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The Octonauts Kwazii’s ShipWreck Toy Playset Review [Fisher Price]

The Octonauts Kwazii’s ShipWreck Toy Playset Review [Fisher Price]

arggg I’ll walk the plank with you all haha I everyone I’m Mr hands and this guy right here I’m a pirate. You are a pirate? Yes I’m a pirate! and i have a pirate sword! looks like you are having pirate problems! My costume does not fit right. are you dress up to be a pirate for Halloween? yeah I wanted to try it out well Bobby. Let me fix your eye patch first okay. there we go wow I can see now. Your eye patch was covering up both eyes and your hat was a little to big but we’ll try it again. I like being a pirate for Halloween Mr hands. I know its fun. Its fun to be a pirate and pretend yeah and you can get lots more candy and they will give you more candy because they are scared of you I dont know about that but being a pirate on today’s show leads right in to another 13 days of Halloween toy review on this toy right here Bobby. What toy is it Mr hands? I can’t see again Lets take your hat and lets take your eye patch too wow its an Octonauts. Its an Octonauts Mr hands. Thats right Today we are doing a review on Kwazii’s Shipwreck Its from fisher price and its for 3 and up and its kind of a rare one here in the United States They have had it in the UK for quite some time but we got a hold of one and I’m excited to do a review on it Yeah Mr hands. Look at Kwazii he is a pirate. He is a real pirate. what is that Mr Hands? That’s a slime eel. Now Kwazii he is searching the shipwreck for treasure and he must be careful because its guarded by slime eel that squirt water Bobby! wow! They squirt water? Yes and there is also a sneaky shark that patrols this sunken rig and Kwazii needs to go out the trap door thats also located on it WOW! Mr Hands this looks like lots and lots of fun! well lets turn it around and look at the back and. You can see whats on the back Bobby Doesn’t that look like lots and lots of coolest! Coolest for Halloween! you are right Bobby I think what we need to do is take Kwazii’s shipwreck out of the box and see what all comes with it and then do a pretend time Bobby Pretend time . yeah Mr Hands let go open it up! Alright lets go open up Kwazii’s shipwreck. Yeah! [un-boxing The Octonauts Toy Kwazii’s shipwreck] arggg Mr hands is this what comes in the box? yes it does Bobby I’m going to move your hat over there so we can see a little bit better but this is what comes in Kwazii’s shipwreck You get Kwazii himself right there in his little pirate outfit. Wow that looks really unique Mr Hands. Yes it does He also have a little periscope that he can look through. We also get three sea eels that shoot water when you fill them up because you can use this in the bath. You can use this in the tube! Yes you can Bobby This is a told tube safe play toy. wow! you also get a little sailfish here and you also get a shark! Its a sneaky shark That’s right bobby and too the package also comes with the shipwreck it’s self. It has has a octopus right here that moves up and down right here like so. It also has a trap door right there that when it comes down and knocks the sea weed forward it releases and Kwazii can fall thru. It also has a little rotating thing right there in a minute It’s got a lot of cool stuff Let’s go ahead Bobby, Let’s go ahead and put the shark on this and we’ll put the other stuff on it and then let’s go ahead and do a pretend time video Ok Yeah, Let’s do a Pretend time video for Halloween Mr. Hands alright Bobby Let’s go ahead and put this on because we want the mast to go all the way up to the top And what we want to do is We want to take a shark and we’re gonna put him right there bobby and snap him into place Wow and also too bobby when- put the trap door and reset it there- And we’re gonna let this spin down to the bottom, Watch.. Wow Mr. Hands that was really cool Yeah you want to see something even neater, Watch this We’ll take this back up to the top, reset the trap with the seaweed Take Kwazii set him right there and then let go and watch what happens Wow Kwazii almost went thru the trap door, Yeah he almost did but he had his arm out. You put his arms down he’ll probably go through fine. Let’s try it one more time bobby take this all the way up to the top and set our trap door Right there put Kwazii on the trap door and see if he’ll go thru it better this time. and we’ll set the shark Wow Kwazii went thru the trap door yes he did We also can put our eels right there because their guarding the treasure bobby Wow.. Let’s take Kwazii out of here and we’ll set him right here for right now cause he does have holes in his legs and and his back so we can put him on the little pegs on the playset Now we also have the gup B which we can set up here on top of this mast snap it into place, maybe Let’s try the other one here There we go and we’ll take our swordfish and snap it into place We’ll take Kwazii Put him in here in a gup B so that we can spin him around, look at that. That’s really neat Mr. Hands Yes it is, it’s pretty cool isn’t it Now also too you know when a kwazii gets too close to the octopus what happens Oh no, the octopus has got him Yes and the octopus shakes him around a little bit Wow this looks like a really cool toy and look Kwazii’s walking the plank oh no, I think he’s ok bobby. Well bobby you wanna go do a pretend time video with kwazii’s shipwreck? Yeah Mr. Hands Let’s go Alright let’s go do it Wow we sure have gone to every house in cove and cave in the ocean Trick or Treating this Halloween Except for that one ship wreck Your right Tweak we got a lot of candy this year but I’m really scared to go to that house Oh come on Tweak Peso It’s a ship wreck, don’t you wanna be scared a little bit for Halloween I’m already scare.. It’s Halloween What about you peso, don’t you want to come along It’ll be an exciting adventure In the spooky sunken treasure ship Alright Kwazii I’ll go with you Well you guys go on without me, cause I wanna go back in the octopod and eat my candy I don’t know Kwazii, it looks really scary Oh, don’t be so Chicken it’s just a little shipwreck There’s no ghost or spooky things in there Ok Kwazii, I guess your right I’m just a little scared Allow Hellow is anybody home? Peso Look there’s no one home We can go in here and see what’s inside maybe there’s some buried treasure Hello Hello, I’m coming inside You go ahead Kwazii I think I’m gonna stay out here Look Peso no one’s in here I don’t know what your so scared of Whoa Hey Kwazii are you Ok Oh… Somethings got me, Help! Help, HELP! Bang.. Bang that made me really dizzy, what was that I guess I’m gonna have to go inside this haunted ship wreck and find Kwazii Rarr! Oh what are you? We’re sea eels and your in our home Don’t worry Peso, I’ll save you ah.. Thankyou Kwazii, but what is this place? Well after I fell thru the trap door I got to looking around and it’s not a haunted sea wreck at all Its actually amusement ride and they want us to ride the rides really? Its seems as they were a little bit ornately because they have been sitting here for so long and no one has visited them So they had a little fun with us but they want us to ride the ride on top of the mast Alright Kwazii lets go. Awe yes Peso I’m having loads of fun on this ride well I’m glad you guys are having so much fun and you had a happy halloween! Happy Halloween everyone from the Octonauts wow that was a fun adventure Mr hands that was a fun Halloween adventure! That’s right Bobby and I hope you had fun doing pretend time because I had fun with Kwazii’s Shipwreck. WOW this is a really cool set Mr hands Yes it is and we are going to add it to our collection and have lots and lots of fun with the Octonauts adventures with it and I hope you at home enjoyed this review of Kwazii’s shipwreck for our 13 days of Halloween Be sure ot subscribe to us here on toytimetv leave us a comment below and let us know what you think about the video Also give us a like to because we really like likes Yes we do and if you are a fan please give us a like and a comment because we love them and we love to hear from our fans yes we do we love to hear from our fans and we will see you next time here on the show say bye to everyone Bobby Bye everyone Happy Halloween Bye Happy Halloween

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