of assholes that have an "ice cooler" they just toss fish in to slowly die over the course of an hour while suffering. They wanna go fishing and have fun but when it comes time to wake up to reality that you need to kill a fish to eat it, they look away and let it suffer, out of sight out of mind.

  27. Bro it’s very noble of you to go to basically every comment and make sure people know they should damage the brain at least. Btw I’m trying to catch my first fish tmmrw would damaging the brain and doing the wire thing with a chopstick work as well?

  28. As explained before on a separate video, this method has been used for thousands of years as it was discovered to improve the flavor of fish because the fish goes through less pain and stress using this method than the traditional method used by many companies today, which is throwing fish into an ice box and have them suffocate to death which could take up to five minutes to a few hours.

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