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The Most Unusual Magnet Fishing Find After A Active Flood!!

hi guys welcome back to episode today
guys I’m down here with the subscribers it’s Kendra I’ve never met her before so
I was a little nervous coming out here and meeting someone meet a stranger
sleeping underneath the bridge bridge looks like it’s gonna be a great spot
we’ll tow the magnet I hear she is using the 2000 pound double-sided magnet this
is her first time so hopefully we do pretty good you guys liked this episode
please hit that subscribe button I don’t know if I got something or it’s
stuck on something yeah yeah all I do got something check it out
oh I got a sign look good huh yeah figure out that guy’s yeah he’s in it
for a long time Oh guys look at that check out that sign it’s not even for a
long time that’s uh three tons it’s a bridge sign fucking sweet I’m excited
now oh heck yeah yeah you make a good spot yes I thought I had something about
wasn’t for sure it’s I wish hey I hate that we’ve made a better scene in the
beginning uh yeah I love signs and signs my favorite thing fine yeah so now we’ll definitely have a video man
that’s amazing yeah yes and picture to my friend he’s got a
he’s the fourth biggest in the country and nine efficient yeah now if you can
find this late on the ground and try you

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