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The New Fly Fisher in Peterborough & the Kawarthas

The New Fly Fisher in Peterborough & the Kawarthas

(Music) Welcome everybody to the New Fly Fisher,
I’m your host Colin McKeown. It’s a beautiful summer day, conditions are
perfect. I’m going to go out here and have a great
day of fishing. And that’s what today’s show is about: affordable
and accessible fishing trips. We’re going to be fly fishing for three species,
we’re going to be talking about places you can go that are easy to get to and very affordable. It’s going to be a great show, I know you’re
going to love it, stay with us. (Music) Rice Lake is easy to find. It’s about 90 minutes east of Toronto or just
two hours from the US boarder. The lake is over 18 miles long and over a
mile wide. Access is from Highway 401, a major highway
which runs from the U.S.-Canada border at Detroit to the Ontario-Quebec border in the
East. American visitors can easily reach Highway
401 via most border crossings. Now this is what I like about panfish. First of all, they’re a lot of fun on a fly
rod and can catch scads of them and Randy here can tell you when you come to Sunshine
Resort where to go. But you catch these fish, you can keep a bunch
to eat and it’s not a big deal because they’re so prolific in this lake. That’s just a little guy. They have very big ones in here. But they’re easy to catch just using a small
fly like this, 4-weight, 5-weight rod. And it’s great because, especially for new
anglers, they can catch a lot of fish easily. And then once you have some fun with the panfish,
you go throw poppers, catch big bass. They’ve got big smallmouth, big largemouth
in here. And then if you really want to have some excitement,
either go for the big muskie or go for the big carp. Rice Lake is located in the picturesque region
of Peterborough & the Kawarthas. This is one of my favourite places in Ontario
because there’s so much to do besides fishing. Bring your spouse or family and you’ll have
no end of fun times. Throughout the seasons, there are festivals,
concerts, water activities, shopping and restaurants. From wonderful motorcycle trips on country
roads to checking out small antique stores or enjoying a coffee. Peterborough & the Kawarthas Region is an
ideal getaway destination that is both accessible and very affordable. I strongly recommend you come visit in any
season. I know my wife and I are visiting again soon. (Birds chirping) There he is. Got him. That is a big bass. Alright! Look at the size of that bass folks. That is a big bass, oh, look at the one behind
him. It’s as big as he is. *Ho ho ho ho ho*. This is why you come to Rice Lake. Oh! And… I got him. Look at that fish. Look at that bass. It’s as long as my arm. It’s huge! And look at that fly right in the top corner
of the mouth. Isn’t that beautiful? See the end there, 20… 21, 21 inches. That’s a Rice Lake bass. There we go. Got him that time. Ha ha ha. Now I’m not sure, oh look at the jump. I think this is a largemouth. Oh look at that fight. Now usually I’d be using a 6-weight, I’ve
got a 7-weight rod right now. It’s a smallmouth I think. Oh, he’s fighting. Like what a great way to start a day. Early in the morning, sunny, I’ve had a cup
of coffee and now I’m out catching nice bass. Beautiful bass like this. On top water flies. You can fish for both small ones like this,
look at that, beautiful. Just let you go. Fish for smallmouth and probably a little
later, another hour or so, we’re going into the heavy weed areas and throw big frog patterns
for largemouth. And somewhere in there, there might be a muskie
or two. This is the great thing about lakes like this
that are really accessible. There’s some good fishing, you just got to
put your thinking cap on, look for the structure, look for the points, look for the drop-offs,
look for man-made structure. You’ll find fish.

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