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The Only SoCal (California-Khmer) Taco in Cambodia | Al’s Tacos

The Only SoCal (California-Khmer) Taco in Cambodia | Al’s Tacos

– Hi! Are you here for Taco?
– Are you here for Taco too? – Yes!
– Let’s have a seat together Great! Thanks! I frequently come here for taco three to four times a week Because I love Taco here The combination of soy-sauce, garlic and basil making the Korean Beef Taco consists of a perfect aroma Especially, eating it with a crispy tortilla surely make me love the sound of *crunch crunch* in my mouth There are two types of tortilla: Soft Flour Tortilla and Crispy Tortilla I like both but sometimes it depends on the mood to decide which one I want today The menu that I want to recommend to you today is Korean Beef Taco with either soft flour tortilla or crispy tortilla Another one that I would like you to try is the signature flavor offering in both chicken and beef Today I would like to show you the Taco that I like and to recommend which one you can try This one is Korean Beef Taco with crispy tortilla that I always order for myself and this one is Satay tofu for those who don’t eat meat making it perfect for vegetarians The last one is SoCal with beef or Shredded chicken which is the signature flavor These three flavours are the best sellers Besides taco, do you know that they also serve Nachos? Nachos consists of heated tortilla chips or totopos covered with Korean beef, tomato, basil, and green onion I like it the best when we dip the crispy tortilla chips in the beef and vegetable toppings *Crunch*

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