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The Octonauts Kwazii and The Volcano Rescue Toy Fisher Price

The Octonauts Kwazii and The Volcano Rescue Toy Fisher Price

Whoa, look it’s Kwazii Mr. Hands. Hi Kawazii how are you today oi they there Bobby, Oi there mr. hands
I’m here to tell you about our brand new play set that we have featuring me Wow Kawzii, it’s a brand new playset with you in it Yes it is a brand-new playset with
Kwazii it’s Kwazii and the volcano rescue Wow oh yeah Mr hands it’s made by fisher price and its for 3 and
up Wow Look it’s Kawzii up there and he’s in his little suit yes that’s right Bobby he is now this is courses from
fisher-price like Kawzii says it’s for three and up and it’s pretty cool look on the back here whoa the volcano errupts, Yes it does it’s got a real cool try me feature but
i think what we need to do is we need to take this out of the packaging see what
it looks like Bobby and have a playtime with our buddy Kwazii year yeah I can’t wait we’re gonna rescue the bolb fish and the sea eurcins yeah Bobby we’re going to use our
imagination and come up with a great play time here in ToyTime TV let’s go ahead and open up Kwazii and
the volcano rescue you yeah yeah wow this new set from fisher price is
really cool like comes with Kwazii and he’s got his heat suit on and he’s got
some little tongs here that have little little mitts on the end to help pick up
the blobfish which comes with it and also the sea urchin which comes with it
and also to Bobby you get the volcano here in the back and when you press the
button the volcano erupts and throws out a little volcano lava rocks see watch Wow Mr.Hands, that is so cool yeah it’s pretty neat this is a pretty
interesting interactive play set that Fisher prices come up with here for the Octonauts pretty neat I love the volcano look at the lava how
is coming off the edges here and of course all of this is plastic everything in the entire set is plastic
including the blobfish and the sea urchin and he doesn’t have any little
spine that he can hurt you with he just is kind of cool looking because he’s got
all smiles just like the blobfish do because
they’re all happy because Kwazii has helped to helping to rescue them Yeah, I love the octonauts Mr. Hands Can we do a pretend time with this one yes Bobby we can let’s go to a pretend
time with Kwazii and the volcano Yeah! Kwazii Kwazii do you read, Oh I read you captian how’s it going down, Well captian I’ve
gotten the blobfish away from the volcano but the little sea urchin looks like
he’s stuck in some play-do h all might need some help but I might be able to get him because i
think i saw Thomas down here well we’re up here at the ronda- vu point
waiting for you please be careful it seems really dangerous there’s a lot
of seismic activity around that volcano i Captian all be watching out because
that volcano could really erupt oh I hope he’s okay and I hope he’s able
to save that little blob fish and sea creatures I think you’ll be okay dashi if not we
can go down there and help him but right now that seismic activity is really got
be worried we’ll just have to wait and see what
happens oh hi there Kwazii oh hi there Thomas oh I’m glad you’ve come around because I
really need your help I’ve gotten a blobfish out and we’re
rescuing him but little poor Sea urchin he stuck in Play dough and all I can’t get
him out can you help me of course I can Kwazii that’s what friends are for and I want to be a very useful engine
let me get one of the Troublesome Trucks and we can pick up the blobfish and the sea urchin Oh… I think the volcano is about to erupt
Thomas we’ve got to hurry you’re right Kwazii let’s go come on
little sea urchin let’s get you in this troublesome truck
oh yeah he’s stocking is played a really good but i think i can get him out or
their we go, let’s put him in the back of the truck Oh no the volcanoes are
erupting Oh no Thomas we need to get out
of here fast the volcano is erupting look at all that lava huh you’re right
Kwazii we need to get out of here lickety-split
Kwazii your back that’s right barnacles i was able to
save all the sea creatures thanks to some help from my good friend
here Thomas well that was splended Kwazii Thomas thank you for helping me rescue this blob fish and sea urchin we couldn’t have done it without your
help you’re welcome it was my pleasure I love helping sea
creatures and being a useful engine Explore Rescue Protect! Whoa, did you have fun at home? Did you have fun? I had lot’s of fun, I had lot’s of fun.
Well I’m glad you had lots of fun Bobby
because that was a fun adventure and Kwazii saved the day didn’t he? Yes, he did He saved the day! The octonauts to the rescue. Explore, Rescue Protect! that’s right explore rescue protect with
the Octonauts because he is one cool Octonaut Kwazii that is, Yeah. ,well i hope you enjoyed this fun adventure that we’ve had here with the Octonauts and also this brand new playset Kwazii and the volcano be sure to stay tuned because there’s some more cool stuff at the end of this video

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