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The Patron Saint of Street Food in South Central LA – Street Food Icons

The Patron Saint of Street Food in South Central LA – Street Food Icons

-My talent is making
people happy. You’ll never want to get rid
of Keith as a friend, ever. -He’s a loving person. He comes,
shakes everybody’s hand. -“He cook, he funny,
he’s outgoing.” -It’s shocking.
It’s shocking to the taste buds. That’s all I can tell you. -All Flavor No Grease
speaks for herself, you know what I’m saying? ♪♪ -The food will come out
how you feel. I got days where I came in
feeling great — Tony the Tiger great! And you know when the food
hitting, hitting, hitting, like when it’s real, real good, ’cause then you got
the people doubling back, coming back two times,
three times. That’s what I like to see. Hey, how’s it going?
I’m Keith Garrett, owner of All Flavor No Grease. The kind of food that I make
is Americanized Mexican food — tacos, burritos,
and quesadillas. I put a spin on
the Mexican food, I’ll say. Instead of the salsa verde, I have more of a cilantro-based
sauce, for starters. When you see my taco compared
to the traditional taco, it’s like “Wow.” It’s like
on a whole-nother level. I am most known
for my quesadillas, the Triple Threat, to be exact. That’s chicken,
steak, and shrimp. Let’s go.
Showtime at the Apollo! Showtime!
Bust out that stair! ♪♪ -Shit tastes like life. -It’s delicious. -It’s good.
-Worth the wait. Think we’ve been here
for like an hour and a half. -People line up around the
corner for this shit right here. -Both of my parents
taught me to cook. -See if I have any up there
on the second shelf. -Right here.
-[ Chuckles ] He may take the base
of my recipe, but then he puts his touch on it that takes it
to another whole level. -I don’t think we can disclose
that information. This is my mama house. Like McDonald’s would say,
“For a limited time only,” ’cause it’ll be mine soon. Good morning! Well, it’s about 8:15
about right now. We’re preparing for
a regular day on Manchester and Western, in front of
the Ralphs parking lot. We’re making
our house green sauce. Look at Jayqua. He over here
really acting like he working. See? Chopping the shit
out them tomatoes. He ain’t doing shit either. We’ll get it cracking about,
say, 11:30, 12:00. And then, shit,
it’s all history from there. I am from
the East Side of Watts. -I’ve been born and raised
in this community for 65 years. -It was hard coming up
over there being less fortunate,
of course, especially being a big guy
my whole life. I think the jokes really
what hurted me the most. -But he turned it, really,
into humor. And, you know, he didn’t
let it get him down. -To hear a fat joke
had become immune to me. Ain’t not more being sad no more
or crying in the corner no more. It’s like, all right,
now you gotta adapt. Don’t panic yet.
It’s not sticking, no stickies. Hey, there we go!
Hey! After getting out
of high school, the confidence level
didn’t make me really want to be
in the public too much. That’s what made me always really want
to stay on the block. So, I’m like, “If I’m gonna get
some money over here, the least I could do is
probably, you know, turn into a street pharmacist
in some type of way.” I was hustling, getting it from everywhere
I knew how, straight up. I prayed about the situation. I’m like, “Lord,
I’m tired of this shit. I’m tired of going to get
an ounce or a half ounce, sometimes two ounces.” I’m like, “Nah, that’s not it.” One of my boys came. He was like, “Hey, Sam,
I ain’t got no money, but I got some EBT.” I actually took
that $150 in food stamps, I opened up a candy house. -He started with
a little candy store right here in the living room. Get all the flavored candy that
he knew the children enjoyed. -Snickers, Reese’s, Twix,
Kit Kats, Razzmatazz, Tootie Frooties. Three months later, I was down the street
chilling with some homies. Out the blue, they like, “Sam Bam, you should start
selling tacos.” I laughed about it. It was another fat joke,
of course. -And everybody laughed,
except him. -He like, “Sell them
how your mama make them.” Alright.
Y’all want to be funny? I’mma try it. -And that’s when
the light came on, and that’s when
he started out front. -I sold the little ones
two for a dollar, the other ones for a dollar. Good morning! And it was a success. First day, I sold out.
Two hours, bro. We out here, we got the little
plancha grill right here. Homies right here, before
my mama made a Garden of Eden. -But it was a mess,
because everything was going from the front yard
to the kitchen. And my kitchen is only,
you know, so big. It was horrible,
but I was patient. This is it.
Like I said, this little… It’s what you make it. We didn’t have a lot,
but we took what we had and made it what it was. Now, you not gonna say
nothing with me? -Oh, yeah.
Bop! -It’s all the time.
I said, “What is bop?” He said, “Bop is bop, Mama.” [ Keith singing indistinctly ] -One morning,
early in the morning, like 3:00 in the morning, I was just —
woke up like, “Oh.” I said, “All Flavor No Grease.” Straight out the dream, though.
“Mama, wake up. Wake up.” I’m like,
“All Flavor No Grease.” She like, “That’s catchy.” -♪ AFNG ♪ ♪ Why don’t you come and see ♪ ♪ We have burritos
and tacos waiting ♪ ♪ Wonderful quesadillas too ♪ ♪ All the food is delicious ♪ ♪ And it’s waiting here
for you ♪ -Bop. 12-inch flour
Diana tortilla shell. Nice handful of cheese
spread out — Monterey, Colby-Jack. Boneless, skinless
chicken breast, seasoned to perfection. ♪♪ All for you. [ Man shouts indistinctly ]
What’s up with it, baby? I see you!
You gotta come back. Hey, tomorrow, I’m gonna have
the food truck over here. Pull up!
-Okay, guy! -Bless, fool! I seen the chicken quesadilla
in a dream, as well. Yellow-orangeness of the meat, the colorful pico de gallo,
everything. It was a stripper came through.
She had about 69,000 followers. I’ll never forget it. And she had seen
the quesadilla trending. So she was like, “Oh, I came
over to try one of these.” She posted it. After she gave us
that shoutout, it went skyrocket through
the roof, basically. We got All Flavor No Grease
T-shirts! -How much?
-These $20 — to the homies. Everybody else $30. -[ Speaking indistinctly ] -All right. All right.
All right. All right. All right. Police was hating — one of them
little new cops around there. He didn’t know that I made
a transition from hustling over there with the weed
to hustling with the food now. We get a letter in the mail —
“To whom it may concern, cease and desist operation
immediately.” They shut down the operation
because we was having too much traffic
in the middle of the streets. Like, you’re doing too much
out the front yard. Basically, it’s time to elevate. I went back about a month later. I had my deposit
from saving my money up. And, hey, it was curtains
after that, man. I got on the food truck,
and it just felt like home. I was just amazed, like, “Damn.”
Like, “I did it.” From the front yard
to a food truck, bro. What? I’ll take it. -Hey, man. What’s up, baby?
-I’m good, I’m good. I ain’t successful yet. I’m grinding every day,
and I’m trying to get it. I’m trying to get better
every day. When you’re dedicated
to anything, you gotta put your all into it. Like a train
that don’t never stop. -Can we take a picture with you
and post it to Facebook? -Of course. Of course.
Let’s take it right here. Yeah, I consider myself famous. When you think about
where you started from, and then it’s like,
when you just walking around and they see you, and then
the way they embrace you. We do cater to all different
types of celebrities. Rest in peace
to the homie Nipsey. I mean, that’s always
for starters. He was always a big supporter
of us, too. My boy Bow Wow.
But I mean, like, shit. -I am 52 years old, and I’ve never stood
in this parking lot because of certain reasons,
but you see this right here? Gave me the courage and the
strength to come here right now. -Our mission statement
is gonna be to bring all walks of life
together. There ain’t no discriminating
on nobody. So, you know how
you got a little bit of hate in your blood sometimes? Get that shit out,
’cause we love everybody now. And that’s the only way
I’m doing business with you. I’m gonna embrace you 100%
and show you that you’re safe. -It’s more than just food. It’s an inspiration
to young entrepreneurs. -He started from the ground up. He’s inspiring
to a lot of the black and, you know, minorities
in the communities. -He’s an icon. People look up to him
because they… they’ve heard, they’ve read,
and they see his journey. -The morals that my mom
and dad installed in me was to trust God. -Sammy has been active
in the church. He’s there every Sunday. He’s our church drummer.
I sing. I’m one of the praise leaders. -It’s so dope when she goes
to different churches, or she’s singing at concerts,
and she can say, “I have my son Sammy
to accompany me on the jobs.” I love it.
I love it. A lot people ask, like,
“How do a lot of shit manifest or happen for you?” And it may sound cliché, but when I tell them, like,
“God made it happen”… The Bible verse says,
“Silver and gold have I none, but all that I have
I’ll give unto Thee.” And that’s my talent. None of us,
we had no control over what we were going
to be born into. So we gotta really
just take advantage. Figure it out. Think of
a solution to the problem instead of becoming
a part of the problem. I — No, I’m not finna be able
to save the world. I’m not. I just feel like
I got a couple, just… a couple tips and pointers
I just would like to share with the next generation
that’s coming up. I showed them
I’m from the hood, too. Straight from the lowest
of the lowest in L.A. You want to just try
to help somebody else, because they’re really
walking blind, looking for it,
looking for the love. So I want to be there
to give them that hug and then give them a meal,
you feel me? “You gonna be all right.
You gonna be all right. I know you went through this, but just know,
at the end of the day God love you, I love you,
you love yourself.” You love yourself! That’s
the most important part of it. As long as you love yourself and chase whatever
you think is great, then you’ll become successful. -♪ My hallelujah
belongs to you ♪ Words cannot describe
how proud I am. My husband passed away
in December. And that was the last thing
he told him. That day, he said,
“I’m so proud of you, son. I’m so proud of
where you’ve come from and what you’re doing.” He said, “Just keep going
to make us proud.” -As I reach “levels of success,” I go in my corners to myself and I just really thank God,
’cause I see the growth. I always rewind back just to,
“All Flavor No Grease.” It all seem like a dream
sometimes. -♪ He deserves it ♪ ♪♪ -He just try to put extra work
on his workers, you know? -How?! You ain’t getting out of
busting out some tomatoes! -Oh, you feel you did something
because you cut a cilantro? [ Laughter ]

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