Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More

The Pie Made of (Fish) Heads

– [Narrator] In the United
Kingdom pies are king. Not just for the cherries and the apples that you Yanks are used to, you have your chicken, your steak and kidney, your pork pie, and in one tiny fishing
town, you have this: a pie with, what? Wait, is that a fish head? Eugh, you’ve gotta be kidding me. – Trust me, you’re gonna love it. – [Narrator] In this tiny fishing village, there’s a pub, and in that pub, they make stargazy pie. It’s a tradition that legend has it, has been happening here
for hundreds of years. Which begs the question, why? – The Stargazy pie
is a pie which celebrates Tom Bawcock’s going out and catching seven different kinds of fish on the 23rd of December. – [Narrator] You see,
according to the legend it’d been a stormy winter. This meant no boat
managed to go out and fish, so people were starving. But a local fisherman, Tom Bawcock, he wasn’t going to let his people die. – [Tom] I’m going. – [Narrator] He went out through the gate, yes, that gate, and braved the storm and– – And caught the different kinds of fish and brought it back. He made the pie. – [Narrator] And that brings us to today. Tracy, take it away. – You get six different whitefish, bake that in the oven with
some herbs and some lemon zest, put a layer of grated eggs, a nice mashed potato
with loads of cream in and then you put a pastry lid. Put pilchards, cut them, and then you put so that the
heads are coming out the pie and the tails are coming out the pie. You assemble all the stars round the pie. On the 23rd of December,
we give it away free to thousands of people
that come to the village to celebrate Tom Bawcock’s Night. – [Narrator] So to Tom
Bawcock, what a legend. Cheers, Tom. So, shall we taste it? – Mm mm, that is good. – Delicious. That really is quite delicious. – It’s good. Really good. – The fish is lovely. – It’s most interesting, it’s much milder than I thought. Mmm, fish bone.

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